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    File :1231542850.jpg-(24 KB, 276x374, scale.jpg)
    Coming to you straight from a bleak shithole called tranquillitatis Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)18:14:10 No.2710193  
    Me again! Last time I got into a bit of a heated discussion with a few of you over the stipend economy and autolabor. The weird thing is I was hearing a few completely different objections; some accused me of living under facism just because of the stream/habnet monitors. Some claimed it's communism because of the collective ownership of autolabor and the stipend rationing system. Some claimed it's objectivism because creative endeavors are the only forms of labor left to human beings, and those who produce are held in high esteem while those who don't are denigrated (which in the barest sense is pretty true although you're not garaunteed fame and wealth just because you shat out a decent book, most authors make next to nothing.)

    The impression I get is that people read into it whatever is relevant to their views. It's not so alien that you can't understand it, the system it was based on has been running experimentally in Alaska since most of you were born, and at least two of the companies involved in autolabor exist for you albeit as startups.

    So do some research and come to an informed conclusion; what do you think of the pre-autolabor stipend economy? What do you think of the integration of autolabor? Does that fundamentally change the character of the stipend economy in your eyes? Was it a better system before or after?

    I may or may not be trying to get you guys to write material for my econ paper....
    >> Shitting Dicknipples !Uc1cU7uWe2 01/09/09(Fri)18:17:49 No.2710234
    Stipend economy is as close to communism as it gets.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)18:18:07 No.2710239
    I know it gets reposted like ten times a thread but I'm new to futureman's threads and I missed the rapidshit.

    So if anyone has that it would be cool
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)18:20:08 No.2710256
    I'm torn between looking forward to autolabor and wanting things to stay as they are.

    On one hand, it's nice to be guaranteed a minimum cost-of-living stipend for a hab; on the other, there's always got to be something said for doing an honest day's work.
    On the other other hand, I wonder if the introduction of the autolabor systems would actually let me get a job I can honestly love instead of a job I hate.

    In essence, I am on the line and can't make up my mind.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)18:25:54 No.2710326
    Alex, you were sort of asking about LIPC weaponry last time you made a thread; wanting to know if we had anything yet.

    Quick wikipedia search turns up this:
    "An electrolaser is a type of electroshock weapon which is also a directed-energy weapon. It uses lasers to form an electrically conductive Laser-Induced Plasma Channel (LIPC). A fraction of a second later, a powerful electric current is sent down this plasma channel and delivered to the target, thus functioning overall as a large-scale, high energy, long-distance version of the Taser electroshock gun."

    There's only three listed examples - Ionatron, Phoenix, and HSV Technologies; with Phoenix being largely rumor-based that the US Navy tried making something like it in 1985. Ionatron is supposedly being tested right now, and the HSV technologies one is only designed (but it is designed to be non-lethal, so there's that.)

    It also says that they might be used to better and more safely study lightning.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)18:27:09 No.2710340

    What I always say to this is that it's hardly a worker's paradise when noone has to work.

    "From each according to his ability to each according to his need" does not apply to a system built on the backs of machines rather than people. The way I learned it informative was with three diagrams where circles represented people; the capitalist system had a few at the top in businesses with arrows pointing to them from all of the circles below, representing the flow of value (in this case currency). The flow then passed down through several layers of management and then to the employees, which of course are the consumers.

    Communism looked like a jumbled mess and you had to hide some of the layers of the image before the illustration made any sense; every circle had an arrow extending to every other circle. The stipend economy graphic had icons representing habs and autolabor compounds with arrows passing from the compound through the thin box representing state enforcement of share based ownership, then into the habs. Simple, clean, easy to understand and without the shortcomings of the other two systems. But then I suppose I'd feel differently if I had been raised under some other model.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)18:27:57 No.2710343

    "Safely study lightning" my ass, they're used to bolt outsiders that get too close to the habs.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)18:31:33 No.2710377
    We don't have outsiders yet, and obviously the main applications for it are weaponry; but given what we currently understand about lightning, it's a projected possible use.

    Here's what they have under uses:

    "Methods of use:

    * To kill or incapacitate a human target through electric shock.
    * To seriously damage, disable, or destroy any electric or electronic devices in the target.
    * As electrolasers and natural lightning both use plasma channels to conduct electric current, an electrolaser can set up a light-induced plasma channel for uses such as:
    o To study lightning
    o During a thunderstorm, to make lightning discharge at a safe time and place, as with a lightning conductor.
    o As a weapon, to make a thunderhead deliver a precise and plausibly deniable lightning strike onto a target from an aircraft; in this case, the aircraft and laser can be compared to a transistor, in that the relatively minor amount of initial input from the laser (base) allows a large amount of energy to flow between the cloud (collector) and the ground (emitter).[citation needed]"
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)18:41:23 No.2710481

    No, yeah, I know. But that describes the old dual beam LIPCs where you had to wear grounded boots or it could unexpectedly electrocute the guy using it. The one I have and basically any sidearm made in the 30s and on fires a single beam. It doesn't make a circuit, it builds up an electrical differential and then equalizes it across the beam with the target. Which is (I think) how lightning works anyway so yeah that research probably paid off.

    To be honest at this point I'd just like an excuse to use it. I know how barbarous that sounds but it's all charged and brand new and pretty, and it's been sitting next to my bed doing nothing ever since I had it regged and activated.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)18:46:23 No.2710528

    Wasnt there some guy you called a caveman last time because he owned a gun and said hed kill anyone who put his family in danger

    sounds like your kinda gun happy yourself.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)18:47:05 No.2710533
    I would think you should be happier you haven't had a reason to use it. It means you haven't had to deal with any Lunaran hit squads sent by you-know-who.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)18:47:31 No.2710540

    Let's not get into that again. A good LIPC has the same stopping power ballistics did. There's no excuse to kill when you can disable so easily instead.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)19:01:02 No.2710692
    So, any new developments with Siane's family?
    Dad still being as warm as a brick wall?
    Mother still being somewhat receptive?
    Brother still being "it's cool bro"?

    Clavian still being creepy as fuck?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)19:02:35 No.2710703
    >>2710193 (OP)

    >I may or may not be trying to get you guys to write material for my econ paper....

    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)19:03:12 No.2710709
    I'll ask again:

    What's BioShock 2 about?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)19:11:01 No.2710783
    Future Guy, you didn't answer me the last two times I asked.

    What is the next Metroid after Fusion about and is it any good?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)19:15:54 No.2710831

    Clavian was always creepy as fuck. (I have no idea really but I don't owe him the benefit of the doubt) Siane's mother is trying to be my best friend and I know I need to capitalize on that to get in good with her dad but she wants to do something with both of us literally every weekend and I don't have the heart to turn her down. She picks good movies though.

    Harlan and I are on speaking terms. There isn't much else to say at the moment.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)19:19:28 No.2710863

    It's a 2.5D sidescroller that averages 9.4. (does better in reader reviews)
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)19:20:46 No.2710870
    Is there any commodity that maintains or grows in value between my time and yours? I'm asking because I'd like to have something I can convert my real money into, and wait until the four share limit on monopoly money is lifted.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)19:21:27 No.2710882

    May I ask the date of release? Or the date it is announced?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)19:21:53 No.2710886
    As a disclaimer for what I'm about to say, I'm a naturally suspicious person - so I might be overreacting.

    But speaking as I am, her mom's reaction is kind of weird. Maybe she's just very friendly, or she feels obligated to get to know you as best she can, or maybe she doesn't have very many friends of her own; I don't know.

    It just strikes me as odd.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)19:23:12 No.2710909
    Suggest a threesome.
    Incest incest it's the best, put her mother to the test! :D
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)19:26:14 No.2710949

    I can give you the date for the legacy shop remake, if that'll do. It includes the original but the info page is just plot stuff.


    I love you guys.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)19:27:24 No.2710963

    Sure. Any info is fine.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)19:28:49 No.2710984
    Maybe she has Pink Fever.
    Cheating on her husband with her daughter's boyfriend, oh my.

    That would be one for the papers.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)19:28:56 No.2710988
    Kai was wearing a KP and she asked what kind of Kai was wearing a KP and she asked what kind of
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)19:31:30 No.2711023

    First remake's out in December 2041. Second remake hits in October 2075. The shop channel version is the '75 edition except with a ton of graphical tweaks. It probably won't get another full remake, Prime 1 is the definitive classic.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)19:31:39 No.2711024
    THE FUTURE: in the future i would like to see myself doing what i Of course, no one really knows what robots of the future will do to make
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)19:31:51 No.2711027
    You do realize that as a fellow Gentleman, if you have a crazy alien (inb4 I'm corrected, I know they're 'rero races') incestuous threesome, you are obligated to supply pics, regardless of the space-time continuum.

