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    19 KB Sup pastbros. Three back to back sessions today, since I can afford it. Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:21:14 No.2675079  
    I've got great news. As of about three weeks ago I've become the head columnist for the lunarhab event relation dept.

    I'm not oblivious; I don't qualify for this job and there's only one reason I might've been placed here. It's Siane's dad. Who yenno, I was sure hated my ugly pink guts. I suppose he wants grandkids badly enough...

    Anyway I'm going to share the journal entry from when I followed Siane here last month since the last time I posted it (in /v/) it was deleted. I decided not to edit out the embarrassing bits. If you guys like it I can also post the journal one of you asked me to keep of my Island 8 vacation which is where I met Siane in the first place.

    btw. I can afford to consistently eat proper food. Nothing out of the vendor, for the first time in months. I feel crisper than shit. And yes I know you can afford eat meat every day if you want to, don't ruin my buzz.
    >> Responding seriously in a RP thread Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)17:22:26 No.2675097
    What NFL teams are doing good in your time?
    >> April 4th, 2096 Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:22:29 No.2675098
    11:21 am:

    I had dad up on the panel earlier today. I made the case for why he should spot me the money for a lift ticket and a ferry ticket. He wasn't having it, yelled at me about how I need to start planning for a family, saving for shares so I can give them some grandkids before they go under. I sort of broke down and told him the truth, that I needed the tickets so I could chase after Siane and his whole mood changed. He went off to think about it for about an hour and when he came back he told me the money was already in my account, but that he was paying for an express orbiter ticket to make sure I got there at the same time. I may have cried a little. I love my dad so much sometimes. I guess it makes sense in retrospect, he met mom in a similar fashion. He was such a hardass growing up I guess it's easy to forget that he has a romantic streak too. Anyway it's a good thing he came around because the ferry schedule changed on the site and if I had relied on the original plan of taking the lift right after Sianes I would have just barely missed her ferry departure. Everything came together perfectly thanks to dad, although the voice of reason in the back of my head keeps shouting that this is a retarded plan. Even so, you guys (you know who you are) told me to grow a pair and go for it. Ancient wisdom 'for the win' (they'll know what this means). The last time I took a risk this huge, I met Siane, so there's something to be said for reckless abandon after all. I've ordered a gift I'm going to give to her in case she's mad that I followed her too, I'm having part of it hand-made by an outsider (sent by mail so I don't have to touch his hands when he gives it to me or anything) and then the rest done by a helio jeweler in my hab. I can't be sure how she'll react but I put a lot of thought into this and it's pretty special. Well, back to packing my bags, orbiter leaves the day after tomorrow. The gift better be ready on time.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:24:25 No.2675134

    I think the bolters, I'm not big into that sort of thing. Btw the game isn't physically played, it's an app dealie. You can create your own teams and then they compete in preliminaries. The ones that get the farthest wind up in the matches that get shown over panel to anyone who chooses to watch. I'm not one of those people, Eric is. I could understand the appeal if it were real people I guess.
    >> April 5th, 2096 Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:24:41 No.2675138

    I had a new message on my panel this morning, took me a few tries to read it because I'd just woken up. The craftsman from the outsider village dropped off the gift I ordered and my autopayment had cleared, the message was from the helio jeweler letting me know he was working on it and would have it to me by tomorrow morning. That's cutting it pretty close, my launch boards at 2:45pm and the prt trip will take at least three hours. If I didn't live so close to the port I'd be going by roto and none of this would work. If I were superstitious, I'd probably chalk this up to fate.
    >> April 6th, 2096 Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:24:58 No.2675143

    JUST got it, it's exactly what I wanted, and I have basically NO TIME. I forgot to pack some shit but I need to be at the prt terminal basically *right now*, I'll write more when I'm on my way.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:26:06 No.2675162

    Welp, I made it, and I'm on time for my flight despite the mad dash to pack the last of my crap before I left. If I fuck this up I won't need any of this since I'll be coming right back down but I'd prefer not to think that way just yet. If this works out, I'll actually be pretty unprepared since this'll have to last me my first few months in lunarhab. I took care of everything with hab management months ago and I'm gonna miss my coworkers but right now I'm more worried about what I'm gonna do for work on lunarhab. Minimum stipend won't cover basic living expenses up there, just like on marshab, I guess it's to keep out invalids but at any rate I still haven't gotten a message from lunarhab HR about placement. My dad put in enough that I'll be able to pay for the additional expenses for about two months but beyond that I'm gonna need work if I expect to stay in the long term. Fuck, I really should have planned this better, it's not like I didn't have the time to. South american couple sitting across from me, staring because I'm poking at my forearm putting all of this in. I could use the subvoc to type but I don't really know how yet. I should be arriving at a little after 2, baggage check and shit shouldn't take longer than ten minutes, and my ID implant is up to date so security will be maybe thirty seconds while they do confirmation. God, I'm overthinking this. Even if I fuck up there's usually a delay though, so I'll definitely make it. If I don't, this'll be a pretty short journal.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:26:30 No.2675166

    They were already boarding when I showed up at the gate, and I panicked until I realized that it was selection 1 and I was in selection 2. Just catching my breath for a bit while sec. 1 finishes boarding. I'm hungry as hell but there wasn't any time to grab something from the port restaurants obviously so I guess I'm gonna go hungry until we get to the orbital.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:26:55 No.2675172

