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before you /sci/entists argue yourself to death, I really want to know- in the sense of analysis of a system, why are we here. Why do we exist. I don't care about evolution or creation, that's HOW

I want to know WHY. Even if it's just your opinion.

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That's philosophy and I want to believe it belongs to /lit/

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Science is a dogmatic approach used to uncover how the material world works.

Basic things like happiness or good cannot be qualified or quantified by the scientific approach.

We are here to do Good. That should be obvious. The ultimate good one can do is to sacrifice yourself for good. That is what we are here for.

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where does his concept originate?

is it innate within us, or somehow a handed-down fact of society

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What kind of Why are you asking OP?

Are you looking for an antecedent future reason, a purpose?

Or are you looking for a precedent past cause, or intention?

Elaborate on what you mean by Why.

Or a pre

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science began as philosophy

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That is rationalism and it doesn't belong in /sci/.

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something that ties our current and past together with a future

a purpose, in a manner of speaking

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And chemistry began with alchemy. Does that mean we should start discussing alchemy? How about astrology?

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Neither does "Why are we here" dummy. It's a philosohical question, so it gets a philosophical answer. Stop being obtuse.

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define rationalism, and why it does not belong in /sci/

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there is no why. we're the result of random chances, and the laws of physics and evolution, and that's awesome.

If you want a reason to live your life, find one for yourself. you don't just get to have a purpose handed to you, you have to go find it, and yours quite likely won't be the same as another persons.

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The entire thread is inappropriate for this board.

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maybe... we should

everything divergent may come back together in the future

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Rationalism is the conflicting branch of philosophy to empiricism from which science was born. It is quite literally the antithesis of science.

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I... I can't?

I've always looked for an answer, a reason for being, hoping that it would be larger than myself, larger than humanity, universal in some sense. Perhaps this stems from a fear of death, or fear not existing

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could there really be no reason at all?

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we're just playing a game

that's why we're here

the whole bible could be adequately replaced with "GL HF :)"

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but we lose, and we die... and then we are nothing...

I really could be ok with a lack of purpose, if I knew somehow, some part of us and everything we do with our lives lived on...

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We are a way for the universe to know itself.

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to assert that a species that inhabits a practically infinitesimal portion of the universe has any kind of explicit purpose is to take an unwarranted human-centric view of the universe. you are just an animal. you eat and defecate and socialize just like any other member of any other species. your brain is just little bit bigger compared to the rest of your body, and your thumb moves a bit unusually.

there is no why. you are your own god.

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lol, I like this reply a lot

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Hey captain, you a boardsie?

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For some reason when I read the bible "have fun" was not the message I got from it.

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All of your questions in effect are asking why are we here, what is our purpose, what is the meaning of life, what is the purpose of life.

Implicit in all of it is that there is a meaning to life. This implies the existence of a creator, a designer, who made life with a purpose in mind. I do not believe in such a creator, so your question does not make sense to me.

Why do I continue living? Why do I do anything that I do? Because I find it pleasurable, and my brain has been hardwired to do pleasurable things.

PS: One of those pleasurable things is not being evil. I do not take glee in hurting, raping, stealing, etc. Thus I consider myself a moral person.

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I love /sci/, but too much arrogant douche-baggery.
Philosophy is the beginning of Science you cuntrags. You can't test an idea without coming up with one first, and you can't come up with one unless you shoot the shit with your friends or your mind about all kinds of crazy questions. Reality is not compartmentalized; everything flows into everything. Quit being douches when someone wants to Create rather than Process.

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disregard previous post, that was meant as a new post, not a reply to this

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no, and i don't know what that is

this sounds so beautiful... like we're fractals

how can I be my own god? how can i make sense of this chaotic universe

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it did have some rather upsetting parts

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I think it's a learning experience, more or less.

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Based on your use of insult and obscenity I would say that you are the only one being a douche. The others objections were just as valid a viewpoint as yours is, yet you are the only one resorting to name calling.

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but i cannot admit to being nothing more than an animal

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this makes me lol

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The how of our existence doesn't come prepackaged with a "why". When you're born you just are. It is up to YOU to find purpose in your own existence.

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>Why are we here?

Your questiosn dont make anysense. You are personifiying the universe, assume there must be a logical "why", LIKE COMMON HUMAN SHIT. GTFO!

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so what you're saying is

why is not in the domain of logic
so logic can't help me to know why

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IMO, we're here to evolve (not necessarily via Darwinian evolution, I have some qualms with his ideology although the amount of work he did is very impressive)

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>>1741066For some reason when I read the bible "have fun" was not the message I got from it.


Good luck, have fun, stone people to death for random shit

Anyone know what the chances are that what the people that wrote the New Testament thought came from Christ were actually just Hillel's teachings?

