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...about the technology of 2107. Except the voider.

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>Except the voider.

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Can I become immortal?

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Sorta kinda. If you stick around until 2037 you can buy coldsleep. It's like artificially induced frigid (but not frozen) hibernation.

There's no means for biological immortality as of this writing, although the theoretical maximum lifespan for someone willing to undergo every available longevity treatment approaches 300 years. Most just go for coldsleep when they're 90 or so with no expectation of ever being woken up. Purportedly you have some pretty wild dreams while under, so it's become our surrogate for an afterlife.

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Has humanity found a standardized replacement for oil yet? The internal combustion engine?

With us hitting the limitation of silicone based cpu soon, what will be the replacement?

Have trans-humanism or human immortality project made any progress?

Have religion been largely been eliminated or rendered obsolete in terms of influence?

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#1. PRT pods use bioceramic ultracaps. The manual autos you see collectors driving around northern cities run on various metal-air battery types with capacitors for regen, and some use zinc fuel cells.

#2. Are you on graphene yet? after that it's room temp superconductors with photonics wherever it's cheaper, and then hybrid organics.

#3. It's among the only openly professed religions.

#4. Yes, but it's complicated.


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>mfw future peoples still make numbering mistakes

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Haha, I don't know where some of you got the idea that being born later should make someone an error-proof superhuman. The ETP browser is clunky and takes a second or two to load additional text. Sometimes I leave bits on I didn't see before I hit submit. Bear with me. :]

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what happens to the United States, do they fall or become the leading super power and take over world, or maybe or merged with EU?

and im betting Africa is still 100% shitty.

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What's WW3 gonna be like?

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Do Mexicans still do all cheap labor or are robots cheaper now?

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I don't know what World War 3 will be fought with, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones

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do we ever build a orbital elevator? and how far and well built up in space? citys on moon/mars yet?

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The US suffers a civil war, a brief cold war with China over the economic impact that our implementation of autolabor has on them (and subsequent refusal to make good on our debts) but leads the rest of the world in the automation of industry during the rebuilding period. That provided a stable production infrastructure that acts as a sort of economic safety net; no matter how bad the internal economy of each hab is doing, nobody ever goes hungry, homeless or even bored.

Africa is uninhabitable due to the rapid warming effect as are all regions too near the equator. North America and much of Europe is now subtropical jungle, and Canada/Russia/Greenland are the new breadbaskets.

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so if africa is gone? are all niggers dead or did they all move north to steal your flying bikes?

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The second one. To an extent that is hard to describe.


I don't know that you'd call the current war "WW3", but it's shaping up to be a tedious, unrewarding pain in the ass for all involved. That's about to change, though.


Yes, two. One state owned and the other by Virgin Bigelow. Not sure how tall. There are two habs on the moon and a few novelty resorts. There's one on Mars.

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Diablo III already out?

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Gone? It's still physically there, just very desertified. Automated facilities exist, extracting the natural resources, but there's a lot of talk of abandoning them as the constant wear and tear from sandstorms necessitates occasional manual repair.

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What about prostheses? Can I get cybernetic limbs that perform better than my organic ones?

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Sure. But most keep them only as placeholders while replacements are grown. Most people prefer an identical flesh and blood replacement. Singularians being the exception, but they prefer prosthetics (and as many as possible) for religious reasons.

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Didn't you used to post on /r9k/?

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How are wars fought? What kinds of weapons are used?

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If large areas of Africa and other equatorial regions are uninhabitable, is there or was there a mass influx of refugees to the more habitable areas like northern europe and Canada? Or were they turned away?

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From a safe distance. All of the field operators are hardsuited, and physically present only because it's legally required any time semiautonomous armed drones are used. They do most of the fighting. We're there to authorize kills and to shut them down if something goes wrong. Base of operations used to be a Unisec aerostat, think rigid bodied blimp with angular superstructure to deflect radar. One carried my unit, the other carried the drones and other equipment. Some convoys include as many as fifteen to twenty aerostats depending on the scale of the operation. Most commonly used weapons are some form of HERF, including cohereny microwave beam emitters, reactive munition coil rifles and LIPCs (laser ionized plasma channel. Think 'tazers' but wireless.)

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is there any way you can prove you're from the future?

what's the voider?

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Some time ago, when asked, I told your /v/ board the release date of Duke Nukem Forever. That was apparently very important to them.