    Boarding's done and they're charging the secondary EESU according to the captain. They always have some excuse like that for delays but I appreciate the chance to catch my breath. This is actually my first time on an orbiter and I thought it would be a little roomier, nicer than a lift cabin. I feel like I'm in a straight jacket, the restraints are like a full body harness that squeezes you right into your seat, I can barely move my head but they say that the cushioned braces swing back once we're in orbit. I hope so, I have this nagging suspicion I left the present for Siane in my luggage instead of my vest and if they put it on the wrong flight or something...Oh if it isn't obvious I'm using subvoc now. I had to delete this entry four times while I learned how to get it to recognize words correctly. I think I'm doing the throat vibration thing too loudly though because although I can't turn and look at him the guy next to me coughs lightly whenever I am putting in text, I think he's trying to tell me to stop making noise. Oh btw I was wrong, there's a meal on this flight. The panel shows something that looks like a pouch of gummies. It's playing the introductory video about what to do if the orbiter catches on fire or whatever. "Shit your pants and cry" is mysteriously absent. Oh hey we're moving away from the gate! This is it, I'll do the next entry when we're in orbit.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:27:13 No.2675176

    That was a pleasant surprise. It only took a few minutes to get up. I don't know what I was expecting, but last time I went up it was by lift and it took about a week so I wasn't expecting much. On the downside I keep getting little bits of crap on my cheek/in my eye and I realized right away it's crumbs from what the guy next to me is eating. I didn't know we were allowed to have that kind of food on flights, I asked him about it and he said there's an additional fee and he apologized for the mess. I brushed it off and most of it got sucked up by the filter overhead but I think some of it's in my hair and I feel like I need a shower already. Last time I was weightless was the Island 8 trip and they didn't allow any food on the shuttle except the provided snacks, but I remember people wearing tight hoods to keep their hair from floating around and I wish I'd thought of that earlier. Who knows what's floating around in the air right now, ugh.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:27:35 No.2675178

    It'll be another hour or two before we dock at the orbital. Gummies were great, but then anything tastes awesome when you're starving. They actually turned out to be a bev, there was apple flavored hex in the center, that's how they serve you drinks that you can't spill I guess. They were like little chewy membranes and the bev inside them was cold and went down smooth, I'd probably buy these for my vendor if they sold them in my hab, good stuff. There's a smaller selection of apps than they had on the list and the net is slower since the lift had a hard link to the ground and we're getting it via sattelite I guess? I didn't opt for it though since there was a fee, and they had the new season of The Underside in their library anyways, which is enough to keep me distracted until we arrive. In retrospect it was nice to be able to get up and move around in the lift cabin, but that was still a long, boring week. I'll take a four hour orbiter flight over that any day.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:27:55 No.2675186

    Welp, supposedly we're docked. I felt it anyway, and the lights are on, we're just waiting for them to release the harnesses. My throat is sore and although the gummies helped, I can't wait to go back to manual typing. I'm in a window seat and if I look from an angle I can just barely see the rim of the orbital station. Last time I was here they were repairing the observatory. Siane left a day before I started keeping this journal so unless something went wrong I should have about a day before her lift arrives. I'm gonna take some pics of the lift cable from the observatory so I'll have something to show dad if things don't go well with Siane. Small consolation, right? I've had this mild feeling of dread ever since we took off, like this isn't going to work and I'm going to look like a total invalid and I'll have wasted money that isn't even mine. I've already committed though. Breathe, stop thinking for a moment and calm down. Oh, the gift had better be in my baggage also because it isn't in any of my pockets...
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:28:19 No.2675189

    They already had my bags stowed for loading onto the ferry but I explained my situation to the staffer and after he scanned my IF he let me dig through the bags until I found mine. Thank fuck, it was in there. The little black case was dinged a bit but a little spit polishing with my shirt fixed most of it. I'm in my waiting room at the moment, the amenities are a bit lacking but nobody's expected to stay here for more than 24 hours so it makes sense. I'll live anyway, since they have nice fast net and there's a vendor stocked with better shit than I have at home (I actually didn't regret eating it!) as well as ice cold hex (flavorgasm!) and essence (barf). I feel a lot better. I've had a shower (or what passes for one up here) and I'm full after like a whole day of eating nothing but those gummies. If they had it set up so I could shave, I'd be pretty much content. Oh and I finished up Underside and now I'm playing some...uh...Greenwood. I know, shut up. But it's the only one they offer on freeplay and I'm basically cleaned out right now, living on the complimentary stuff that came with the tickets. But hey, I'm here. Can't fucking believe that I'm here, it's surreal. I actually went through with this shit on a whim, and here I am. I guess I'll know by tomorrow night whether this was all a waste or not.
    >> April 7th, 2096 Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:28:45 No.2675203

    I'm fucking shaking. Literally, like, I've doing this by subvoc because my hands won't stop shaking and I feel nauseous. I'm such an IDIOT for doing this. Life is not a romance app, but like an idiot I went ahead with it. Siane is still sitting in the observatory at a window table and I can't even look at her. We just had a huge shouting match and I feel like killing myself, there's no reason to even go back to Earth now. She told me she's moving to lunarhab to marry her ex. Clavian, which Eric was joking about, I called him a cynical invalid but fuck me if it wasn't true. That's his actual name, he's a SHITHOLE INVALID and her parents want her to marry him because his family owns enough shares that they could start a family with compound share attribution so the extra costs of lunar living wouldn't apply. IT'S FINANCIAL. It's about money, in twenty fucking ninety six, money is still ruining peoples lives and I told her it was wrong and she cried and told me she didn't ask me to come up, that I was making it really hard for her and that she was going to tell me when she got to lunarhab. I left the gift on the table and told her to open it. Nothing matters now. I'm going to go back to my room and pack my shit. I feel like I need to throw up.
    >> April 8th, 2096 Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:29:08 No.2675209