    Also, how would anal not be different from vaginal? I missed the end of last nights thread, but I really wanted to understand that one.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)19:33:16 No.2711045

    Ew. No. Not that she isn't a lovely woman, but the way I figure it she's living vicariously through Siane. Or she's just making really, really sure I'm not an abusive invalid. I can't think of anything else unless she really just likes spending time with the two of us and isn't getting the message.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)19:34:38 No.2711062
    >Also, how would anal not be different from vaginal? I missed the end of last nights thread, but I really wanted to understand that one.

    Only thing I can think of is if Lunarans were designed to have cloaca.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)19:34:54 No.2711064
    Is there ever a band (or a solo artist I guess) who get as or at least nearly big as the Beatles? If so, care to elaborate?

    I am new to these threads, if this has already been explained.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)19:37:57 No.2711102

    Stick out your index finger. That's as far in as it goes, and that's after a good three, four minutes of working at it. Now no more questions about Siane's anatomy if you wouldn't mind too much.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)19:39:41 No.2711129

    Amette is huge. Latest lead singer does porn now though, the comeback lasted all of a month or two. They're still on the label but they'll probably just split up and go work on other projects. End of an era, I remember seeing em on tv when I was little.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)19:39:50 No.2711132
    What's the status of pharmaceutical companies in your time? You've mentioned those metabs before, are they a general thing or monopolised by a single company?

    A medfag friend of mine was kinda sceptic towards those metabs, could you possibly give some kind of explanation to how they really work.
    inb4 they regulate metabolics
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)19:41:44 No.2711156
    What's the average height range of Lunaran females?
    For intents and purposes, let's say I'm 6 foot 3 - are all of them going to be taller than me, half of them, or only a handful of them?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)19:47:52 No.2711247

    Bunch of different companies, and the ads are all bullshit graphics with words like "enzyme" and "horomone" thrown around. I don't really know exactly how they work except that they send horomonal signals to your body to shed fat, grow taller, whatever. I don't take tabs anymore, I got a dime put in. I have to get it refilled every so often but it doesn't hurt or anything.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)19:51:33 No.2711281
    You still use the term "paper" in the future?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)19:53:08 No.2711299

    Go in for growth metabs or buy a stepstool. Around 7ft is pretty typical, I've only ever seen a few who were normative human height.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)19:54:27 No.2711323

    Yeah, paper. It's not like thin wood though, it's more like display material. Different consistency as it'd be hard to write on fabric but it has similar resolution and pretty sure it's printed the same way.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)19:55:58 No.2711348
    What's the future of Pokemon?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)20:00:12 No.2711383
    I don't mind looking up to women, it's just that there's not that many that are so tall.
    Anyway, I don't expect to be dating any Lunaran women anytime soon, given the fact that I'd have to get into coldsleep really early on; and even then I'd still be... what, 50+?

    I doubt even first-gen Lunaran women would be attracted to a 50-60+ pinkskin.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)20:01:11 No.2711393

    About a billion online games with increasingly retarded monster names. The starter i chose in the last one (yes I tried it briefly since one of you thought it was cool) was Quizbe. What the fuck is a Quizbe. I played for all of five minutes when I ran into some kid with a stumpy little giraffe with giant eyeballs called a 'peeraffe'. Clever. Anyways I combined disciplines compatible with my type and chose an attack vector but when it started every attack I used just made the little midget giraffe thing "confused". That didn't stop it from beating my ass. I think a confused giraffe monster is probably angrier than a normal one. When it killed me using something like "stare" I said fuck this shit and wrote over it with some rpg where you're a spider.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)20:02:01 No.2711398
    OP, seriously, what's the secret of the Monkey Island?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)20:05:11 No.2711428
    I've got a big bet depending on the victory of Chelsea in the 2012 presidential elections, like you mentioned before. Can you reassure me by any means that I'm not going to lose my hard earned monies? Like some stepstone moments that will eventually lead to her candidacy or victory.

    Yes, a lot of money.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)20:09:01 No.2711472

    That's weird. I'd predicted the victory of Chelsea in the 2012 FA Cup.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)20:11:09 No.2711495

    Yeah, hugely controversial legislation that lowers the minimum eligible age for presidency. Since she's the only credible candidate who would be too young to run in 2012, when the democrats pushed the eligibility legislation through it was a blatant signal that they planned to back Chelsea and after 4 years of Obama, the toothless rural invalid demographic wasn't having any of it.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)20:12:42 No.2711512
    Dear OP,
    When does it become possible to live forever, or nearly forever, and what makes this possible?

    Related question: when does personalized organ replacement become affordable?

    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)20:13:49 No.2711526

    Uhh I don't know? People still die, man. There's cold sleep though, you'll be able to put in a reservation by 2037, but they don't actually start putting clients in tubes until a few years later due to legal hurdles and such.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)20:14:49 No.2711531

    Who is your favorite President since Obama?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)20:15:18 No.2711543

    How long can a healthy person live before dying of natural causes, in your world?

    How much of that depends on wealth?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)20:19:19 No.2711592

    I guess Maynard. Grissom was a do-nothing even though he's more in line with my values. Schuester was good for autolabor development, but his biography had all this shit about how he was a big time libertarian which you know, I've always wondered why a free market guy would go for the stipend economy.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)20:21:27 No.2711614

    If you believe the ads? 300 years, if you load up on treatments, tabs and implants. I guess I'll find out how far off they were when they wake me up to change the solution. Haven't really given much thought to what I'll be up to at that age thought to be honest.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)20:26:26 No.2711659
    So yeah, could we get back on topic? I've been wanting to discuss it with you guys for days.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)20:27:03 No.2711667

    How do people look back on Bush Jr's presidency? The prevalent current view is that he's one of the worst presidents ever, but maybe your time is kinder to him.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)20:27:42 No.2711676

    ....Hah. Hahahahha!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)20:33:54 No.2711741
    I've already laid out my thoughts in this post >>2710256 .

    Hopefully that will help somewhat; you could try asking more/different questions and I could try to elaborate, but I'm not sure what else there is to be said.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)20:37:22 No.2711777
    What does that mean? lol is he a joke, or is it a joke that someone wants to know, or what?!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)20:38:17 No.2711786
    I made Future Guy laugh.

    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)20:38:19 No.2711787
    Either "worst president of all time" is a gross understatement, or some even bigger fool is coming.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)20:41:33 No.2711815

    My guess is that they see him as a war criminal.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)20:42:38 No.2711828
    >>2710193 (OP)
    It's nice to pay people for the resources of their land, but I think that doing it on a state-based basis encourages people to leave certain areas in order to move to others, causing a drain on a given economy. As for the automation of labor...it's something that I really want to see happen. A lot of farming now, for example, is done almost completely automatically, as is a lot of manufacturing. Things that require dexterous attention or intensive pattern recognition (i.e. quality control) still seem to need human hands, but oh well. All of that will, ideally speaking, be fixed in time.

    I can't really say which system is better. I hate American-style capitalism where the profits of everyone go into just a few people's pockets, but at the same time I hate the idea of everything being more-or-less provided for me so that I have seemingly no opportunity or impetus to do real, meaningful work.

    Of course, I'm all hard for theoretical stuff so it's not like I was gonna get a factory job anyway.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)20:43:51 No.2711845
    thread is already tl;dr, so I'll just chuck in my opinion regardless.

    There are lots of different perspectives on the economy because, well, a lot of economic activity seems unclear - you might call it alien or mystified. Market relations seem to have a life all their own, money is seemingly created out of money itself and most people sell their capacity to work in exchange for a wage, but they have little say over what they produce.

    Also, one's views depend on one's standpoint in the universe of eocnomic relations. Eg, entrepreneurs will more likely believe in their own creative prowess rather than hand over production to the state. Someone well-off won't like too much taxation, etc.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)20:49:51 No.2711896

    It's a tossup. I suppose technically noone knows how Huckabee/Palin would've done, as a few controversial historians insist that they'd have attempted a peaceful transition to a theocratic society had they not lost the election.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)20:51:00 No.2711906

    No impetus? Don't you have a hobby? What motivates you to put effort into that?
    >> Emetus Mantil !eLpPv1Lb5U 01/09/09(Fri)20:55:10 No.2711955
    Our current economic system (ideally) helps out those with marketable talents and abilities, which provides a greater chance for greater success. However, the converse of this is also a grim reality - those who grow up in poverty will most likely stay in poverty due to poor education and not enough money to invest in their futures.

    Basically, a very simplistic comparison would be like this:

    Pre-stipend: People with marketable skills succeed, but are few in number. Think of it as a pyramid, where wealth is concentrated at the top. But it's kept around (instead of switching to Communism) because it's supposedly beneficial to all (equal opportunities, etc.), though the social reality is different.

    Stipend & Autolabor: Autolabor seems like it would be a good idea since it would allow the true abilities of people to flourish without having to devote massive amounts of time to holding down a job. Those with marketable talents will still find success, and those who previously would be in poverty now have a livable wage. Seems pretty good, seems like a system of real opportunity.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)20:57:35 No.2711976
    Well no impetus is probably a bit of a strong statement there, my bad. The whole autolabor thing seems like an interesting concept, honestly, and I'd like to see it happen before I die because I want my robots built by robots. Fuck yeah.

