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    File :1231705946.jpg-(30 KB, 312x423, preset.jpg)
    I wanna go home. Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)15:32:26 No.2731856  
    Well it's been about four weeks since I got back, I spend most of my time either at work, repeating my side of the story for habsec, and making plans with Siane. Harlan and Theia wants us to move in with them so we'll be safer. Oh, and sorry I called you guys liars last time, I checked with the ISP and they said they bumped my session to another date without telling me because this site wouldn't respond on the date/time range I had requested. They wouldn't say anything about the keepalive but I assume it hasn't been interrupted, or I hope so anyway. (You guys know me, right?)

    I don't want to move in with her parents, they're lovely people but they have pretty specific expectations that I don't have any intentions of satisfying, and I'm already unpopular enough around here. I just wanna move back to Earth, but I can't until they get it through their heads that Siane and I don't want kids right away.

    Distract me, pastbros. Your drawings always cheer me up. Or we could talk about computers or whatever. Just get my mind off this shit.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)15:37:17 No.2731895
    Marriage and kids are for suckers. You should live the free and happy life of a bachelor!
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)15:38:03 No.2731901
    Hitler 2012?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)15:38:06 No.2731902
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)15:40:44 No.2731928
    yo man not all guys are shitty at relationships
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)15:41:50 No.2731945

    Assume that's true then, and just humor me. I never asked you to believe anything you don't want to, but I'm going through some shit right now and I need someone to talk to.
    >> Trappan Gaems !O42zslyatY 01/11/09(Sun)15:44:46 No.2731976
    Futurebro why does the filename for your picture change every thread :(
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)15:46:58 No.2731996

    I've resubmitted it a bunch of times. The ISP guy uses some period-specific web app to scale it down, ref it from local storage with whatever filename he/she thinks is appropriate.

    They started doing this ages ago, I haven't asked why.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)15:59:38 No.2732117

    Siane and I are engaged. I proposed to her a few weeks ago, should've been in my journal last time.

    Anyways it's a little fucking late at this point. Even if I wanted out (I don't) I've invested so much in this and gone out on so many limbs that I can't just cut and run. I love Siane, and I'm going to force this to work no matter what happens.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)16:03:58 No.2732149
    I'm glad you popped the question man.
    you're a bit earlier than normal man, I usually read your posts and pop some quick question in the morning (GMT +1 here), anywayz, great to see you in early,

    I'm going to bed soon anywayz, got a big exam tomorrow.

    A quick question though. In which hab do you live now, because last time I saw any movement I believe you were talking about living in a Google hab because your parents lived there, so how are they and what's happened to them? are they hibernating now?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)16:07:56 No.2732186

    I told you I'd post at a different time than usual, because of the ISP issues I ran into last time. But yeah I am gonna get my fill before I lay off the ETP for a few months. I'm going to save up and buy a share. Harlan and Theia are postponing their cold sleep until they know Siane and I can have a kid.

    You must've missed a bunch of threads though, I moved to lunarhab. Siane's folks were setting her up with Clavian, although obviously that's not an issue now.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)16:11:24 No.2732211
    Apologies if this has been asked before, but i've missed a few threads. What exactly is this hibernation that people experience, a form of life extention? What's the normal lifespan in your time period?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)16:12:02 No.2732218

    Nopz, I read all of them I think, I was just curious about your parents, Glad to hear they're alright though.

    I've been wondering about that autolabor. I've read up on the Kiva systems thing and I see that nowadays they make auto-trolies that move goods within a compound or something.

    What are the specific modification that are made to make the auto-labor thing possible. like a product is made on a conveyor belt, rolls off it and the auto-labor distribute it and you can buy things like they come out of the wall. Is that the basic idea?
    >> Mesothelioma !1dEiK2BjsI 01/11/09(Sun)16:13:46 No.2732234
    Why don't you post in /v/ anymore ?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)16:16:45 No.2732257

    I guess? The first autolabor bots do things like tend to crops in plant nurseries/farms/hydroponic facilities, manage warehouse stock, and I know I've seen a few old autolabor combines for field maintinence.

    Anything I get that's not made locally is autolabor produce, and it's just delivered to me some time after I've ordered it. I assume by some combination of roto and cargo PRT depending on which compound it was made at.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)16:18:12 No.2732268

    I didn't mention my parents btw, they're still in google hab. Harlan and Theia are Siane's parents.


    The mods eventually decided not to allow my threads. They were deleted within minutes of posting.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)16:18:42 No.2732280

    Hey thanks again for answering. I'm off to bed now. need some sleep for that big test tomorrow.