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not personifying it, subjectifying maybe

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I ask myself this question roughly 24 times a day.

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No, "why" is a human question. You aren't given a "why" but you have the ability to create a "why".

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I think he means the why is up to you. Like when you got to the store it's up to you to decide why you are there. Do you want to buy some milk? Do you want to hit on a cashier? It's up to you.

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to love each other

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in the words of carl sagan... we are a way for the universe to know itself.

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lol i get high and my brain tries to comprehend my existence until i get a headache/fall asleep

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I don't beleive we could ever know why we are here, which I find both amazing and utterly depressing.

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I've felt similarly at times.

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i rack my brain endlessly thinking there could be some kind of mathematical equation or analysis done which would explain our existence up to this point... fractals right...

I mean we are here right? we deserve to know why. I mean, i didn't ask to be alive, i'm just asking why.

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I think several in this thread are going in circles, but they mean to end up here:
Please go reread.

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No, Im saying you are a Faggot.

>Why are we here?

isn't a fucking valid question. There is no answer, that you want to hear, or will make sense to you. It is too grand of a scale, for you to understand.

We are here because of the Least action pinciple, our existance minimimzed the largaianian density on the time evolution of the univsere, it is all fucking math!



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I rarely give it any thought, then every once in a while I'll think about it and yeah...get a headache and go to bed.

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We are here to defeat the remnant guerillas, to reverse the rapid warming effect, to tame the north american rainforest and to reclaim former cities and suburbs wherever possible.

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i don't believe in god, but i believe that im here for a reason... even if i have to find/make it

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North America has a rain forest?

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so officially now, to troll /sci/ just ask why?

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yeah, the reason is this >>1741220

If you stop being a faggy little kid, you might learn somthing from that guy.

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Yes, the only temperate rain forest in the world. It's in the Pacific Northwest.

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No, officially you are a faggot

>>1741194 is the answer to your question
To troll /sci/ just ignore posts like you have been

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we have rainforest here in washington state. its not like the amazon but it rains like a madcunt all the time. up to 15 feet of rain per year in some parts of the olympic peninsula.

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Wow, that's the most informative thing in this entire thread. Thank you.

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NO U!!!!!

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>Why do we exist?

Simple answer: to process information.

If you look back at history, we can observe an exponential increase in our ability and efficiency of processing data about the physical world.

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define information

and how do you weigh it?

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for what purpose do we do that?

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>>Yes, the only temperate rain forest in the world. It's in the Pacific Northwest.

The entirety of North America is now blanketed in a subtropical wilderness. GE flora seeded everywhere in order to counteract desertification.

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This is the fundamental organizing principle of nature it seems: the formation of ever more complex organisms in response to evolution-induced mastery of the natural laws of physics.

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>We are here because of the Least action pinciple, our existance minimimzed the largaianian density on the time evolution of the univsere, it is all fucking math!
Again, this is HOW we are here, not why.

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I don't know. But it seems life on this planet has been on a path of self-discovery ever since simple protein molecules figured out a way to make crude copies of itself.

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By the by, I made a thread as requested but it seems to have been overlooked:


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good answer

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This molecule has since then "taught" itself the fundamental laws that govern the universe, for instance, look at the evolutionary development of the eye organ.

How does a single, primitive protein, through time, come to "understand" the properties of light and electrochemical conductivity, in order to create a biological equivalent of a CCD matrix...

It is completely amazing.

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The atheist believes that there is absolutely no purpose for existence.

Anyone who believes that there is a reason we are here is, whether they know it or not, a theist.

We are here to do good. Do you want to know how I know that? Everyone does what he considers to be good. One cannot do what one believes is bad. It is impossible. If one does it, then one does not believe it is bad.

The problem is that the atheistic viewpoint cannot answer one simple question: What am I? Very few people know what they really are. But this question can be answered with a scientific approach. Observation, inquiry, curiosity, wonder, speculation, logic, etc.

Once you know what you are, then you have the tools to determine everything else you need to know in life.

Before you know what you are, you take for granted that you know what you are.

What you are can only be determined from the first person perspective. No one else can tell you what you are.

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OP is just tripping like a fag, check it out.

When a child dies the mother typically yells "oh Why did this happen?! "

She doesn't want a car scientist to explain to her how her son died in the accident and what forces were involved, she instead is just expressing her despair at the universe.

Our OP is in a similar situation. He doesn't actually want an answer, this is just his way of going "oh shit I'm alive!!!!!!!! wtf?!!?!"

Whatever answer we supply can always be further analyzed with another "WHY" ad infinitum

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>car scientist

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not neccassarily just not for that question, there is no grand reason why we are here, there doesn't need to be, you can make a reason to live, you can find a reason to live, you can make up a reason to live and believe whatever you like, but there is no grand scheme of why we are here,

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