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  • File :1231208671.jpg-(19 KB, 240x326, sciencereligioncitysmall.jpg)
    19 KB Hello /r9k/, I'm Future Guy. Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)21:24:31 No.2666197  
    I used to post on /v/, now I'll be posting here. Ask me anything about living in 2096.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)21:26:10 No.2666209
    Oh what the fuck they resized my picture.

    Whatever. So anyway, the short explanation is that I'm entanglement posting from 2096 and I really enjoy conversing people from the turn of the century or so. This is one of the periods I habitually post to, anyway. If you've got any questions for me I'd be glad to answer them.
    >> CG !ZiOlXCRNAs 01/05/09(Mon)21:26:29 No.2666216
    If you're from the future how come you're not dead due to 2012?

    Nice try.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:27:38 No.2666224
    Prove you are from the future.

    Waste of time otherwise, I don't feel like playing pretend today.
    >> XBAX !!rgEcJKbT6SB 01/05/09(Mon)21:28:13 No.2666229
    This is like one of those times where you get this great chance to ask someone an important question but you just cant think of what to ask. Shit. Uh, do I become e-famous? Is the name XBAX spoken in hushed whispers, reverberating through the halls of rememberance? Also I read your threads in /v/ when I saw them so I already know about how you live and what not. So uh... hmm... Does the yellowstone caldera actually blow or are all these fags in for disapointment like usual?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)21:29:21 No.2666239

    >>Prove you are from the future.

    I dunno how except in one of my saved threads someone asked me to look up an event that would happen in the next week or so. I pulled up something on wikinet related to Obama and the next time I posts someone let me know it had happened and that they remembered me saying it would.


    >>Waste of time otherwise, I don't feel like playing pretend today.

    It's a shame. You make a pretty convincing past-person. =]
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:30:01 No.2666247

    When does America take over the rest of the world?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:30:30 No.2666250
    Will we hipsterfags still be listening to indie music from the 80s, or will there be a new golden age of independant music?
    >> Dr Edward Roivas !9f07mkwoqk 01/05/09(Mon)21:31:24 No.2666257
    You're IN the future right now? Or did you travel back?
    >> i 01/05/09(Mon)21:31:25 No.2666258
    So. Time paradox time. How's it work, are you skewing this reality into some quantum tangent insignificantly-different from your own or are you fulfilling your predestined influence over the past?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)21:31:33 No.2666260

    >>So uh... hmm... Does the yellowstone caldera actually blow or are all these fags in for disapointment like usual?

    If by "Blow" you mean a small explosion followed by months of gas venting that eventually dies down and makes a mess for miles, then yes. I don't remember exactly when, I was little when it happened so maybe like 2079. I would have been 8 years old then which seems about right. The news wouldn't shut up about it for weeks.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:32:25 No.2666274
    What is the primary source of power in the future?

    Wind? Solar? An enslaved God?
    >> : omg : !!OhYArBmqDP5 01/05/09(Mon)21:32:51 No.2666278
    he's from /v/

    we all know its not real, he's an rpfag but he's very very very convincing, guessed a few things and got them right, he's pretty smart and lucky it seems so he turned out being spot on with most stuff he's said.

    either that or he really is from the future which would be pretty cool.

    I dunno these threads are cool shut up.

    Also come back to /v/ faggot
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:35:22 No.2666285

    flying cars... tell me we gots em
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:36:07 No.2666298
    What's the global population? Much higher or did we achieve a stable population where the birth rates approximately equal the death rates?

    Also, is our time looked upon as savage and primitive?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:37:58 No.2666326
    anything cool come from the particle smasher?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:39:08 No.2666334
    When does Obama get assassinated? I have money riding on this.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:41:24 No.2666359
    Care to screencap a page from a current (current for you in 2096) news site and post it?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)21:41:53 No.2666362
    Sorry, trying to answer but I keep getting "My SQL errors". It might be my fault, I don't know if it's your board or the ETP guys fucking up.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:43:08 No.2666378
    I have been having the same problems.

    Its 4chan sucking again.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:44:01 No.2666389
    Who is the best new musician to come out of 2009?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:44:28 No.2666395
    What's tomorrow's winning lottery numbers?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:48:42 No.2666422
    How will mexico turn out to be?
    >> skull& !bonesuDrKU 01/05/09(Mon)21:49:06 No.2666429

    the mute is broken so if you post something that would be muted you get a mysql error instead. consider yourself spared of the iron fist of the robot.

    future guy, what happens to 4chan in the future?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:49:51 No.2666438
    Know what's really fucking pathetic? If this were true, it means that 4chan had enough of an impact that some guy from almost 100 years later knows about it and decided to come play.

    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:50:50 No.2666457
    What is art like in 2096?
    What are movies like in 2096, or at least how do they compare to movies from our period?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)21:51:05 No.2666460
    Okay, looks like I can't answer that one. I dunno if it's a connection issue or I'm being censored but I'm gonna stop trying and move on to new questions.


    >>Will we hipsterfags still be listening to indie music from the 80s, or will there be a new golden age of independant music?

    It's called empathetic. You'll blast it in your apartment in synchro and I'll get you evicted for it because empathetic is for invalids.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:51:56 No.2666468
         File :1231210316.jpg-(22 KB, 500x229, 95326044.jpg)
    22 KB
    Wait. Why you want to troll 4chan from the future to this point in our present when 4chan sucks so bad. It's quite illogical.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:54:49 No.2666489
    Shouldn't you be hanging out with Zephram Cochrane in the Alpha Centauri system and not goof on our pathetic interbutts all day?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)21:55:09 No.2666492

    Sort of. I happened to be posting in 2008 because Obamas election is considered a historically important event, and I saw a bunch of pictures of cats with text on them and I asked where they were from. I stayed here because I can say whatever I feel like and there are no cites from habsec or anything. I assume I'm being monitored but they never punish me for anything so chances are they look the other way because I pay out the ass for a premium ETP subscription.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:56:09 No.2666505
    He might've just stumbled upon it while somehow viewing the Internet of the year 2009. He can explain it himself, I guess.
    >> Casanova Frankenstein !HggsKt0/NM 01/05/09(Mon)21:56:39 No.2666510
    give me the final score of the OSU-Texas feista bowl.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:56:56 No.2666512
    2008. Fail.
    read your time stamp
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)21:57:05 No.2666513

    Yeah because I have a magic fucking carpet powered by farts and I can just zip off the another star system on a whim.

    It's 2096 moron I don't even own a microlite, I can only go where the prt does and since I'm on lunarhab that's "anywhere inside the hab". Or I guess to one of the resorts if I have some leftover from my stipend to spend which I don't this month.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:57:17 No.2666515
    how is sex with aliens? does it bring about new fetishes?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:57:27 No.2666517
    Well hey, who wouldn't pay out the ass for an internet connection to another time?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:57:59 No.2666521
    Who's the President of your time? Assuming we still use the same governent system and you're an American.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:58:29 No.2666527
    so what do u do for fun in the future
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)21:58:43 No.2666529
    What happened on dec 21, 2012? Nothing special, right?

    Also, tell me about the government, the economy, the environment

    do we fix it? I want to know EVERYTHING
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)21:58:50 No.2666532

    >>2008. Fail. read your time stamp

    Read my post again. I said I happened to be posting in 2008. I've done lots of threads over the past two years, and I guess it's been a few months total for you guys, I haven't kept track.

    The first time I posted here was during the elections I believe.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)21:59:31 No.2666539

    Changes made to the past take effect at the same rate time passes, as measured by the rate of entropic decay. So whatever changes I make will never catch up with me. That's the explanation on the ETP site anyway.


    In the future. No way to actually physically move people through time, I doubt there ever will be. The site has an app where this animation shows you how it works, theyentangle pairs of either electrons or photons depending on the time period you post to (FiOs or phone lines) and then shoot one of the pair into a tiny, intermittently open black hole where it slingshots around a trillion jillion times at high speed and is released through a method called point insertion into a current/flash gap in the desired network line whenever you're posting to. They do this with a whole stream of particles which make up packets of data. I have no idea how they actually recall data, it's not mentioned.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:02:30 No.2666560
    Any famous people from our generation?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:02:56 No.2666563
    What do women look like in your time?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:03:31 No.2666568

    So how come we don't have more people like you?
    >> Dicks Everywhere !FacHdjTJN. 01/05/09(Mon)22:03:39 No.2666570

    hey man, could i grab the sauce on your picture?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)22:03:49 No.2666572

    An election happens in 2012. It's 2016 you should shit your pants over. I'll let a regular reader explain it to you.

    Government enforces citizen ownership of autolabor and stipend dollar to proper dollar exchange rate, that's about all. Local laws are all dependant upon which cohab you live in. Cohab stands for consolidated habitat. Kind of like a single-structure mall with apartments in it.

    Cohabs were mainly a government/corp coop project to shelter citizens from the rapid warming effect which occurred mainly due to a botched attempt to curb global warming by removing particulate matter from the upper atmosphere.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:05:33 No.2666584
    Could you download that application and upload it somewhere? Even if it probably wouldn't work on computers from 2009.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:06:02 No.2666589
    you can't send messages on entangled particles. Heisenberg uncertainty principal and all.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)22:06:38 No.2666597

    You do, at least one of 'em posted in a past thread of mine. Some people were pretending to be time travelers because they thought the whole thing was silly but one of them was quoting actual history I remember so either he was legit or I mentioned that stuff sometime before and forgot about it.


    Well, I've gotten myself into a situation where I'll most likely marry a lunaran girl named Siane. I could describe her I guess. We have a few new races due to reprogenetics, that seems to throw you guys off, I've had lots of people assume lunarans, helenes and martians were aliens. Like, not human.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:08:39 No.2666618
    OP the sci-fi book you're working on sucks.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:09:12 No.2666626

    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:09:39 No.2666633
    Could you elaborate on "reprogenetics?"

    Maybe explain the differences between the races in your time, if you please.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:10:21 No.2666639

    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:11:18 No.2666650

    does earth have a superhero in the next 90 odd years?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:11:38 No.2666653

    I agree. Hell, I cannot agree more.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:12:21 No.2666661
    I have a few questions, if you wouldn't mind answering them.

    How far has genetic research come in your time? Have humans become more biomechanical / artificially enhanced?

    What's the central source of information in your time? (is it anything like our current Internet/Wikipedia?)

    And is Jonathan Sheppard (1992) well known for anything?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)22:12:33 No.2666664


    ETP is barely high enough bandwidth for text. Even just scrolling through your replies chugs pretty bad. I can download selected images but it takes anywhere from ten minutes to an hour depending how many people are on.


    Reprogenetics is a pretty old field. I'm sure if you looked it up you'd probably get something related, at least the precursor or something.

    In fact, most of what I talk about has some kind of basis in technology going back a hundred years or more although not always under the same names and obviously it'd be more primitive for you. Google is your friend. At least that's their motto.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:13:02 No.2666669

    Wait a second...isn't "open black holes" dangerous?

    How is the data controlled as it gets sent through?

    Wouldn't the process require an insane amount of energy, and money? Just to post on the internet in the past?

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around this idea
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:15:04 No.2666696
    Will people still use glasses, or always have surgery or shit like that?

    'Cause no girls with glasses = you people seriously missing out.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:15:49 No.2666700
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:18:45 No.2666724
         File :1231211925.jpg-(4 KB, 111x103, Logo Reprogenetics.jpg)
    4 KB
    I looked it up, futureguy. here's a company logo.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)22:19:12 No.2666730

    Lunarans are fairly new, just into their second generation. Human beings altered for colony living in lunarhab. Just under a foot taller than human average, very very thin, naturally black irises that blocks unfiltered UV and such. Lips, inside of the mouth, any sensitive skin is grey, darker than their matte white skintone everywhere else. Bright white hair, oddly shiny. Siane is slightly mixed so she has faint grey blotches on her neck and lower back plus her eye socket area is a little darker.

    Helenes have gold skin, very dark pigment around their eye socket area, normal human height, ah...'generous proportions' for both genders, characteristically good fitness, high metabolisms, platinum hair.

    Martians are in their first gen mainly, shorter than earth normal, pitch black skin, large ears and nose.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:21:38 No.2666758
    >And is Jonathan Sheppard (1992) well known for anything?

    Underage b&.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)22:21:39 No.2666759

    Lots of people wear optics. No need for corrective eyewear due to reprogenetics. Most people just wear optics for apps and music on the go.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:23:07 No.2666769

    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:23:10 No.2666770
    Apps? Explain please.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)22:24:55 No.2666787
    By the by, if there are any talented artists among you who would illustrate my descriptions of the new races I'd appreciate it as if someone else would save it and repost it in my threads it would save me the trouble of having the describe them every time.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:25:02 No.2666790

    False. It's my younger brother, he has more of a future than I do. He got all the talent in the family.
    >> ★‮‫‪‭‬‬ !.64NeWFaGs 01/05/09(Mon)22:25:28 No.2666794
    did they finally cure aging?

    also is there commercial genetic modification?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:25:53 No.2666798
    How are the wars fought? Any new sweet weapons? Countries wiped out?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:25:59 No.2666801
    Hold on a second, how come they're pitch black if they're literally Martians? It's not like Mars gets as much sun as Earth. Explanation, please?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:26:39 No.2666811
    >Martians are in their first gen mainly, shorter than earth normal, pitch black skin, large ears and nose.

    Fail, you forgot the insular eye membrane to protect against sandstorms and the miledermis skin layer
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:27:06 No.2666814

    He said he pays out the ass for it, dumbass.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)22:27:06 No.2666815

    Oh, right. Well all of our 'movies' are realtime 3d so that the viewing angle can be moved dynamically and ads can tastefully be put on in-app surfaces so since technically they are programs we just call them apps. Apps that are interactive just bear that indication on their shop page so you know. So a 'movie' or a 'videogame' or a 'program' would all be called apps.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:28:28 No.2666826
    Have we gone to other star systems? How advanced is space travel? Any FTL?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:28:50 No.2666829
    More description on the 3d movies. How do you change the angle?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:29:12 No.2666833

    How can characteristics such as golden skin even work? We'd need to splice in genes for them from somewhere else, they've never existed in human history.