    Take care, Oh and do you know when you'll be online again (in our time)? I'll hang on just a little longer to see ur answer =)

    Laterz dude.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)16:20:18 No.2732295

    Tomorrow for you, as per the usual.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)16:20:52 No.2732300
    Does Moore's law hold true, more than true, or less than true?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)16:25:14 No.2732343

    To the best of my knowledge it applies to electronics although it plateaus prior to the advent of consumer photonics. You should be seeing a decline in the rate of progress re: processor speeds already, as of about 2003 and onward.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)16:29:32 No.2732391
    Who are your ancestors alive in 2009, so I can kill them and cause a paradox
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)16:31:04 No.2732410

    David Beyman. But please leave him alone. The war was enough.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)16:32:04 No.2732420
    The exact opposite is happening.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)16:32:11 No.2732425
    Photonics? Please elaborate.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)16:33:17 No.2732444
    So I'm curious as to why the democrats don't back Obama in 2012. It would be easier to back a well-liked incumbent than to push for new legislation that would allow someone younger to run.

    Also, what can you tell us about this Maynard guy? Can we at least have a first name?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)16:33:41 No.2732452

    Okay, then I'm wrong. As I understood it individual CPU speeds began to reach a point of diminishing returns so you just started packing lots of them on a chip which is how we wound up with 66 core panels.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)16:35:10 No.2732467

    Optical circuitry.


    #1. He declines to run for a second term on account of the assassination attempt and threats on his family.

    #2. His first name is Jim.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)16:36:01 No.2732478
    O Great Oracle Of The Future:

    who wins the 2009 superbowl? could you look that up in your fancy future databases plz
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)16:38:10 No.2732499

    Next time I'm on solarnet, sure. You want to bet on it or something?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)16:39:52 No.2732519
    No, I want to prove you're full of shit in a couple months
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)16:39:55 No.2732520
    I remember one of you from a while back who did lovely sketches of Siane, some other lunaran woman and a pretty good attempt at a helene.

    I'd be delighted if you'd share whatever you've done since then. I've put those three sketches up on my wall and they could use company.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)16:42:07 No.2732549
    Who is the final Cylon? I must know!
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)16:42:31 No.2732554

    Alternatively you could look at it as someone who never asked you to believe anything you don't want to, who is providing you with free entertainment. Whatever works for you, I can't really deal with antagonism at the moment.

    If you have any advice or feel like sharing something with me that might cheer me up, go ahead. Otherwise, find something else to do.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)16:44:21 No.2732576

    what are you afraid of, underage b7?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)16:44:58 No.2732587

    I downloaded a ton of episodes of that show last time someone asked about it. I promised I'd grab the eps off solarnet for next time and they were like "lol copout".

    Well I fucking did it and they find Earth but it's in ruins. It's pretty obvious who the cylons are, they're the guys in the silver robot outfits. The final episode leaves a lot of shit unresolved and this series had probably the worst effects I've ever seen, I'm surprised it's still popular in 2009. I subjected myself to it for you guys, hope you appreciate it.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)16:48:17 No.2732621

    I'm afraid I'm going to be brought up on charges because Clavian's family has upper management ties. I'm afraid I'll have to move back to Earth before I'm ready for legal reasons and I'll have to spent everything I've saved on that, and I won't be able to afford a share before Harlan and Theia go under and they'll never forgive me.

    I wish I could have talked things over with Clavian before everything went to shit I guess.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)16:50:26 No.2732640
    nobody cares about your problems in "your time" because we can't relate

    instead, tell us secrets about the immediate future from the perspective of "our time" so we can poke holes in your logic and expose you as being an scifi-obsessed high school writefag
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)16:50:28 No.2732641
    The only Jim Maynard I can find is a gay socialist blogger. Is this the guy? If so, can you explain how he gets elected?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)16:51:21 No.2732649
    Some guy predicted the September 2008 market crash and now is predicting a second crash on February 9th, 2009. He is saying these market crashes coincide with a meeting of a certain Christian group. Anything to this Futuredood?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)16:57:30 No.2732711
    Oh no you didnt!!! Go back to your loveless rock in space.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)16:58:53 No.2732735

    Socialist? You sure? I knew he was a gay atheist. After Obama gets elected the whole "old white religious guy always wins" paradigm kinda goes out the window and I guess the same voter blocs that wanted to see if they could elect a black guy decide to get a woman elected. After Chelsea wins, some gay atheist was the next step and Jim was pretty outspoken on the age of eligibility/gay rights laws in 2015. Right place, right time.


    The market fluctuates a lot between 2009 and the adoption of autolabor, I dunno if any of it was ever identified as a series of crashes, my knowledge of economics is pretty much limited to what I picked up in my formative/cumulative ed classes. But yeah the economic instability is often cited as one of the reasons the CNPA was able to gain traction.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)17:03:37 No.2732775

    Get someone to hook you up with the past threads. I already went through the "make a bunch of predictions and look me up on future wikinet" dealie.