    Also, for the record, I really like studying AI, reading, and random sporty shit. Unless you weren't actually curious.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)20:59:01 No.2711994

    The first few lines imply meritocratic selection, which is a big part of placement in most habs. To what extent does the state practice meritocratic principles?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:00:57 No.2712013
         File :1231552857.jpg-(31 KB, 430x286, iws5_430.jpg)
    Global Warming hijack
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:07:52 No.2712072
    Oh god.

    Alright, Futureguy. I've probably said this before, but I come from a christian Republican family, and despite the fact that my views aren't completely divergent from those of my parents, I utterly dreaded to see what would happen if McCain/Palin won the election.

    In fact, it was a source of joking on 4chan - McCain is so old that Palin would have almost certainly had a shot at being president, even with only the one four year term. I couldn't put my finger on it, but something bothered me about Palin.

    I'm glad to know she never gets any closer to the presidency.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)21:08:48 No.2712080

    Oh man, what. I love the "WICKED weather" bit.

    So on a side note, how frequently do any of you go on vacations, where have you gone in the past and can you describe some of your favorite experiences?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:14:01 No.2712120
    I've been to most of the major cities that aren't in the South in the US/Canada; never been off the continent though. Or off the planet for that matter. I wish I had more money to travel, but honestly it's not worth trying to go to anywhere interesting when I risk getting molested by airport security because I'm more liberal than Dick Cheney.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)21:14:44 No.2712123

    Well I guess the silver lining is they don't win, despite pulling out all the stops. One of the lingering mysteries after the 2012 inauguration was "Where did all the conservative Christian voters come from?" Since as I understand it Obama won by a landslide 4 years prior. Well the answer is "youth movements". Not just the organizations themselves but the fact that they reach out all their little tentacles and dip them into the local church youth groups as well, giving them cheap or free nationalist literature, activities and so on. Effectively they rely on private churches and youth groups to expand the number of young people they can reach beyond what their budget would normally allow.

    That, and (I'm not sure if this is true) there's some kind of militant breeding program going on at the turn of the century. Quiverfull, quiverfall, (sp) that spreads amongst evangelical families and the first 'batch' as it were reaches voting age in time for 2012.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:16:54 No.2712142
    ...So basically you're saying that in the future as long as I stay out of New England I'll need to contend with a bunch of fucking teenagers shooting me?

    The future sounds fucking badass.
    >> Emetus Mantil !eLpPv1Lb5U 01/09/09(Fri)21:21:59 No.2712187

    Wha..? Oh, the state doesn't. Basically, anybody can be an employee of the state. As a result, we have a lot of terribly stupid people working for our government. Prime example: People who work at the DMV are seriously unintelligent (at least at the one near where I live).

    It's more a function of our economic system - for instance, a Flash programmer who has spent years perfecting his abilities is in higher demand than, say, someone with lesser abilities. As a result, the professional is able to get more work, and people will pay more money for it. Basically, common sense.

    The state itself will hire practically anyone for desk jobs or any other sort of grunt-work, but it WILL seek out the finest for whatever other high-level positions are available. For example, the Chief Economic Advisor to the President is obviously going to have to know what he/she is doing. But this is technically not a natural talent, it is one that is learned via further education (which also costs some pretty serious money).

    The chances that a person in poverty will make their way up to Chief Economic Advisor to the President? Slim to none. Though, if they manage to get out of poverty, more credit to them, as that would take some impressive economic knowledge.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:22:15 No.2712189

    The furthest trip I've taken is to Rekall Inc. and that's all I'll ever need. They just create the memory of whatever vacation you want. And I can tell you, it's as real as it can get. I've been to almost every country in the world with my yaught and I've had the most exotic women to boot.

    They're probably long gone in your time, I heard they had some fiasco with some guy who went crazy and shot about 77 people.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:24:13 No.2712208
    How large is the government?

    Aside from doing the fascist shit such as keeping a tab on your every move online, or have they chilled the fuck out?

    Or do we still submit ourselves to slavery?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:25:52 No.2712224
    Oh yeah, I heard about that incident. He was an Austrian guy, right? And his brain freaked out when he tried to get a trip to some futuristic Mars habitation or something?

    Some people, man.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)21:26:35 No.2712232

    Oh come on, you don't even have impressors. Cool idea though, you should write a short story along those lines.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)21:27:47 No.2712245

    Wait this is the same guy right? Or is there an in-joke involved that I'm not picking up on?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:28:48 No.2712252
    Future Guy calls out the imposters, I lol'd.

    But my favorite vacation? I went to Turks and Caicos, in the Caribbean, with my family. I've never seen a place that simultaneously has perfect weather and the shittiest socioeconomic situation, hehe.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:28:53 No.2712254
    Can you view wikipedia entries over ETP, Future bud?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:29:26 No.2712256
    Hahahaha oh wow. I like your style.

    Look up Total Recall, Futuremans.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:32:39 No.2712291
    So Future guy. How does Battlestar Galactica ends? Whos the mysterious fifth cylon?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)21:35:09 No.2712320

    Describe the socioeconomic situation in more detail please. Also what was the cuisine like? Anything stick out in your memory? If you have photos please share but scale them down to a reasonable resolution for me.


    Mars does not have any three-breasted women. I'm gonna say that up front.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:35:42 No.2712327
    I like music a lot Future Guy.

    Can you tell me bout Music in da fuchure?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:39:26 No.2712360

    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)21:42:14 No.2712393

    Well I've covered this one a lot but sure. My whole library is in synchro now as I wiped all of my stereo tracks. Synchro tracks store each individual instrument's audio separately and send them all out over your home network into whatever devices you have that can play music. Then it averages their volume, and when you hit play it syncs them up and they all play together, forming the complete song except in a sort of three dimensional audio space; you can move around the room, pick up devices and hold them closer to focus on individual instruments, even just turning/moving your head changes the way you hear it.

    The genres I have in my playlist are viewpoint, historic rock, opera and empathetic. I got rid of everything by Amette, considering recent events I'd rather not be caught listening to her stuff.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:43:46 No.2712415
    Would you mind looking up Mass Effect and the alien races within the series; and giving your opinion of them?

    In particular, these races from the first game - Asari, Turian, Salarian, and Rachni.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:45:22 No.2712428
    So what has science found out about the galaxy's scenario in your time?

    Big Crunch ( galaxy collapses back, big bang, repeat)
    Big Chill ( forever expanding, leading to a dead, very cold galaxy)
    or does it become stable, not expanding or shrinking (probably most unlikely course)
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:48:10 No.2712465
    Do you mean universe?

    Holy shit are you stoned or something.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:49:46 No.2712491
    Are there portable music devices or can music only be listened to in your home?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:50:20 No.2712501
    nah, just too fucking tired, can't sleep as long as Futurebro is online
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:52:01 No.2712515

    If I'm not mistaken, I think we've already confirmed expansion forever and delicious heat death.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:52:21 No.2712521
    To us, you are future. You have technology that we can theorize about, but can't actually produce yet.

    Can you name a few technologies that are for you theorized about, but can't be created just yet?
    >> Markov !!+QOux1a4Qz/ 01/09/09(Fri)21:52:51 No.2712527
    lay before us, to science than wolves be of some one i wonder if it were as though the mountain rise so steep that, despite her mothers raised and imploring hands, she stopped
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:54:56 No.2712554
    Do concerts tap into the audience members' portable music-playing devices to help play the synchro tracks? I can imagine that being kind of loud.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)21:56:13 No.2712567
    I liked this:

    It's set in 2061. I like how it has very plausible technological AND SOCIAL changes.

    Women's right to vote was more of a political change than a social one. So was the Civil Rights movement. Just because you change laws doesn't mean it will change how people behave.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)21:56:29 No.2712571

    The universe you mean? The big discovery is that its 'geometry' is 'open' as opposed to spatially redundant (like a hyperspherical universe would be) which means no 'big crunch' will occur.

    Experiments involving heim stabilizers and micro black holes yield new insights into quantum potentiality and virtual particle/antiparticle pairs. The predominant thinking now, sufficiently well supported to constitute a theory introduced as early as formative ed, is that the state we understand as "existence" (quantum collapse/division) is actually stabler than pure quantum potential, a state of nothingness (at least we interpret it as nothingness.) So entropic forces, applicable even to quantum potentiality, inevitably cause virtual particle/antiparticle pairs to divide *into* existence, the reverse of particles/antiparticles annihilating when they meet. This effect happens due to random vacuum fluctuations occasionally producing a nonzero value. The notion of nothingness as literal nothingness is a philosophical concept rooted in stubborn "common sense" thinking of the sort that kept flat earth cosmology alive and kicking well into the middle of the last century.