    Also, what's the status on life extension technology? The 2070's seems around the time most of the people posting here are going to kick the bucket. Any chance technology will make us immortal?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:29:23 No.2666837
    Is there any real-life superheroes or legends?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)22:30:09 No.2666846

    The carebear doctrine. UAVs and UGVs autonomously patrol, self-charging when necessary at guarded stations, and automatically engage anyone who initiates aggression regardless of their target. It's credited for solving violence in the middle east despite the fact that, you know, there's still violence in the middle east.

    Most vehicles and larger UAVs/UGVs use either solid state 5-10Mw lasers or a CMB (coherent microwave beam) weapon. Something called the 'neutron spotlight' was used in the civil war but it was later outlawed. Basically a wide area high energy neutron beam that fucks up anything with a central nervous system.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:32:40 No.2666872
    Did they ever find the cause of homosexuality?

    What is it?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:32:43 No.2666873
    How does Canada fare in the coming century?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:33:27 No.2666883
    >Something called the 'neutron spotlight' was used in the civil war
    >civil war

    expand on civil war
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:33:33 No.2666886
    Is a man by the name Eleazar Nelson known for something? Btw not my name just a guy I know
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:36:06 No.2666898
    Fuckin sweet! Another civil war?? Year? Cause??
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:36:34 No.2666905
    Hey futuredo- I mean, futureguy, can you tell us about some really famous people that lived in the last century? Guys that would've been as influential as people such as Einstein and Hitler.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)22:36:38 No.2666906

    Well fuck, let's see. I recently rode an orbiter for the first time. That's like a rocket powered airplane that flies from ground to orbit with no separating stages like on a traditional rocket. They carry people though, rarely any cargo because most of the space is used up by fuel.

    We also have lifters, basically tall nanofiber towers that are very thin and anchored to orbitals, geostationary space stations where passengers wait for ferries or shuttles. Shuttles are like orbiters but they never land on earth, they just carry people to orbital resorts. Ferries are like long spindly skeletons of skyscrapers sort of, with capsules of fuel, wair, water and supples boleted along the body at every hard point. On one end is a pusher plate, it's what absorbs the shock of the little nuclear bombs the engine shits out. That's what provides most of the thrust, it rides blast waves. Way at the other end is the crew comparents, arranged sideways (the cielings facing towards the cockpit and the floors facing towards the engine) so that the slight accelerator produces constant weak gravity. They flip around halfway to the destination and the decelerate so you still have gravity. It's like riding a fast elevator kind of. The crew capsules do spin though so they get full earth gravity, which they need anyways since they sometimes stay on for weeks at a time.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:37:14 No.2666914
    How's the porn? All the 3D shit and new technology must be amazing
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:37:53 No.2666925
    Like this chap, but expanded. I would like to know hows the political state of the world. What happened to North America, Africa, etc?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:38:15 No.2666929
    What happens to Israel and Palestine?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:40:44 No.2666949
    How will Mexico turn out to be in the future?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:41:56 No.2666970
    i knew orion was the future, and they laughed at me when i said exploding bombs behind a ship was stupid!
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)22:42:19 No.2666976

    Sure. Ron Luce, Micheal Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal....Off the top of my head those are a few of the people you see a lot in the chridom civil war docus. They become core members of something called the Christian Nationalist Party of America.


    See above. The CNPA (who are more commonly referred to by their ideological roots. Chridoms = 'Christian Dominionists'. Most didn't call themselves that.)

    They lost a string of lawsuits starting in the 80s, continuing through the 90s, the turn of the century and right up to 2016. Mainly related to abortion, evolution and cognitive neuroscience. They fielded a candidate in 2016 and he lost to Maynard, and then there was just under a year of violent nationwide riots. Millions were killed and it was discovered that they were burning the bodies in industrial facilities or in backyard brick ovens, even bonfires if nothing else was available. They also made use of a stolen bioweapon called toxo. Someone else can explain that one, thanks.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:42:40 No.2666981

    Civil war..... MOAR!!
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)22:44:11 No.2667001

    Short war, no nukes fired, first test of the carebear doctrine. There's also nearly a war with china over australias adoption of the stipend economy and autolabor.


    Mexico is fine if you never step outside. Way too close to the equator. Even with a coldsuit on it's hotter than an invalids armpit.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:44:33 No.2667004
    How come after almost 100 years, your use of vocabulary (except for all that techno babble shit), sentence structure, and English language in general hasn't changed a bit?

    "This is one of the periods I habitually post to"

    Yeah because posting in all those 18th century boards is just lame.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:47:22 No.2667011

    I am intrigued. Continue.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:47:34 No.2667015
    Will there be any huge improvements in movies? I don't mean like 3D movies like you said, but new ways of storytelling or camerawork, say, a new Hitchcock?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:47:41 No.2667018
    post a political map of the future
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)22:47:53 No.2667023

    I dunno how to sum it all up. I'd have to basically read a modern history book to you, start to finish. I don't know all the changes off the top of my head. Could you ask a more specific question?

    There was lots of shit flying over the transition to autolabor/the stipend economy for instance, I guess that was the biggest worldwide change.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:48:49 No.2667037

    He's roleplaying, let us have our fun.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:48:56 No.2667038

    You didn't answer any of these =(
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:49:21 No.2667045
    Oh i see. So you're a libfag? So does Obama get his nigger head blown off or what?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:49:25 No.2667046
    >Sarah Palin
    Oh lord...
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)22:49:25 No.2667047
    what do you mean invalid?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)23:32:29 No.2667080
    I apologize everyone, I was cut off for a time. I'm back now.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)23:34:19 No.2667092

    I get overwhelmed with questions as many are posted in the time it takes me to reply to one. I cannot answer them all, I am deeply sorry.


    Someone who lives on the minimum stipend, doesn't work, eats every meal out of their vendor and just generally does as little as possible. Usually fat too since they can't afford metabs. It's more of a general term now though, just means anyone who is shitty.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)23:35:05 No.2667097
    How do you keep the servers moving at 88 mph so you can talk to the past?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)23:36:00 No.2667106

    I don't know what a libfag is but yes someone takes a shot at Obama. Injures him lightly but he serves out the rest of his term fine. CNPA was implicated in the attempt but their connection to the shooter was never proven.
    >> supershinylovesock !WnYP1KgZFU 01/05/09(Mon)23:39:03 No.2667129
    Hold on. I'm from /v/, wanna make sure you're the real thing. What's your name? Girlfriend's name? Her 'species'?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)23:39:53 No.2667141

    Alex, Siane, and Lunaran. Check my trip-code.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)23:41:19 No.2667155
    Why haven't all races merged into 1 ultimate super race by now... err... then?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)23:41:32 No.2667158
    OP, what major events will happen in the following years ?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)23:44:53 No.2667182

    Lots of reasons. Most people never leave their cohab so the habs are pretty genetically homogeneous except for lunarans or helenes. You don't often see martians on Earth though.

    Also people are whatever combination of racial traits their parents want them to be, on account of reprogenetics. It's 2009 for you, don't you have reprogenetics? Look it up or something.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)23:45:05 No.2667186
    How are you posting in the year 2009, while you are living in 2096? There's no way for a time travel computer to post in the past. Plus, if you time traveled back here, how do you use your futurepedia to look stuff up?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)23:45:49 No.2667189

    How do I answer a question this big? I'd have to read you an entire history book cover to cover. Can't you ask a more specific question?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)23:48:11 No.2667210
    Whats it cost to send a pound of material into space OP?

    NASA can do it for about 12,000$ per pound. SpaceX is claiming something around 500$ per pound is achievable by 2013.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)23:48:15 No.2667211


    What will happen to the world economically. Also OP, what kind of technological advances will happen over time ? BESIDES time travel.

    I'm playing along here...
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)23:49:14 No.2667220

    I'm in 2096 yes and I'm using an ETP service to post. It's called entanglement posting and you pay a monthly fee plus different additional fees for 1-12 hour posting periods.

    The technology involves entangling pairs of photons or electrons depending on whether the network in the time you want to post to is optical or electronic, then shooting one of the particles into an intermittently 'on' black hole. It's suspended between these two spinning rings/discs whatever (the graphic on the site isn't clear, it shows it from the side) which create a Heim field that suspends the black hole and draws in the particles, as well as having something to do with how they specify when and where the particles are inserted into the parochial network in the period you're posting to. That's all they explain and I'm not a scientist. They update it now and then though since the company is growing, I'll tell you whatever I know when I find it out.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)23:51:21 No.2667231

    I call bullshit. C'mon, at least WE the people of the PAST have Wikipedia, easy to access, and easy to obtain the major events of any century.

    Don't be a douche, you're just too lazy to copy and paste. Or you're not legit.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)23:53:08 No.2667248
    ha, I want more information on Mexico, ja.
    >> supershinylovesock !WnYP1KgZFU 01/05/09(Mon)23:53:44 No.2667251
    Thank you.

    Also, play nice /r9k/.
    Anyway, from what you've described, government has taken a more libertarian angle. What prompted this?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)23:54:41 No.2667261

    I guess the biggest developments are the stipend economy and autolabor.

    The stipend economy was pioneered in Alaska, I think before any of you were born. They might not call it that? It's where they tax the shit out of companies exploiting the natural resources in a state then divide that into stipends paid out to the citizens monthly.

    Eventually autolabor theory reached a point where a few bright minds decided it could work in practice and the first test compounds were built. Autolabor compounds are basically farms, mines, hatcheries, factories, and so on but completely automated including delivery and energy production. They operate on solar stirling dishes, geotherm, wind, and some used radioisotope stirling plants for power until their renewables came online but they're all on renewables now to the best of my knowledge except some of the undersea ones.

    Anyways they labor 24/7 and all citizens own a portion of their labor represented by shares. Every citizen must own at least one share in their name to live in a hab. Most families own only a few and couples wait to have kids until after their parents die because they need the inherited shares for their kids. Obviously if you work in upper management you get paid in proper dollars and you can afford more shares so it's not an issue. However most have to save for years to afford even a single additional share.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)23:56:23 No.2667270

    The issue is, where to begin and what events would you want to know about? The civil war? The pakistan war? The carebear doctrine? Autolabor? The stipend economy? The cohab project? The resorts? The caldera? The lifts? The ferries? The Chinese standoff?

    Pick one I guess.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)23:56:57 No.2667280
    What happens to Airstrip One in the future? Is it still there?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)23:57:50 No.2667287
    What is your music like?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/05/09(Mon)23:58:03 No.2667289

    Mexico is too fucking hot like anywhere else near the equator, and since most of the habs are on the coasts you need a breather outside because the ocean is emitting low levels of hydrogen sulfide. I don't know the exact science behind it but it's something to do with the rapid warming effect, which happened because of a botched attempt to curb global warming by removing particulate matter from the upper atmosphere.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)23:58:10 No.2667291
    what is the world balance of power? is america still a super power?
    >> Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)23:59:19 No.2667301
    Is contemporary music called classical?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:00:23 No.2667307

    There will be if you fucking faggots stop jumping onto every trend and turning into a steaming pile of shit.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:00:26 No.2667308
    Does the education system develop in the next couple of decades?

    I remember you saying that people won't need to work to survive in the future, but what about education?
    Is it enforced?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:00:39 No.2667310
    Can you explain the carebear doctrine? Sounds like it might be relevant in the near future based on what you said about the Israel-Pakistan war.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)00:01:05 No.2667313

    I guess? It sort of doesn't apply. Do you know what a post-scarcity economy is?


    Well lets see, most of my playlist is viewpoint, historical rock and a LITTLE BIT of empathetic (nobody give me shit, if you know what this is. I was in a crappy mood before I met Siane and it helped.) It's all in synchro too since I cleaned out my stereo tracks a long time ago.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:01:10 No.2667314
    What's illegal that isn't now? Are there any interesting new drugs?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:01:53 No.2667320

    same question here

    also what is music like in the future? is more electronic sounding (techno) or is rap still popular?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:01:59 No.2667321
    How far has AI development progressed?

    What do you think of our science fiction?

    Do printed books still exist?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:02:24 No.2667323
    Could you please give me the winning lottery ticket numbers for Texas for tomorrow?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:02:34 No.2667325
    Does anyone from 2196 talk to people in your time OP?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:02:45 No.2667326
    Do you know what era historical rock is from?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:03:15 No.2667329

    YES, what is drug use like in the future? whats legalized, illegal, or any new synthetic drugs?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:04:38 No.2667344
    Share your space drugs, Futureman.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)00:04:50 No.2667345

    'Prewar common'. There's also 'historical rock' which actually includes a lot of stuff that isn't really rock.


    Very few ground troops are actually deployed overseas. The middle east is teeming with millions of UGVs and UAVs that recharge themselves at guarded stations when necessary. They engage anyone initiating aggression regardless of who or why. Legally, because people are skittish about the idea of armed robots, there must be human field regs/ops there, although they've got hardsuits (powered armor, like the body braces lunarans wear but obviously beefier). They authorize kills, that's about it. The robots do most of the work.
    >> supershinylovesock !WnYP1KgZFU 01/06/09(Tue)00:04:54 No.2667346
    He's said marijuana and LSD are legal, otherwise it depends on the hab.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:05:03 No.2667347

    The future is fucking gay.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:05:09 No.2667350
    All the major wars please
    no need to go into long details
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:07:06 No.2667363
    Are they still playing Sanford and Son on TVLand?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:07:54 No.2667371
    what about ones that don't exist yet? I want some moon herb.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:08:21 No.2667377
    answer me this futureman, so if you have the technology to communcate with us in the past, then wouldnt there be people from the further future (2100+) be communicating or have the ability to communicate with you in your present time (2096)
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:09:04 No.2667382
    Why are you communicate with us here?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:11:12 No.2667390
    So what happened with the Large Hadron Collider? Did they find anything interesting? Did the Earth blow up? etc. etc.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)00:11:13 No.2667391

    I don't want to disappoint you but I understand that the church of the singularity had its start in your time and it dissolved before I was born, although there are still a few die hards in some habs. AI hasn't gotten 'self aware' yet. The current thinking is that for a machine to think like a brain it must be structured like a brain and actually physically process electrical pulses the same way, and there is currently a great deal of research into that approach but the workaround that gave us wetbots was growing genetically tweaked animal brains (so they were legally no longer 'chimps' or 'dogs' or 'cats' but instead unique copyrighted species not subject to cruelty laws) around dense lattices of electrodes so that the sophistication of the interaction between brain and machine is greater than it would be if the electrodes were surgically implanted after the brain was fully grown which is I think how you do it in 2009? Anyway the brain is immersed in a training app for a few weeks, basically 'obedience school' (thanks wikinet!) where they are taught to obey verbal commands and how to behave acceptably in common situations. Then when they pass every test reliably they're disconnected and put in a robot body and they're what we call a "wetbot", the most common of which are the high end MyGirlfriends from Dell for instance. The low end ones are hard AI and nowhere near as upredictable or convincing as the wetbot models. Or uh, so I'm told.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:11:38 No.2667397
    Okay, sounds pretty logical based on the way war today seems to be heading.