    Talk to Gage Roulund, I am not in the mood for this horseshit. I am not your "magic eight ball" as someone put it. Maybe when I'm feeling better.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)17:12:52 No.2732844
    Ok so describe the politics of your time. Since habs have their own laws, how much power does the federal government have? How much does the concept of the nation-state still apply?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)17:15:01 No.2732864
    being a magic eight ball is all that you're good for because you're presenting us with an equally gimmick-y premise: "i'm the guy from the future."

    nobody here can relate to your "future problems" - why don't you try talking to people from your own time? otherwise, you're going to have to expect and put up with people asking you "wuts gonna happen" questions

    in conclusion, play by the own rules you set up or GTFO
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)17:16:53 No.2732881

    The government enforces share based ownership of autolabor, and manages the military. I suppose if we'd abolished govenrment or something following the transition to autolabor, the corps might've just asserted ownership of the autolabor compounds and all the robots. There'd be no work for anyone and the wealtheist ten percent would have no need of human labor. I have no idea where things would be today if it had gone just a bit differently.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)17:18:01 No.2732889

    Shit like this is why most ETP posters keep it to themselves.
    >> Emetus Mantil !eLpPv1Lb5U 01/11/09(Sun)17:21:27 No.2732933
    Futureguy, what would YOU like us to talk about?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)17:23:25 No.2732954
    maybe you should too, writefag
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)17:23:36 No.2732958

    Everything that comes to mind that would be helpful to me right now is too heavy to have a good time discussing.

    I guess I'd like to see more artwork. I didn't see it coming but that's what I enjoy most about ETP in the two years or so I've been on; the way you think things will look in 2097.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)17:25:43 No.2732983

    How does this differ between different nations across the world? And would you identify yourself as an American or an inhabitant of a certain hab?

    Since habs are fairly autonomous and you can essentially choose your race, I would imagine that any sense of nationalism would disappear. Are there still significant cultural differences between countries or regions?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)17:28:47 No.2733028
    First time I have seen one of your threads. what year are you supposedly posting from?
    Do you know of anything happening in 2012? On that Mayan "Apocalypse" date?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)17:30:28 No.2733054

    I've actually looked into this and I guess the closest thing is similar to "school spirit"? You'll hear jokes that shit on people from kiva hab told in Yum hab and whatnot.

    Just about every nation on Earth is on autolabor. Nobody had much choice. The minute Australia, Alaska and the other early adopters started flooding the global market with cheap, high quality goods, it was either transition to autolabor or spiral into third world conditions overnight. That's how we wound up intervening when China freaked out at Australia and put ships on its coast.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)17:36:14 No.2733128
    What are considered the masterpieces of art within this century? What are the great books/movies/video games/tv shows? What are they about? An example or title?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)17:36:39 No.2733133
    What are the dominant schools of thought in philosophy?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)17:37:03 No.2733139
    Is string theory correct?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)17:41:40 No.2733176

    Voliva's ambition is required reading in every lit class as it summarizes the ideological history behind the CNPA and how things got that bad without anyone doing anything.

    Turned it into a pretty fantastic film too, good book to movie conversions are hard to come by as I understand it. It's about this guy named Wilbur Voliva who built a theocratic city state at the turn of the last century, and about Christian dominion theology in general.


    Well the predominant outlook is materialist. Most hab administrations have a heavy meritocratic bent. The stipend economy has been described as everything from marxism to objectivism to libertarianism.

    Big question, I hope that's a satisfactory answer.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)17:43:14 No.2733197

    If it isn't, then the voider project is going to be a huge bust.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)17:44:19 No.2733212
    Futureguy i know youve been asked about this before, but could you clarify what year marijuana (cannabis) is made legal for recreational use in america? or canada?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)17:49:36 No.2733255

    Restrictions are relaxed by legislation passed during both the Obama and Maynard presidencies. When it's legalized and in what form depends which hab you're talking about.
    >> Emetus Mantil !eLpPv1Lb5U 01/11/09(Sun)17:54:05 No.2733317

    Hm. Well, Future, I always thought things would be a lot more different.

    For one, I thought that people would eventually move into giant, self-contained cities underground. I guess that's sort of like what habs are from what I can gather, but I thought it would just be a little different. Like, these would house millions of people, and contain massive central facilities for recycling and production. Though, I still thought human labor would be in use by this point, so my idea/design had the city set up in rings corresponding to class and importance. The central core of the city was primarily manufacturing, recycling, and essential services - everything outwards from there decreased in importance.

    Core > Commercial > Upper class habitation > Middle class habitation > Lower class habitation.

    Except for the biggest ring, the outer ring, which would be used for farming.

    Transportation would be mostly tram services/localized teleportation within the city, and then bullet trains which would lead outside city bounds (to mainly other cities).