I'd like to say they were all welcomed with open arms but history is a bit dirtier than what you learn in formative ed.

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Sounds boring. Do people still die?

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>Except the voider.


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are you concerned about changing the future by telling us this? Or is the future essentially pre-determined (meaning there is no free will)?

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Occasionally, when remnant raids catch invalids unprepared. Or when someone's hardsuit dies and remnants pin them down and pry it open. Not a pleasant way to go, almost happened to me once. The trick is to lock it shut behind you as you leave, so as to stall them a bit while they crack it open. By the time they figured out nobody was inside, I was long gone.

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Like a random thread on 4chan will affect the timeline.

Ok, futureguy. How does EMP weaponry effect warfare? It seems pretty heavily electronic based in your time.

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Is marijuana still illegal?

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Not really. The official line is that alterations propagate forward through time at a fixed rate no greater than ordinary events, so they never 'catch up' to the present. The side effect of this is that if you post to 2026, and then to 1996, you might get two significantly different historical accounts from people you talk to. In that sense the timeline is already irreparably 'polluted', but in a way that's imperceptible to either of us.

That said, a couple of you invalids apparently printed out some of my threads and emailed them to Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and other pivotal CNPA figures. From what I've heard since then it's already begun to cause your future to diverge from mine. Palin wasn't supposed to announce her presidency so soon, for one thing.

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Does a man named Bram Judd do anything worthwile? Scientific discoveries? Political offices? Maybe a horrible tyrant?


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>Sarah Palin


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What is an invalid? What is a remnant?

Describe a hardsuit. Or better yet, provide technical diagrams.

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No "what happens to ME?" questions. I figured that out a long time ago. Answer one, and suddenly people are lining up to have their fortunes told.

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Fine, dick.

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What have we discovered about the physical laws of the universe?

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Invalid is a politically incorrect term for people who live off of the guaranteed basic income package and contribute nothing. Most never leave their residence and have multiple mygirlfriends including fetish variants and the worst of them take those things on dates as if there's nothing unusual about it. Typically overweight as they would rather spend their stipend on frivolous shit than fitness metabs or pilot exercise and they are beyond caring what people think about them anyway.

Remnants are the descendants of the redshirt soldiers who managed to evade capture and prosecution following the CNPA's collapse. They've apparently cultivated an ideology since then which paints them as the victors, and civilized people who live in habs as prisoners of Satan. It's some convoluted shit, but it seems to motivate them to keep attacking us, so whoever cooked it up is probably very pleased with themselves.

A hardsuit is a powered exoskeleton geared towards protection. It doesn't offer any additional strength, just negates the weight of the thick reactive armor. It resembles some of the bulbous deep sea diving exoskeletons used in the 1990s-2020s. It's pretty much just to keep the legally necessary field operators alive while they keep an eye on the drones.

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I feel like the captain from Wall-E now.

"Computer, define 'mygirlfriend', 'CNPA,' and 'metabs'"

Wait, do you get that reference? Does Wall-E exist as an historical document in the future?

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To restate my question, how does EMP effect warfare in your time?

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What serious global events happen between 2010-2020? and how would you overcome them with your present technology?

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Yeah, it was on a list of films some of you recommended. The CG was shitty but I cried at the love subplot.

CNPA is the eventual outgrowth of what you currently know as the tea party movement. You are about to be caught in the middle of a brief but extraordinarily bloody civil war between them and the US government.

Metabs are a class of drugs that manipulate metabolism. Most simply keep you at a target weight regardless of diet.

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Do you know anything about MS Paint Adventures?

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It doesn't. Most of our drones have wet brains, genetically altered chimp or dolphin. The interface and other systems are largely photonics with organic components wherever possible. There isn't much an EMP would affect, and those components still potentially vulnerable are EMP hardened.

It's neutron burst weapons that caught us with our pants down. There's a lot of banned weaponry left to rot (and then discovered by the remnants) that has come back to haunt us.

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Does the term "forerunner" have any special significance?

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Roughly how accurate is this?


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Awesome, all going according to calcs. Did a massive rise in popularity of EMP use spur the development of the anti-EMP engineering, or was the design pre-emptive?

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What is the present state of personal freedoms and liberty? Does democracy exist in most parts of the world? Orwell or Huxley?

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No? It rings a bell from past threads though.