    And of course as you'd probably guess, these fabulous discoveries are being used as the basis for a new weapons technology. Reportedly, anyhow. It's supposed to flatten the vacuum distortions which make up matter and energy, effectively blinking them out of existence without violating any physical laws. I suppose it'd also be useful for waste disposal though.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)21:57:53 No.2712584

    What's so different? I think you're reading more into what I said than was actually in there. It's apparent that women approach men more commonly now than they did in 2009 but I don't see that as a social revolution, not in the sense that 60s feminism was for instance.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:03:47 No.2712644
    So, since you go back in time, how long has it been since you talked to us, in your time? For us of course, it's only been about a day, more or less. How are so precise in your timing and how do select which time line you want to interact with?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:04:50 No.2712659

    Ha ha , I dropped "you" out of my sentences multiple times.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)22:06:34 No.2712676

    A few days since last time, and while I have to choose from the sessions that nobody's reserved yet, I can usually get a spot on the day/time I want. If I don't show up for a few days at some point it's because it was a popular week/month to post to and I couldn't get a session in.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:14:54 No.2712767
    Do you have a standardized intelligence test? Is the IQ test still being used? That is iff you even know what IQ is.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:15:27 No.2712770
    Question: Is you being here part of the natural time line or does your presence alter the time line?

    Example: Can you go into the future and read this thread at its completion so that you don't have to bother actually waiting for questions and then answering them?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:17:44 No.2712794
         File :1231557464.png-(16 KB, 348x565, alexthisisyou.png)

    More like futuregay.

    I drew this pic of you.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)22:18:40 No.2712804

    I don't know, sort of? Intelligence evals are done by app, same as most lessons, albeit usually with optics rather than panel so as to prevent distraction.


    Changes made to the timeline take effect at the same rate time passes, as measured by entropic decay.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:19:00 No.2712812
    Time moves at the same pace regardless of what time period you're in. Supposedly this prevents any changes incurred by ETP from ever reaching the "present" of an ETP user.
    As long as the ETP stream is connected, even sending random gibberish data back into the past, it ensures that the ETP user will always be posting to the same timeline instance they started with.

    That's my understanding of it, based on his descriptions. Although, I do like to believe in the predestination/information paradox...
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:19:50 No.2712823

    I really don't understand what that means. I know you're just reading off the FAQ, but do you understand it and can you explain it to me?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)22:23:50 No.2712877

    It's a disclaimer on basically every page of the ETP site.

    Anyways from what I gather if I post to a year ago and change something, the world will be no different six months ago because the changes will not have caught up yet. But relative to my position in the future, say after a year passes, if I check that same time period (what used to be six months ago, but which is now a year and six months ago) will have been affected by whatever changes my post caused.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:24:00 No.2712879
    >because it was a popular week/month to post to and I couldn't get a session in

    ...so how many newfags are futuremen that know not of our ways?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:27:57 No.2712916
    i am physicist

    what is this

    i dont even


    mind blown
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:29:20 No.2712933
    Time traveling visitor, contemplate and say, what is earth, else than a frenetic psalmody for His venue
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:29:31 No.2712935
    Strangely enough, this is fitting:


    Why haven't you used any pictures to prove that you are in the future.

    Do you really want us to believe that you are from the future? I don't think you do.

    There's a fine line between making people believe you from the future and convincing people you are from the future. You apparently don't want the latter.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:29:38 No.2712938

    Question mark.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:30:48 No.2712953
    How many shares of the Lunarhab's parent company do you need to support a family, Future bud?

    And how many shares do you and Siane have in total?
    This is assuming that you'd both be able to pool resources if you decided to get married, to give a guess at how much money you'd have to save/work to do before you seriously got into it.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:31:15 No.2712958
    hey future,
    what's record labels like? how does music get distributed? does anyone read newspaper, as in, newsPAPER? if not, when did people stop? what are the alternatives?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:32:15 No.2712968
    you probably wouldn't even believe pics if he posted them.

    just shut up and be entertained like everyone else in the thread.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)22:33:04 No.2712975

    I could probably upload a really poor quality one if I owned my own ETP ISP so I could use all the streams in parallel. But I'm a client, I subscribe to their service, the best I can do is pay for premium so I can use up to 8 streams in parallel. I'm running 6 at the moment, that's enough so that most pictures download in less than a minute if they're reasonable size, but the upload is still slow as shit. Even scrolling through replies is clunky.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:34:00 No.2712983


    Our visitor is from the future - you can rest assured that it indeed did not happen. Yet.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:35:42 No.2712996

    Doesn't that mean that sites from the past are uploading to the future, how does that work?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)22:38:11 No.2713022

    #1. Hab sponsored, pretty samey within one hab but drastically different across multiple habs in my experience.

    #2. Habnet, then over your home net to your implant or whatever you listen with.

    #3. On like, wood fiber paper? No obviously not. You can pull the news off panel onto a piece of paper (which would look to you kind of like a thin transparent sheet of plastic) and take it with you if you don't have optics.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)22:39:45 No.2713037
    Can we focus on the topic instead of the same questions I answer in every thread? I don't mean to be shitty, I just wanna make the best use of my session.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:42:58 No.2713080
    Wait, what

    Oh my god that makes so little sense I think my brain is bleeding halp
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:43:58 No.2713090
    Hey, I already tossed my answer out there. Do you have any questions besides that?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:44:11 No.2713096

    Are you saying that you are upset that we aren't giving you enough info for your econ paper?

    /r9k/ is not your personal research team.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)22:49:00 No.2713151
    Same here, there's not much point to answering the question more than once.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:04:33 No.2713328
    I've spoken to my brother and sister about your stipend economy and they're not pleased with the idea. Personally, I think humanity has done pretty well for itself by your time. Sure, we fucked things up but we're adjusting and making due. My sister is concerned most about being able to live with nature around her, whereas my brother is uncomfortable with the idea of increased monitoring.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)23:07:34 No.2713358

    Congratulations on being more forward thinking than your siblings, I suppose. Your sister ought to be thrilled though, most cities keep you away from the woods right? Well unless you're really far south most of the habs are surrounded by woods and swamp. You just need a coldsuit to go out and enjoy it. A breather too if you're near the coast.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:07:38 No.2713360
    Also, I'd be happy to have clean air, filtered water, and nutritious food. I eat too damn much junk food now. Oh, that brings up another question. What's the preferred form of physical activity? Still play baseball, basketball, football and or soccer?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:09:30 No.2713390
    Oh, let me guess. The official sport of the moon is golf, right? Har Har Har!
    ...Okay, so that wasn't funny, but historically relevant.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:10:35 No.2713405
    You mentioned open air cities in the North.
    What's the average temperature and how big are they exactly?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:12:46 No.2713436
    I swear, so many questions popping up in my head to ask you.
    Does the RWE cause an increase in economic conditions for Canada and Russia, since they now become comfortable habitats.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)23:15:34 No.2713471

    Well they're done in apps anyway. You can put together teams made up of players from any period, tweak their age, health and whatnot. I know you mean shit where we get up off our asses and exercise but the only time you'd need to is if you go off tabs for a few months. Then you can just pay for a pilot program. It's where something that is probably pretty close to an impressor (looks like it but there's a curly neck part) goes on your head/neck, unless you own your own in which case it's basically EEG/impressor shit laced under your scalp and they just pair it with the computer and set you going. How it works is that directed EM fields stimulate your brain and nerve stem and drive your body around like a meat puppet. :P It sounds more disturbing than it is since most people just sleep through it while their body exercises. It burns like a bitch when you wake up but after a few weeks or months of stopping by for pilot every other day you're fit enough to go back on tabs, which if you're consistent about taking them will preserve the built up muscle and keep the fat off.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:16:10 No.2713477
    Ugh, so what year does the U.S. officially establish the stipend economy?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:16:46 No.2713487
    Unfortunately, I can't think of much more to say on the subject since we're unable to fully appreciate the system.
    Another thing my brother was concerned about was with the daily requirements for living rationed out to you, what is there to strive for in your society? I believe you answered this in a previous discussion, so don't feel pressured to answer that again.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:17:03 No.2713492

    I need to know so I know how long I have to stop it.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)23:17:34 No.2713506

    Of course, I've mentioned that before. If you want to live in Canada for instance you need to either be upper management or have enough shares in your family for compound share attribution so your increased stipend covers the extra living expense.


    The biggest I've been to is Toronto. I was pretty young though, I don't remember much in detail.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)23:19:32 No.2713527

    You don't see a lot of depressed people on cruise ships. Ask yourself why that is.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:21:32 No.2713550
    Impressive. Do you still have humans who obsess over their physiques and try to look like Helenes? I could imagine a few news articles on the dangers of excessive use: "Man blows self up after spending every night exercising in his sleep."
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:21:50 No.2713556
    Stipend economy? Oh yeah, it's called social security.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)23:28:11 No.2713648

    Oh god yes, and Eric showed me this social channel where they would share tips on new tabs and shit but most of them were too lazy to do pilot before they went on tabs and their muscles looked all hangy and sick. Plus you can't get a proper helene gold out of skin color metabs and everyone has their own idea of which shade looks closest so you have everything from yellow to tan to bright orange. The ones who pull it off well look pretty convincing though and when you see em with a helene girl you can't help but think "She's gonna be disappointed when she gets him home and finds out he's vanilla". I mean unless he's on certain others tabs for ah, proportion.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:29:18 No.2713661
    tl;dr, I'll just go read 1984.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:32:00 No.2713692
    so basically, she's disappointed with him having a larger penis.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:33:43 No.2713718
    >>2710193 (OP)

    What kind of econ? I only know ECO100-level stuff and some basics about political economy, so I can't get very technical about this.

