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in 2020 there is a resurgence of faith due to a growing lack of education around the world and thye start to ostracise scientists/athiest.

To which country do they all flee

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Antarctica. There are only research bases there, nothing else.

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The Galapagos. Just to be ironic.

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In 2020, all scientists are hipsters.

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Antarctica and the Galapagos aren't countries.

I say Sweden. They are atheist and present the Nobel prizes.

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And full of muslimes and queers.

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Antarctica, where a city will be built into the ice using geothermal energy. Nuclear weapons will be placed strategically around ice sheets. If anyone threatens the fledgling nation the nuclear detonations will cause massive ice sheets to slide into the ocean, causing massive flooding and tidal waves across the world.

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Vermont. No niggers, hardly any conservatives or christfags.

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>Implying the ice sheets the weapons are placed on won't have melted within the decade.

Is there solid land under antartica? If not we'll be condemning our kids and grandkids to be completely fucked over in the future as it gradually gets smaller

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Ok its a continent, my bad I'm an iditot

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Canada. Because why not.

inb4 Mars, the Moon. Get real.

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>Antarctic ice sheets will be melted within 20 years
>Is there land under Antarctica?
You best be joking.

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>I'm an iditot

Irony detected?

>there is a resurgence of faith due to a growing lack of education
>start to ostracise scientists/athiest
You mean present day America?

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Western Canada's pretty cool.

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>Irony detected?
That isn't irony. Irony is something unexpected. He called himself an idiot and misspelled idiot, which is what you would expect an idiot to do.

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>Irony is something unexpected

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Ever heard of a typo?? One I couldn't be bothered to correct after having already made the post, admittedly.

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>Irony - an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected.
English mutha fukka! Do you speak it?!

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I didn't linking to your post dude. You're digging yourself deeper into the proverbial hole.

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Japan I guess. I believe they have the lowest percentage of christians compared to any developed country (~1-2%), and basically no muslims or other seriously religious people, and they aren't too shabby at science either. In fact if you combined Japan and South Korea's total scientific research last year they'd surpass the U.S's output. South Korea is a lot like Japan but with more Christians and generally more retarded (look up something called "fan death), so I'd rather go somewhere else.

Ideally I'd pick a European country, but I'd beware because of all the muslims immigrating there, within like 40 or 50 years OP's scenario will actually be basically true in parts of Europe.

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That's not the definition I've been using all these years.

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Britain, The last vestige of hope when the world turns ugly!

failing that probably a scandinavian country

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The habs, like everyone else.

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Just wondering, is the living space adequate in these? I think I had some figures that you gave me, but I lost them.

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Yeah, except along the outer wall. Most have a noticable incline to the glass that doesn't fit furniture and that I kept bashing my head on when getting up in the middle of the night to take a shit.

An outer wall apartment has about 1/3rd less space than the rest but they're in the highest demand. People have weird priorities.

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I vote for New Zealand.

It has a strong democracy, is out of the way and is mainly white (despite what you weeapboos(sp?) think the asians don;t like you).

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Yeah, they do. In our time people pay large sums of money to live on dangerous clifftops for the views. Which they never actually look at anyway. Go figure.

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fuck you future fag stop hijacking my thread

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New Zealand, we already got a substandard high school education system (University's are top tier though) and we still got a lot of atheists (new generation, a lot of older people consider themselves to be christian but most of them would be dead or near death by 2020)

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Well, I guess we can't stop you. I quite liked the low population density here, but I'd sacrifice that for helping out science.

One thing, though. We are completely unable to defend you, or ourselves, if the more powerful nations want to wage war on us due to our embrace of science.

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It's too loud to sleep (as usual) so you're stuck with me for the time being.

You guys really call yourselves atheists? Like, in ordinary conversation? If someone asks, you say "I am an atheist"? That's bizarre.

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>If someone asks you a question you tell the truth? That's bizarre.


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britain, really nobody seems to give a fuck about religion except muslims, and they are easily eradicated. got oxford and cambridge universities, great thinkers and scientists, powerful military, island nation so defence against invasion. what more could you ask.

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Not everywhere. On this site where we are anonymous we do, but in real life I personally try to keep my lack of religion to myself, and most others in my area are quiet about their religious views. What's it like in your time?

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>We are completely unable to defend you, or ourselves

We could move into space or underwater (inb4 Rapture). I know it's not feasible but I want to believe.

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If we embraced science then we could develop new technology and weapons faster, we would be behind in numbers but we would have better guns

And we are an island nation that is mostly rural, aka a guerrilla fighters wet dream (the ultimate equalizer, just look at the Taliban vs US, nearly 10 years of rape by cave dwelling retards), and we got alot of guns for our population size (1 gun for every 4 people, not including the military's ones)

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No, I mean, it'd be like saying you're a germ theorist or a globularist. Obviously people at the time identified as those things but they quickly fell out of use for obvious reasons later on.

It just sounds weird. Picking out an implicit and largely irrelevant aspect of reality and stating it. Probably needed stating in 2010 but if it's any consolation that won't last.

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A space colony is as easy to bomb as Auckland.

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So it just becomes accepted as a completely uncontroversial fact? Thank god.

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But surely they would appreciate a large number of scientists and engineers in a time of crisis. And, since we're considering which would be the best country (not the most zoophilic, sheepfucker), Japan wins...

Besides, Japan would allow for excellent protection, and in becoming more technology-centric (and having everywhere else cease progress) Japan would wind up with an army of robots and lasers and shit, making it indestructible and eventually the conqueror of the world. Which would happen.

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Are you sure about that?

I see what you mean, but there exists in the world a divide in belief on the subject, so people compelled to pick a side.

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...until an earthquake comes and fucks up your shit.

How much space is there in Japan these days anyway?

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I guess. There are small religious populations in most habs but their beliefs are dilute to the point you wouldn't recognize them. Most consider their god or gods to be metaphorical and believe that was the intended meaning all along.

It's silly but they're quiet and unassuming to the point of invisibility and it's no secret that it's because of remnant terrorism. Given what outsiders believe, the sincere Christians living in any given hab will naturally hesitate to rock the boat lest they appear sympathetic or even complicit with the outsiders. That's the fear I think, it doesn't take much to get a Christian to launch into a defensive, apologetic tirade about how they can't be lumped in with the outsiders even if nobody in the room said anything to that effect.

I wish Singularians were that reserved and respectful. Or that they could be legally marched outside and left there.

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>Implying they'll want to risk an all out confrontation when we've developed Star Trek style Phasers and energy shields

The shields sound like a longshot, but they can already be done primitively now. Something like a plasma trapped in a magnetic field I think it is.

With no social stigma and ample funding our productivity would be through the roof. Like wartime periods where suddenly the government is throwing a shit load of money at science and organising research. Look what happened from that, your laptop is a direct result.

And who's going to develop new stuff for the army of the rest of the world in this futuristic vison where scientists are ostrasied. It will go from being nerdy, to a complete social nono to study science at school in these countries. They'll go back to sending in human waves

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Nazi germany, I hear theyre always taking on scientists

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Scientists from Nazi Germany are the reason your doctor knows how to treat hypothermia

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Even our leaders are Atheists. Plus our population is the richest in the world and we have been crowned the best country to live in 5 times. GTFI

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These countries look as cold and miserable as great britain. with concrete and small cars.

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Wow oil wealth.

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Those too. They played some trivial unimportant role somewhere along the line idk where.

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do you even live in england... that sounds like the complete opposite of what i'm experiencing from day to day

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Lol are you seriously asking if Antarctica is made of ice? In short, no, no it is not.

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