Most was coincidental. Photonics, superconducting processors and hybrid organic components were going to happen anyway, it's just fortuitous coincidence that they aren't susceptible to EMP (with the exception of the second one)

I'm sure a lot of thought was given to that in the run up to the anticipated war with china, though. All effort that was wasted when that war never materialized.

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Has cold fusion been invented? If so, can you tell me the first name of the man who invented it?

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Is high explosive weaponry still used?

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Having read both on your recommendation, I'd say Huxley, although there's a lot in BNW that I took issue with.

There's an element of Orwell in that panopticon (everpresent dust mote sized cameras on every surface) records everything all the time, but it's publicly accessible. People largely police one another. Something stolen? Look at the panopticon records for the time period in which it happened. Millions of angles means one of them is going to have a clear shot of the guy's face. Send it to Habsec, and if they're satisfied that it's a legit crime, they pick the guy up.

The federal government is still a representative democracy, although protected corporations have taken over the role state governments used to play. Each owns a chunk of the autolabor infrastructure and is permitted to export goods to non autolabor countries provided they manage at least one hab domestically.

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What's the farthest planet/moon we've sent humans to?

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Define "hab."

Also, the fact that you ahve something called Habsec is frightening. Does thoutcrime yet equal death?

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No. A couple means of producing net positive fusion exist but less than a dozen reactors remain in operation. Unforeseen drawbacks made them impractical, especially given the abundance of energy already produced by automated thorium reactors.


Oh my yes.

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Does quantum computing go anywhere?

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Fuck YES! Does the entire future turn out so similar to plan, really? Do you even know who I am?

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Dustmote sized cameras on every surface? What of privacy? Could someone not simply watch a few thousand cameras to see anyone they wanted naked?

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Haven't you read Asimov? By that time period the Secertary General of the UN has a designer body as a perpetual youthful asian female and wears see through clothing. The clothing is fiberoptic and she turns on slight blurring to barely censor her body for formal functions.

You're worried about being spied on naked? Why the fuck are you not naked in public? Why are you not fucking your girlfriend on the dinner table as a first date in the middle of the restaurant?

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>corporations have taken over the role state governments

Your future is shit, I am disappoint.

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A hab is a freestanding structure similar to any given mall or airport you've been to, but truly multizoned, with residential/commercial/industrial/educational sections. The trend picked up after the war when actual malls, airports, business towers and other surviving structures were converted into refugee housing. Busiensses sprouted up within to cater to refugees and by the time repairs were largely complete it was clear that the arrangement was working out so well that it ought to stay like that. Purpose built habs didn't begin springing up until the rapid warming effect became impossible to ignore, however, and the people who previously hated the idea of living in a hab demanded to move in. The only ones who refused were the devoutly religious who considered it to be some kind of antichrist plot foretold in Revelations. I've learned more about it over the past few years, having interrogated a few remnant scouts but it makes even less sense now than it did initially if that's possible.

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howed apple turn out?

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Yes and no. ;)

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How much can you tell me about automated thorium reactors? Even just the first name of the primary guy responsible would be nice. Also does string theory ever get any where?

This one is going to be a little weird, is the future pre-determined now that I am typing this for you to read? Or could I essentially go and invent something like a propulsion system before someone else? Would this change only my future or yours as well? (As in, would my name be over the invention in your future if I invented that same thing between now and when the original guy invented it, if that makes any sense at all)

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How successful is the CNPA during the Civil War? Wouldn't the US Military crush any sort of insurgency within it's own borders, especially because of it's recent experience? Or do people within the government/military break off into different factions/parties and fight one-another?

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Not sure. Thorium reactors date back to well before the war, so that information should be available to you. I know one of the prominent net positive fusion reactor designs is credited to Robert Bussard.

Nothing you can do would ever catch up to me. But that hasn't stopped me from trying to make a few changes here and there so you don't wind up a toxo casuality or something. Funny how strangers can grow on you.

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What's new with the Riemann Hypothesis?

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How much meddeling can you guess our timeline has gone through?

Do you have pictures to show when you told /v/ Duke Nukem forevers release date?

what happened to the muslim people?

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What's popular in future music?

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How is Obama regarded in your day?

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>But that hasn't stopped me from trying to make a few changes here and there so you don't wind up a toxo casuality or something. Funny how strangers can grow on you.

Aha. About that. What's the best way to not die during the civil war in the USA with the CNPA?

Also, what cognitive enhancement tools (if any) turned out to be effective? Biofeedback, nootropics, TMS?