    Also, the idea of powered body braces for the lunarans seems pretty cool.

    Another question, though might be too specific: how do you guys circumvent cosmic radiation during space travel?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:14:42 No.2667419
    whats the internet like in the future?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:14:59 No.2667422
    Why do they still use the stupid term "wiki?"

    Oh, reminds me of another question... how far has the English language spread in the world? Does the solar system have a common language?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:15:09 No.2667425
    Is George W. Bush vindicated by history?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)00:15:28 No.2667429

    Well they did find the higgs boson and they also refined heim theory which becomes part of the basis for solarnet, an entanglement based communications network between the moon, mars and Earth. That technology eventually forms the basis for ETP when they discover it can send data through time. At least that's what wikinet says.


    Sure, I've spoken to a few I think but obviously I have no way of knowing whether or not they were legit.


    I started posting two years ago. For you my first post was some time during the 2008 election. It's a popular period to post in due to the historical significance of the Obama presidency. I found these boards by asking where all the captioned cat images came from.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:20:07 No.2667455
    Hello, FutureGuy. First off, thank you for taking time to discuss world events with us. I hope you don't look down on us as backwards or slow. My question is: Does 2029 prove to be a dangerous year? Also, can you guess why I chose that date?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:20:12 No.2667457
    explain the global balance of power, is america still a superpower?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)00:20:17 No.2667459

    Most ferries and shuttles use directed EM fields and other methods to deflect high energy particles. Beyond that, the snacks and shit they give you have antiradiation drugs in 'em.


    Most people browse on panel, some on optics if they use lounges more than sites. Sites are flat like yours but they're really just there because they're utilitarian, fast loading and so on. Minimal content there. Most of it's in the corresponding lounge, a 3D multi user environ you can enter through the site.


    90% sure he was a member of the CNPA. So the short answer is "no".
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:21:48 No.2667468
    >I started posting two years ago. For you my first post was some time during the 2008 election.
    I saw one of your first threads. There you talked a lot about space travel.
    >I found these boards by asking where all the captioned cat images came from.
    Fascinating, but I am still interest why exactly have you chosen to speak to us here rather then more popular Facebook or myspace?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:21:55 No.2667470
    >>high end MyGirlfriends from Dell

    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)00:27:00 No.2667497

    Asteroid collision, right? No, misses us. Was a big deal in the media I guess because the first result was a bunch of vid apps of the networks airing stories about how close it would come and shit.

    The first cold sleep firms start popping up around 2030 also but they don't start taking reservations until 2037 due to legal issues, if that's what you were talking about instead.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:27:03 No.2667499
    Does Africa develop at all, or is it still a shithole?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:27:14 No.2667502
    does the internet become censored?

    also if you dont mind, what are some major names in history from this time period? and what defines Obama's presidency?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:27:16 No.2667503
    When does the global financial crisis come to an end?

    Is there still a Japan in the future?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:27:36 No.2667508
    how is the world of fashion? What do you wear Futureman?
    >> supershinylovesock !WnYP1KgZFU 01/06/09(Tue)00:28:06 No.2667515
    Counterculture. Hippies, punks, grungers, and now hipsters. What's next?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:29:30 No.2667527
    Please answer this anon's question.

    Failing that, what is the average lifespan for each race? Would those of us born pre-2000 still be living in your year? What stage of life would they be in?

    mootblox due to other attempt failing. Fucking connection.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:30:38 No.2667531
    Are there any new sports?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:32:01 No.2667538
    Thank you for answering my question. I was indeed asking about Aphosis, but I only noticed after I submitted my post that it would only enter its keyhole area on 2029, then swing around again on 2036. I am very interested in your second guess, however. Could you explain what these cold sleep firms do, and why they would be worth noting?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:34:54 No.2667565
    Has the Reimann hypothesis been proved true yet?

    Also, why don't you converse with yourself from the past, even if only a few weeks into the past? Or have you done so? What would/was that be like?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:35:34 No.2667573
    Not future, but still from 2096, and If I'm not mistaken, a few of you MIGHT be part of the first-gen coldsleepers, assuming you have the funds for it. Of course, you'd be well into middle-aged by then.

    Also, helene speaking, ask me anything you might have interest in (And for the record, we're not all self-entitled narcissists, that's merely a stereotype)
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:36:44 No.2667582
    Can you describe current shows? Just basic premise.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:38:05 No.2667592
         File :1231220285.gif-(46 KB, 485x213, zoqfotpik-sitting.gif)
    46 KB
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)00:39:09 No.2667604

    If you check I'm pretty sure the military is already researching coldsleep. It's not cryogenics, you're never actually frozen. Cryo is a dead end and Alcor and some chinese corp get busted for dumping corpsicles when the first few coldsleep firms drive them out of business. Who would risk cryo when they know for sure that coldsleep is survivable?

    Anyways they replace your blood with this stuff called plasma expander which is diluted into a saline solution, saturated with oxygen and nutrients. It slows your metabolism to a near-death state where you barely consume any oxygen or nutrients but no tissue damage occurs. Then they lower your body temp to just above freezing so that bacteria and virii and whatnot don't exploit your sluggish immune system, otherwise obviously you'd start to decay while still technically alive.

    Anyway the human body isn't adapted for cold sleep the way amphibians are (some frogs do it naturally, it's where the concept came from) and as a result it's not safe to sleep for more than about a decade at a time. After ten years they put fresh blood in, warm you up, and have you run a few laps, eat a meal, drink a bit, then excrete so as to clean all built up cellular wastes. Then they put in a fresh batch of solution (there's only about ten years worth of oxygen and nutrients in there anyway and it has to be artificially circulated/refreshed a bit while you're under) so it works out pretty well, coincidentally. But yeah, you can do as many ten year stretches as you want, but it's about $100,000 in 2009 money per stretch.
    >> supershinylovesock !WnYP1KgZFU 01/06/09(Tue)00:39:21 No.2667607
    I'll humor you. A tripcode would make you seem more legit though.

    What do you, helene, do for a living? What gender are you?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)00:40:51 No.2667629

    I guess it's possible for a helene to learn to use ETP. It doesn't require opposable thumbs after all.

    I'm a little surprised that they have public access panels in brothels now, though.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:43:37 No.2667640
    Oh Snap to the Future!!
    >> supershinylovesock !WnYP1KgZFU 01/06/09(Tue)00:44:06 No.2667643
    Motherfucker, this is like, the first time I've been proud of my semi-wealthy background. I'm going to blow it all on cold sleep so I can be all like "Yo. I'm from the past. G."
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)00:44:09 No.2667644
    btw if that seemed harsh, all I'm saying is that any helene rich enough to afford an ETP subscription is either in porn, or a musician. It's not prejudicial if it's true.
    >> pablol !uMEXICOaX6 01/06/09(Tue)00:46:08 No.2667667
    a bunch of questions
    what OS do you use in the future?
    does GNU ever finished the HURD kernel?
    is MS windows still around?
    is GNU/something still around?
    does George Orwell's 1984 happened yet?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:46:09 No.2667668
    how old are you? what do you do for a living? what are your hobbies
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:48:06 No.2667677
    I'm male, and actually oversee the automated maintenance functions on the autolabor for a Yum! cohab. Considering how borderline brutish I am in stature, it makes a fair bit of sense.

    I've actually lived with standard unmod humans most of my life. Though the brothel comment is especially funny coming from you, given how scared you are to tell your lunaran girl about your helene porn apps.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:48:21 No.2667681
    what are the next fads in culture?

    for example we've had
    gangsterish/skater kids now
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:49:23 No.2667692
    This shit is not funny you should all be fucking banned for participating in 4chan roleplay
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)00:49:56 No.2667699

    Use whatever your equivalent of scour or wikinet is to search for keywords "human, hibernation, military". Unless it's called cold sleep in 2009 which I severely doubt you should turn up at least something. Someone in a past thread said they found it with those key words.

    Pretty sure the first modern style PRT goes online in early 2010 I think and that pretty much replaces cars. The concept was invented in the 1970s I think so you should definitely be able to find that.

    People would come back at me with shit that blew my mind, like that rotodynes were first built in the 60s and that electric cars date back to the 1800s. I thought it was a joke at first.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:51:28 No.2667712

    If I have my head frozen in cryogenic stasis, will you thaw me out in your time? If yes, can I get I replacement body or will I be a head in a jar like on Futrama?(I'm fine with either eventuality)
    I will be at Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Arizona.
    Tank 63. subject: Roberts, William.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:51:32 No.2667714
    I think we're all being too fanciful in our questions. What is the final score of Super Bowl XLIII in Feb. 2009?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:52:22 No.2667725

    Enjoy being a corpsicle in a landfill, bro.

    Cryo doesn't work.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:52:36 No.2667731

    agreed, answer this anon's question
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)00:52:36 No.2667732

    ....How do you know about that.


    Although it's unrelated to the former church of the singularity lots of fetishists load up on cybernetics. I've only ever seen a few and they're not pleasant to look at. There are alt fetish lounges where they share fantasies about having been born a wetbot, stuff like that.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:53:03 No.2667735
    Dear future guy,
    Please go to your futurewiki/futuregoogle and search "Astrobase Go" or "Doc Hammer" and tell me what's gonna happen.
    >> supershinylovesock !WnYP1KgZFU 01/06/09(Tue)00:53:33 No.2667740
    Cool. I still say you get a tripcode, you "brutish" orange man, you.

    Jesus tits.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:56:13 No.2667755

    I happened to be reading some of the ETP archives of this site, and caught wind of you, and decided to look you up a bit more.

    and if it's any consolation, feel free to pick a fight with a lunaran guy, the braces don't increase their strength all that much.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)00:56:15 No.2667756

    DO NOT INVEST IN ALCOR. I explained this already. Wait until 2037 for cold sleep. You won't be able to actually get in a tube until a few years later but you can buy a reservation in 2037.

    Coldsleep works. I think the initial research was called military human hibernation, see if you can find data on it. TRUST ME CRYO DOES NOT WORK, do NOT buy into it.
    >> supershinylovesock !WnYP1KgZFU 01/06/09(Tue)00:57:05 No.2667763
    You have hinted at your Helene porn in the past. He could have seen it.

    Ok, very selfish, stupid question.
    Do you know of the condition "geographic tongue"? Is there like, a cure in the future? Because my tongue looks like I've licked razors and it pisses me off.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)00:57:51 No.2667767
    At last an intelligent question!!!

    Does Phantom Limb ever find his penis?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:00:43 No.2667773
    Future Guy...
    what are the best companies and so on to work in or invest with?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:00:48 No.2667775
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:00:55 No.2667776
    What is the final score of Super Bowl XLIII in Feb. 2009?
    >> Massive !!pZa+UgW/sNe 01/06/09(Tue)01:01:03 No.2667779
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)01:01:16 No.2667780

    ....I'll be damned, a helene did something useful. So the braces only bring them up to human normative strength or what?

    Given that I'm in lunarhab now and I kind of stole his bride, Clavian will be looking to knock me off my shit. I'm not afraid of him but anything I can find out about lunarans would be useful. Then again he won't be wearing a brace, none of them do on the moon.

    At risk of sounding like a skittish invalid, I'm gonna look into buying an LIPC or something if they're legal here.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:02:04 No.2667785
    'entanglement posting'? ENTANGLEMENT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:03:06 No.2667792
    I recommend answering this one. The keywords can easily pull up an answer in wikinet or any sports almanac...
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:03:37 No.2667800

    Try to vary your food and drink intake. Usually, too many things like sodas, chips, and pretty much anything that comes out of a can, can cause a semi-allergic reaction.
    >> tretty !i3F0KfI9qI 01/06/09(Tue)01:05:14 No.2667812
    better question. Will the Cowboys be IN the superbowl for said year?

    if not, I stopped caring about the previous question
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)01:05:19 No.2667815

    I guess the big ones are Yum holdings, Virgin, Bigelow aerospace (which later berge into virgin-bigelow) Google, Dell, Apple, and Microsoft.


    Most of it is in synchro now. Each synchro trackis divided into lots of separate tracks, one for each instrumental and/or vocal, in stereo. When you play it the files are sent out over your home net and played on every device you own that is capable of playing music, and all tracks are synchronized so that what you hear is the complete song but it sounds like you're inside of the song if that makes any sense.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:06:10 No.2667825
    if you're posting from a service in the future that allows you to post back in time for a monthly fee, why don't we see more posters from the future?

    let me guess, they're 90 percent of the trolls?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:06:49 No.2667832
    The odds are too great for him to get a right answer on that. Forget your favoritism and concentrate on more conclusive answers.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:07:38 No.2667837
    I still want more details on new drugs Futureman.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:07:39 No.2667839
    this makes me want to believe it isn't someone rping
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:07:46 No.2667840
    Could you take a look at this question? I'm interested in the answer.

    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:09:02 No.2667850

    Never been in a lunarhab, but yeah, the braces pretty much bring them up to par with the rest of us (fun fact, helenes aren't as strong as they look, their muscles are as strong as any other unmod, they just have a predisposition towards definition)

    And really, if you're in a lunarhab, you might want to actually hold back if you do get into a fight. You could probably break this Clavian guy up pretty bad if you went at him full.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:09:41 No.2667857

    same here dude, i wanna go cook me some space crack
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:09:59 No.2667862
    No no no
    If he tells us the score people will bet huge sums of money and change the odds. The outcome of the game will be very different because of the changes he enables and we then will split off from his reality into a parallel time line where the Browns win.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:10:21 No.2667865
    Are there any commonly available items you'd suggest us to hold onto (things that become historically valuable/skyrocket in price)?
    >> tretty !i3F0KfI9qI 01/06/09(Tue)01:10:29 No.2667868
    how is what two teams will be playing any harder to guess than the final score?

    and it's not like we have a set number of questions we can ask.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:10:55 No.2667873
    If OP is telling the truth then he is -87 years old and should be banned for posting underage.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:11:00 No.2667875
    I'm not sure but I believe you also posted on /b/ if i'm not mistaken. What is your favorite board?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:11:36 No.2667881
    I can understand if you're not interested in proving your existence in our future, but that answer makes it very difficult for anyone to ask you something that could be proven in a reasonable amount of time.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:11:39 No.2667882
    Could you elaborate on typical diet, health, etc. in your time?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:12:25 No.2667891

    lets see it future dude, im sure you can google that shit and find it in seconds.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:12:58 No.2667893
    I find it QUITE hilarious that two people from the future are chatting through a website in the past. But since I have seen tons of crazy shit... this doesn't surprise me either.

