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Evert transhumanist I've ever met is some sort of solipsistic degenerate who thinks Ayn Rand doesn't go nearly far enough, and believes they are going to transfer their consciousness into a computer that will orbit one of Jupiter's moon's for eternity, so it doesn't matter whether Earth can continue to sustain biological life, etc. They are incredibly annoying, virulently amoral, sci-fi nerd virgins that any healthy man would naturally want to kick to death.

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I am a transhumanist distracting from the actual argument by reverting to ad hominem. You're dumb, OP.

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That's an awful lot of butthurt to put into one post OP

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>transfer their consciousness into a computer
fuck that shit, brain transplant

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Agreed /sci/ seems to attract alot of little fuckers who want to live for ever. My consillation is that they will die like everything else and this kick in the balls from reality will sting more.

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OP is incapable of higher reasoning and critical thought.

Restate your argument in a way that doesn't project how emotional and irrational you are.

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Hahahaha, OP is completely right.

Singularians are dog shit.

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How did your wife deal with getting raped tomorrow?

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Sounds like I got a Singularifag angry. You mad? You mad because Kurzweil is dead?

He didn't "upload to the galactic quantum computing substrate", which by the way is the most transparent rationalization for the death of your cult leader possible, I can literally go to the golden hall and look at his grave if I want to.

He doesn't belong there. He won posthumous induction because there were singularian retards on the committee at the time. If it were up to me I'd dig his bones out of there and tour the habs with them, rubbing them in the noses of singularians.


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I've found no source of him being dead.

I was just trolled fucking hard. Good job.

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Oh, no. I'm intolerant of ALL mindless bigotry. I'm one of the people who created a thriving business in antiquities from people in the past for favors in the future.

We have a thriving business now, thanks to your technology, and the axis of time is already starting to take a steeper curve.

Your wife -can- be raped tomorrow.

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Step outside and hike to the nearest remnant camp. See how impressed they are by your tolerance.

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Ha, I don't need to. They're going to start breeding a lot more in a few years, because some genius develops a multiple immuno-enhancement and tests it on them first.

You will only have 20 more years of peace. Then it will begin again.

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