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1. It's pretty messy. You can post to dates a year or two apart and get noticable variation. The closer together, the less divergence there seems to be, but it's pretty obvious that almost unrestricted access to entanglement posting has thoroughly mangled the timeline all the way back to ARPANET.

2. Pretty sure it's in the thread archives. I can't post images due to bandwidth limitations and restrictions on content one can send via ETP.

3. They were assisted in orderly emigration out of the UK and into duly compensated neighboring nations in an arrangement all parties found agreeable.

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riiiiight. That thing at the top of the thread, that's just some *really* good ASCII.

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As the catalyst of the civil war.


#1. Leave the US or join the National Guard. Most of the revolutionary conspirators were in the Army and Air Force, avoid those and you should be in a good position to deal some damage to the redshirts when the time comes.

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No, that's a contemporary image. I can attach files available elsewhere on the internet in the period I'm posting to, just not transmit one via ETP, as even text is a chore and for whatever reason they don't want us sharing pictures with you.

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FutureGuy, do the cities of the future look like this (image)?

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does California ever get back on its feet?

We're hit pretty hard by the bad economy right now.

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Have the worlds oceans boiled away yet ? Have we built a moon base yet ? How much of earths animals have gone extinct ?Global Warming real or not ?

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Can you tell us which stocks will do good tomorrow or who wins the superbowl this year? Or would you get in a lot of trouble for that?

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How is the terraformation of Mars going? Is it underway, are there plans, or is it not even being considered?
I've always hoped Mars would be colonized by my generation.

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lottery numbers gime

>> No.1807855
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It's not loading and it says it'd be a 30 minute download. Can you describe it to me?


Autolabor pretty much negates the possibility of serious economic problems, and it begins in earnest immediately following the war, so there's at least a silver lining to the impending mushroom cloud.


No, but they leak hydrogen sulfide which gets blown inland in foul green fronts every so often. The ph level is also such that most sea life had to be reprogenetically altered to survive.

I answered the moon question earlier in the thread.

Reprogenetics has, if anything, drastically increased biodiversity on land as well as in the oceans.

No idea if global warming would have eventually caused similar problems. The rapid warming effect is actually the result of botched attempts to geoengineer a solution to global warming.

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Quoted by: >>1807986

Will fully prosthetic bodies like in the anime "Ghost in the Shell" be real causing anybody that can afford maintenance on their prosthetic body live forever or at least 500 years or something? And will anybody actually invent and or make a working gravity wheel to power the future or at least sell to the governments so that the first fully prosthetic body can be built?

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I'm aboard an amphibious assault vessel the size of a small mountain (hence the name Iron Hill). Hundreds of miles from the nearest hab. I can't answer shit like that for the same reason that, if separated from the internet, you couldn't tell someone from 1993 what would happen on a particular day.

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Future guy, I remember in your last thread you said that events in our timeline were proceeding slightly differently than what you remember from your timeline. Comments?

>> No.1807873

Time travel results in him remembering slightly different things at different times.

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How about linguistics? Is there still a large variety of spoken languages? Have new, international languages developed and come into use?
I assume English is still major? If so, how has it changed?

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Quoted by: >>1807887

It's an external city, not a cohab for the first part...

People walk around wearing breather masks to protect themselves from air pollution. There are holographic advertisements scattered over buildings and projected over the skyline as well.

Also, I'm going to be posting a few more pics of this city, if you want to download them later...

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video games do they exist still ?
Have we replaced capitalism yet?

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another image

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Quoted by: >>1807904

Why didn't you say anything about cognitive enhancement technology?

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Quoted by: >>1807903

Oh wow! Me also would like to discuss technology. You know Jenkins actually think wheel will roll and be wave of future transportation?! That's what get for listening to philosophy major.

Cave painting related, it Jenkins and his stupid wheel

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Quoted by: >>1807912


Someone spilled the beans to Beck and Palin. As a result he gave some kind of rally wherein he promised that the nation would be returned to Christian governance, something he didn't do until the CNPA emerged IIRC. And Palin was supposed to run in 2016, not 2012, which it seems like she may and I have reason to believe it's because the same anon who leaked these threads to Beck also sent Palin copies. Why they would take the information seriously I have no idea, but if they recognized valuable information it may well have pushed them off the fence. History paints them as pretty unstable people.

>> No.1807903

I lol'd.

>> No.1807904


Forgot. Nootropics are a common active ingredient in bevs and snack foods, as are various relaxants and mild hallucinogens.