    I don't know where to start. I guess after yersterdays entry I feel a little ridiculous. The good news is Siane and I are definitely still together. I still don't know exactly how it happened but my life just went from basically ruined to....I feel perfect right now. I can't tell you how amazing. She's in her room right now (we're on the ferry, I'll tell you about it later) and I'm trying to figure out how to explain what happened. After our fight in the observatory, I left that little black case on the table with her. I couldn't just leave, I wanted to see her open it, just so the trip wasn't a waste. She had her head down most of the time, her back was shaking, I know I made her cry and I was on the edge of tears myself but then she reached over slowly and opened the case. Inside, a tiny silver pendant shaped like a Mayan lunar glyph sat on a black silk cushion which was studded with tiny glass beads meant to look like stars. There was a small heliodisplay embedded in the pendant which activated when light struck it. An image faded in a few inches above the pendant of a scene, viewed from the Moon, of the Earth eclipsing the sun. The resulting rim of light formed the outline of a heart, and a short poem I had thought of appeared in the dark center:

    "When man first gazed into the sky
    As moonbeams played upon his eye
    Did distant dreams occur to him
    of truest love in store therein?"
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)17:29:11 No.2675210
    Hey futurebro, did you ever look up the ending to Naruto?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)17:29:36 No.2675218
    Let me get this straight. Your future is different from ours because every time you send information to the past, it changes the timeline.

    So things would happen differently in our timeline than they did in yours, which means all of these predictions wouldn't happen.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:31:25 No.2675224

    Well no unless every time I posted it completely changed every single aspect of the future drastically. Most of my history will still happen for you I assume, but minor things will probably be different.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)17:31:35 No.2675225
    This is like Densha Otoko on acid and I love it.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)17:33:14 No.2675254
    If the reason you're able to communicate with us is because you learned our slang, could you write a couple sentences using contemporary vocabulary?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:34:27 No.2675272

    Yeah I did. The page just had general info and links to the defunct pages of the corp that owns the copyright but I found the full archive of episodes on habnet. I didn't understand what was going on except the pink girl dies and the kid in the orange coldsuit cries like a bitch. Some fox ghost comes out of his body, some kind of mystical fighting occurs and he becomes a hokahgeh which I guess is king of the ninjas or some shit.

    What the fuck is wrong with you people and your cartoons.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:34:52 No.2675277
    Siane didn't do anything for a minute or two. The image wavered in the air as 'pale world sonata' played softly from a chip built into the case. She looked over at me, her eyes puffy and grey, tears streaming down her face. She started up and ran towards me, knocking her chair over. I sort of froze, not knowing how to interpret any of it until she threw her arms around me, blubbering "I love you, I love you, I love you, god I'm sorry I love you so much I'm sorry". Other than her the room was deathly silent, everyone was staring at us. I remember an old couple, both lunarans, holding each other and smiling knowingly. My knees gave out and I fell backwards onto the bench I'd been waiting at, and she sort of crawled into my lap. I was still stunned, and couldn't say anything or move really so we just sat there for about twenty minutes, her arms around my neck and her head buried in my shoulder as she cried.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:35:37 No.2675287
    I still don't know how I pulled this one out of the fire. I was so ready to just give up and I honestly thought, you know, "my life is over". Maybe I'd just leave the hab and wander into the forest or something. It seems overly dramatic now but I wasn't thinking straight, I thought I had lost Siane forever and I guess I almost did. If I had stayed home, I would have. I'd hear from her four days later when she got to lunarhab, telling me that because she owed it to her parents, she was leaving me for Clavian. I still don't know how she's doing to break this to her parents. Clavian is probably still planning a wedding. Maybe his family already paid for it, I don't know, Siane is probably in some pretty deep shit. It would have been easier for her if I had just let her go so she could do what her family expected of her. I said some of this to her, not in so many words but earlier in bed. She told me that it took all of her willpower to not tell me, that she knew that she had to just leave and cut things off or she'd break down and tell me and she knew I wouldn't let her go. "Thank god you stopped me", she said, although I detected a worried tone in her voice. She knows as well as I do how this is going to devastate her parents. They're a fixture in lunarhab and Clavians' family is in upper management so needless to say they're rich and well connected, and I fully expect them to make my life miserable so that I'll leave. I'm ready, though. I came this far, I'm committed to forcing this to work. If Siane can deal with her parents, I can deal with Clavian.

    Yesterday took so much out of me, I'm still exhausted. I wish I could tell you more but everything kind of happened all at once, by itself, and I'm still recovering. Siane wants to talk about how to break this to her folks and where I'm gonna live on lunarhab, etc. so we're going to 'dinner', then probably a movie and then bed, so I won't be able to write anything until tomorrow.
    >> April 9th, 2096 Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:36:25 No.2675304

    The last two days I didn't really have a chance to write about the ferry, which I meant to because some of my ETP friends wanted to know about it. My mind was kind of on other things obviously, they'll understand. Anyways I remember after Siane and I worked shit out we didn't have a lot of time before boarding so I told her we'd talk about it on the ferry and I went back to my room to get my stuff. The ferry doesn't spin like the obersvatory rim on the orbital so the rooms are basically sideways, the with floors pointing towards the engine and the cielings towards the cockpit. The ferry accelerates slightly during most of the trip so there's a bit of gravity, like when you're in a fast elevator. The crew lives in the only part of the ship that rotates, the crew capsules just behind the cockpit, so unlike us human cargo they have gravity basically all the time. Some of them don't have families and are career pilots, they basically live in their cabin and spend their free time while docked poking around in the orbitals. Anyways this was my first time riding a ferry and I was still pretty out of it from the Siane situation so I somehow managed to get in the wrong room, and I was just getting comfortable when the family actually assigned to that room showed up. Awkward...I'm in my proper room now and it's pretty similar to a lift bunk except that there's a small room next to your bunk alcove that's closed off so you have enough privacy to change clothes, to stretch, whatever. I hit my head on the fucking grip bars like ten times, they're everywhere so we can get around while the ship orbits the moon, since there won't be any gravity then. The info pamphlet says they swing the whole ship around as they approach the lagrange point so that we have gravity during the deceleration process too, but in orbit we'll have to use the grips again. It's like living inside a "jungle gym" (thanks wikinet, lol)
    >> supershinylovesock !WnYP1KgZFU 01/06/09(Tue)17:36:59 No.2675314
    I doubt it. I see time as linear. You contacting us is bound to happen, and any changes that occur because of you have already happened anyway.