    The way into the city would be through a fantastic open area in the center, the only non-emergency surface access available.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)17:55:28 No.2733339
         File :1231714528.jpg-(150 KB, 752x418, 1266013402_a1ca53c985_o.jpg)
    here op, i found some pictures of the future drawn in the 20th century. this one is Russian!
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)17:56:33 No.2733353
    What's the known population of America? I would imagine that it stopped growing, but just how many people were killed because of climate change, wars, etc?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)17:58:01 No.2733377
         File :1231714681.jpg-(256 KB, 801x605, 2060738477_4823fdaf18_o.jpg)
    this one is cool. it's looks like some enclosed ecosystem of some sort.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)17:59:32 No.2733396

    That sounds amazing. I guess it's not completely wrong; A few of the older lunar resorts are buried for radiation related purposes. Newer ones are above ground have these EM field emitters on poles that deflect lots of kinds of incoming high energy particles although not all.

    I had to look up bullet train to see if it was any different from what I thought and I guess that's pretty close to the outdoor PRTs that go between habs.

    Teleportation though? Really? When did you suppose all of this would happen?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:01:37 No.2733417
    >>2731856 (OP)
    Ok this board does specialize in relationship help, so why not help the man.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)18:02:55 No.2733431

    Wait, is that laid out like a roto/orbiter? Like, everyone sits facing the "front" of the craft? What's holding them down? In a ferry when you get on the rooms are "sideways" since it's the constant acceleration that provides the gravity.


    No way to be sure unless we could round up and precisely count all the outsiders. It's supposed to be 10.2 billion worldwide based on projections from pre-hab numbers.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:03:48 No.2733440
    I've always loved the idea of humans having total control over nature. Being able to create life, bend it, use it however we wish.
    >> anem0ne !!XYHK7lW+Knv 01/11/09(Sun)18:04:48 No.2733452
         File :1231715088.jpg-(191 KB, 634x600, arma_1959_cosmic_butterfly_00.jpg)
    here's a fanciful spaceship

    op, i'd like to ask: what is the music of 2097 like? Is the guitar/drums/bass standard rock formula of today still around? which bands/composers of the 20th century have remained relevant?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)18:05:31 No.2733459

    Haha fuck, it's that kind of thinking that got the turning point legislation passed. I don't suppose you know what the rapid warming effect is?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:05:32 No.2733460
    >constant acceleration

    what happens when you need to slow down
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)18:06:52 No.2733471

    They flip the ship around just as they're reaching the lagrange point, and then start decelerating. That provides gravity for the second half of the trip.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)18:09:09 No.2733494

    I'm listening to a lot of empathetic lately (shush) and I still dip into my viewpoint tracks now and then. I think I've explained synchro and how it's different from stereo so someone else can touch on that if they want to.
    >> Emetus Mantil !eLpPv1Lb5U 01/11/09(Sun)18:09:38 No.2733498

    Well figured that with the work that's going on now with teleportation (one molecule, VERY short distances), it would only be a matter of time until some sort of breakthrough would occur. From there, a series of tests with objects increasing in complexity would take place in order to determine if it would be safe for humans, or how they could make it safe.

    From there, investors would take up the idea, or governments would provide grants to scientists to perfect the technology for use in everyday living. And yes, while it would be a very expensive endeavor, it would eventually pay for itself by charging people a fee to use it (it'd be like, say, a bus ticket).
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:09:45 No.2733499
    anyone saved the old threads?
    >> anem0ne !!XYHK7lW+Knv 01/11/09(Sun)18:11:39 No.2733520
         File :1231715499.jpg-(205 KB, 500x666, 2061523638_8a09feb646_o.jpg)
    these were drawn before manned spaceflight had ever happened. so yeah it's not surprising that the ship would never be feasible. i think they're rather beatiful pictures though.

    here's an underground moonbase!
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)18:11:59 No.2733522

    That sounds like the stuff on the entanglement posting wikinet page. Could you tell me how it works? We might be talking about the same technology.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)18:13:51 No.2733540

    Fuck that's cool. Sort of the same shape as the hab although obviously that's way smaller. It looks like it's rigid metal too, most of the resorts are inflatable like the early Bigelow orbital resorts.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:16:57 No.2733568
    So, the Large Hadron Collider is undergoing technical difficulties right now. When does it go online, and when do they discover the Higgs boson?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:18:42 No.2733583
         File :1231715922.jpg-(40 KB, 400x400, moonbounce.jpg)


    Inflatable space stations and moon houses? Are you retarded?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:18:46 No.2733584
    >turning point legislation
    >rapid warming effect

    Explain these fabulous concepts.
    >> Emetus Mantil !eLpPv1Lb5U 01/11/09(Sun)18:20:03 No.2733597

    If I could tell you how it works, I'd be rich by now, and I'd be working in a lab somewhere.

    All I've read about it is that somewhere, scientists were able to teleport a molecule some ridiculously small distance, like .00002 inches or something like that. At a molecular level though, that's a good amount - enough to be newsworthy.