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Quoted by: >>1807914 >>1807952

Do your spaceships look like this in the future?

It's from a recent movie called Avatar. Everyone hates the movie as a whole, but the design of the spaceship is outstanding.

>> No.1807912

hahaha, "pretty unstable people". lulz. lulz indeed.

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Quoted by: >>1807931

he cant load pictures on his device Only text

>> No.1807921
Quoted by: >>1807952

what replaces nand flash memory?

>> No.1807931

He said he could but it takes a lot of minutes to download it.

>> No.1807936

I am pretty sure in your last thread you were already off of Iron Hill. I think it was a you from even further along in time.

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Quoted by: >>1808440 >>1808488

So, if, say I'm a 17 year old kid living in ohio in 2010, what should I do over the next 10 years to ensure I survive this Palin Armageddon?

What should I invest in? Should I buy guns and stockpile munitions and food? Should I continue my engineering major?

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Quoted by: >>1807946 >>1807953

Would it be possible for you to check out the game dwarf fortress? and tell us how far it got before the creator quit?

>> No.1807946

I second that!
If I had my way, dwarf fortress would become the national pastime.

>> No.1807952


Very dense flash is still in use on legacy systems. Alternatives include holographic and genetic storage.


Can't see the pic, but the biggest thing in space right now are the ferries. The older ones are nuclear pulse driven and resemble the skeletal interior structure of a skyscraper with the pulse drive at one end (complete with a vast round pusher plate) shielded capsules mounted all along the exterior of the superstructure, and the passenger module at the other end. Newer models use something called a nuclear lightbulb drive, which is supposed to have a more comfortable acceleration profile.

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>> No.1807957

For those who have been keeping up the futureguys threads, can you list me all the things that he predicted accurately?

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Quoted by: >>1807982

What the deal with string theory, does it ever get confirmed or denied?
Can you tell us the Duke Nukem Forever release date?
How about Half Life Episode 3?
Thanks futurebro.

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Quoted by: >>1808006

I almost forgot to ask, what the status on FTL in your time? And give us an example of slang in your time.

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Quoted by: >>1807987

ok futurebro, let me see if I've got this straight...

You said earlier in this thread that the Tea Party is the precursor to the CNPA (what does that stand for?), which is an organization that rebels against the US government in a bloody civil war, and that you viewed Obama as the catalyst of this civil war. You also say that Sara Palin is a pivotal CNPA figure and that she runs for presidency, presumably in 2012.

I can understand how Obama enrages the Tea Party and that, even now, the Tea Party has amassed large amounts of butt-hurt already - so I think I understand the part about Obama as a catalyst. But what pushes the tea party over the edge? You seem to imply that Sara Palin runs for president in 2012 but loses and the Tea Party responds by inciting a civil war.

By this logic,the CNPA, the War, Autolabor, Habs and the present state of religions seem to all depend on who wins the presidency of 2012, am I right? I can't imagine the Tea Partiers getting all hot and bothered if Sara Palin won the presidency.

>> No.1807977
Quoted by: >>1808016

Same guy who asked about Cold Fusion here, you mentioned room temperature super conductors earlier. Has anti-gravity been accomplished on a large scale in your future?

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Quoted by: >>1808006

FutureGuy, is traditional orchestrated music still prominent in your movies? Please let it be so

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>>Can you tell us the Duke Nukem Forever release date?

I found the archives on /rs/. After some digging I found this. It's before he had his tripcode. Brix were very much shat.

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i am from the year 14,000 This is all a joke real future men have been coming since 13,000 to study our history and seeking our culture.Only few men are allowed to come back in time for research.We have only a basic understanding of the years 20,000bc-5000-ad we are here and we just wanna know our past.

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Quoted by: >>1808020 >>1808612


Why wont you answer my question... :(
Whatever you say will determine whether i continue on with my research or not...

>> No.1807987

I really can't imagine any amount of civil strife breaking out over something as petty as party-disputes. The whole "democrats vs. republican" thing is such a joke.
I think if there *is* a civil war, it would be because of class disparity.

>> No.1807993

oh my god, that means its for real this time!!!!
future bro, does duke nukem forever live up to the hype?

>> No.1808004
Quoted by: >>1808061

Does a Halo movie ever get made??? How does it turn out??? What year did it come out????