    Regardless, glad to see ya'.
    >> April 10th, 2096 Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:37:10 No.2675317

    They rotated the ship while I was asleep. I didn't even notice it, what woke me up were the acceleration pulses. It's a little disconcerting to know that there are actual fucking nuclear bombs blowing up behind us, but most of the other passengers look like upper management so they probably take ferries all the time and have gotten used to the idea. We'll be in lunar orbit sometime tomorrow. In the meantime I've been comforting Siane mostly. She seemed really resolute at first but she keeps coming to my room and just asking me to hold her. She acts like she's terrified of her parents. I've only ever talked to them over panel so I don't know what the deal is, it could be some lunaran thing but she's never given me any indication of that. I don't want to piss her off my pretending I understand what her situation is so I'm not, I mainly just hold her and stroke her hair until she finishes crying. I don't know what she's so afraid of, but I guess I'll find out soon enough.
    >> April 11th, 2096 Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:37:58 No.2675328

    We're docked at the lunar orbital. They drop cargo in slow descent landers which I never really knew, I mean obviously they don't have a lift like on Earth since the gravity and all but I figured it was more like orbiters or something. But no atmosphere, so rocket powered planes wouldn't really make a lot of sense. The landers look like boxes with chopped off corners which come to think of it I've seen before, probably on wikinet or a docu, I remember someone explaining to me about them. There's a metal framework under them with fuel tanks and landing struts and shit, and the cargo ones look identical to the ones that carry passengers which isn't terribly comforting. The restaurants are better than on the Earth orbital and they have full blown apartment style rooms, which was a relief. I haven't slept in a proper bed for ages. There's only two orbservatories (most of the rotating rim is guest accomodations, so there's gravity) but we made good use of 'em. Siane and I had a few shameful public displays of affection, looking down on the moon as she fiddled with her pendant. She keeps telling me how much she loves it, how wonderful and sweet and romantic I am and so on. I had no idea it would blow her away like this but considering it was kind of an afterthought, I...well I guess it wasn't. I thought of it during the last few days before I left but I really did think carefully about what I wanted to get across to her, and I guess if it hadn't been for that, I'd be back on Earth right now, walking into the woods without a coldsuit or a breather. I feel a lot more regular now that I know it's going to work out but I was fucked up for a little while there and I had some thoughts that I'm ashamed of now. I'm definitely not letting Siane read this.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:38:29 No.2675335

    Okay, we're on the lander. There are about 32 people in here, stacked together in reclining bunks like from the lift, but with harnesses like on the orbiter. There are two to a row and Siane's next to me, I talked the old lady who was assigned to her bunk into trading so we could make the trip down together. I'm subvocing this because Siane is gripping my hand so I can't type. Seriously she's crushing my goddamn hand bones and I know she can't be afraid of the drop because she's a lunaran, so why is she acting like she's looking down the barrel of a gun? Unless it's her parents or something. It's starting to rub off on me; seeing her this off her shit about introducing me to her parents and totally ruining their future plans, I can understand why she'd be nervous about that but her reaction is making me nervous too. What's he going to do, shoot me? Blow me out an airlock? Clavians family doesn't have the authority to expel me. I haven't asked what she's so scared of partially because I don't want to somehow mess things up at this stage in the game and also because I kind of don't wanna know. Anyway they're done with the instructional app and I can hear the clamps coming off, I'll write more when we've landed.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:39:00 No.2675345

    We're here! I got checked in an they regged my ID about twenty minutes ago. They stuck me in a guest room while I wait for the HR guys to prep an apartment for me. Siane wanted to approach her parents alone but I told her that I wasn't afraid and that we were both in deep shit and I wanted to be with her since this was gonna be about both of us. She's taking a shower right now and I'm taking a break from unpacking. The descent took most of two hours, then they had to seal a walkway from the port to the hatch, it was like crawling inside of a quilted balloon kind of. Siane was crawling in front of me so at least it was pleasant in that sense. My bags are coming down on a cargo lander so I can't change my clothes or anything yet but I've eaten and there were free bottles of Vinal on the prt. That part was disappointing by the way, I expected some kind of scenic trip from the port to the lunarhab but the track is in an underground tunnel so I got about 40 minutes of staring at grey walls going by while Siane tried to sleep. She's in rough shape and I don't know how to help or even if I'm supposed to. I have this powerful sense that I'm just not supposed to be here, like the hab itself hates me, like every lunaran I've passed somehow knows that I'm here to steal a lunaran girl away from Clavian. I know I'm just being paranoid though. Her parents are expecting her to get on the panel and call them, let them know she arrived safely but they messaged once and she just ignored it, she says she wants to just skip it and talk to them in person. She seemed brave saying it too, seemes like she's recovered a bit, but now I'm the one feeling off my shit. I don't handle confrontation well and I want her parents to like me but there's about zero chance of that happening now.
    >> supershinylovesock !WnYP1KgZFU 01/06/09(Tue)17:39:11 No.2675349
    That's not us. That's the japanese. They're the weird ones.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:39:21 No.2675352