    I think they tried to apply that to teleporting an apple - that didn't turn out so well. From what I've heard, it successfully teleported, but it didn't retain its composition; it became a pile of mush.

    Long way to go.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)18:20:43 No.2733607

    July 2009, and it's around 2012 that the results proving the existence of the particle are released.
    >> anem0ne !!XYHK7lW+Knv 01/11/09(Sun)18:22:59 No.2733624
         File :1231716179.jpg-(303 KB, 650x854, 1265162059_1f6c5a1c6a_o.jpg)
    here's some retro future art of cities and stuff. for some reason a lot of the stuff i'm finding is soviet.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:23:04 No.2733625
    Futureguy, you obviously need some enjoyable conversaton, instead of the usual Q&A
    When I'm in a bad mood, I seduce women I'm never going to meet. This is distracting, enjoyable, and at the end of the day, I've got n00dz. Surely you've got something similar available to you?
    >> anem0ne !!XYHK7lW+Knv 01/11/09(Sun)18:23:58 No.2733636
         File :1231716238.jpg-(63 KB, 378x430, 202380995_4385bf2768_o.jpg)
    this one's awesome, i only wish for a higher-res version
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)18:24:28 No.2733641

    Haha oh man, I love this shit. Keep 'em coming, guys. :)
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:25:16 No.2733651


    >> Emetus Mantil !eLpPv1Lb5U 01/11/09(Sun)18:25:49 No.2733659

    Rapid warming effect: Caused by the removal of particulates in the upper atmosphere after the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano. Removing these sun-blocking particulates caused more of the sun's heat to reach the Earth, naturally causing rapid warming. Equator & southern regions got FUBAR'd.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)18:26:59 No.2733674

    Is that supposed to be Mars? They got the sky color completely wrong, but it's lovely.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:27:05 No.2733676
    Did I miss a thread?
    Last one I saw, you were still a week or so off from the Lunar Gardens trip.

    And then img went down for almost the whole day, and I couldn't find any of your threads.

    What happened?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:28:05 No.2733692
    So, how exactly are you posting to the Internet? Where is the information coming from? By that I mean, your posts are registered to an IP address with a specific location.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:29:02 No.2733707
    And if I did miss a thread, someone tell me they have an archived copy of it I can have. Please.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)18:29:03 No.2733708

    I posted the journal in the last thread. There's been some fucking around going on at the ISP apparently so I don't know when that would've shown up, maybe you were asleep?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:29:10 No.2733710
    And turning point?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)18:30:28 No.2733734

    Yeah, it will be every time. That's the insertion point for the packets that make up my posts.

    Someone tell this guy how ETP works? And keep the pictures coming! I'm gonna cover my apartment with these!
    >> Emetus Mantil !eLpPv1Lb5U 01/11/09(Sun)18:30:32 No.2733735

    I want to say that it was the legislation that standardized autolabor, but I could be mistaken.
    >> anem0ne !!XYHK7lW+Knv 01/11/09(Sun)18:31:51 No.2733754
         File :1231716711.jpg-(288 KB, 653x837, 1044158837_67c76a9b1a_o.jpg)
    moot blocker
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)18:33:41 No.2733779

    Actually it authorized a bunch of environmental engineering projects intended to curb global warming. One of which made it a billion times worse, and we're still dealing with it. If anyone posts in here who winds up working on that I'd like to rub one out in their hex, they have it coming.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:34:29 No.2733786
         File :1231716869.jpg-(238 KB, 882x500, future_tent.jpg)
    Google Images + "future"
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)18:35:13 No.2733803

    ...Those look like a few habs I've seen. I don't know what's up with the little saucer rotos though. I'd love garden decks like that although typically there's only one, and even that is a huge waste of space imo but then if I'd had an apartment overlooking it like I wanted, maybe I wouldn't feel that way. Sour grapes.
    >> Emetus Mantil !eLpPv1Lb5U 01/11/09(Sun)18:36:27 No.2733819
         File :1231716987.jpg-(687 KB, 1420x692, lowres1.jpg)
    Dumping pics for futureguy
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:37:35 No.2733841

    Someone help me out. I can't be the only guy who saves copies of these threads.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:38:23 No.2733851

    I was there for the last thread. I didn't see any journal.
    >> Emetus Mantil !eLpPv1Lb5U 01/11/09(Sun)18:39:01 No.2733860
         File :1231717141.jpg-(794 KB, 1420x692, lowres2.jpg)
    Number two, blocking for great justice.
    >> Emetus Mantil !eLpPv1Lb5U 01/11/09(Sun)18:40:31 No.2733879
         File :1231717231.jpg-(799 KB, 1420x692, lowres3.jpg)
    Numero tres, boot crock.
    >> anem0ne !!XYHK7lW+Knv 01/11/09(Sun)18:40:44 No.2733884
         File :1231717244.jpg-(170 KB, 800x1100, future_city_plutonic.jpg)
    wow, those peter lee drawings are reaaaaally awesome!
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)18:41:20 No.2733895