    Now Futureguy. I want to hear something really general from you. What is the best thing for me to do in this time and age ?

    Damn, I almost WANT to ask you to do a quick search of my name and tell me what I did with my life... but I am starting to be afraid this might be true... and knowing how my life will go is not interesting at all. Are you capable of that though ? searching for a persons name and coming out with tons of info about it ?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:13:25 No.2667897

    pretty much everything is legal, either through simple legislation or less damaging alternatives.

    Hell, drinks with marijuana are as common as drinks with caffiene or alcohol.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:13:28 No.2667898
    Interesting that his post was deleted about pre-war archives being deleted.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)01:13:51 No.2667903

    Probably. I've seen at least one other guy, maybe two (depending on whether the helene in this thread is legit) posting here. The first guy quoted real history I recognize so odds are he was on the level.


    I tried to answer twice now, I got censored both times, I know you're gonna bitch about it but that's one of the caveats involved in ETP.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:14:36 No.2667916
    has africa developed at all?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)01:15:18 No.2667923

    That happens to me all. the fucking. time. I've never seen them be slow enough that someone read it. I wonder if your post will disappear or something.

    I don't understand why they censor us. Supposedly nothing I say can affect the present, so....what's the deal. The site doesn't explain the rationale, or even give you guidelines on the sorts of things not to talk about. Happens pretty much without warning.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:15:28 No.2667925
    What happens with Canada?
    Is there a world government?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:16:03 No.2667932
    i see, can you give us the teams that play?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:16:10 No.2667934
    We can't answer the football question because sports were outlawed in 2019 after Jesus came back and was beaten up by a bunch of jocks for having long hair.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:16:20 No.2667936
    Censorship can be worked around in a very simple way. Send us information somewhere it cannot be tampered with from your side.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:18:20 No.2667950
    what is religion like in your time?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:18:23 No.2667952
    Show your cock, future guy.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:19:09 No.2667963
    What he said was: pre-war archives were destroy/tampered with by the chrisdoms (see above posts for references) like sports/natural history museums/ect.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)01:19:23 No.2667967

    Same thing I tell anyone. Move north and buy land. Do not be in the united states from 2015-2018. Save up money for cold sleep. Don't buy into cryo. Look for malls with apartments opening up inside them, those are some of the first cohabs. Look up whatever personal rapid transit is called for you and invest in it. Look up autostereo panel tech and invest in it. Buy shares in the companies I mentioned to garauntee your kids a spot in the habs in case you die in the war or something.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:20:29 No.2667977
    Did that valcano go off?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:20:42 No.2667980
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:20:51 No.2667983
    Do you post in threads that are not future centric?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:21:32 No.2667986

    when is the next major war america is involed in? or was that the civil war that you mentioned earlier? when does that take place?
    >> pablol !uMEXICOaX6 01/06/09(Tue)01:22:00 No.2667990
    well i'm just saving this thread and going to sleep
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:22:07 No.2667993
    isnt it possible that one of Futureguys ancestors is reading this right now and is completely unaware?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:22:28 No.2667998

    What war =(

    What happens with Russia and Latin America??
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:26:43 No.2668000

    Actually, one of my buddies from work (real hardcore techtype, does the programming for some of the autolabor) seems to think that a time paradox IS possible, and certain information left uncensored in the past would cause a fractalization of the timelines (whereby each resultant timeline would make its own branched timeline instantaneously)

    He never really said why this'd be bad, but I'm sure there's a reason.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:26:55 No.2668001
    very serious question does Kusza mean any thing to you
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)01:27:10 No.2668004

    Can't, the stream monitors would catch it.


    Well the only people who are sincerely supernaturalist in their beliefs are outsiders. Mainly the kind of backwards shits who wish the chridoms had won the war. Won't live in the habs because they believe they're secular dens of sin, like we rape babies all day or something. A few families have come inside over the past few decades, becoming minor celebrities in the process and in all the interviews they act just totally shocked that we're not the monsters they were led to believe we are.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:28:03 No.2668011
    What's the most forward in time you've ever spoken to someone?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:28:35 No.2668019
    does anything else interesting happen in the near future?
    >> Massive !!pZa+UgW/sNe 01/06/09(Tue)01:29:16 No.2668026

    It does make sense. Most music now is made that way, then compiled into a single file and distributed. You just skip the compile bit. My real question is how its being recorded.

    Take today (or yesterday. Whatever.), for example. We've gone from very expensive and horrible quality physical recordings, to reel to reel, back to really good physical recording, and then to magnetic tape again, and now we are in a digital age, where recording is really, really cheap. Where does it go from here?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:29:37 No.2668029
    If you manage to post your message in image form, a few of us will probably be able to keep it, due to network delays and such.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:30:29 No.2668039
    A few questions.

    When are the races of "aliens" discovered?
    Explain how Lunarian inside lips work (sounds weird, but must not be if they are even slightly attractive.)

    Also, Obama...how does he do?

    Please tell me nothing on Dec 21 2012.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)01:31:30 No.2668046

    If you mean the caldera yes but not as soon as expected and with far less force. You can relax, unless you're literally camping in Yellowstone when it happens it isn't going to affect you.


    I dunno, never lived there and I don't specialize in their history. I can tell you general shit like for instance they adopted autolabor and the stipend economy later than America and Australia.

    btw this is my second ETP session and I can't really afford this shit considering the higher living expenses here. I'll be eating out of the vendor again this month....not that I'm not used to that already. The luxurious life of a student, right?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:31:31 No.2668047
    Fucking archive this shit niggers.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:31:33 No.2668049
    here's a serious question Kusza mean anything to you
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:31:38 No.2668050

    and which war would that be exactly?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:33:08 No.2668071
    OP: The faction that defeats the chridoms in the civil war, what's their ideology, etc?

    Also, >>2667882.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:34:50 No.2668084
    You guys realize this is basically 4chan's collective fantasy of the future: sex robots, GWB & Palin lose it and start a crazy war, humanity breeds its own races to live on different planets, America sucks and is hazardous, etc.... oh and practically nobody believes in God or has any "supernaturalist beliefs" (completely unlike EVERY civilization EVER).

    So in the end, anon wins!?!!
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)01:35:29 No.2668088

    I'm not answering name questions. That's all people ever wanna know and I'm sick of it. Like fully 50% of the questions I answered in my first few threads were name questions if I remember correctly.


    Aliens? What? Lunarans, helenes and martians are reprogenetically created races of human. Lunarans were specialized for lunar hab living, martians for mars hab living, and helenes were sort of a test run intended mainly to be aesthetically pleasing, a proof of concept to popularize reprogenetics and kill some of the ethical criticism of it.

    Read what I wrote about her lips again. I didn't mean they were on the inside. I meant that her lips, and also the inside of her mouth are grey. Basically any skin that is red on you is grey on a lunaran.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:35:30 No.2668089
    what are you taking in school? what are schools like?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:35:33 No.2668091
    My Chridom senses are tingling!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:41:29 No.2668111
    how old are you? what recreational hobbies do you enjoy.

    have we made contact with alien species?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:41:42 No.2668114

    Hah, I love how many of you think we're all aliens.

    The "races" are nothing more than genetic modification. Lunarans (not lunarians) are designed to live on the moon, and have light, thin, somewhat frail bodies, and they kinda remind me of the "grey aliens" of your time, except white, and FAR more human in the face.

    Martians are merely designed for life on Mars, and frankly, look like little black goblins to me.

    Helenes like me, I'm sad to say were the first attempt at reprogenetics, and are merely aesthetic. We're basically designed to be pretty (for women) or handsome (for men) although the men look more like tacky Greek statues than "handsome" in my opinion. Designed for porn and similar aesthetic endeavors (acting, funny as it sounds), mostly.

    I think the best way to look at a Helene, at least in the male sense, is Urien from a game called Street Fighter 3, which I'm fairly sure is around in your time.

    I'm much wider, but it's generally the same.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)01:43:17 No.2668132

    So what you're saying is that your generation steers the course of future events towards its own collective vision of what things should be like once your generation is old enough to occupy seats of political power. How is that out of the ordinary?


    Uh, the "national guard". And "the air force". There are Secular Progressive movements that speak out against the CNPA but they never actually take to the streets. The civil war lasted a whopping ten months, it was put down pretty quickly, but not before the damage was done.


    I'm taking writing as its relevant to my new job. In the yumhab most classrooms were surrounded by a semicircular panel and lessons are sort of like lounge apps. You wear AR optics so that your hands don't overlap objects that appear close to you, and you participate in group activities that teach you everything from how to repair an airplane engine to concert piano, whatever you're studying. The new fad in education is game app style lessons though where it's sort of a collective mission, adventure, whatever. Students offer solutions to the puzzles and are graded on the effectiveness of their ideas. The classrooms in lunarhab are supposed to have heliodisplays although I don't know how that would work, like if the classrooms are circular and you sit around the central display or what, I guess I'll find out when the new semester begins.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:44:09 No.2668140
    I have one and only one question, do mechas exist in the future? Like ride-able giant robots with cockpits and such?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:45:22 No.2668150
    Things to keep a lookout for in the future:

    Sometime within 2009-2016: Obama is shot and injured during his term as President, but recovers and serves out the rest of his term.

    2016: The development of "cohabs" after "a botched attempt to curb globabl warming by removing particulate matter from the upper atmosphere" (when?).

    2016-2017: A year of violent nationwide riots as a CNPA's presidential candidate loses to another candidate surnamed "Maynard." Civil war ensues--a stolen bioweapen named toxo is used. Ron Luce, Michael Huckabee, Sarah Palin, and Bobby Jindal are the core members of the Christian Nationalist Party of America.

    2036: Aphosis does not collide with the Earth.

    2037: Cold sleep firms begin taking reservations.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)01:45:35 No.2668151

    Oh fuck, you're legit.

    Where do you live. Are you on lunarhab? Pretty sure no helenes on lunarhab. I would shit my pants if you were my neighbor or something. You said 2096 right? What month?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:46:56 No.2668163
    then they must bleed grey too
    wait wut
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)01:48:13 No.2668175

    Uh I guess? Some autolabor bots have legs, and are pretty big. But the only thing like that with a human pilot is a hardsuit, powered armor basically for field ops and regs.

    Also I really want a reply from the helene because this is literally only the second time I've met another ETP poster on here.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:49:56 No.2668187
    why did you chose this time period to communicate with?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)01:50:07 No.2668189

    No, they have red blood. But their skin is matte, very opaque. Mostly hairless too and I am not sure but I don't think they sweat. It's all adaptations to ensure they don't release too much skin flakes, oil or hairs that would fuck up the filters or lose body moisture. That's how Siane tells it anyway.
    >> sorry Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:50:44 No.2668193
    sorry about the name coment its the name of a expermental company that supose to come out in public in a few years
    >> Falling Up !!QN4LQ9wpw+H 01/06/09(Tue)01:50:49 No.2668194
    Futureguy, what is your fashion like? Also, what are weddings like in the future? Is your girlfriend pretty?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:51:20 No.2668200


    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)01:51:21 No.2668201

    It's supposedly popular because of the historical significance of the Obama presidency. That's why I came here anyway, to talk to people from the period as the election was happening and during his administration. I came to this site in particular when I asked where all the captioned image jokes on other sites came from.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:51:34 No.2668205

    Nah, I'm on Earth. Live mostly among humans in a yumhab, though a fair bit of them are mecchies. Never been to the moon, never saw the allure of it. My grandparents, oh they were ALL about going to the moon, though. They freaked out when the first ferries were in use.

    And I'm posting from March.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)01:59:40 No.2668217


    But anyways, do you have to get these mods from birth?

    One more thing. Entertainment and Religion. What is dominate in the two fields.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:00:31 No.2668222
    >Uh, the "national guard". And "the air force"

    Were the other military branches for the most part deployed in a war somewhere, or did you just leave them out?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:00:57 No.2668228
    No that's great, everything's going to go our way. That's great, I'm thrilled and I've actually read this whole thread because it's excellent reading. I'm just a little suspicious whenever someone tells me exactly what I want to hear. People have a tendency to believe what they want to believe, so if you're trying to get people to follow along with your fantasy the best bet is to tell someone what they want to hear and that's exactly what you're doing. I think it must be unfortunately for you that that's just the way events went, or maybe not because now you've got everybody eating out of your hand while you feed them lies. I don't know, but I for one am going to take this thread with a grain of salt and call it what it is: good entertainment and nothing more.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:01:17 No.2668231
    Do you feel dissatisfied with your time period?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:01:36 No.2668234
    whats so important about obama? just because hes black?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:01:43 No.2668236
    this is so convincing its retarded
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:02:16 No.2668241
    What religious beliefs do you hold? is christianity or anything else scientifically proven?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:03:52 No.2668258
    not here to bug you about anything serious.

    Just two things

    Genetic enhancements: Are they available for the general public (not babies, for adults)

    2nd. Huge favor. Since it is a piece of shit comic anyways, can you please tell me how Naruto ends. PLEASE. No super detailed anything but just a rough summary.

    PS: Please no "He becomes Hokage."
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)02:03:59 No.2668260

    Haha shit I am about a month ahead of you. It's April 14th right now.


    Yes, from birth only. Look up reprogenetics, it's a pretty old science, you should be able to find out about it.

    As for religion it's sort of a fashion thing. I've been lots of different religions over the years. The popular ones on lunarhab are usually south American in origin or something related to Diana worship. Nobody actually believes in them if that's what you're asking, except of course for outsiders. Something I don't have to worry about anymore since I'm in lunarhab, hahaha. I'd like to see an outsider try to survive in vacuum. In fact, I'd like to see them all do that.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:07:01 No.2668263
    how many people live in these "habs" are they like large cities?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)02:11:13 No.2668269

    Reprogenetics can only make edits prior to birth. Prior to significant cell division even. Basically blasocyst-zygote stages. If you're already born and you want something changed, it's metabs or nothing.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:11:36 No.2668273

    reprogenetics are by definition done before birth, and can range from correcting serious illnesses (i.e. predisposition to heart disease) to other inherited things (eye and hair color, etc.)