>> No.1808006
Quoted by: >>1808063


Yes. Although there is a genre similar to what you'd probably compare with melodic metal that we call Opera. If you didn't know that beforehand you'd probably assume it is something very different. Or that it is not shit.


Faster than light? That falls under voider technology. In accordance with an agreement with my prior employer I am not to discuss that with anyone. It isn't secret, it's commonly used for waste disposal, the NDA is with regards to an alleged misuse.

>> No.1808014

I am going with another poster... Dwarf fortress what happened to it is it finished?

>> No.1808016
Quoted by: >>1808035

Future bro can you tell me if anti-gravity exists in your time? Also what about nano-assembly?

>> No.1808020
Quoted by: >>1808058 >>1808114


I can't answer everyone's question. I am only one guy. As for your question the closest thing to what you describe is a mygirlfriend or other companion wetbot. But the means to transplant a brain into such a body doesn't exist, as in order to achieve the connection density necessary, wetbot brains (typically dog, cat or chimp) are grown from tiny seed samples in the center of a three dimensional electrode mesh in the shape of a matured brain. They envelop this mesh as they grow, eventually totally enclosing it and adapting to the (slightly off) locations of each electrode.

In short, to be a wetbot, you'd have to be born a wetbot.

>> No.1808035


No and no. Nanoscale robots do exist but cannot self replicate and are restricted to medical and industrial use.

>> No.1808042
File: 22 KB, 363x262, Wife_Stupid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wife say that one day, she be free independent female, that one day, she and all other female be on equal terms with male, without setback of being female. Female having male rights, as if!

Stone slab related, it wife's stupid female motivational painting

>> No.1808058

Thank you future one, your answer was much appreciated.

>> No.1808061
Quoted by: >>1808083 >>1808612

Really gotta know this one....

>> No.1808062
Quoted by: >>1808083

Does star gate ever happen ? Do we ever meet the Asgard ?

>> No.1808063
Quoted by: >>1808083


What do you listen to?

>> No.1808065

Just testing something, don't mind me...

>> No.1808072
Quoted by: >>1808124

Does Australia achieve any international significance? With the advent of thorium reactors, are our vast stores of uranium useless?

Any conflict between Australia and the poorer south-east asian countries to the north?

Are we forever doomed to punch above our weight in the international stage?

>> No.1808079

Do we ever invent sex slave bots with real vagina's and boobs ?

>> No.1808083
Quoted by: >>1808094 >>1808111


Don't know


Oh come on


Viewpoint. It's a guilty pleasure. And Lady Gaga when I'm in the mood for some classical. (joking, sort of)

>> No.1808084

Testing one two, testing one two...

>> No.1808087
Quoted by: >>1808097 >>1808108

Do you guys actually believe this or are you playing along? I can't tell.

>> No.1808094

Can I just get a simple yes/no answer?

>> No.1808095

how did you generate that tripcode, did you recover a tripcruncher or does 4chan still exist?

>> No.1808097


you're a fucken retard, my friend

>> No.1808108

Do YOU actually disbelieve this guy? or are you still playing along I can't tell...

>> No.1808111

You mentioned Singularians. Have they ever tried or indicated they might forcibly choose prosthetics for other people?

Also, are civilians in danger from the civil war from crossfire mainly, or will there be pogroms?(I would expect this from beck/palin) Will non-conventional weapons be used?

>> No.1808114
Quoted by: >>1808140


What about a fully prosthetic body by means in which the brain is slowly replaced by tiny mechanical parts over time by nanobots, and then after that process, body parts are replaced by prosthetics. I'm not going to ask if that exists because you already basically said it doesn't, but could that be possible?

>> No.1808120
Quoted by: >>1808128

how bout a link brah

>> No.1808124


Too many questions in one post. Seriously. Don't get greedy. This is the last time:

#1. Yes, as the site of demonstrative autolabor projects funded mainly by Google, Kiva and ABB.

#2. No, it's used for the micro thermonuclear charges that drive ferries.

#3. Australia is very nearly bombared by the Chinese navy at one point in a standoff over the deleterious effect that they (correctly) anticipated autolabor would have on their economy. Australia's sudden explosion in the export of very cheap, high quality electronics made it clear to China that the end of their economic model was very, very nigh.

#4. Autolabor had a very democratizing effect. The near complete automation of industry, including energy production and recycling, destroyed the rationale for the resource wars that malthusians had predicted around the turn of the 21st centry. America retained the world's largest drone army but mainly for policing the middle east.