    Man, these look so depressing. The older ones all seem so optimistic. Why did the tone change? Are people expecting their future to be shitty in 2009? I suppose it is in the short term though, n/m.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:41:25 No.2733897
    Future dude, you neglected my question, you meanie :(
    It was....
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:42:26 No.2733914
    Ok, I'd really like to know if humanity has finally fucking moved on from the Imperial system, and we're all on metric now. What say you futureguy?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)18:43:18 No.2733924

    Any particular reason that the heliodisplay on that building is monochrome? I like the trains though, they remind me of the old skytran networks, some of them are still running too.


    Not sure wtf is going on in this one but it's beautiful. Saving.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:43:34 No.2733929
         File :1231717414.jpg-(298 KB, 1600x1067, 1173005465698.jpg)
    Contributing an image/wallpaper not necessarily of the bright, shiny, happy future.
    And that's because I saved it from a post-apocalyptic future thread.
    >> anem0ne !!XYHK7lW+Knv 01/11/09(Sun)18:44:03 No.2733940
         File :1231717443.jpg-(209 KB, 1600x826, 60256_1152359707_large.jpg)
    i bet you've seen this one before, futureman, but it's damn cool anyway:
    >> Emetus Mantil !eLpPv1Lb5U 01/11/09(Sun)18:44:04 No.2733941
         File :1231717444.jpg-(651 KB, 1420x692, lowres4.jpg)

    Dystopian futures are more expected, I suppose. Most of my dreams actually take place in a dystopian city. It's kind of strange.

    >> Emetus Mantil !eLpPv1Lb5U 01/11/09(Sun)18:45:32 No.2733959
         File :1231717532.jpg-(840 KB, 1420x692, lowres5.jpg)
    Fifth, loot socks.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:46:44 No.2733983
         File :1231717604.jpg-(399 KB, 1200x1800, 1173005194343.jpg)
    More gloomy apocalypse!
    Sorry if these images are too huge for your stream Futurebud.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)18:47:38 No.2733994

    Lots of habs use metric, but many don't as well. Yum hab ran on 24 time, google didn't. That's why if you read the journals I posted ages ago you'll notice one is in 24 hour time, the other is in standard time. The old implant I had was from yum, when I had the google one put in it ran on standard time, it was a bitch getting used to that.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:48:15 No.2733998
    Have you ever seen snow, futuredude?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:48:18 No.2733999
    Shall m00t suck my cock in order to please ze robot.


    You're fucking retarded. The first ones were propaganda from the Cold-War-era, of course those would look rather optimistic.

    Also; learn2dystopian novels.

    Ok, ok, I'm sorry. But you really hurt my feelings by mocking my love for boxes with wheels.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:51:26 No.2734047

    >Not sure wtf is going on in this one but it's beautiful. Saving.

    Don't you know anything about WORMHOLE PIRATS?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)18:52:40 No.2734060

    What the fuck that is taking forever to load. I am on six streams too, what the fuck.


    This one too, pick some lower res ones will you?


    See, this one strikes me as silly for the same reason as >>2733339 because everything is "right side up". Probably seems natural to you but it makes no sense if you think about it.

    You know how at the turn of the last century authors imagined airships would resemble boats and stuff with gas bags and propellers because the specifics of aircraft engineering hadn't shown them what a proper one would be like so they just extrapolated what they knew?

    Well I can't help but notice how many spaceships in the movies you guys recommend are laid out like rotos or orbiters, horizontally with people facing the "front" and such. It's like in the oldest Star Wars movies, the spaceships moved just like rotos and old airplanes which is probably what they were working off of.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:52:42 No.2734061
    The thumbnail looks like Pride Rock from the Lion King.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:52:59 No.2734065
    Did anyone else catch this journal thread?
    This is the part of Futureguy's threads I love most, hearing about his interpersonal relationships, so it's a big deal that I missed it.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)18:54:14 No.2734084

    Nope. Never been that far north. Winter in Canada's supposedly pretty cool but the only times I've been there I was too young to remember.
    >> anem0ne !!XYHK7lW+Knv 01/11/09(Sun)18:55:59 No.2734105
         File :1231718159.jpg-(385 KB, 950x1261, dsgh.jpg)
    i like this one. sorry for the too high res stuff, i forgot you were going back in time through the internet
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:57:13 No.2734125
    Shit, man. I live in Massachusetts, and I've got about a foot of snow right outside my window. Deer tracks all over my yard, too.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)18:57:48 No.2734132

    I posted at 6pm on the 10th but I got some error and a message from the ISP that the site wasn't reachable so I'd be bumped to some other session. I assume later in the day or earlier in the morning.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)18:57:56 No.2734136
         File :1231718276.jpg-(795 KB, 600x1670, 1173005207073_SMALL.jpg)
    >This one too, pick some lower res ones will you?
    It feels like a crime because of all the details, but I tried to scale them down to 60% original size.