    The "new races" are very extreme, though not particularly unusual or "wrong," instances of this.

    Pretty much anything not solved by reprogenetics is solved by implants (i.e. opticals eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses, at least for corrective use)

    As for the Entertainment question, much of it is in 3D, really. Videogames, Websites, you name it. Although everything's much more nuanced, which is partly why I like this site and it's broad sweeps. A few modes of entertainment are capable of actually stimulating the nervous system, but that's mostly used for porn.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:13:17 No.2668278
    Obviously, the troll race remained unchanged in a hundred years. Ignorance and bad fiction also won't disappear any time soon.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:13:38 No.2668284
    That's impossible and you know it.

    I'd like to know about the weeaboo nonsense too. How does it end?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:13:43 No.2668285
    If you have the information on hand..
    What are the ultimate fates of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)02:15:43 No.2668294

    Basically. There are some being built even in 2009. The wikinet says the first structures that would eventually be converted to habs were built in 2005 even. Look for any large malls with apartments built into them. I know two are in China, one is in Canada and one is in America for instance.


    I'm on the wikinet and what the hell are these like bear people or what. I don't get the humor. But yeah no, it doesn't say when they stop making them, not that I can see. There's a full archive up though and I'll probably thumb through these while I post in here, they're oddly interesting.


    Well pretty much anything you wear will have display capability so you can change the pattern. The newest ones are autostereo so you can simulate a 3D texture like scales, bark, feathers, whatever. They can even animate obviously and if you want something that comes further off your body and looks more convincingly 3D you can get helio panels on like shoulder pads and such that will project wings or something but the unpowered ones only work when light is directly hitting them. There was this girl on Island 8 with a swimsuit that had a spot where the display material was transparent. The spot moved all around by itself, changing randomly in size and shape. I'll never forget that, or the bruise I got from Siane when she caught me looking.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:16:40 No.2668305

    At least the outsiders are good at crafts. Something about man-made furniture that just seems better than the corp stuff.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:18:21 No.2668306
    Your knowledge of science and engineering is a little suspect considering you are studying "writing." Or is education really that holistic in your time?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)02:20:09 No.2668320

    The comedians? Evidently both turned out to be high profile chridom targets during the war but both escaped before the shit hit the fan. I guess they could see it coming on account of being political commentators? John Stewarts Jewish too, so maybe he had some kind of oven-avoiding sixth sense (haha sorry if that's a bit crude, still testing the waters here)
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:21:01 No.2668328
    This is true, he's all I think about when I go to sleep.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:23:34 No.2668331
    Future guy....just this one favor. I know I asked already bit please tell me. How does Naruto end.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:25:09 No.2668341
    What is the huge downside to being an outsider? Would you still have power / communication / internet and such, or no? Is the freedom of being on your own worth it, or is it better to live in a hab?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:26:39 No.2668347
    Futureguy, what is the most trustworthy cold sleep company?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:27:41 No.2668354
    Future guy, I hope you're still around.

    What happenned to AIDS and Cancer in your time? Was a cure ever developed?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:27:55 No.2668356

    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)02:28:10 No.2668360

    It's one of the noble studies. They're pushed on you hard in formative ed on account of the acts passed by the secular progressive orgs after the war. We have a sort of tributary building called the golden hall, any accomplished scientist can posthumously be voted in for inclusion. They are kept in a cold sleep tube that's built into a sort of pedestal with a custom fabricated golden bust mounted atop it. One of my ancestors is in there (Charles Proteus Steinmetz) and I remember when my parents and I used to go leave flowers at his monument once a month.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:28:33 No.2668367
    So let me get this straight...

    The government is overpowered, the corporations take over, and we're all just supposed to LIVE like that? in little comunes that dictate our lives? You said they're monitoring you and talk about degenerate outsiders. It's like Orwell meets vonnigute meets 16 year old's sex fantasy.

    Sex robots, new races, and fun scifi aside, how much free thought, creative thinking, and personal voice are you allowed to have? The arts, how are they doing? Who do you remember as the great artistic masters of this era?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:28:37 No.2668368
    Hey, it's my birthday! I just turned 105.
    >> vasilyvodka !hhagbCqcDU 01/06/09(Tue)02:30:18 No.2668386
    humans would never modify themselves to such an extent, because there would be debates over the definition of "humanity", extreme racism etc

    also, i like how you show disdain for outsiders. very nice touch there
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:30:38 No.2668389

    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:33:39 No.2668398

    I'm not the helene guy, but I'm not mistaken, anti-reprogenetics were a big part of the CNPA's "campaign," from what I recall of past threads.

    And outsiders are a combination of rednecks and neo-nazis. I'd hate them if they were around now.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:34:00 No.2668406
    Future Guy, I must know what year do the 'super powered' people start becoming well known, and are they welcomed with joy or hostilities?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:34:53 No.2668416
    Can you pull up the wikinet and tell me if there's any news on the progress of the bands Vehement(Houston, TX) and Attack Attack!(Columbus, OH) prior to 2009...alot of people may say this is dumb but a lot of major questions have been answered and I find this an important matter.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:35:01 No.2668420
    im going to bed. nice meeting you futureguy! btw, can someone see this thread through to the end and keep screenshots of it or something? if so, you should email it to me - cmputernerd@yahoo.com
    >> Falling Up !!QN4LQ9wpw+H 01/06/09(Tue)02:35:11 No.2668424
    But what about weddings? D: or do they not have them anymore? How does dating work?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)02:35:17 No.2668426

    I've got the CNPA up on wikinet. Here are some organizations to look for:

    Christian Battlecry (headed by Ron Luce, supposedly he was involved in your government during the Bush era, his last name was a popular slur for years after the war.)

    The Family (involved in something called "annual prayer breakfasts"? Supplies a great deal of funding to and eventually merges with the CNPA)

    Focus on the Family

    The Christian Coalition of America

    Joels Army (along with the Battle Cry movement, forms the militant youth support for the CNPA party. Grandpa lost a few teeth in a fight outside his campus library with some redshirt invalids.)

    If you have any way of disabling or discrediting any of these organizations, please do so. The following schools also are implicated in putting future CNPA members into positions of power, even during the Obama administration:

    Patrick Henry University
    Regent University
    Oral Roberts University
    Liberty University
    Brigham Young University

    If by some chance you're a wealthy/powerful person of influence and you can shut any of these schools down, do it now. It won't change my future but it will definitely improve yours.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:35:17 No.2668427
    I would, so that makes you wrong.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:35:40 No.2668433

    prior to 2008*
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:36:28 No.2668446

    I fail again..after 2008.

    Fuck insomnia.
    >> LIQUID !x6d3PySEYM 01/06/09(Tue)02:36:28 No.2668447

    Come on, I want to know if I still have a chance...
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:37:42 No.2668457
    oh and I don't appreciate being ignored. If you're going to engage me in conversation one time I expect you to reply to me a second time. Obviously you didn't want to draw attention to my post and hoped that it would get lost in this very long thread which you've devoted hours of your time to for some reason. In any case this will be my last response as the year is 2009, it's 12:31 here in Arizona, and I'm going to bed soon. Enjoy your time and have a nice night.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:39:27 No.2668474

    Wow. That's pretty sad. Answer the question Futureguy.
    >> vasilyvodka !hhagbCqcDU 01/06/09(Tue)02:39:33 No.2668476
    Good lord, they sound like they have over 9000 poles up their asses

    Is the entire planet inhospitable? that would explain why outsiders are so insane, but there must be places in canada/siberia with comfortable living conditions
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:40:13 No.2668482
    Future guy, what can you tell me about what happened to Canada during the civil war? Did the effects of toxo ever go international? Also, I'm studying biochemistry. Can you tell me anything about toxo itself?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:40:39 No.2668487

    selfish finger pointing to my own question :(
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)02:41:16 No.2668490

    What? People still get married. If you're a fixture in your hab and you can swing it, you can get the hab administrator to officiate it. I've been to one where he showed up. Regular guy, he even drinks essence for some reason I can't understand, he can obviously afford better.


    As someone mentioned, anti-reprogenetics was one of the pillars of CNPA ideology. Lots of secular progressives opposed it before the war but afterwards you couldn't publically oppose repro or you'd be accused of CNPA sympathies.


    Our government is pretty anemic actually, it exists mainly to ensure citizen ownership of autolabor, stuff like that. And of course we can express ourselves, creative work is the only thing left since autolabor does everything else. Lots of people sell pottery, jewelry, paintings, sculptures, music, books, and so on. A few own restaurants although it's usually only a few per hab as private competition with hab-owned franchises makes the management nervous.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:42:22 No.2668499
    So this Chridom thing.. are the Jesuits / Vatican involved?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:42:43 No.2668503

    "Outsiders?" Explain!

    Also, since you've reached Mars, are there any inklings of branching out further into the solar system?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:42:45 No.2668504
    Literally begging you to answer this super trivial question. Please.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:43:26 No.2668507
    ATTENTION /R9K/!!!



    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:43:41 No.2668510
    Does Norton still suck and let viruses into computers?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:44:34 No.2668516
    What are computers like in the future? What OS's are popular, what features do they have, how powerful are the processors, what's the 'big thing' on the internet, and what kind of games to people play, etc?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:44:37 No.2668517
    AIDS and Naruto, please.
    >> LIQUID !x6d3PySEYM 01/06/09(Tue)02:45:08 No.2668523
    i'm guessing there is no cure for cancer then :(
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:46:06 No.2668537
    helene guy here, my session time's almost up, and I got sidetracked browsing some other sites.

    In case I don't post in this timeframe again, try to clean up that Youtube, it's a shithole from what I look at.

    Future, all the best!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:46:30 No.2668541

    So, as a free thinker and an artist who hates the christ fags and wants to do his part to make sure the world doesn't go to fuck, what can I do? Obviously the world is worth sticking around for, but how can I if I'm currently a broke college kid with no aspects and very little hope to begin with? I currently have 500 dollars to my name, and that's not even looking at my loans... I'm planning on slumming and partying in 2012 to pay off my dept, so when should I get serious and start blowing shit up or get the hell out?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)02:46:38 No.2668545

    Sure. Toxo is a genetically modified version of a parasite called Toxoplasma Gondii. It comes from cats according to the wikinet. It was chosen because it was already adapted to human neurochemistry and had a few mild neuroinfluential effects that were tweaked to provide the desired behaviors (anger, hunger, reduced inhibition, dulled pain reception and so on)


    Canada is temperate and beautiful from what I remember. I was pretty young last time I went, it was a class trip. Most of the forests up there are tundra for you I think but imagine it all as just acres and acres of warm, beautiful forests. And not the stinky hot swamped forests in the US, proper forests where you don't have to worry about fuckoff huge centipedes falling into the neck of your coldsuit or hydrogen sulfide getting into your breather. Vomiting into your breather is not an experience I'd recommend, having done it twice in my life.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:46:42 No.2668547

    the fox is released from within naruto who sacrifices himself to kill it.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:46:53 No.2668550

    Lance Lucross reporting for duty!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:47:35 No.2668555
    AIDS gets cured, but it takes years for it to be cheap enough to be distributed globally. It still exists, but it's a lot rarer. It won't be long after 2009 actually.
    Cancer never gets 'cured', cause it's not a disease, but reprogenetics make cell division a lot more foolproof, and new 'smart' drugs (basically virii themselves) are invented that target only cancer cells. This takes a bit longer.
    >> vasilyvodka !hhagbCqcDU 01/06/09(Tue)02:48:35 No.2668564
    This would be fun. obviously impossible, but a lot more entertaining than scientology.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:48:54 No.2668570
    ... you just fucked it up.

    seriously, you can't get a pic pushed to the past but you can watch youtube...
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:49:22 No.2668577
    Pot, booze, coccaine, meth, heroine, where are the drugs?

    Are you guys allowed to get high, or is the future kinda sterile and boring like that?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)02:49:33 No.2668581

    Get out. The secular progressive orgs never unify into a party the way that the chri doms did. It's always the invalids who manage to get their shit together and accomplish their goals, it seems. The SPs don't do much of anything except issue vague condemnations and lobby congress to do something about the CNPA, but then the 2016 election happens and it's too late for everyone.

    Just move north and buy land. You can move back in 2018, the cleanup is mostly done by that point.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:50:34 No.2668592
    This one future guy, I am curious of the results. I am sure many laughs will ensue.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:51:21 No.2668599
    attacking scientology was retarded to begin with

    they were just IRL trolls, scamming idiots

    christfags are actually retarded, and believe the diarrhea they vomit.
    I've heard that /r9k/ is old /b/. If that's true, then we can certainly fuck shit up.


    What were the contributing factors that led to the CNPA gaining power and influence? Specifically, what methods of communication did they use to organize themselves? These are probably the most vulnerable to an internet collective like you're posting to.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:52:44 No.2668610
    Hey, so, stock tips?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)02:52:48 No.2668611

    I'm dubious as well. I can view images but it takes 10 minutes to an hour to load one of decent resolution. I don't know how he's watching videos unless he's paying for ten streams worth of bandwidth or some shit which, let's be honest, is not financially possible for a helene.


    Like Hex? It's one of my favorite bevs. It's like carbonated wine but really sweet, apple is the best one. It has pot in it, just enough so you feel it.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:53:01 No.2668615

    Someone is a biofag.

    As a resident of 2009, even I know this shit minus the aids part at least.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:53:27 No.2668621

    I'm not futureguy or anything but I'd just like to say that the answer is most likely Sarah Palin. Take her out and were all safe!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:54:08 No.2668629
    There's not a lot of past-future censorship.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:54:23 No.2668632
    Have you ever experimented with time-travel?

    Suppose, you went back to 11:24, and posted the same thread, but with different wording?

    Or you simply posted it a minute or so afterwards?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:54:30 No.2668634
    Racist as hell are we?

    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:54:35 No.2668635

    Buy LAND?! How the fuck am I supposed to do that?

    Most of us are broke kids in their late teens early 20's. Very few of us have money, jobs or influence. None of us will have money for land by that time.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:55:06 No.2668640

    guy claims to have a good job, so he's probably got some kind of ultra-premium.