    The pre-autolabor economy was a grossly unequal system. I don't remember if you mentioned this already, but does the entire (or almost the entire) planet live within habs, all relying of autolabor, and redistributing wealth using the stipend system? If so, by your time, poverty by our standards is essentially eliminated, so from a social justice/utilitarian point of view it is a far, far superior system. Example: Current food production divided equally among the entire human population could feed 3600 calories daily forever (not taking into account sustainable agriculture or the lack thereof). Yet millions still die of starvation. There are thousands of examples of inequalities, exploitations and injustices.

    Today, there's a mix between free market and government intervention, leaning more on the former. However, this is beginning to change slightly in light of the 2008 global financial crisis. If you can find the article, the January 2009 issue of the Atlantic Monthly has a good critique of modern financial system. The jist of the article is, the markets are ALWAYS cyclical, and it is nearly impossible to prevent busts from occurring. So there's always periods of economic upheaval.

    The biggest flaw you could say is the necessity of infinite growth for the economy to work, and in a world of finite resources this is obviously impossible. Production and consumption must constantly increase while labor decreases. The theoretical endgame in year infinity is infinite production and zero labor, which actually sounds somewhat similar to the society you have (minus fresh meat and golf courses and so forth). In a sense, it's both a vindication and a siren call of the capitalist system: capitalism drove the economy after the first Industrial Revolution, but the communism-like system prevails in your time.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:34:12 No.2713727
         File :1231562052.jpg-(98 KB, 425x340, Inevitability.jpg)
    I don't even know how to lead into this picture, but I'm sure it'll explain itself.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:34:31 No.2713729

    >Reading a book about the future which is now the past to learn about the future which is still the future.

    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:36:26 No.2713752

    Sorry, *December 2008 issue, author is Henry Blodget.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)23:36:39 No.2713756

    No no guys who pull off the helene look convincingly are always picking up helene girls who don't find out they're not helenes until they get intimate. You always hear about that happening but it's a trope in comedy apps too so it could be bullshit. I know these guys are out there but I don't know what tabs they're taking and I don't want to know.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)23:38:13 No.2713779

    What the hell, yes, exactly like that but with really dark eye socket pigment and platinum hair.

    Do you want to explain what the deal is with that?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:39:40 No.2713796
    The main problem with 1984 is that it was written in 1949. That's only 35 years. Way too much social change in that time. Give it a few more decades and the U.K will probably end up like that, which is where it's based.

    "There are up to 4.2m CCTV cameras in Britain - about one for every 14 people. "

    Example: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6108496.stm
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:41:48 No.2713814
    It's hard for me to speak for others, so I'm just going to explain my thoughts on the matter.
    As an American, I feel that there is a fear of communism, even though I consider it something to strive for as a humanitarian. However, it is a utopian idea that requires everyone in the equation to be honest with one another. Soviet Communism failed because the upper establishment did not live up to their promises to the people. We live in a world of capitalism at the moment, and I do see problems with it. The old adage still rings true: The Rich Get Richer, and The Poor Get Poorer. It's a competitive, Darwinian (Forgive me, biology majors, I'm simply using that as an example) form of economy that preys on others to make their lives better, to the point of forcing the poorer out of the equation. Of course, I'm no historian in all this and any learned reader can pick apart my ideas, but that's how I see our world.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:42:16 No.2713821
    holy fucking shit, BROS take over in the future?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:43:14 No.2713829
    wait, do you mean for the three guys on the left or the girl on the right?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)23:43:20 No.2713831

    Please don't call it communism. It's not the REdistribution of wealth, just the distribution of wealth, it isn't *taken* from anyone. And the stipend money is just a means of rationing so that people don't consume more than the autolabor can produce. The share system should be more familiar to you, they represent shares of autolabor the way paper money represented shares of gold bricks. Except, you know, labor is actually useful.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:44:32 No.2713849

    I think you mean Guido.


    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/09/09(Fri)23:47:26 No.2713876

    The guys on the left look like they couldn't be bothered to put on some gold body spray and just use skin pigment metabs although they're way too scrawny to pass for helenes and the area around their eyes is the same color as the rest of their face, it should be much darker. Also their hair is black. Mixed helenes sometimes have black hair but it's more common to see them with platinum hair.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:50:14 No.2713908
         File :1231563014.jpg-(72 KB, 500x375, 21042744_0640512665.jpg)
    >So do some research and come to an informed conclusion; what do you think of the pre-autolabor stipend economy? What do you think of the integration of autolabor? Does that fundamentally change the character of the stipend economy in your eyes? Was it a better system before or after?

    Future Guy, don't take their objections seriously. In real life, a system that basically promised people free money, without inflation, will have no opponents. The US would have to adopt it anyway; it would be like gunpowder - other countries would start taking it up too, and either we could join the system and start getting the productivity gains too, or bypass it and start falling behind. When it comes to economics issues like this, the major parties don't fuck around; they will jump on any bandwagon if it's the future, as this clearly would be. I think people are complaining because they basically don't believe it. If you could actually showing them a working robot that worked for them and saved them hours and hours of labor, you would get 100% sell-through rates.

    Also, if it really bothers you, I'm sure you could give away your autolabor stake and just sweat in the fields for the hell of it, just as, today, a rich person who wants to give it all up to be a migrant worker will find PLENTY of takers for his wealth.

    P.S. If anybody wants to work harder by giving up their wealth, I salute you; also, plz reply here so I can give you a paypal account to help unburden you of being a slave or whatever. No questions asked, I'l gladly help you w/this.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:50:47 No.2713914
    So then what about doctors? Are there autolaborers to operate on people? What about lawyers? Do autolaborers argue your case for you?

    What incentive is there to put the effort into more difficult/specialized jobs? Do you simply get more shares? It isn't that similar to capitalism where the more valuable, in theory, your talents/skills are, the more you are compensated for them?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:56:16 No.2713963
         File :1231563376.jpg-(165 KB, 750x600, helenes.jpg)
    Suddenly, Helenes! Hundreds of them!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:56:20 No.2713967

    From what I know about political economy, in capitalism, or any economy really, there will always be winners and losers. Sometimes really big winners and really big losers. But it's not all bad, combined with some political activism, technology advancements, and potential for more growth, dozens of former Third World countries are now quite wealthy. So on the other hand, sometimes we have to settle for a lot of people winning a little bit.


    Ok, bad choice of words. But I don't mean it's exactly like communism, just similar in some ways.

    Forgive me as you've probably been asked this a few times, but what happened that forced people to live in habs in the first place? Was it climate change? You mentioned a war in the threads you saved, what happened there?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/09(Fri)23:58:40 No.2713995
    I propose we rename Helenes to Neo-Guido.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:01:25 No.2714030
    seconding like the fist of an angry god
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)00:02:32 No.2714044

    Actually conservatives resist it for decades apparently and with good reason; it doesn't work without autolabor. Or it works, but it makes our economy so uncompetitive with others that if autolabor hadn't come along to complete it we'd probably be back on something like traditional capitalism now.

    But yeah Kiva becomes one of the wealthiest corps on earth as a result of the popularization of autolabor. The robots aren't much to look at, but you're right, seeing them in motion would sell you on it I think. It's almost like a dance, hundreds of different sizes and shapes of robot going from place to place. they look like they're gonna run into each other but they never do. Weirdly inspiring.

    Oh and China almost starts a war over autolabor for exactly the reason you mentioned. If you can get my old threads off someone I go into more detail there but the first experimental autolabor compounds in australia are enough to measurably fuck with the global market and before it's resolved, China has battleships lined up on Australia's northern coast. The UN resolves it the way you might expect, by arranging for the United States to donate an autolabor facility and construct a hab in China where they can study the technologies involved and make their own. To their credit they had already converted a bunch of malls into habs at that point and they do up their own autolabor bots within only a few years, really hit the ground running so to speak.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)00:03:02 No.2714050

    I just barfed so hard it changed my life.

    Never do that again.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:05:15 No.2714083
    So Futuremans, it would seem Palin's cronies are saying she's going to run in 2012.

    What are your thoughts on this?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)00:06:23 No.2714100

    Actually it was a backfired attempt to curb climate change by taking particulate matter out of the upper atmosphere. Turns out, really bad idea. That and arguably the caldera are the culprits behind the 'rapid warming effect'.