    Although even that might still suck hard for you, and I'm sorry for that.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:00:40 No.2734171
    The cheery 1950s vision of the future is more disturbing, to me, than the dystopia. It's surreal, but not overtly so - there's just something wrong about it that I can't quite put my finger on.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:02:10 No.2734190
         File :1231718530.jpg-(322 KB, 600x741, 1173005233425_SMALL.jpg)
    Yet another image by me.
    Hope this isn't depressing you, futureguy.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)19:06:58 No.2734260

    The res is just right, and they look like they're by the same guy. Really pretty. I'd forward some to Siane but Clavian's funeral is coming up and she's been working on her part of the eulogy for days.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:08:30 No.2734288
    Wait, what? Funeral? Did I miss a thread somehwere?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:10:11 No.2734311
         File :1231719011.jpg-(407 KB, 600x1129, 1173005261444_SMALL.jpg)
    Don't suppose you'd feel inclined to repost the journal entries for those who missed it, would you?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)19:10:47 No.2734325

    Yeah, no, he's dead. I found out when we got back from the gardens. I thought I put it in the OP but I guess not.

    But that's why I've been talking to habsec all the time lately and Siane's folks want us to move in with them. I'm not exactly a popular guy at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:12:26 No.2734349
         File :1231719146.jpg-(732 KB, 720x1576, 1173005304495_SMALL.jpg)
    Oh, and you might not want to send Siane any of the ones with guns prominently featured in them.
    I don't know what happened in your journal entries, but something tells me that guns were involved, so it's probably best to not even think about pressing that point.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)19:15:54 No.2734394

    My implant's locked. Part of the confinement dealie I'm living with while the investigation goes on. There were lots of witnesses to it and I have an alibi although Siane's objectivity may come into question.

    I'm homesick ,but I'd rather return when I'm ready than be exported. I don't even know what Siane thinks, she's going through her own shit right now. She's stopped by a few times to cry at me but then she just falls asleep and leaves. She just won't talk about it.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)19:20:12 No.2734466

    Well they found a modded LIPC outside the airlock if that's what you mean. And a body brace. The habsec official assigned to my case says their current thinking is that he was on his way to my place to fuck me up and when I wasn't there, he 'took a walk outside'.

    I guess that explains the stickercams. I put some up in my apartment and Siane's, but eventually when nothing happened she wanted me to take them down, so I did. But when I was peeling the last few off I noticed one of them was a different brand. Which, you know, freaked me out a little bit. The set I put up were all by keyhole, this one was by habfly. I just assumed it was one she had put up ages ago and forgot about. If it wasn't hers, then yeah, uh....probably Clavian's.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:21:00 No.2734482
         File :1231719660.jpg-(278 KB, 720x720, 1173005348558_SMALL.jpg)
    Could you repost them next thread, then?
    Assuming you're going to be posting at a time when the investigation is over and your logs haven't been deleted. I'm really curious about this, sorry.

    Also, have you made it clear to Siane that you'll be there for her if she ever wants to talk? Or at least... I dunno, hugged her or anything any of the times she came over?

    Oh, and this is the last of the ones I'm posting, the other ones don't really have futuristic looking technology in them and are even more depressing.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:24:42 No.2734532
    dear futureguy. whats the most fucked up oneself can get themselves in the future. can you smoke crack rock in the future. is there like electronic crack rock. what things can you do to get reallly fucked up. do they have dmt devices.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)19:25:13 No.2734540

    Okay, I'll post again when the investigation's over. I need some off time anyway, it'd look bad if I were still spending on ETP when I'm supposed to be saving up for a share....

    I just checked available sessions and it says the 12th is already taken but I can get one in on the 13th. It'll be a few months for me though, maybe a year, because I really really need that share. Basically the only way I can redeem myself at this point. Harlan and Theia have been supportive but I feel like they blame me for Clavian's death, at lease a little bit.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:26:01 No.2734551
    does sianne like to be choked during intercourse?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)19:28:57 No.2734586

    .....Yenno, I'm gonna go ahead and say that this is not the right time to ask.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:29:34 No.2734595
         File :1231720174.jpg-(312 KB, 660x729, 1173005114253_SMALL.jpg)
    Scratch that, I forgot one. Silly me.

    From the little bits I've been able to gather, it doesn't sound like you... you know, actually shot him or anything.
    I'm sure I'm drawing the wrong inference, but it almost sounds like they think Siane shot him or shoved him out an airlock or something.

    Gah. Is there a low-level payment you can make on the ETP that makes sure they protect the keepalive stream, without actually having to pay for a full session? A year is a long time, even though it sounds like you're doing a lot better with your money issue.