    But yeah, I'm as suspicious as any.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:55:13 No.2668642
    shit, man... how do you even know about youtube? keep focused, this is a lot of fun.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)02:55:21 No.2668645

    Battlecry is the big one I'd go after. The political support for the CNPA was largely comprised of youth movements. Joels Army is a close second although it gets absorbed by Battlecry after the leader dies. They also use the internet and social networking to great effect, and they stage youth rallies at strategic times, during events like evolution/abortion lawsuits and during elections.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:55:31 No.2668646
    How are the pancakes?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:55:48 No.2668652
    Futureguy, do you have an IP address?

    Or if I were to ask moot what your IP address is, what would he say?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:56:06 No.2668656

    Archives? Right?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:56:14 No.2668658
    Renting apartments isn't all that hard, with a minimum wage job, you're fine. You could do so under the pretense of going to a canadian university. I heard the university of victoria is really nice.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:56:32 No.2668659
    She wasn't the brains behind it really, just a well known politician they used for 'advertising'.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:56:56 No.2668662
    i have a good job, i might be able to afford some land in canada.

    wait, i'm lying, i'm broke and live with my parents.
    >> vasilyvodka !hhagbCqcDU 01/06/09(Tue)02:57:41 No.2668673
    is everyone racist, is it maintained by the establishment, or is it just you?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:57:50 No.2668676
         File :1231228670.jpg-(11 KB, 361x307, Phoenix.jpg)
    11 KB

    I'm on the case.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:58:03 No.2668680
    Add me on hotmail if you want all of the previous threadcaps.

    I'm not Futureguy, just so you know.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:58:21 No.2668686
    Assuming that we can't do anything to prevent what happens, what areas of North America were affected by biological attack? Which areas had armed fighting between the two groups?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:58:44 No.2668691
    Like futureguy said before, it's not really racist if it's true. In this period, we actually HAVE distinct races, with different physiology etc..
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)02:58:50 No.2668694

    I've tried to post to my own threads but I've never caught one. I don't know why. Probably some principle involved that I don't know about. My old posts should be there though since changes to the past take effect at the same rate time travels.

    I have however met two other ETP posters I'm 90% sure are legit, and that alone blows my mind.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:59:32 No.2668699

    if it makes you feel any better, he's dating and probably gonna marry a lunaran.

    Guy just hates helenes. Probably something to do with the whole "being engineered to be GOLDEN GODS AND GODDESSES" thing.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:59:52 No.2668703
    What else has been discovered about paranormal activity in your time? Have things like telekinesis and mind-reading been proved, or entirely discredited? What about ghosts and extraterrestrial life?

    Easter Island heads? Stonehenge? The Bermuda Triangle?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)02:59:56 No.2668704
    Wikinet for Naruto please.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:02:21 No.2668709
    They don't let our sessions overlap, even though they assure us nothing could happen if they did.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:02:26 No.2668712
    Are there banks in 2096? I'm thinking of leaving you some money...
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:02:45 No.2668717
    Is bigfoot another species of great ape?

    Also, all this naruto curiosity is amusing and slightly embarassing, why not appease them?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)03:06:27 No.2668732

    The big ones are Boston and Dallas. Do not be in Boston and Dallas between 2016 and 2017. Just don't be there if you can help it.


    Is that how I come across? Fuck. I didn't used to be. I blame Siane, I got it from her. She got it from her parents I guess. Then again every lunaran I've met an't stand helenes. It's not a prejudicial thing, I learned right away lunarans are anal about things like interruption, repetition, imitation and so on. I'm still learning all the little protocol bullshit from Siane, I guess she never told me before because she didn't expect to still be with me after the move.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:06:34 No.2668736

    Seriously, the naruto. I'm that guy who said he didn't watch it, and I don't--I just want to ruin it it for all the narutards at school.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:06:42 No.2668737
    Future guy, please search for Naruto.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:06:48 No.2668738

    Shit! They turn people into zombies? Why would I want to avoid that? It's my dream come true!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:08:31 No.2668755
    wait wait wait wait a second.

    You said that the very reason that any "changes" caused by your entanglement posting would not have an effect on your future.

    So how is it that you can post and constantly reach the same group of people in the past? Wouldn't you simply end up posting to an unaffected timeline?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:08:38 No.2668757
    PLEASE tell me this is just an amazing elaborate troll who's read too much scifi and has become delusional.

    Because I've read the thread, and a few other ones... and fuck, he's convincing.

    So dear god, lets have him be a hillarious troll.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:08:42 No.2668760

    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:09:59 No.2668766
    I'm from the year 3000. You guys in 2096 are fucked...
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:10:31 No.2668776
    did florida sink?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)03:10:33 No.2668777

    See, that's why I post to this period. You guys sincerely believe in those sorts of thing and it's quirky as hell, I love it.


    Hahah seriously? Bigfoot? Are you trolling me? Next you'll start preaching singularity doctrine at me.


    It'll never affect my future, but it'd be kind of neat knowing some alternate version of me will be rich and never know why (if it works that way. I dunno.)

    I guess telling you my last name can't hurt, but don't like go out and contact my grandpa or anything it would weird me out.

    Leave it to "Alex Beyman".
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:12:11 No.2668781

    It's simple, really. He looks up the archives, then returns and answers the posts.

    After each of his posts, there is a timeline created where doesn't post again at all. Ever.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:12:26 No.2668788
    Telekinesis and the like hasn't been proved or disproved. Same with ghosts. Most scientists agree it's bullshit, and most of the people who still believe in them are outsiders, and that says it all.
    Extraterrestrial life is a tricky one. We have picked up some signals, but they weren't clear enough to say for sure they came from an intelligent source. There's nothing in the system except us though.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:12:52 No.2668794
    How is that inconsistent? They don't let two ETP sessions from the same client overlap. You can try to get a session in the same time but you won't be able to contact yourself or anything.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:14:02 No.2668813
    ... did california sink?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:14:19 No.2668816
    Japan takes over the world around 2056
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)03:15:00 No.2668826

    Yup, faker. He was pretty good too, had me wondering.

    Pretty sure the Helene is on the level though. If he'd give me his name I could hop on solarnet and wiki for him. I know he lives in the Yum hab, I even used to live there.


    Picture someone painting a straight line in blue. Now imagine that is the timeline. They keep painting at a set speed for eternity or presumably until heat death. Now imagine I post to a certain point on the line. A brush starts painting over the line in red, moving at the same speed. So long as I keep up my supscription a keepalive connection is maintained so the "line" keeps getting painted, and when I resume it's the same past I left, which is why you guys remember me from before.

    Did that pop your dome or what?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:17:18 No.2668827

    Did all the druggies die?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:17:27 No.2668828
    Was life--or anything--ever found in the oceans of Europa?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:17:33 No.2668829
    Stop adding me please, here are the caps.

    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:17:35 No.2668830

    Are you the son of Maximilian Beyman?!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:17:53 No.2668835
    HOLY SHIT. There is this Freshman Beyman at my University. Also, Naruto. You seem to be avoiding that when it is only a few clicks away on wikinet.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:18:30 No.2668843
    Look up Naruto.. and One Piece too it's a way better manga.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)03:19:40 No.2668855

    Oh hey, hrm. That's not what I thought he meant but when you put it that way it makes sense. If he would post more and identify himself I could be a little more sure he's an ETP poster and not one of you guys shitting around. However stuff like this:


    Is pretty compelling. Assuming it's the same guy that wrote this: >>2668555 then there's a good chance he's real. Which would mean there's three now. I wonder if I'm attracting attention from other ETP posters somehow.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:20:17 No.2668865
    people want to know

    >N A R U T O
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:20:20 No.2668867
    Goddamnit, it comes to this:

    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:21:25 No.2668877
    Since future guy won't do it will another ETP poster spoil Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece for us.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:21:42 No.2668883
    That was me explaining myself by the way. It seems there are a lot more of us than we all thought.
    And yeah, it does attract attention, what did you think?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:22:30 No.2668890


    Should I fuck it all, get drunk and high, hold up in some hubb somewhere stoned and drunk, or should I sober up and fight the good fight?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:22:49 No.2668895
    Since there are a bunch of ETP posters does that mean there is no 4chan in the future?

    > Naruto
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:22:57 No.2668896
    Chronosurfing attention whores... good to know things are just the same.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:23:13 No.2668902
    Futureguy, what is your grandmother's name?
    Maybe I can be your granddaddy.
    >> THE TIME POLICE 01/06/09(Tue)03:23:30 No.2668906
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:24:14 No.2668911
    i fukken lol'd... really loud.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:24:27 No.2668914
    There are things like 4chan, but obviously it doesn't exist anymore itself. I'm just on here because history is very interesting to me, and this is like living it myself.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:25:25 No.2668925
    Difference between gods and people from the future.
    Gods visit high priests and heads of state. People from the future visit the lowest scum of the earth.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)03:25:51 No.2668932

    My grandpa's name is David Beyman, he was an engineer before the war. I gathered that from his stories anyway, he only talked when he felt like it. The war fucked him up pretty bad. He's sleeping now, pro scientia. I hope he's got some peace from the memories finally.

    My dad's name is Martin. He's had a lot of jobs, mainly in robotics and autolabor research. Did a wide variety of stuff when he was younger though, but then he lived in crazy times. Wouldn't matter, he wouldn't have been born in 2009, my parents had me when they were pretty young.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:26:24 No.2668940

    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:26:27 No.2668941
    What can you tell us about the years between 2020 and 2050, as it is where most of us will be spending our adult lives.

    From what you have gleaned, what is life like, essentially? What do older people from that time say about it? What about children, or teenagers and adolescents like us?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:26:54 No.2668945
    Damn, Naruto must be damn good in the future cause these people refuse to reveal it's secrets.

    Now I am interested in reading the manga again, it could actually get food.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:26:59 No.2668946
    OP, have you ever met a guy called John Titor?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:27:02 No.2668947

    actually, 4chan is the format for most social websites in the future, although with restriction.

    Basically, the future of the internet is *chans with mods.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:27:26 No.2668948
    4chan is perfect because of the crowd and the anonymity. Most people on here don't believe we're for real, and those that do can't really endanger anything. If we 'exposed' ourselves on more popular websites, shit could hit the fan. Like I said, there is not a LOT of censorship, but they're still a bit edgy about messing with timelines.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:27:46 No.2668951

    Since you won't answer me on the drugs...

    Why 4chan? it's not culturally significant. Hell, we'd probably be considered "outsiders" to you. We're geeks, socially awkward, and pretty low on the social ladder. Why chose us to change the world?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:27:48 No.2668954
    I still haven't heard about the outsiders and why you want them to die in a vacuum yet, Futureguy!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:27:56 No.2668956
    Would a mint 2008 Toyota Prius be worth anything in 2096? Just to know.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:28:26 No.2668962
    Avoiding subjects, are we?

    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:28:34 No.2668963
    So supposedly weed and acid are legal in the future. are there any drugs that have been discovered/created since then that make you trip your balls off without bad side effects like death or permanent psychosis?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:30:17 No.2668977
    We're not trying to change the world.
    They're basically the scum of the earth, the lowest classes. Only good for manual labour.
    Very superstitious. Your time should have people like this, it's pretty universal.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:30:27 No.2668982

    But the government is currently trying to do away with anonymous posting. There's bills in the works to do away with sites like this because of all the shit we've caused recently. The government is currently trying to censor the internet, and control the flow of files and information and communication.
    >> !3runaeMozs 01/06/09(Tue)03:31:02 No.2668987

    i wish -soma- was real.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:31:09 No.2668989
    I almost threw up laughing.

    also do not avoid the question. How does Naruto end?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:31:17 No.2668991

    Outsiders are insane Christian zealots that wish the Chridoms won the Civil War. They're, if anything, like people in the Deep South that still wish slavery were legal and that the Confederation won.

    most of 4chan would probably be invalids, since we don't really do that much or contribute in any way.

    And any changes we make would change our future, not his past or present.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:32:02 No.2668992
    Have you ever been to Mars? Is it really as red and awesome as in the movies?
    What year were you born in?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)03:32:35 No.2668999

    My mother's name was Cynthia Steinmetz before she married my dad. Grandma's last name was
    actually Hayden but her grandmother's family was taken in by a man named Charles Steinmetz who was one of the scientists eventually honored in the golden hall so she legally adopted his last name since he never had any biological children.

    I found this all out through mom. Grandpa would never tell me about it and dad says he doesn't know for the same reason but I suspect he does and he's just honoring grandpa's wishes.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:32:45 No.2669003
    See last row.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:33:02 No.2669008
    ITT: The most important thing about time travel: guarding the secrets of Naruto.

    Maybe he doesn't become hokage
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:33:08 No.2669010
    Are they? Hmm, sounds sortof like what they're trying to do now. All I can say is, apparently they didn't succeed? Anyway, my time is up for today, but I'll be sure to come back some other time.
    To my fellow ETP'ers (if you're legit), it has been fun.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:33:47 No.2669019
    Did video games ever reach a real-life level of detail? Like, realistic games, anyway?

    Also, if they have, did they make a Tetris with realistic blocks?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:33:55 No.2669023
    I'm interested in the Church of the Singularity. So did Ray Kurzweil become the head of it, or was this after his time? Did Marvin Minsky play a role?

    How long do people live, generally? Have we defeated death yet?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:34:07 No.2669027
    well.. this thread is quite convincing.
    i'll have awesome dreams tonight...
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:37:00 No.2669033
    Why do you hate those Golden People. All they did was look good, you could easily ignore it. Also, Naruto ending please?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:37:02 No.2669034
    You could prove yourself pretty easily, just post music, or poetry, or whatever that's off the chain amazing that's been made in the last ~90 years, that we wouldn't have heard/read yet. I know you're not going to, but if I was posting into the past on the internet (say, to 98) that's what I would do if I wanted to be taken seriously. It wouldn't necessarily prove beyond a reasonable doubt, but if you posted good enough stuff it would come close enough. Talent is like a sort of currency in this way, which would prove you're something more than just someone messing around... Anyways just an idea, I know you won't do it to any sufficient extent, but that's what I would do.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:38:03 No.2669047
         File :1231231083.jpg-(102 KB, 600x600, lunaran.jpg)
    102 KB
    Okay, I attempted drawing a Lunarian woman. The shiny white hair is a little hard to get across, sorry it came out so grey.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)03:38:08 No.2669048

    ...Wow. Maybe I'll email him and ask him if he knows a girl with the last name Steinmetz. If he turns out to be grandpa I would....I'd be off my shit for like a month. That'd make my subscription completely worth it anyway.