    As for the war, would someone else explain? Or give him an archive with the old threads in it?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)00:07:14 No.2714112

    She is, but she doesn't make the nomination, hence why she pairs up with Huckabee in 2016.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:08:44 No.2714135
    APPARENTLY nutso evangelists in the Bible Belt start shooting people, get ahold of a poison compound, kill millions, and then in 10 months are the laughing stock of the entire planet.

    Ugh, why do I not want to believe you yet everything you say falls completely in line with fact? :(
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:09:22 No.2714149
         File :1231564162.png-(30 KB, 422x67, achievement.png)
    Hell yeah, hidden achievement.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:09:28 No.2714152
    What is the population?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:09:46 No.2714159

    Taking particles out? That's weird, 'geo-engineering' plans today involve injecting sulphates into the stratosphere... Then again, I'm no climate scientist, so I probably wouldn't understand the explanation if you gave one.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:10:17 No.2714166
    What place is history does RON PAUL have?
    Also, what the major political parties in your time?
    Is there a party that opposes autolabor still, regardless of how small in size they are?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:11:22 No.2714179

    He said like ~10 billion at some point I think. That's roughly what it's currently extrapolated to be at that time.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:12:12 No.2714193

    Moar details. How did it spill out into an international conflict?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:12:38 No.2714200

    >the caldera

    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:12:40 No.2714201
    I'm guessing the idea is that the dust traps heat somewhat, and thus blasting the entire upper atmosphere to bits (derp derp derp derp derp) would release the heat. Instead, solar radiation just cooks everything to shit.

    It's kinda like if you were wearing a heatproof blanket inside an oven and then went "It's too warm in here :(" and took it off.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:12:42 No.2714203

    well opposes autolabor and/or the stipend economy.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:15:52 No.2714245

    Your retarded explanation actually makes some kind of sense. lol @ analogy. So a 'coldsuit' is to keep cold; when I read that I thought the climate got colder.
    >> A Noun You'll Miss !!cVgf/U6WfoE 01/10/09(Sat)00:18:27 No.2714277
    I don't believe this question was answered in this thread, at least outright fully.

    How does the future view George W. Bush? Is he considered the worst or has someone stepped up on surpassing Bush in being the worst?

    On an unrelated note, I'd totally support an economy with autolabors...just not loving the idea of not being able to live in a coastal city without needing extra equipment to block those H2S.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)00:19:44 No.2714291

    Yeah. Much less spectacular than predicted but over a long period it leaks volcanic gases into the atmosphere. Still a point of contention though as most accounts focus on the turning point legislation.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:19:58 No.2714295

    The only answer I've seen to George Bush,
    superficial, but satisfying.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:20:34 No.2714302
    >>superficial, but satisfying.

    That's what the majority of the answers are.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)00:22:44 No.2714328

    One of the worst, anyway.


    As long as you don't let any get inside your breather it's not an issue. Sometimes it gets thick enough that you need eye protection but it doesn't stop anyone from enjoying the coast.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)00:23:45 No.2714341

    I think he was talking about that helene you're dating actually
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:26:37 No.2714385
    Libertarian Police State here we come!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:27:44 No.2714395


    How the fuck is FutureGuy's society libertarian?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)00:30:27 No.2714431

    How is it communist either? How is it facist or objectivist or any of the other things you people INSIST it is?

    That's what I've been trying to figure out.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:32:09 No.2714447
    Libertarian Police State:

    The state does nothing to impede on your private life, yet will require you to register everything down to your sneakers with a bureau of some sort.

    The state does nothing to impede on your private life, yet will require you to register everything down to your sneakers with a bureau of some sort.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:32:36 No.2714455
    oops, fail at copy-paste

    Citizens are proud of their wide-ranging civil freedoms, and those who aren't tend to be dragged off the streets by men in dark suits and hustled into cars with tinted windows.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:33:25 No.2714471

    I'm sure one of those categories fits. You should try playing Nation State / Nation State 2
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:38:01 No.2714532
    Ugh...I can't believe I'm actually asking this. I had no urge to ask for myself, but my brother requested that you look up any works he does in his lifetime. Jason Kaminski, Date of Birth: 1974.
    I cringe at all the people that asked you this before, so don't feel forced into looking it up. I can simply tell my brother that you didn't reply. Also, please don't give date of death.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)00:39:04 No.2714546

    If they permitted you to choose autolabor it would severely unbalance the game unless everyone else switched over to it too. Or if you wouldn't share the technology you'd have an awful lot of countries threatening to knock you off your shit.

    Like oh I don't know, China.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:39:59 No.2714561

    people asking about themselves. *eye roll*
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:42:17 No.2714594
    Yeah, I don't ask about myself because I know nothing will come up. That and its not right to know what a person will do. It can cause a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:43:28 No.2714614
    Kino's Journey Episode 5:

    As she makes her way along an old railroad, Kino runs into a man who has been polishing the tracks for some fifty years. Stopping for a break, Kino entertains the man with a story of a land where the people no longer have to work, but choose to subject themselves to meaningless and stressful tasks anyway. It may seem foolish to the old man, but little does he realise that his own work is just as pointless, for, as Kino is about to discover, there are two more men working on the railroad, each undoing the work done by the others.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:45:03 No.2714632
         File :1231566303.jpg-(140 KB, 700x528, 4.jpg)
    I searched his name and this is what I found. I hope this isn't your brother.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:45:17 No.2714635

    If you believe in predestination, a self-fulfilling prophecy is just the same as everything else.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)00:45:40 No.2714641

    It's fine. I am sick to death of it but I usually do a quick check anyway in case it's something really big because one of the fantasies I have is running into Bussard, Rutan, Brain, someone really big and just find out what they really think about where their lives work goes.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:45:46 No.2714642
    Nope, not him.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:47:29 No.2714665
    Bussard, Rutan, Brain, wat

    Who are these people?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:47:40 No.2714667
    To be honest, I don't know what to believe. I admit that I'm a shallow-minded human with the ability to barely comprehend four dimensions.
    >> J !EM5exyYJvA 01/10/09(Sat)00:48:05 No.2714673
    Well the robots are communist
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)00:51:22 No.2714715

    1. Father of fusion, 2. guy who designed most of the orbiters still flying today, and 3. one of the two guys credited with forming the intellectual foundation of autolabor theory and popularizing the stipend economy. I'd also love to talk to the CEO of Kiva if any of you had the connections to swing that but I don't expect anything.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:52:56 No.2714726
    Oh, hurrr, I know who you're talking about now. I thought you meant some crazy future mans.

    Man, do you guys not even have NESes in the future? You're missing out.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:54:13 No.2714745
    I assume this is the KIVA he means. At least it's the only one I see:
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)00:54:22 No.2714748

    Uh I subscribe to the legacy shop if that counts. NES is like original Nintendo right.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:56:45 No.2714776
    I wonder if things like SETI actually continue on in the future. I wanna meet me some world-destroying alien beasts.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)00:57:41 No.2714787

    No, Kiva's logo doesn't look like that, it's a diamond with an X across it sorta.

    Someone swore that they existed in 2009 in the last thread but given that you guys pulled one over on me with the movie reference in this thread I guess they could've been doing the same thing.

    Kiva makes most of the robots used in autolabor, although they probably make their money on something else until autolabor theory is popularized? That's when everyone and their brother starts putting out robots. I could check if anyone wants to know.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:57:50 No.2714791
    Fuck, now I just feel like some loser who makes video games. Way to put my life in perspective!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:58:57 No.2714800
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)00:59:05 No.2714801

    Hey now, apps are big business.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:59:17 No.2714805
    Man, I wish I could come up with something rad like that.

    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)00:59:43 No.2714814
    The last thread just pointed out that an organization named Kiva -exists-, not that it's a robotics company.

    Who knows, they could re-consolidate under the same name with a new business model and move from microtransactions in developed countries to labor robotics, it's not -too- much of a stretch...
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:00:00 No.2714817
    Enjoy your robot overlords when someone puts the AI in them to control humanity. Then they shall self-replicate and destroy all of humanity. Eventually, it will become just like THE MATRIX.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)01:00:21 No.2714822

    That's the same URL they gave me last time but I can't load it, the parser chokes on some kinda embedded video or something, gives me a bandwidth exception.