>> No.1808128
Quoted by: >>1808621



>> No.1808140
Quoted by: >>1808181


Sure, I guess. What the brain would be replaced with, I don't know. Attempts to produce artifical brains with a similar 'computing architecture' have been struggling towards that goal for the past fifty years with little progress.

>> No.1808154

Wait future guy are you saying our future isn't set in stone?

>> No.1808157
Quoted by: >>1808236

Will all baby's be formed by the best genes or will it still be random natural selection ?

>> No.1808166

>people believing this garbage
I've lost all my respect for /sci/

>> No.1808169

How has feminism changed? It's relatively new I'm wondering what happens to it.

>> No.1808176
Quoted by: >>1808248

As I always like to ask, do you have any questions for us, futureman stan.

>> No.1808181
Quoted by: >>1808256


Ah, I see, well, thank you again future guy :)

>> No.1808182

Europeeons nuked into dust YEEESSSSSS

>> No.1808185
Quoted by: >>1808236

can you say if over population becomes a proplem or ever gets fixed ?

>> No.1808196

does Blizzard entertainment still exist in your time ?

>> No.1808213
Quoted by: >>1808236

holy fuck, can't believe i forgot this!


do the corporations finally figure out a way to legislate and control the downloading of digital property?!

the only way i can see that happening is through intrusive, intensive safeguards and surveillance.

>> No.1808236
Quoted by: >>1808273


Reprogenetic correction is so affordable it's sort of taboo to decline it.


Drinking water contains a fertility suppressant. You have to take a particular medication to become (temporarily) fertile.


Intellectual property isn't really a concern anymore for reasons that should be obvious.

>> No.1808245

why are you people replying to this?

>> No.1808248
Quoted by: >>1808336 >>1808448


Are your grandparents horrified by the prospect of gay marriage, and do you worry that there may be similar civil rights movements that will horrify you when you're their age? Because man, there will be.

>> No.1808255
Quoted by: >>1808338

What year do we drill Antarctica? What become of the fight over the North Pole? Does China ever attempt to call in the US debt? What does the US do?

>> No.1808256


Awesome get, but i fucked up my name :l

>> No.1808258
Quoted by: >>1808487

How does the second civil war in America go down, exactly? How does it all get started, how does it play out, what are the aftereffects?

>> No.1808273


are you joking? so what, intellectual property is created by computers who don't get paid? who creates the software? video games, virtual reality, movies? someone puts in the work and money, and don't tell me we've become such dribbling commies that intellectual property has no inherent value.

so you're telling me, if someone creates the 54th sequel to halo at a cost of 20 million dollars (blah blah inflation) that its pretty much free on the open market? wheres the incentive to create digital media if there is no payment or royalties? does the state take it upon themselves to pay the creators?

>> No.1808281

Does 2012 hysteria play a role in the coming civil war?

>> No.1808283

Gold and diamonds are they still used to back up currency ?

Does the federal reserve ever get abolished ?

Do we ever get hoover boards like in back to the future ?

>> No.1808292
File: 6 KB, 182x196, bawt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


By 'hardened' you mean a simple Faraday cage? The same kind of low-tech piss-easy 'hardening' that renders EMP useless against every military aircraft, ship and vehicle since the Cold War?

The fantasy is over. Everyone go home.

>> No.1808300

hay guis i am from futur ask question lol

>> No.1808319

do we ever explore deep down in our oceans what do we find ?

>> No.1808336

No, maybe i am playing the sociopath in this life. But it doesnt horrify me.

>> No.1808338
Quoted by: >>1808364


#1. Russia claims it.

#2. Russia claims it.

#3. Yes, in a panic when they realize that the automation of all industry will make them pretty much unnecessary to us.

We build a complete autolabor facility, vertical farming towers and one hab for them to reverse engineer and reproduce as desired without consequence. That did the trick. They took to it like you wouldn't believe. Most of China is now indoors.

>> No.1808355
Quoted by: >>1808366 >>1808385

How are you replying so fast if you said it takes a while to download images captcha is also a image

>> No.1808364

will my degree in physics be useful when I'm done with it in 2015?

>> No.1808366

he said earlier that a 500kb image takes 30 minutes to download, and captcha is 2.5kb

do the math.

>> No.1808384
Quoted by: >>1808432

Do dogs or cats ever evolve to be more human ? Can we talk to dogs or cats and will it be possible to modify a human to be more cat like or dog like ?