    I just saw it. It's not on turning up on lunar wikinet, I'm sorry. It's probably on the Earth habnet though and if I want to get on solarnet I have to get off ETP. Long story.


    I was born in 2071.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:38:43 No.2669056
    Oh yeah, just keep fucking with the ins, man. Nothing bad will ever come from that, oh no.

    Its not like ETP is keeping logs of this or anything.

    Guess I'll see you in my apps, redshirt.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:39:24 No.2669063
    So whaddoya think robots?

    elaborate troll rpfags or something more?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:39:25 No.2669064
    David M. Beyman Construction Engineer Phone: 602-285-6351 Voice Mail: 6351 Email: David.Beyman@az.usda.gov
    Construction Engineer at the Arizona Natural Resources Conservation Service State Office.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:40:33 No.2669070

    He's already made it clear that any posts he makes go through a censoring system and are immediately deleted if it is something the provider determines as "not to be entanglement posted"
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:40:50 No.2669073

    -15 POINTS
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)03:40:50 No.2669074

    Okay I'm started downloading the picture but it'll be at least ten minutes till I can see it.


    I could tell you a joke. I shared it in a past thread
    and it went over pretty well.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:40:56 No.2669077
    Ok if you ever do come back can you deliver the ending to Naruto please? PLEASE...wait. Can't you target like 2011 or 2012 and check wikipedia for the info and post back with us?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:43:33 No.2669100
    That's a very interesting idea... you're thinking with portals mate.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:43:43 No.2669103

    He's at best the real deal, and at worst a very VERY talented and convincing writer who should seek lucritive endeavors.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:43:56 No.2669104
    So those of us in Texas should be looking to getting out of here soon?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:44:02 No.2669105
    Goddamnit I cant believe I'm losing out on sleep just so I can read what future guy writes next. Even though I know he's just a faggot playing pretend.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:44:26 No.2669107
    woahh mindfuck!

    anything else on industry, companies, occupations or even technologies that we can get involved with in this time?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)03:44:26 No.2669108

    No, they are not. I wrote the sentence in a confusing way. Read this. >>2668088


    ....I'm thinking about it. What would I say to him? He saw stuff in the war that made him so quiet and distant, I never really knew him as a person, only the stories he told us. I like the idea of helping create a future in which some other version of me would really get to know my grandpa, a future where he's a normal, psychologically normative person. I can't even imagine that.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:44:33 No.2669110
    No no no.

    It was Lips COMMA inside of mouth, and all other usually red tissue is Grey
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:44:42 No.2669113

    Fuck. How about you do that with important shit. Like, are you actually causing any changes in the war and stuff?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:44:45 No.2669114
    It's cute, but I highly doubt it's anything other than an elaborate troll. If they were real, they'd mention something useful. Like, say, the beginnings of Obama's policy in the next few weeks.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:46:22 No.2669130

    Too bad this is merely a talented, clever , and patient troll.

    No Naruto on the moon? Also what say you other ETP posters, I know some of you are on Earth.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:48:15 No.2669146

    learn to fucking read. Anything he posts, if it does have an effect, will never reach him.

    Basically, as you are alive now, in 2009, there is a you in 2005, a you in 2000, a you in 1996, etc., and all of them run concurrently.

    Any changes you were to make to the past would never reach your own present.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:48:18 No.2669147

    602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351 602-285-6351

    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)03:48:25 No.2669150

    Sure I guess. If you happen to be a physicist in a position to work with the LHC you could wind up being integral to the development of solarnet and eventually entangelement posting, but that's far enough off that it's probably not worth the bother.

    Other posters told me in past threads that they've heard of early versions of some of the technologies I've mentioned though. If you can find anything about autostereo panels (also called 'panes') personal rapid transit, rotodynes, "military human hibernation" (the project that leads to commercial coldsleep) electrolasers (most legal sidearms are LIPC electrolasers now) or anything else I've talked about you should invest right now, probably make a bundle on it as the technologies mature.

    Also keep an eye out for any big malls with apartments opening up in them. Those will be some of the first cohabs.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:48:38 No.2669151

    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:48:39 No.2669152
    I say, very entertaining, and quite addictive as well. We all wish we knew how things are going to turn out, but truth is we don't. There are wars, there are many going on at this moment... but we don't care because they don't affect us. Naruto endings, cryo, different kinds of humans... they might become true, but we'll never know.

    Also, Maritans are Future-Niggers.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:50:22 No.2669161

    holy fuck, do you people even know what "troll" means? If Future were a troll, he'd be saying and doing shit specifically to piss everyone off.

    and RPing doesn't fit that bill.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:50:39 No.2669163
    Poor guy, he'll never know why he's getting more calls than Grand Central Station. At 2 in the fucking morning.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:50:42 No.2669164
    That would obviously be censored but we all assumed Naruto wouldn't. But it seems as though no one can deliver any Naruto, which leads me to believe that Naruto somehow inspires someone here on 4chan or someone who will get spoiled by someone else on 4chan, to do something great or not so good. Somehow the natural weekly release of Naruto without future spoilers is required for the timestream to go undisturbed. Or we just have a troll who is sweating bullets.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)03:51:06 No.2669172

    He's going to sack Mike Griffin and NASA is going to undergo a reform and 'borrow' a lot of the cost saving ideas from something called Direct, wikinet only says it was a private initiative so it could be related to Virgin-Bigelow or something.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:51:06 No.2669173
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:54:12 No.2669190
    really, having seen most of these threads, shit gets censored for, essentially, no reason whatsoever.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:54:16 No.2669196
    Virgin-Bigelow say what?

    Exaplain more. Now.

    Also, an email or something we can contact you at? Maybe set up a gmail in this time and try to converse with some of us?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)03:54:41 No.2669200
    Other than the Toxo thing, any new diseases that kill shitloads of people?
    Have you ever seen a black person?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)03:55:06 No.2669205

    Hey, you still here? I finally finished downloading your lunaran picture. It's really close except for a few things:

    #1. Most lunaran girls wear their hear really long.

    #2. Their faces have sort of childish proportions. Like high foreheads, fuller cheeks and a slightly rounder look. Think "cute" more than sexy. But you happened to get closer to Siane if that's worth anything, she has more of a pointed chin and a narrow face than most lunaran girls.

    #3. Their eyes are definitely that dark, but their lips aren't. A bit of a lighter grey. Plus you forgot the slightly darker skintone around the eye sockets and faint grey blotches on the cheeks and neck that Siane has because she's mixed.

    Other than that, wonderful.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:00:37 No.2669209
    Deliver the Naruto ending sometime else then.

    Log off after this session is done. Find it. Post it here. Whenever is fine.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:00:46 No.2669216

    Why the fuck would americans give two shits about NASA? We're worried about our jobs and economy and staying in school. Hell, most of us are having trouble paying for food and rent... Do we really need to worry about space travel?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:01:16 No.2669224
    OP, Thank you for a delightful night.

    I should enjoy five hours worth of sleep.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:01:21 No.2669225

    There's this company called Bigelow Aerospace that will be big news for you in a few years, they build all of the most well known orbital and lunar resorts, plus the lunar hab. If they exist as a startup or something in 2009, you should invest if possible. Virgin is the company that (I think?) mainly makes cell phones in that period, but eventually they become the biggest orbiter producer (single stage rocketplanes that carry passengers to the orbitals and resorts)

    The two will merge and if you've invested in time, you could be off your shit rich.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:01:22 No.2669226
    Hey future guy, I had set myself the goal of making billions and finding out the truth behind cryo-pres and maybe killing all the guys at Alcor if it was a hoax. How about you save me some time and explain why it doesn't work?
    >> Edward Cullen 01/06/09(Tue)04:04:07 No.2669229
    So we aren't going to be able to go outside without a 'breather?'

    How fun. Futureman, if you're still here how's life in these so called 'habs?'
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:04:36 No.2669238
    So, I'm a computer science major, so naturally I'm curious the biggest names in the software industry in about 15-20 years. Could you name some of them, OP?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:04:54 No.2669241

    and are you talking about virgin mobile? the shitty cellphone company?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:04:58 No.2669243
    I've had enough of your words. My wife is Helene. We are engineers on lunhab. She is intelligent, deep, and insightful. I will not stand for you to insult her kind anymore. They did not choose to be born the way they are.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:05:52 No.2669252
    Alright, I'll be on the lookout. If he doesn't, you're fucked. If he does, though...everyone knows Obama has it out for NASA.

    What is his inaugural address?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:09:02 No.2669258
    "Getting You Excited About Space"
    Email: contact_BA@bigelowaerospace.com Phone: 1-702-688-6600
    They're a decade old now, btw.

    "The Global Gateway to the Virgin Group"

    Virgin Galactic is the world's first spaceline. Giving you the groundbreaking opportunity to become one of the first ever non-professional astronauts.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:09:29 No.2669263
    inaugural address...you can at least tell us something about it...the bible passage, the theme, something
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:10:59 No.2669272

    I guess it could in principle but they never develop a way to revive the people they froze because cold sleep works reliably from the getgo. They should already be doing human trials by 2009, and they can already consistently revive test subjects with no ill effects according to wikinet. Do you know anything about it?

    Anyways Alcor goes bankrupt because nobody wants to pay for cryo when there's coldsleep available, not when there isn't a known method of reviving cryo sleepers and there *is* way of reviving coldsleepers. Cryo tanks big time and Alcor sells all its holdings and dumps the bodies to save on the cost of keeping the tanks thermally normative. They get caught and lose a huge lawsuit but manage to make a comeback as a coldsleep firm that does pretty poor business for awhile because nobody trusts them, but they run such a clean org that they eventually make it back to a point where they're one of the big players in the coldsleep industry. My grandpa is being stored by Alcor although the local Yum firm did his procedure.


    They're all oddly named studios owned by the companies that do the panel chipsets. That's why game ownership is subscription based. Pay monthly fee, you get full access to the store, with access to the legacy shop if you have premium. Download as much as you want while you're subscribed. The big panel corps are Apple, Nintendo and Microsoft, although Google does a line of thin film panels that is becoming increasingly popular. I got one for my hab back in California, but I didn't bring it with me since most lunarhab apartments come with a newish panel. Mine's Nintendo I think, haven't had time to play anything since I got here.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:14:33 No.2669288

    Those companies are still around in 100 years? Fuck. I mean, no one overthrows Gates and Jobs?

    What the hell? I smell a massive BS.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:15:01 No.2669291
    I'm calling bullshit on Nintendo's relevance in 2096.

    Fuck Nintendo.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:15:15 No.2669294
    2009 Euromillions lottery numbers

    Seeing as you can visit websites, you can visit theirs on the day they announce the numbers. Then report back here.

    Or can't you?
    >> Falling Up !!QN4LQ9wpw+H 01/06/09(Tue)04:15:26 No.2669296
    What does a hab look like? Is it similar to our homes now?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:15:46 No.2669299
    music and software piracy: does it still happen?
    I wanna hear all about the hackers of 2096 too.
    >> A Noun You'll Miss 01/06/09(Tue)04:16:21 No.2669303
    So it's the nearly the 22nd century and there is no signs of aliens, just offshoots of humans? If this is real, I'm quite saddened.

    Anyhow, what does happen on 2012? Or is it another y2k scare?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:17:01 No.2669307

    Who would have thought that thousands of pre-pubescent angry fanboys would be wrong about the competition dying out in 20 years.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:17:42 No.2669311
    2009 United States Mega Millions lottery numbers.

    I wouldn't mind sharing them with other 4channers.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:17:51 No.2669313

    Hah! No, much bigger. A ton of them are old habs, basically malls and airports and a few business towers converted into habs. Imagine a single building with places to live, places to work, to eat, and so on. Like the various zoned areas in a city but all in a single structure, hence the word "cohab". It means "Consolidated Habitat".

    There are at least three supposedly in the process of conversion from malls as early as 2005.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:19:52 No.2669320

    I'm stuck posting in realtime to a single period per pane per session. I have one pane open at the moment as I'm kinda low on money. My next stipend comes on the first of May, and I start work in about a week.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:20:10 No.2669322

    That means most of the biggest places to work and live aren't much bigger than stink hole apartments in these days. I'm never going to get my mansion by the ocean, am I?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:20:27 No.2669324
    If Nintendo is around in 2096, I see them being less video games, and more general family entertainment which any retard could do. Wonder what kind of bullshit gimmick they can come up with after the Wii grows stale.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:21:19 No.2669330
    So, then can you do it?

    Naruto and a few Mega Millions numbers.

    If you do I would appreciate it.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:21:19 No.2669331

    Nope. Habnet monitors are pretty good at what they do, besides which nobody steals when even the minimum stipend in the average hab on earth is more than enough to pay for stuff like music and apps on top of groceries and rent and whatnot.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:21:39 No.2669335
    Ok, so there's still a city outside though? Do the people outside get stipends? DO most people live in these habs or is it like <20% of the population? Do you earn more shares by being a productive member of society, or is this essentially a caste system now where you're either born with a shit-ton of shares or none?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:22:11 No.2669338
    That's a convenient excuse FOR A LIAR
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:22:31 No.2669343
    Come one man,
    Who have we enslaved to be able to live THAT prosperous?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:23:57 No.2669349

    I can post the Naruto thing next time, apparently it's pretty important. I'd have to log off ETP early because I can't be on ETP and Solarnet at the same time. I've tried to post the numbers a few times but it never shows up, it's either censored or the problem is with your site. Probably the former as I get a "mySQL error" sometimes and a "61/30: out of bounds" other times.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:24:02 No.2669350
    Just come back with Naruto, Lottery Numbers, and a discription of how they cured aids. When it's May in your time. I promise I will fund that and give anonymous donations to charity groups.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:24:05 No.2669351
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:24:10 No.2669352
    we start owning shares of robot labor. GEEZ PAY ATTENTION
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:24:43 No.2669355

    Stipends? Ha, says you. Not all of us are so lucky.
    >> A Noun You'll Miss 01/06/09(Tue)04:24:55 No.2669357
    Dammit, wtf happens in 2012?!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:25:07 No.2669362
    But given what you said, you could get your pay and come back to be here, couldn't you.