    Because you know who gets after you about money, and all.
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)19:33:41 No.2734649

    It was suicide. That's the line from Habsec, so chances are I'm in no real danger. Not legally anyway but even if I weren't in confinement I wouldn't want to leave my apartment. A few weeks ago nobody here knew me. They might've stared when they spotted the only pink guy in the restaurant or something but nobody knew my name.

    Clavian was a pretty well known guy. Pretty popular. Pretty, in general. I've gotten threats from his exes, his friends, friends of his parents, his professors....I just forward them all to habsec. I miss the anonymity. I feel like everyone in the hab hates me. Everyone on the moon even. I just want to go home, or to be someone else.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:38:21 No.2734706
    In you're opinion, who are the most important people of this century(sciences, politics, arts...)
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:41:00 No.2734747
    But not someone else who never met Siane, right?
    I have this sinking feeling the social stigma around Clavian's death is going to be in Lunarhab forever, and even if habsec officially rules it as suicide, people are still going to look at you like you're a murderer.

    Even if you and Siane get married and move back to Earth, those in the Lunarhab are going to bitch and protest that you're the 'murderer that got away'. And if you don't move back to Earth, you're going to get evil eyed everywhere.

    ...You're sort of damned if you do, damned if you don't. Fuck. I'm sorry, man.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:41:21 No.2734755
    Next time you come back, do it in a month or so.
    For the time being we have no new questions and are getting bored of you.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:42:40 No.2734770
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:44:19 No.2734792
    Why cant you just talk to us like youre one of us why do you have to be put on a pedastol?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:45:11 No.2734803
    Lets mess up this investigation.

    So when you killed Clavian, what did you do with his body afterward, sodomize it in any way?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:45:55 No.2734817
    do they have pabst blue ribbon in the future?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:46:39 No.2734826
    What is techno music like in the future?
    >> Future !GUYX/6jp3w 01/11/09(Sun)19:49:51 No.2734879

    Burt Rutan, Robert Bussard, Larry Page, Mick Mountz, Marshall Brain, Richard Branson and a few others I can't remember off the top of my head.


    As I read this I realized everything I write here is probably being kept as evidence. I shouldn't be posting at all. Especially not with invalids like this guy fucking around: >>2734803
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:50:44 No.2734895
    I saw the pics you posted right after you killed clavian.

    It was funny how his body landed.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:51:18 No.2734906

    Keep it up.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:55:05 No.2734964
    Can't believe you killed him, things are so different in the future.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:57:26 No.2734989
    Futurefag, you posted on 4chan well knowing the risks. I have no sympathy for you.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:57:36 No.2734995
    For what it's worth, if I had the opportunity or need to, I'd be a character witness for you.
    You're a good guy, Alex. Apart from some impulse spending issues, of course, but nobody's perfect.

    If you need to cut the session short because of dicks like >>2734803 and >>2734895, then I'll look forward to the 13th.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:57:46 No.2734999
    sure is /b/ in here today
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)19:58:09 No.2735003
    There are other ways to settle conflicts, futureguy.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)20:01:17 No.2735048
    Motive: Clavian was fucking your girlfriend.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)20:03:50 No.2735087
    If that were true, it would've been rape.
    I'd like to think that by 2096 we've collectively put aside rape.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)20:04:54 No.2735099
    Evidence: The photos he posted a couple of days back.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)20:10:46 No.2735172
    You have too much faith in the human race.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)20:11:35 No.2735186
    You know as well as I and habsec would that ETP posting doesn't work that way.

    He would never be able to post a picture from the future, and even if he did, you would never be able to produce said picture.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)20:18:31 No.2735287
    >>2731856 (OP)
    Futurefag, if you were willing to do a copy/paste of the (wikipedia or wikipedia equivelent) page on the current dominant groundbreaking theorys in physics or electronics, including equations, I'd be willing to deposit a small but significant amount of money (and whatever artifacts will be worth something) into a bank account, with explicit instructions that would enable you to access the resulting interest/antiques in your time.

    However, you can't benefit from this, because you're not in the future.
    >> Popular Tripfag !!Sn+lV2krnSL 01/11/09(Sun)20:28:47 No.2735408
    Everything worth being discovered has been discovered.

    We are living in the golden age.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)20:30:22 No.2735431

    They used to say that on the 1880s, dind't hey? Those gentlemen sure were such a bunch of card...
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)20:58:45 No.2735818
    Dear Lord, you guys really fucked this thread up didn't you? I didn't even have time to say hi to the man.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)21:01:28 No.2735849
    This proves my idea that even if Christ floated back down from heaven we'd be jumping up to grab his feet to crucify him again.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)21:03:44 No.2735878
    This is why we can't have nice things, etc.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/09(Sun)21:34:03 No.2736304
    I guess we'll see how things went on the 13th.

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