    Could you copy a few lines of text from the site and I'll tell you if it's the same thing?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:00:37 No.2714828
    I don't know about you, but I see boxes with wheels.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:00:37 No.2714829
         File :1231567237.gif-(3 KB, 133x64, kivasystemslogo.gif)
    Here's the logo from their website, Future Bud.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:01:49 No.2714844
    Founded in 2003, Kiva is focused on solving real problems in the supply chain. Founder and CEO Mick Mountz experienced the challenges of existing material handling systems firsthand while working at online grocer Webvan. The complexity of existing equipment and processes and the resulting high cost of filling orders ultimately was the downfall of Webvan. It occurred to Mick that there must be a better way to accomplish pick, pack and ship.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:02:06 No.2714848
    Mick then asked himself the simple question, "What if all the products in the warehouse could walk and talk on their own, couldn't they just come to me when I need to fill an order?" To pursue this idea, he sought the help of two experts in the area of complex multi-agent systems, Professors Peter Wurman and Raffaello D'Andrea, and together they began to develop the Kiva concept.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:02:24 No.2714850
    Today, Kiva applies the concepts of "distributed intelligence" to inventory management. Inspired by ant colonies capable of performing large and complex tasks with limited central control, the Kiva system allows inventory to organize itself, adapting to conditions as they change. The resulting solution combines store, move and sort functions into one simple system that can now deliver any item to any operator at any time.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:04:07 No.2714866
    For the kids looking for job security.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)01:04:54 No.2714872

    Autolabor robots are specialized. They typically don't work outside of their compound as it is designed around their capabilities. If anything ever went wrong nobody would be in any real danger. Wetbots freak out once in a blue moon but that's as close as it gets to any sort of robot on human violence and that's because there's always some potential for unpredictable behavior even in well trained brains.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:06:39 No.2714885
    Supposedly one of the main reasons Tolkien wrote Lord of the Rings was to show off his elven language, because he was primarily a linguist.

    Following in that vein, Alex creates a futuristic society, because he wanted input for his economy classes. Or possibly a thesis. Or dissertation.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)01:06:46 No.2714887

    That's it except it's straight on, that one looks tilted. But >>2714850

    sound exactly like the stuff people copied off the site in the last thread. So yeah, apply for a job and wait for it to start raining money.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:08:26 No.2714894
    I'm sure there are some major flaws being overlooked.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)01:12:01 No.2714925

    Sounds good. Last time I had people sharing humor. I told a few myself. Maybe I'm a comedian getting input on my jokes?

    A few times I shared journals I kept, and someone said I must be a literature major showing off.

    There's a simpler explanation, but I like to see you guess anyways. It's flattering that people think I could be a writer, a comedian, an economist and whatnot.

    I'm a student who up until a little over a year ago was living on vendor meals and hab brand bevs. To everyone else I'm that guy who dated his way into the cushy job. To you guys, I'm apparently some sort of multitalented mastermind.

    ETP is worth every dollar.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:13:25 No.2714945
    Hey, futureman, you said Obama fires Griffin, correct?

    What's the date when he does that?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:13:37 No.2714949
    Multi-talented Mastermind? Nah, more like interesting foreign exchange student.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:15:19 No.2714967
    To me, you're either a brilliant storyteller or a normal guy from the future who got some really lucky breaks partially brought on by us pastbros, wound up finding a girl you genuinely care about, and did the impossible by following her straight to the moon (with a hopefully happy ending coming down the line.)
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)01:16:50 No.2714981

    It should have happened sometime since the last thread, on the 8th I think. In a few years his wife will leak the details of how he was shitcanned under the table for refusing to go along with the plan to use old rockets.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:17:52 No.2714996
    >> brilliant storyteller

    Not really, he skips over the mundane questions that can trip him up and uses jargon that he claims, "You wouldn't understand because it's futuristic."

    What he is an excellent bluffer. He provides just enough information so you don't try to call him out too much and just strings you along.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:19:25 No.2715008
    It's kinda like hypnotism. You have to be willing to go along with it for it to work.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:22:16 No.2715048
    The jargon usually makes sense, actually, which is scary. Except for the quantum shit, that makes NO sense.

    If this kid is a troll, he's really good at what he does. And if he's not, then he's a pretty normal dude I guess.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:22:37 No.2715051
    or maybe more like those people who write horoscopes.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:23:35 No.2715061
    So Futureguy, does the government ever disclose any information on Area 51/the Groom Lake facility/etc?

    It's a fairly controversial topic in our day and age among conspiracy theorists who insist they have aliens from a mysterious crash outside Roswell.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:24:20 No.2715072
    I'm now currently skimming through the 12 threads of so of this so I can harass better in the next thread. It looks like this has already been going on for 5 hours or so.
    >> Cromwell !!DC+e7do8O+I 01/10/09(Sat)01:26:37 No.2715097
    Sup future dude. Once again, joining the conversation late, but I just got back home from a flight across the country.

    Incidentally, to answer your question regarding vacations: I was out in Utah, skiing some of the finest goddamn powder I've ever been on, and I've skiied the Alps.

    And despite your historical adversity to Mormons, they are a friendly and industrious people, but they shouldn't pollute their quaint minds with politics...
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)01:26:49 No.2715099

    Uh oh, you're on to my dastardly plan to convince you all that I'm a student mooching off my girlfriends family because I have poor judgement!

    The best part is when I'm explaining something like prt or panels to someone and they go off to research it and come back and say "AHA! Something like that exists now! You're full of shit!" and I'm all "Yes, I know it does, that's what I've been telling you; what it turns into." It's like if you went back to the 1850s and told them about electric cars, and they called bullshit on you because that's around when they started building electric carriages experimentally.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)01:29:24 No.2715115

    I think they did already, like in 2007 or some shit. I know that when they finally make all the docus on the JFK shooting public it's during the huge media shitstorm over the asteroid passing close to Earth so it gets kinda overshadowed until people realize that they're not gonna die.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:29:26 No.2715116
    Then throw us a curve ball and tell us anything you've heard from future ETPers.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:30:12 No.2715120

    Yeah. Just you wait. I am a NEET. I have more than enough time to go through your posts and find ways to destroy your logic. Why would I do this? Because I have nothing better to do with my time or life. HA!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:30:23 No.2715123
    Euhmz, FutureGuy.

    -How did Europe turn out?
    - Any major events in 2009?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)01:35:02 No.2715173

    I've heard only a few consistent things from more than one guy. That spinny superconducting disc technology that they use in ETP supposedly becomes the key component in an engine that can push a whole ferry up out of regular space into some perpendicular folded up dimension where light goes faster, so using the nuclear pulse they can go much faster than in normal space, then drop back out when they slow down and they'll have covered many many more times the distance in a fraction of the time.

    Also something called organets which is like engineered microorganisms that know to absorb control wafers, their only inorganic component, it's what makes it possible to organize and direct them to do useful shit. So like tiny one celled cyborgs I guess.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)01:36:56 No.2715189

    What's a NEET?


    Northern russia goes from tundra to temperate forest and a bunch of open air cities are built there that you have to shit proper dollars in order to live in.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:39:10 No.2715207
    what time of day is it right now in your time? or are you exactly 87 years in the future?
    >> Cromwell !!DC+e7do8O+I 01/10/09(Sat)01:40:12 No.2715225

    You won't have a lot of data to go on, I'm afraid, considering future dude is sparse on details, and any absolute truths fall through the cracks between the empiricism.

    Personally, I treat it this way. If he's from the future, so be it. If he's not, then this is a supremely entertaining form of collective storytelling, similar to ARGs, and I am glad to be apart of it. Why ruin that for everyone else by sifting through pages of written dialogue and looking for linguistic or historical faults that maybe (but not absolutely) proves this is a hoax?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:40:14 No.2715227
    Associated question. How does moon type sync up with earth time? GMT, ect.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:40:43 No.2715234
    It's an acronym for "Not currently engaged in Employment, Education, or Training," or, more succinctly (and depressingly), "No Employment, Education, or Training."
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:40:45 No.2715235
    That's supposed to say "moon time". Sorry, its about bed time for me.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:41:10 No.2715238
         File :1231569670.jpg-(50 KB, 500x375, aura-primary.jpg)
    Hey Future.
    Hab living sounds ok.
    You talk a lot about invalids. How do invalids live? Do they have electricity? You told a joke involving an invalid and a toilet. Does this mean invalids have plumbing, or that they are living in abandoned houses?

    What do the invalids call hab-dwellers? I know they think you're having rape parties or whatever. But do they have a derogatory term for hab-dwellers, comparable to 'invalid'?

    Is the stipend economy in effect all over the world, or only in industrially developed nations?

    I'mnot so bothered by the autolabor and stipend economy as I am by the fact that it's still a few corporations in charge (you mentioned Virgin and Bigelow). Aren't there any imdependently owned autolabor facilities? or are they all under corporate control?

    I suppose that autolabor and stipend economy mean less to me than the economic and philosophical assumptions involved in the system. I'm not real happy with the trickle-down system, but it looks like it's still in effect in your time.

    pic unrelated
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:41:59 No.2715248
    I agree, this is fun regardless of the truth of the matter. However, half the game may be figuring out the truth on your own, like a logic puzzle.
    >> Cromwell !!DC+e7do8O+I 01/10/09(Sat)01:43:31 No.2715271

    NEETs also carry the social stigma of being antisocial misanthropes that either can't be bothered to interact with humanity or have crippling neuroses that prevent them from doing so....at least in Japan.