    Whew, where to begin. It's over with, but I still don't really know how they took it. There was no yelling, he didn't shoot me, they didn't disown her, but it was so tense and I could tell there was a lot going unsaid simply because they didn't want to say it in front of me. We showed up for dinner at her place around 6. Her dad was relaxing in the livingroom when we entered and he looked at me like I was a burglar or something, like I had broken into his home and was about to call habsec. I was about to introduct myself but Siane gripped my hand and I got the message right away. She spoke first and I stood there silently because she obviously knew what she was doing and I didn't want to get in the way. She told them that she loved both of them more than anything and that she hadn't changed on Earth, but that she had brought part of it back with her. She said to them that she still wanted to give them grandkids but that she hadn't chosen Clavian, they had, and it wasn't their choice to make.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:39:42 No.2675361
    They sort of stood there grim and quiet. She was shaking like a leaf, I could feel it through my hand. She ended with "I was born here and I owe everything to you, I want to honor you and raise a family on the moon because I know that's what you want, but I will only do that with Alex and if you send him back to Earth, then I'm going back with him". I glanced over and there were the beginnings of tears in her eyes. Her mothers face visibly softened and she put a hand on her husbands chest. He remained grim as ever as Sianes words sunk in. Suddenly he spoke, very calmly and in a very precise manner. "Siane, this is a great deal to spring on us when you've only just gotten here. Apparently we have plenty to discuss, but your mother has prepared dinner and since we apparently have a guest, she'll be setting another place." With that Sianes mother hurried off to the diningroom, and her father continued. "When we last spoke I was under the impression that nothing had changed. Evidently something has, in the course of the past week, and you and I can sit down and discuss it after dinner when your friend has gone back to his room." I could feel Siane's grip suddenly weaken, as if she'd been bolted in the heart.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:40:12 No.2675368
    Dinner was slow and awkward. I did my best not to look at her father but I could feel his eyes boring a hole in my skull. Sianes mother warmed up immediately when I mentioned that I was an aspiring writer (never mind my day job). Apparently she was an enthusiastic author herself and most of the supplementary income that covered their over-stipend expenses came from sales of new installations in her "Cavers of Celes" series. I had actually read a few Eric lent me a long time ago although not in order so I told her I hadn't really gotten a sense for character development. She laughed. "What character development? They're written for young adults, and each one is intended to stand on its own in case you've not read the others". She cast me an incredulous look. "You're what, twenty five? Twenty six? You're a bit out of the demographic for-" I cut in, "Oh no, it was during cumulative studies, I was 17 or 18 at the time". Siane jabbed me with her elbow, her mother briefly stunned. Interruption was apparently not taken well, or at least that was my immediate impression and Siane confirmed it later. As I was to find out there were all sorts of little idiosyncratic interpersonal rules I'd need to pick up on the go if I didn't want to come off as a complete ass, "But don't worry" Siane teased, "I'll civilize you if it kills me. And it might".

    Dinner ended and although I could practically feel his blood pressure rise from across the room Siane pulled me in and kissed me goodnight before I left. I messaged her a while ago asking if things were okay. I don't really know how her talk with her father went, I couldn't read him *at all*, but she said simply "We've reached a point of understanding". I guess I'll find out what that means tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)17:40:13 No.2675369
    Save your attention whoring for myspace, tripfag.
    >> April 12th, 2096 Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:40:43 No.2675378

    I met Siane for breakfast early this morning because after what happened last night I was climbing up the walls trying to figure out how her father was going to handle shit. I didn't even unpack fully because I partly expected him to accuse me of stealing or something and have habsec send me back home on the first fueled up lander. I had visions of six spindly lunaran guards hauling me off as I did my best to pretend that I couldn't just fling them in all directions if I wanted to. It never came to that thankfully, after about an hour of frustrated efforts to talk her out of staying with me she blew up at her dad, at least that's how she tells it, and told him how we met, everything I did for her, and finally she showed him the pendant. Apparently he came around and he plans to tolerate me "until she comes to her senses". I guess that's the most I can ask for out of him. She had to leave right after breakfast since we both had appointments with HR for placement.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:41:10 No.2675387
    There was an open position in hab management for "event relator", a fancy name for propaganda columnist, lol. What I'll be doing to earn my air is writing up news articles framing current events on the moon and Earth in a manner that reflects well on Virgin Bigelow, which runs lunarhab. It's actually a step up for me since I love to write anyway and there was no garauntee that they'd have anything open I was suited for in the first place. I might've wound up in habsec, or as a dishwasher, or with no work at all in which case I'd be back on a ferry to Earth at the end of two months. But of all the shit that could have gone wrong, so much went completely right that I have nothing to complain about. My whole life has changed in a weeks time. Everyone I know, all of my friends, are back in the Google hab. I couldn't even afford to ship all of my stuff up either, so my parents are going to clean out my apartment and put whatever's worth keeping into storage for me. I've given everything up to make this work; I'm a stranger in a strange land, with nothing to my name except for a bare apartment, a new job, and the most beautiful girl in the universe. All things considered, I think I came out ahead.

    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:42:09 No.2675400

    I'm really sorry if I'm upsetting you. I don't mean to. One of you asked me to keep a journal again like I did the last time so I did.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)17:46:04 No.2675452

    I repeat my question.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:47:05 No.2675465

    Sure. I can do 1980, 2000, 2040 and onward from there to 2096 (My dad was born in the 40s and he never really caught up, linguistically. I was born in the 70s so I can work with what I recall hearing while growing up.)

    Which period do you want?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)17:47:19 No.2675469
    give him time dood. he'll answer
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)17:48:31 No.2675486


    I don't want to live in a future were Naruto still exists. *an heros*
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)17:50:55 No.2675522
    It doesn't exist, it dies. Dumbass gon' kill himself for nothing.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)17:51:05 No.2675523
    Kee-rist that is a lot of writing. I'm impressed, m'boy.

