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Trans-human vs. post-human thread go.

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Proto-human here, you're both small time.

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that's like a faggot or something isn't it?

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both are just furry fantasizing

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Being halfway has benefits.

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Trans-human is the step between human and post-human. What is there to be "vs"?

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Suppose there's a halfway point, like in that movie Surrogates where everyone just controls a robot. Only in addition, your real body is safely secured in a machine that won't let your body age or die as long as it is encased.

You could only monitor your body through sensors and if the machine were opened or severely damaged without preparation, you would die instantly.

Would you live like that? Killing someone would only require finding their real body and smashing the machinery.

I know I would. Just bury my body on some frozen moon somewhere and I'm good. Nobody's gonna disturb that.

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Hyper-human here. You're all fags.

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Like so many others on 4chan, I am a Post-Humanist. This means I believe we no longer need to accept Humanist values.

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>Just bury my body on some frozen moon somewhere and I'm good. Nobody's gonna disturb that.
>Nobody's gonna disturb that.

I would.

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You'd need to find it first.

Which would probably be possible, considering there'd be a constant connection which would require no interference.

Man, a powerful EMP could kill everyone. I suppose if they put in the auto-disconnect safeties then it'd be much easier.

But your organic body would still be defenseless.

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i guess yall could just shut up since no one aint going ever be no robots. stupid.

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They got mouse brain cells working with a robotic body.

Next step is a full mouse brain.

Then an ape brain.

Then a human brain.

Then bam, technical immortality.

More importantly, how expensive do you think a transfer would be? Millions? Billions?

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You couldn't hide if someone destabilized the vacuum.

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Soon enough humanity will see the glory of genetic engeneered evolution. "We" probably won't benefit from it, but the next generations that will be built with new DNA codes will live longer, will be stronger, more intelligent, etc.

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at first we (transhumanists) need to disconnect our sexuallity from our repoduction physicly and mentaly to become an altruisic supercollective wich organises itself through anarcho federalism then we can change our focus from being competing social primates that kill eachother to being superintelligentsupermodelrocketscientists that can defend themself from the sinister terminator machine network that is trying to use our bodys at batterys (posthumanists)

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Fucking Singularians. Goofiest religion ever.

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