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/sci/ would zombies be possible ever?

or maybe even just using a broad term of infected.

what would be the closest most plausible zobmie style outbreak?

I'd imagine it would need to be an airborne variant, with a possibly chance of 5-10% of people being immune. what other realistic possibilities would there we, though?

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You mean like 'zombies'?

If so, then no.

If you mean only superficially, then I'd go with a kind of intense parasite.

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zombies, infected, etc etc

just a broad term of a human who has either been contaminated with a virus or has been reanimated from a virus and seeks only to feed or feel anger with no reason, etc etc

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Maybe a kind of super rabies or mad cow disease in humans.

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we are all /sci/entists here, can't be invent a virus like so?


so what ifv we like, mix Rabies and Mad Cow and turn it into an airborne variant?

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28 Days Later.

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Film genres dont translate to scientific possibility

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I don't think naturally.

But if some sad bastard genetically engineered zombie plague then yeah.

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Airborne rabies would be horrific. Rabies is already basically a zombie virus. Your brain rots, you get violent and you spread the virus by biting things.

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Look up cracked.com for the article about zombies.

Then realize a zombie apocalypse will never happen.

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The one thing I didn't like about 28 days later was the fact that it was only when you came into contact. I'd imagine the army would end that in a day or less.

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Again, if you're going with the hardcore fictional 'zombie' then no. (you're talking magic here, or an incredibly advanced and fucked up technology, which obviously isn't feasible at this point)

If you're going with the superficial traits that most zombies generally exhibit, then sure.

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Unless they were completely oblivious until it was too late.

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I think it will be a combination of std's mutating together and it will include causing gum disease like effects causing it to transfer from gums to bites

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If it was a dormant virus that would sit still for about a year and then cause blinding rage by releasing bursts of adrenaline into the system..?

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Any Biococks familiar with Toxoplasma Gondii?



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But there is an infectious virus out there already that people carry and pass on to others, turning them in to zombies. It's called religion.


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Toxoplasma Gondii was engineered into a bioweapon known as Toxo, used only during the civil war.

It's not really appropriate to liken it to a "zombie virus" however as a sizable percented of those infected killed themselves before harming anyone else. It spread no further than two major cities, was quickly contained, but the aftermath was nonetheless stomach-turning.

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"Undead" zombies are impossible. If the cells die then there is nothing to move you around. However a 28 Days Later style outbreak wouldn't be impossible. The disease could possibly increase aggression or paranoia while diminishing higher thinking. The catch would be getting the infected to not attack other infected. I have no idea how that would work.

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advanced parasite that grows in your mouth
spreads spores by biting others
releases chemicals that rot the brain and increase aggression
one chemical is released that makes it so you stay away from attacking other infected, a kind of repellant
this is a survival mechanism for the parasite, so it's young aren't killed before they are born by their own hosts

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Kill yourself

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resident evil:
dead things

28 days later:
extremely angry people

yeah the latter is definitely possible i'm sure

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From the scientific perspective, you'd have to overcome several obstacles which are given from the fact that we are "complex" living beings.

The most important obstacle is the energy. The issue here is that we mainly run on oxygen. You'd have to change this, just from the fact that with a ruptured lung etc you'd start malfunctioning. The next step are breakdown's of the cells due to lack of normally provided energy. In addition to this, once you lost your blood circulation, things I recall that zombies also don't have, you're finished as well, also since you cannot provide energy. Zombies that disregard these obstacles will stop moving after several minutes.

It's a matter of energy transport; no energy - no action

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The closet thing we have to a zombie virus currently is rabies. It takes months for the symptoms to show up and actually affect you, and you can easily neutralize it before then or take the Milwaukee Protocol once it fully infects you. But it already has the same characteristics you would expect in a zombie: aggression, animalistic behavior, urge to bite others (biting spreads the disease), fear, troubles with physical movement/functions, painful gurgling or unintelligible speech or vocal sounds, urge to physically strike and attack other people, screaming. And so on.

So basically you can genetically engineer a zombie virus if you found a catalyst or way to make rabies more effective, work faster, increase aggression and physical strength, deteriorate the mind a little more so they victim is more susceptible to attacking other people and other exerts out of aggression, and make him more vicious.

But even if you create a disease that can just that, a zombie apocalypse would not happen, no matter what the disease is, because biting is a terrible method to attack and spread disease among humans, and can be easily thwarted even in large numbers.

Anyway, here's an Indian boy dying of rabies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yVw0BBlxK4

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They are still zombies.

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There's a species of parasite, that takes control over an ant's brain, makes it walk up a blade of grass or leaf, and hang there until it's eaten.
It then reproduces inside the larger animal, gets crapped out where it then gets eaten by ants and is infected again.

That would seem to zombie-like behavior, as in manipulation of a complex neural system.
Obviously the human version would need to be WAAAAY more advanced.

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In Haiti they have zombies. My Haitian friends actually believe that the zombies are people who died and came back to life. Here's what really happens:

Someone puts the toxin Tetrodotoxin in someone else's food. Tetrodotoxin is the poison in blowfish, the same one that is in the Japanese dish Fugu. That is the fish that, when prepared incorrectly, kills the person who eats it. If you've ever had it from a good chef, you know that it makes your mouth numb. That's because the chef leaves just enough of the poison in the fish. In higher concentrations, Tetrodotoxin works by paralyzing a person's muscles, and if enough is ingested, the person will suffocate while being completely aware of the situation. In Haiti, they work out the dose so the person gets as close to death as possible without dying. Most of the time they fail and the person suffocates while completely conscious but unable to move to get help or gasp for air. Once in a while they get the dosage right and the person will appear dead. They have a funeral and burry him or her. Then a few days later, a guy with a certain name that escapes me digs up the victim and beats the shit out of him. This makes the "dead" person look like a zombie and also gets their adrenaline going which fights off the toxin just enough that this person can walk and make rudimentary noises. Someone usually takes them in to work as a slave, or they are killed in the street. In the former case, the "zombie" rarely lives more than a week as his or her organs are all working at about 10% capacity.

So yeah, zombies are real.

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The American population after it gets home from work, and tunes in to the tube.

The epidemic is spreading, immunize yourself with intelligent thought.

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So you watched BBC planet earth?

It's a fungus by the way.

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>so what if we like mix rabies and mad cow and make it airborne
it doesn't work that way you dipshit

confirmed for 12

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