    >> Falling Up !!QN4LQ9wpw+H 01/06/09(Tue)04:26:01 No.2669369
    I've really been enjoying this thread. I hope you return soon, future guy :D
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:26:17 No.2669371
         File :1231233977.gif-(10 KB, 303x255, cool-story-bro.gif)
    10 KB
    I call bullshit on this whole thread.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:27:28 No.2669381

    Machines, I guess. I explained autolabor here >>2667261 if you're curious about it.


    The only outdoor cities are in the northern/southern reaches. Northern mainly. Canada has quite a few for instance. You need to be working a job where you earn proper dollars in order to afford to live there, though. Either that or if your family owns enough shares for compound share attribution your stipend will be big enough to cover the additional expenses and it's pretty much like living in a hab, financially speaking. (CSA is where a family has enough shares for several to be owned by each member. The more shares to your name, the more you receive per month in your stipend.)
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:28:33 No.2669383

    I'd just like to point out: most of you are correct. This guy is a massive troll. But not in the way that you think.

    Typical holier-than-thou bullshit from a typical ETP user. Either he has no idea, or he's never left his box.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:29:23 No.2669389


    He promised Naruto ending, I can't wait to troll all the fans. Though in the end I might be the ultimate sucker.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:29:26 No.2669391
    MySQL error is 4chan's issue, not yours.

    The other thing, I have no fucking clue.

    I do find it funny that Future is thwarted by MySQL, though.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:30:08 No.2669395

    So more or less it's a fucked up caste system where the people are borne into their social level and can't move up or down? Family money and liniage and all that bull still exists?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:30:18 No.2669396

    Nothing, it's more hysteria over nothing, geez. It's some Mayan thing right? People keep talking about it, evidently it's a big deal around the turn of the century and I had never heard about it before I started ETP posting. What is the whole 2012 craze about? What is wrong with you people? It seems like the most important thing to someone from 2009 is Naruto, the year 2012 and lottery games.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:32:02 No.2669407

    No no...well sort of. Anyone can buy more shares with proper dollars. It's just that the shares are around $240 proper dollars, or $96,000 stipend dollars. It's about a year's wages if you're making 8k in 'monopoly money' a month. (One of you called it that in an older thread and after looking it up I had a good laugh)
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:32:04 No.2669408
    nobody gives a shit about naruto. just one guy who wont shut the fuck up. and I seriously doubt people still use "geez" in 2096.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:32:32 No.2669412
    request archive.

    it's only been requested twice. we need evidence for when he returns.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:33:01 No.2669415
    What's Australias standing in the world?
    Are the moon, mars etc owned by nations on earth or do they run themselves like a country?
    What significant things happened in 2009?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:33:08 No.2669417

    It's in the slang list on the reference site I've been using. If that's not commonly used in 2009, let me know.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:33:18 No.2669420

    It's actually quite easy to move up (or, in theory, down) simply by getting a job.

    Naruto is just a shitty anime/manga that is enjoyed by people you would probably deem as invalids. They basically want you to spoil endings to series that, in your time, are already completed.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:33:37 No.2669423
    he has mentioned multiple times that he lurked a little bit to learn our lingo.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:33:41 No.2669425

    Please dear lord don't take 4chan as what most of 2009 is. 4chan is this time periods invalids. Mostly highschool and college slobs who are lazy fucks who are trolling you who are trolling them.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:34:13 No.2669430
    This wasn't the best gamble, Future guy. I mean, I know /r9k/ users aren't as smart as they let on, but did you think even they wouldn't be able to see through this? It's a nice attempt, and I do like the scenario you've come up with (Beneath a Steel Sky, anyone?) but the intentional vagueness and repetition of only the obvious future events is, well, tiring. Keep going, though. I like this.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:35:30 No.2669433

    lets get some new slang and words from your time, or words that we'll soon be hearing and using in the next decade or so.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:36:24 No.2669436
    Have you read any of his previous threads?
    >> A Noun You'll Miss 01/06/09(Tue)04:36:59 No.2669441
    Archive requests: 3. GET TO IT ANONS!!!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:38:05 No.2669446
    No, I'm just looking at his behavior overall. For example, if he was from the future, he'd have something tangible like (as has been said) Obama's inaugural address. Surely a speech by an important figure is widely available, right?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:38:05 No.2669447

    Australia actually becomes the central issue in a near-war between China and the United States. Early experiments in autolabor took off in Australia and while they were actually one of the last to fully transition to the stipend economy/autolabor combo even experimental implementation had a startling effect on the economies of other nations. Autolabor floods the global market with cheap, high quality goods of all types that cost next to nothing in the way of overhead. There's no competing with that. When even one country implements autolabor, it forces all other countries to transition to it as well or be crowded out of the global market and forced into economic ruin. The Chinese government goes invalid shit crazy over it and by the time the United States intervenes there are Chinese battleships on the Australian coast.

    It's finally resolved in the UN when the United States funds a program to build a few different types of autolabor compounds in China plus one cohab so they can study the technologies involved and work out how to implement it themselves, which they do, and one by one every other nation on earth follows suit.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:38:20 No.2669450

    it's going to become the new "like" as used by valley girls.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:38:49 No.2669451
    There's no real need to archive it, it's all going into a .rar file.

    http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?iwz5hzeyotz in case you missed it earlier on. I update it.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:39:13 No.2669455
    Beneath a Steel Sky is a British 1994 science fiction point and click adventure game in the cyberpunk genre. It featured comedy elements and was developed by Revolution Software and published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Part of the Virgin Group, explains OP's repetitive mentioning of Virgin_Bigelow). It was initially released for DOS and Amiga. Underworld was its working title.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:40:27 No.2669467
    Why are you still using JPG in 2096?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:40:37 No.2669468
    FUCK YOU TIMEFAG. I'm going to sleep now.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:40:46 No.2669469

    Basic, crisp, invalid, 'off my shit', and most adjectives that end in y (like "quickly) are simplified (to "quick") and the word "basic" gets stuck in every sentence the way "like" did in the 1990s. Anyone under 15 overuses it and it grates on the ear.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:41:18 No.2669471
    Wow, I guess I really did get something there, didn't I? Because in that game--it's one of my favorites--everyone lives in corporate-controlled cities and only a few crazies live on the outside.

    I wonder if they're related...
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:41:30 No.2669472
    Future Guy.

    I need to know, does the entertainment company Blizzard ever release a video game on PC called "Warcraft 4"? I need to know, I'm dying.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:42:21 No.2669476

    Well, I'm off future guy. I can only hope you're a fucking genious troll or I'm as good as dead once that war comes around. I'll be barely allowed to drink by then,.. Oh well, better start now I guess.

    night all!
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:42:56 No.2669481

    I'm not. I can't send images, but I can make use of images from the period I'm posting to. I can't see them unless I wait like 10 minutes for them to download so I usually do that once to make sure I know what they look like before I use em in a thread then I just identify them by their filenames.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:43:37 No.2669485
    I don't think I'd be able to enjoy this future until I fucked some delicious Appolo-esque sex god to pieces.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:43:58 No.2669488

    Serious? I could check the legacy shop to see if there's an updated remake or something. It sounds almost prophetic.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:44:00 No.2669490
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:44:35 No.2669497

    the CNPA tampered with a FUCKTON of historical files during the civil war.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:45:03 No.2669500
    This never gets easier, I ache. You do realize that when the Quonar Empire reaches us (in your future, my past), you, Future !GUYX/6jp3w, will be in one of the most harshly punished groups? All who have directly or indirectly interacted with the past will have their limbs mutilated. You will probably lose your hands. Many others who actually manipulated the past will lose their arms, and have what's remaining damaged to be beyond prosthesis, as well as being barred from transplantation into an artificial body.

    I am here to help. Start writing your apology novel today, I implore you. There have been people who managed to only lose a finger as penance! Just outline what you did, why what you did was wrong, and exactly how sorry you are in several thousand chapters or more, and I am sure that the gracious Quonar Inter-Dominance Committee will be understanding.

    If you agree to repent, I get 5 years removed from my community service, so please be considerate of those of us who must live under the heel of our glorious Quonar liberators. Life could not be tougher, but it is through perseverance that we may attain the promised golden age! Do your part, even in the past!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:45:13 No.2669503
    Please, Future Guy. Is Warcraft 4 ever released, and can you supply a release date?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:45:37 No.2669505
    Man, this is absolutely adorable ;~;

    But seriously, Obama's inaugural address.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:46:09 No.2669507
    Session 2 is up in like 10 minutes, so if I vanish then don't think I just left for no reason. I'll be on again when I get my first paycheck. Or stipend, which probably comes first. I can post to whenever you want though so it could be tomorrow for you if you like or a week from tomorrow or whatever. Your choice.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:46:16 No.2669508

    I want to know if you are even reading anything I am writing to you, or if you are just ignoring them because it does not fit in with your oh-so-perfect, habgrabber life. All of this garbage you have been writing about, as if all of the people live the same nowadays. Its so good being so benign, isn't it?

    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:47:02 No.2669512
    im with all the other warcraft fags, is warcraft 4 ever released? and when?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:47:54 No.2669517

    I tried, I think I already explained that it was censored both times I attempted to answer. Let me try this: "It contains excerpts from The Audacity of Hope and he mentions Scooter Libby". Hopefully that's vaguely enough to get through, I guess I'll find out in a second.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:48:00 No.2669518
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:48:35 No.2669521
    what about an hour from whenever you sign off.

    in b4 some bullshit you made up explaining why you are unable to do that.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:49:07 No.2669525
    Don't ignore me dude, is Warcraft 4 released and when if so?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:49:26 No.2669527

    What are you getting at? If by "everyone lives the same and everyone is benign" you mean "backwards primitives try to sneak into the habs with improvised explosives on a literally weekly basis" then yeah sure.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:50:13 No.2669530
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:51:00 No.2669536
    yeah, hurry up and answer this warcraft fag. I want to know as well.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:51:40 No.2669543

    The wikinet site just links me to the studio, which has an illustrated history. There's a year graphic on every screenshot and the one next to the Warcraft 4 logo says 2013. There are plenty more in the series if it makes you happy to know that.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:52:47 No.2669553
    This is insane, granted, I did read through the entire thread, but this is still probably some bored art-major's attempt to project what is his and allegedly 4chan's collective vision of a future where conservatives, Christians and everything that is just LOLXDSORANDUMB and fashionable to hate is evil. His concepts might be from the future, but his ideologies are most definitely not.

    None of you are even aware of what the left, what your beloved "secular progressives" are actually trying to bring about. Not just in America, but in the entire world.


    New World Order bitches, fuck year.

    Also, OP, if you're telling the truth, what happens to the military-industrial complex? How screwed would the average Soldier of our day be?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:52:53 No.2669554
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:53:29 No.2669563

    HA! Primitives! You are so lost in the lies.

    Look around you. What do you see? Life? Happiness? There is nothing around you. Steel and dead dreams, steel and dead dreams.

    If the bombs have to keep coming, then they will. They will.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:54:34 No.2669570

    I guess the biggest change off the top of my head is the Carebear doctrine. I explained it in this thread, right here >>2666846
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:56:40 No.2669588
    Less than 5 minutes left. I had a really good time everyone and if it's not too much to ask could anyone with artistic skills illustrate some of the stuff I talked about? One guy drew a Lunaran girl and it was a little off but I really liked it and I'm gonna show Siane tomorrow. Stuff like habs, prt, ferries, shuttles, resorts and whatnot.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:58:10 No.2669600
    Shit shit shit I got a session end warning, less than 2 minutes left.

    If you do a drawing hold onto it and then show me when I make my next thread! Probably tomorrow for you, at say 8 or 9pm? I would really love it!
    >> A Noun You'll Miss 01/06/09(Tue)04:58:56 No.2669610
    So um...who first came up with the 'autolabors' aka mechas?

    Also, how's the state of religion? Surely with the advances in technology and science that concepts like religion are a thing of the past.

    I tell you anons, this is better than that John Titor one. That one is just depressing.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:59:24 No.2669615
    This is it. See you guys next time!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)04:59:28 No.2669616
    I did read that, can you elaborate a bit more about the Powered Armor? When did that really begin to come into play? What's it capable of? The Army already has a hardon for that sort of tech, Starship Troopers is on the reading list.

    Do books, as in physical hardcopies made of paper still exist?

    Also, what about the New World Order? What about the environmentalists and their plans to destroy the world economy? Can you elaborate on the environmental collapse?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:59:56 No.2669622

    That's all explained earlier in the thread! I have less than a minute left sorry I can't explain it again!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)05:00:54 No.2669630
    Such an interesting thread.

    >Congrats, your request has just triggered the archival process for thread 2666197

    Hope this doesn't get you banned, Future.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)05:01:15 No.2669633
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)05:02:53 No.2669648
    For those of you wondering/too lazy to read through this thread there is this:
    Contains all but the last two threads by Futureguy.
    For the last two (Including this one) Add me on hotmail.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)05:06:41 No.2669669
    What a shame that he chose to ignore me. His punishment will be twice as harsh, regardless of the acceptance of an apology novel.

    We humans have to look out for one another, for until our ascension, there is no greater calling.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)05:06:43 No.2669671
    He isnot telling the whole truth. Some of it is true but most of it is not.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)05:14:30 No.2669721

    Autolaboring exists in your time in a different form. I have no way to check what you call it but habgrabbers have a part of the company that then pays them back.

    Religion still exists but people like Future !GUYX/6jp3w have had it pushed so far into the outside that noone can really say that they believe any. That is why some attack the habs. They have lost their souls and their beauty.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)05:19:29 No.2669749
    then in the name of my late night entertainment, tell us, time traveler, of YOUR future.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)05:22:08 No.2669764

    Lol butthurt religionfag doesn't like the shape of things to come.

    I'm gonna join the national guard so I can have a shot at you during the civil war. :D
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)05:27:43 No.2669795
    I must beg my lea55ve. The clock is getting rather high around now. I'll see if I can find Future !GUYX/6jp3w's writings tomorrow. I do not think that it is fair that he is allowed to write that one sided.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)05:33:06 No.2669827

    It is 25 September 2096. We have just started co opting techniques like the solarnet that Future !GUYX/6jp3w is so mad about. More I really do not have time for it really is late now unless you have a specific question. This is so slow. How Future !GUYX/6jp3w puts up with this
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)05:38:29 No.2669870
    Fuck, I missed a Futureguy thread?
    Damn. I was hoping to wish him luck grabbing the lift just after Siane's left.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)10:14:30 No.2671411
    Bump, because I had a lot of fun last night, and can't belive this is still up.

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