    You should, you know, publish this or something like you already intend to.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:51:41 No.2675527
    By the by I'm paying for six simultaneous ETP streams so I can finally load your pictures in less than 10 minutes, probably less than 1. So if you've done any drawings of the stuff/people I've been talking about I'd love to see them.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)17:54:08 No.2675555

    I know the only context anyone's going to tolerate me in is the "guy from 2009 faking being a future spaceman" one but assume for a moment it really is my journal. I'm sharing it with you guys because I have a weird affinity from people from the turn of the century, and besides it'll never affect my present so nobody I know will find out.

    I wouldn't want to share any of this with anyone on lunarhab. Or even Siane. She snuck a peek at the first journal I kept, of my trip to Island 8 when I met her and it was mortifying.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)17:56:26 No.2675580
    Dear OP: What place does religion have in the future?

    Has it been disproven/proven?

    Is there more evidence for/against it in the future?

    Im interested.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:00:10 No.2675628

    I've mentioned this before, it's a fashion statement sort of thing. I've been a bunch of different religions growing up depending on what was popular over the years. Nobody really believes in the supernatural stuff if that's what you mean, except the outsiders obviously.

    Oh, and I don't know what you are looking for in the way of disproof but the next big controversy with lawsuits and whatnot is over cognitive neuroscience, as the various orgs that become the CNPA accuse it of being a religion that denies the existence of the soul or something, so that it can't be taught in school. They lose the suit, file more, lose those and depending who you believe that was one of the reasons for the war, on top of Maynard's 2016 victory.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:01:50 No.2675649
    Well if you did what I asked and posted something that would prove your existence it would be nice. The NASA thing was decent but I dunno. Think harder.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:04:03 No.2675668
         File :1231283043.jpg-(36 KB, 295x340, branson.jpg)
    36 KB
    Haha holy shit, this is so liberating. I have like 5 windows open at normal speed or I can use all 6 streams in parallel. The bandwidth is fantastic I can browse for images and it's not as fast as habnet or even solarnet but it's fast enough that I can actually tolerate checking pictures and finding exactly the ones I want. I can attach a few if you want.

    Here's a test pic, tell me if it shows up.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:04:21 No.2675672
    Wul sorry, ive just never read any of your threads before is all.

    Nothing major happens with religion? No new developments on the "HURRDURR I KILL 4 GAWD"-front?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:04:37 No.2675675

    There was the Obama thing too, were you there for that?

    Also did the pic show up? It still gives me the placeholder graphic
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:05:28 No.2675684
    Yes. You never posted his inauguration speech or even a snippet of it, though.

    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:07:10 No.2675706

    Well nobody who lives in a hab seriously believes in supernatural stuff. That's pretty different right? You're supposed to be sincerely superstitious in 2009 unless that's propaganda or something.

    The ten month civil war was fought between a Christian Nationalist movement that we now call the chridoms (Christian Dominionists, after the name of their theology) and what's left of them refused to live in the habs because they see them as dens of sin. A few have caved and moved in over the past few decades and they're always shocked to find out that we're not baby raping monsters like their tribe believed.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:08:51 No.2675731

    I tried. I kept getting 61/30s. I know the MySQL thing is a problem on your end but the 61/30 'Out of Bounds' means I said something that got censored by the stream monitors.

    I know you'll throw a fit over this and say it's a cop out, but remember that I never asked you to believe me. I just wanna talk to you people and unwind, okay?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:11:26 No.2675766
    Well shit, that's no fun. Try harder!

    Also, I wish I could meet whoever is doing this.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:14:26 No.2675798

    If you are serious, then save your pennies. Invest in Alcor, but don't sign on for their cryopreservation service, cryo is a dead end. Wait until 2037 when other smaller cold sleep firms pop up and run Alcor nearly out of business. Ignore the scandal where Alcor is caught dumping corpsicles because trust me they become the most reliable cold sleep firm in the industry shortly thereafter. It should be the mid forties by the time their doors reopen and that's when you can hop in a tube if you're so inclined and have the $100,000 (more or less, as measured in 2009 dollars) to spare.
    >> Dome Guy 01/06/09(Tue)18:15:02 No.2675804
    Hey Futurebud.
    I'm glad the "romantic stupid" suggestions actually worked in your favor.

    Also, here's a post I saved from your last thread - you managed to get this much through about Obama.

    Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)04:47:54 No.2669517


    I tried, I think I already explained that it was censored both times I attempted to answer. Let me try this: "It contains excerpts from The Audacity of Hope and he mentions Scooter Libby". Hopefully that's vaguely enough to get through, I guess I'll find out in a second.

    Here's hoping you don't get too much shit from the rest of the Lunarans. You shouldn't, I suppose, if Siane's dad approves of you enough to pull strings for you.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:15:12 No.2675806
    It shows up future brotigone

    Hey do the philosophers of antiquity fade into obscurity or do people still study Socrates, Plato, and the like

    and might as well toss in Jean Paul Sartre
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:15:21 No.2675807
    PEACE,PEACE,PEACE Jun 24 2007 4:19PM EST jobs during battle, you can tell which job they are by what
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:17:20 No.2675832

    Personally I'm pretty interested in philosophy but it's sort of a touchy subject to put forth in casual conversation because it's so close to religion. There's been sort of a big push for science education and appreciation since the war, which I assume is why the golden hall was built and paper money from prior to 2019 doesn't have 'Pro Scientia' on it in place of the trusting in god slogan.
    >> Dome Guy 01/06/09(Tue)18:17:36 No.2675835
    Oh yes, and I've been meaning to ask...
    How exactly is Siane's name pronounced?