    Also the subject of a half-way decent animu.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:43:55 No.2715277
    What was the text of the baleeted post?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)01:45:35 No.2715298

    Panel says it's 21:43. Session ends at 22:30. I'm living in tranquilitatis btw so I can't exactly look outside and tell you if it's day or night or whatever.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)01:46:39 No.2715309

    So, an invalid.
    >> Cromwell !!DC+e7do8O+I 01/10/09(Sat)01:47:55 No.2715315

    Well, I've already formed my opinion on whether this is true or not, judging from certain things. But I won't reveal my position or why I've formed it, mostly cause I enjoy people's reactions to having their minds expanded a bit by FutureDude.
    >> Cromwell !!DC+e7do8O+I 01/10/09(Sat)01:50:27 No.2715335

    Actually, yes, if my understanding of what an invalid is in your time is comprehensive enough.

    Of course, a NEET/invalid in our time is probably more reprehensible than in yours, considering we the nature of our economy creates overarching social requirements such as a "work ethic."

    People that fail to work and provide aren't just lazy, they're failures as human beings.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:52:02 No.2715352
    Hey Futureguy, I've been talking to a christian friend of mine about your future - and she's utterly horrified by the thought of the Chri-doms and CNPA, as well as by the thought of Palin being anywhere near the presidency.

    Also, she thinks living in a hab sounds awesome.

    Is she cool by your standards?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)01:52:39 No.2715358

    "Nothing ever changes
    it just rearranges
    Time and time and time again
    it's not so bad, my simple friend

    habs and hab nots
    accepting their lots
    outdoor bakes and indoor rots
    but you can date a perfect ten

    Come inside, my simple friend"
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)01:54:48 No.2715378

    Sure I guess. We don't forcibly keep them out, they just don't want in for the most part because they've been lied to about what goes on inside habs.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)01:59:29 No.2715405
    Okay, I just want to point out something from threads 1 & 2.

    Thread 1:
    Can't believe I've been avoiding this question. Obama wins in 2008, Romney vs. Obama in 2012 (almost wins due to abortion shit), and Biden wins in 2016.

    Thread 2:
    >>List the five presidents after George W. Bush.

    Obama, Chelsea, Maynard (Huckabee loses, and conservative backlash at the one two three punch of Obama and Chelsea plus the loss of Huckabee, starts a civil war lasting roughly ten months] Grissom and Schuester.

    That is all.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:00:42 No.2715414
    *sniff*...fucking moar.

    also, god dammit...if this is really my future it feels like such a spoiler alert...
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)02:01:35 No.2715424

    You're like the tenth person to point that out. The biden one wasn't me. If you'll notice, that was before I got my tripcode. Someone walked me through how to set one up because people were impersonating me in my threads.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:02:39 No.2715436
    Is the name Andres Hernandez-Pic
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:03:12 No.2715441

    I looked at this, too.

    However, he didn't use a trip in those posts so it's impossible to tell if it was him.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:03:18 No.2715443
    of any relevance in the future?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)02:03:35 No.2715445

    Nah it's just an old song that came to mind. Bad habit I picked up from Siane, she's always messaging me lyrics and saying they are about us. Apparently every song ever is about us because I have an inbox facet full of messages that are just excerpted song lyrics. It's sweet but also mildly aggravating.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:05:58 No.2715457
    Speaking of tripcodes, did you brute-force yours or does the future have some sort of intelligent way to calculate possible contents of a hashed value?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:06:00 No.2715459
    but i remember you saying how they use the high energy beams to shoot at outsiders that "get to close"

    >> Trappan Gaems !O42zslyatY 01/10/09(Sat)02:06:36 No.2715461
    does Kiva Systems have a parent company?

    I can't find their stock symbol :(
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:07:05 No.2715463
    well, I have to say, the future sounds awesome, I can practice my drums all day and perfect my homebrew and whatever else I feel like working on and not worry about starving. Well, maybe the part about the particulate layer getting removed and the climate getting all fucked up can be messaged to someone important so they don't do that in our timeline.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)02:08:08 No.2715468

    When a family approaches the front gate, hey, maybe they want to register and apply for provisional shares and get placed.

    When some random invalid is wandering around without any excuse to be there, there's a good chance he's wired to pop. The LIPC doesn't normally kill them, but it will detonate the charges if they're wearing any.
    >> Cromwell !!DC+e7do8O+I 01/10/09(Sat)02:08:12 No.2715469

    There's a difference between "Hi, can we, like, come in and maybe have some food?" and "BURN YE HEATHEN AND YON IDOLS!"
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:08:44 No.2715477
    Kiva Systems doesn't appear to be publicly traded, I can't find any information on it on either the NYSE or NASDAQ with a cursory search.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)02:09:10 No.2715479

    Someone made it for me.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:11:20 No.2715497
    >>2715238 here
    me no unnerstand
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:12:05 No.2715504
    then how can we or you be sure you aren't being copied by that guy?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:12:27 No.2715506
    >>Yes, one nuclear weapon has been used in 'war' between 2008 and 2095. Nobody was killed, it was shot down in the launch phase. Long story, but I'll give you three guesses who launched it

    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)02:12:48 No.2715509

    I dunno, not my problem.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:13:43 No.2715514
    >but it will detonate the charges if they're wearing any.
    ah, good system.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:15:05 No.2715524
    I'm not going to do anymore until the next thread, whenever and if ever that is. This one has gone on long enough.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)02:15:21 No.2715526

    CNPA. It was an American missile. Our own defense network lased it out of the sky while it was still in the launch stage.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)02:18:37 No.2715537

    It beats the CMB and ADS systems on some of the early converted malls and shit. "I know how to drive em off, let's make them *slightly* hotter!"
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:18:45 No.2715538
    Future !GUYX/6jp3w 12/21/08(Sun)03:04 No.24490649

    >>Why am I being trolled by the future

    Because it's fun as shit

    ...and you can't get away with it in the present unless you have the cash for something nicer than habnet.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)02:19:17 No.2715539
    Session ends in 11 minutes.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:23:02 No.2715570

    Just want to tell you, whether you're really from the future or not, you've given me a nice experience here.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:24:40 No.2715582
    Hahaha man, no matter where/when you're from, you're a devious asshole.

    This rules.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)02:24:53 No.2715586

    Aw hey, I'm glad. I get my autopayment and stipend the day after tomorrow, I can be on then. Let's say 6pm or so on the 10th.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:24:56 No.2715587
    Wow, /v/ certainly was a lot more hostile than /r9k/. Why did you make so many thread there?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:26:04 No.2715594
    That may be something you have to talk with Siane about, if it's that big an issue.
    Although to be completely honest I wouldn't be sure how to even start without maybe offending her or something.

    I'm sure you'll work things out, at any rate. And you love her enough to marry her (someday,) right?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)02:26:30 No.2715599

    Initially I was curious about older apps.

    4 min left.
    >> Cromwell !!DC+e7do8O+I 01/10/09(Sat)02:27:10 No.2715609

    Great. Maybe we can finally hash out this question of the prevailing ethic of the sanctity of human life. I posited some questions regarding this last time, but was deftly ignored.

    Perhaps philosophy as applied to law doesn't interest you, futurebro?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)02:28:13 No.2715619

    It's not that big a deal, even the little annoying things are kinda charming when it's her.

    Giving serious thought to it. The lunar gardens trip is coming up. Anxiety keeps getting worse as it gets closer because I am seriously exactly on the fence about whether to ask her then or not.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/10/09(Sat)02:29:37 No.2715630
    Welp I got the session end warning. Time's pretty much up. I had fun guys, see you when I get paid.
    >> A Noun You'll Miss !!cVgf/U6WfoE 01/10/09(Sat)02:30:24 No.2715640
         File :1231572624.jpg-(70 KB, 665x488, kivapiczh8.jpg)
    Provided that the upcoming future events are true, the threads have given me some red flags to look out for in the future.

    -Redshirt Christfags
    -Kiva Systems
    -MyGirlfriend ( I want to believe! )

    I do like how in this future, religion isn't taken seriously anymore because of the civil war.

    Pic: what first came to mind when future guy mentioned Kiva
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:31:49 No.2715651
    I can't really give you advice, though I'd love to; it's not exactly my area of expertise.

    But I'll wish you all the luck in the universe towards whatever end you decide upon.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:32:05 No.2715654
    so what your saying is that the universe keeps itself alive only because it randomly divides itself by zero...

    OH SH-
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:33:29 No.2715666

    speaking of which I found this http://www.falangist.com/

    its the CFPA which is pretty close, did he say if they changed their name or how old the party is supposd to be
    >> Dome Guy 01/10/09(Sat)02:34:27 No.2715674
    Gonna go on the record here and say I hope things turn out great between Alex and Siane.

    Go, go, future bro.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:39:19 No.2715710
    you got the future wrong, it's gonna happen another way

    : ): ) : ) : ): ) : ): ) : )
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:46:08 No.2715771
    I know he might not be from the future, but I've been reading his threads since they first appeared on /v/, and his "future" is incredibly consistent, interesting, and plausible, so I'll take him seriously just for that.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/09(Sat)02:46:59 No.2715777
    how about you just name some of the most famous people of this century instead of have a shitton of people asking you if they become important

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