    Is it "see-ann", "sai-ann", "see-ann-ee", "sai-ann-ee", or something completely different?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:18:32 No.2675846
    So do even the Unitarian Universalists disappear? that is kinda sad :(
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:18:57 No.2675854
         File :1231283937.jpg-(14 KB, 289x289, octagonalpyramid.jpg)
    14 KB
    Okay, trying another picture.

    This is exactly the shape that my cohab in California was. The one in Nevada where I lived before that was a converted skyscraper, and the lunarhab is more of a pill shape.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:19:32 No.2675859
    Cute. I still fail to see how there's no way you can actually prove your existence beyond maybes, though. Regardless of who you are, you're pretty clever.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:20:23 No.2675865

    The first one. It's a trendy misspelling of "Cyan". One of the first things I said when we met is that names like that are trendy horseshit. I thought I was being funny but in retrospect I'm surprised she didn't think I was an invalid. I sure do know how to charm em, huh.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:22:34 No.2675883
    Future !GUYX/6jp3w.

    Why do you not believe in something more?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:23:12 No.2675889
    Damn, that's the first Google Images result for "octagonal pyramid". -15 points, futureboy.

    Also, that pyramid has seven faces.
    >> Dome Guy 01/06/09(Tue)18:24:17 No.2675901
    You may have had rough patches, but at least things are going smoothly now.

    Just, ah, do try to be careful with your spending. Don't want a repeat of what almost happened with the ticket, right?
    If you can really get in the habit of setting aside even a small amount each time you get paid, it would do wonders for emergency situations.

    I know you don't need me to tell you to do it, but reminders can't hurt, can they?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:24:22 No.2675905

    Well, I have an idea. Look up some of the technologies I've been talking about. In past threads a few of you told me that there's already something similar to many of the things I've discussed although it's usually called something different. Panels use something called autostereo display technology. Rotos used to be called rotodynes. I am 90% sure you already have electric cars so PRT should be wherever you can find electric car info, it was called personal rapid transit and it was invented in the 70s.

    You should also be able to find general stuff about laser and cmb (coherent microwave beam) weapons. I don't know if you can just freely look up shit about the neutron spotlight or if it's being developed in 2009 but it's not a red flag you want popping up next to your habnet account in 2096 for reasons someone else would be happy to explain.

    Oh and cold sleep is a military thing at first so look under "Military Human Hibernation" or MHH, the logo looks like a human fetus in a chicken egg.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:24:46 No.2675909
    we'll survive breda
    >> A Noun You'll Miss 01/06/09(Tue)18:25:58 No.2675921
    Lol, this is back.

    Any Aliens? Any First Contact-ish events in the future?

    Also, food. Is it still prepared or is it like pill form like some lulzy depictions of the future (I'm looking at you, Garfield)
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:26:05 No.2675922
    Hey space man, do we ever legalize cannabis? If so, when?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:26:10 No.2675926

    No, I kinda do need people telling me that. I realized right when you said that....

    Well, I got paid the other day and the first thing I did was buy a nice meal and a triple session of ETP with six parallel streams. I have a bad habit of using whatever amount of money I have recklessly.

    I could have my parents handle it for me I guess but that'd be more than a little bit embarrassing.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:27:22 No.2675944

    I know, I got it off of Google Image Search. I've explained this. I can't send images as the upload is pitiful on ETP and the download even with 6 streams takes about a minute to grab a decent sized picture. What I can do is preview images from the period I'm posting to and attach them to my posts.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:28:38 No.2675954
    Future !GUYX/6jp3w.

    How can you not see the lies around you??
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:29:16 No.2675961

    Sure, lots of bevs have some pot in them. Hex is my vice at the moment, like fizzy apple wine (comes in 16 flavors) with a bit of pot in there, just enough so you feel it. LSD and shrooms are the only other ones legalized as bev ingredients though, the rest are sold in engineered versions that don't have destructive side effects the way they probably do for you.
    >> Dome Guy 01/06/09(Tue)18:30:29 No.2675974
    You got a personal safe of some sort installed in your living area/apartment/whatever?

    You wouldn't need to have your parents hold your savings, just shove it in the safe. 'Course, it's also a test of willpower - since you always know it's there, and you know the combination to open it.

    Perhaps you could enlist Siane's help in the matter?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:30:40 No.2675976

    So what year is it legalized? Tell me Obama is our white knight.... please!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:32:00 No.2675991
    Ughhhh this is so perfect it hurts. There isn't even an as-yet-unknown household name that you can throw out there? I'm dying here.
    >> Dome Guy 01/06/09(Tue)18:34:20 No.2676022
    Oh, and the obvious (for our time) alternative to the safe would be sticking it in a bank so it could increase in value (however slightly) over time.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:35:36 No.2676039
         File :1231284936.jpg-(43 KB, 480x440, prettyclose.jpg)
    43 KB
    Okay this is the closest thing I can find to what ferries look like except the pod things coming off of it should be cylindrical and there's between 3 and 6 depending on which ferry, and they spin around the central axis. There's also a cockpit that resembles that of the space shuttle or buran orbiter rather than a huge round bulbous one, and the entire body is longer and thinner and there's a big round plate at the rear that absorbs the shockwaves from the nuke pellets so the ship can ride on it. That's about all I can think of, the basic design is surprisingly close.

    I'll post more when I think of something, I have another window open to Google Image Search and it takes like 20 minutes to load every image on a page though so be patient with me, I will do requests.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:37:56 No.2676067

    Well most of them are mergers like Virgin-Bigelow but there's Istica, they make Hex which anyone with taste prefers over Essence which used to just be a Google hab house brand but it's spreading because invalids don't know food animal urine when they taste it.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:38:39 No.2676077

    Please Future !GUYX/6jp3w.

    I really want you to answer me.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:40:12 No.2676092
    Alright, fine. When would Virgin and Bigelow possibly merge, though? Dates, not ranges.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:40:15 No.2676094
    I'd like this answered because UUs rule :(
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:40:26 No.2676096

    What would I actually put in a safe? It's not like pieces of paper it's all in the hab system. When you move they just transfer the balance.

    My account might have some kind of expenditure regulator feature I dunno I've never really explored the features, I only use it to check my balance to see if my stipend has come in or to make sure my autopayments clear okay.
    >> Dome Guy 01/06/09(Tue)18:43:10 No.2676120
    Ah, so no physical monopoly money, then.
    Well then, I guess you just try to explore the features of your account and see if there's anything helpful?

    I'd definitely still suggest you get Siane to help, though.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:43:46 No.2676129

    The page says 2048 so it's postwar by quite a bit, it's when Bigelow starts to pull in real money from their orbital resorts. I guess the government was taking interest or something so Virgin swooped in first? It says NASA bid for a partnership before the Virgin merger was finalized.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:45:54 No.2676165

    Future !GUYX/6jp3w perhaps you can make an email address so we may communicate better.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:47:37 No.2676188
         File :1231285657.jpg-(117 KB, 479x445, carpods.jpg)
    117 KB
    Okay I looked up "Car pods" which is what most people call prts and this is the closest thing I found. Actually wait fuck I just realized I could just search for PRT. Welp, now to wait a few minutes while it figures out I wanna stop loading this page and do a new search.

    Btw that's Star Wars on the bottom, I lold.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:49:43 No.2676215

    The only way that would work is if I kept paying for a keepalive stream, I explained that last time. The moment they break the connection then it's not the same "me" or "you" if that makes sense. I could make an email but there's no garauntee I'd ever get any messages from you or that the guy responding to you would remember you or even have made these threads.

    It could probably be done if I wanted to plan the logistics of it but I'm getting a headache just talking about it
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:49:49 No.2676217
    That's so far away though. The present, man! What happens now!

    Yer breakin' my heart :(
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:55:07 No.2676275
    Futureguy, to be honest, I don't want you messing with my timeline. Ever heard of the butterfly effect?

    Goddamn I want all the things you have, and you're jeopardizing it.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:55:13 No.2676277
    You believe intelligent extrasolar life exists, right?
    Tell me humanity isn't so selfish that it believes it to be the only intelligent lifeform in the whole of the universe even in 2096.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:55:26 No.2676279
         File :1231286126.jpg-(15 KB, 350x298, bestmatch.jpg)
    15 KB
    Well fuck my shit I found it ( all I had to do was actually search for prt instead of carpod) this is almost exactly what it looks like but the intrahab ones are really small and open sided with flat front and back facing screens so they fit in the lifts that carry them between floors.

    The ones that take you outside, between habs, look very very close to this but with a sort of clunky rear end part that holds the motor and EESU/fuel cell if it's a long distance dealie.

    Still though this looks really familiar, consider my dome popped.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:57:02 No.2676301
    Eh, it depends. The majority is still deeply religious, but you'll find a lot of atheists here. Personally, I'm neutral with a leaning towards Taoism.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:57:21 No.2676304

    Changes made to the timeline take effect at the speed at which time normally passes as measured by entropic decay, so none of the changes I make will ever catch up to my present. I keep finding out most of the big stuff is already being worked on in 2009 or even before you guys were born though so chances are even if your future is different from mine it won't be by much.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)18:58:52 No.2676320
    Yes yes, I know all that. But goddamn, you're still putting it in jeopardy. I love you and all, but damn.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)18:59:26 No.2676328

    See and that's weird, you say atheists and I think of people in period clothing protesting outside of CNPA compounds and shit. It has more of a historical political activism connotation now since I guess technically everyone in the habs is an atheist.

    It would be like if I called you an abolitionist. Technically you are, right? But so is everyone in your time. Everyone who isn't CNPA recruitment material anyway.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)19:00:55 No.2676349
    dude talked about a civil war in america in which millions die

    I think jeopardizing genocide is acceptable
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)19:01:41 No.2676357
    >The moment they break the connection then it's not the same "me" or "you" if that makes sense.
    If that were true, how could the threads you make consistently be contacting the same us?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)19:01:50 No.2676361
    Hey Futureguy, reply to this message within one second. If you're able to.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)19:01:56 No.2676363

    Then answer me this: why do you rot in an oasis? While we struggle on the outside and really live?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)19:02:08 No.2676369
    Oh! Clothes!

    How are clothes different in 2096? I mean, a t-shirt and boot-cut jeans are still good after 40 years.

    What do you wear inside the habs!
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)19:02:17 No.2676373

    2.1 million not including military casualties according to wikinet. It doesn't say if it's including chridom casualties though or if these are just civilians.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)19:02:32 No.2676377
    Whelp, you failed.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)19:03:24 No.2676387
    Tell me this, Futureguy:
    I believe the universe was created by a higher power, an intelligent being with abilities unimaginable to us.
    Yet, hab life sounds like some hot shit, to me.

    Would I be looked down on as some outsider reject or would I be accepted in a hab?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/06/09(Tue)19:03:33 No.2676390

    I live in lunarhab. If you're living 'outside', then I've greatly underestimated the hardiness of outsiders. (lol)
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)21:22:29 No.2676403
    So Futureguy, be sure you tell us whenever you have a confrontation with Clavian.
    I want to see if you snap his arm, or he tries to jump you with a bunch of his Lunaran buddies, or he is perfectly pleasant and shakes your hand while plotting to frame you for a crime or something.

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