>> No.1808385

He obviously, after reading a question, goes back in time a couple of seconds to a minuet to respond to said question, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

>> No.1808399
Quoted by: >>1808432

i've followed your threads for a while, man

why are you still stuck on iron hill? can't you see your family or something?

>> No.1808408

What are some cool science fiction movies out in your time? Can you provide the most basic sypnoses?

>> No.1808425
Quoted by: >>1808507 >>1808575

Have you found life on other planets (basic microbes and bacteria)

What happened with the whole secret UFO/aliens government cover-up thing?

>> No.1808430

Im pretty lold that some people actually believe humanity will still exist at 2107

>> No.1808432


...In a disturbing sense, that's what a mygirlfriend is.


My whole unit is stuck here until Iron Hill has been 'used' once. So as to maintain secrecy as to what it's actually for until it's too late for remnants to do anything about it.

>> No.1808437

What year is it now in your time? The last time you said was 2108.

>> No.1808440
Quoted by: >>1808471 >>1808612

Can you answer this one please, I am in the same position with the same question.

>> No.1808446
Quoted by: >>1808488

Is there records of any african american lieutenant commanders post civil war I need to plan my future damnit

>> No.1808448
Quoted by: >>1808467

>and do you worry that there may be similar civil rights movements that will horrify you when you're their age? Because man, there will be.

Oh god. I'm surprised I didn't think about this.

One word question. Furries?

>> No.1808459

What's the future of Communism?

Does it succeed or does capitalism still prevail in 100 years?

>> No.1808467
Quoted by: >>1808480


Nope. "Age disparate relationships".

>> No.1808470

Did Japan ever roll out their GUNDAMs?

>> No.1808471
Quoted by: >>1808488

thanks for bumping it, been waiting for him to answer that for hours

>> No.1808473

Quick question, should I go into astrophysics, aerospace engineering or something else?

>> No.1808480

Also, do you still have nuclear carriers/submarines, I want to know what most likely I will be assigned to after this current job is done.

>> No.1808484
Quoted by: >>1808514

How much faster is the rate of education in your time? Do you learn algebra at 6?

>> No.1808486
Quoted by: >>1808599

Are physicians still necessary, or have pharmaceuticals eradicated the need for the profession as a whole? I don't want pre-med to be a waste of time.

>> No.1808487


No love for those about to be torn apart by war, my futurefriend?

>> No.1808488


Purchase airtight storage trunks. Buy up as many pre-revision textbooks as possible. The precursors to the CNPA were, in 2010, in the process of editing textbooks to advance a Chridom agenda. Any textbooks published prior to said revisions is enormously valuable and if not saved and buried in a discreet location will probably wind up being burned along with most of the nation's public schools, libraries, colleges and museums.

>> No.1808506
Quoted by: >>1808536

C'mon, don't be skeet. At least let us know how to ride out/avoid the gestapo shit? If we take Jesus as our Lord and Savior will they put a bullet in our heads anyway, or should we run if we see/hear them coming?

>> No.1808507
Quoted by: >>1808612

bump for this one

>> No.1808514
Quoted by: >>1808525 >>1808529


Education lasts longer, but is highly specialized and more thorough from what I can tell. As there's no tuition costs, time is not a constraint and education is focused more on exploring an individual's interests and explaining the humanistic rationale for actively contributing to society, that sort of thing. Translated; trying to persuade students to become something other than an invalid. And for the most part it works. Worked on me anyways.

>> No.1808519
Quoted by: >>1808528

Would you suggest getting the fuck out of the US?

Is canada safe? How about Scandinavian countries?

>> No.1808522
File: 224 KB, 1280x960, 0926002359.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
Quoted by: >>1808541

using tripcode now

how valuable will these be?

>> No.1808523

Who is the oldest person alive in your time and if possible, what is their name

>> No.1808525
Quoted by: >>1808535

Futurebro, damnit help someone out, I'll most likely be ending this war, tell me how I can stop it sooner, you told me in the last thread to get ready, and I did! I need more time to plan and confirm the intervention!

>> No.1808528


Or England?

>> No.1808529
Quoted by: >>1808559

The future looks bright!

In Star Trek, people worked to "better themselves" and humanity. Not for money. I hope that one day when world peace is truly achieved we can live in this society.

>> No.1808530

Hay, futureguise, have you heard about Duke Nukem Forever? Is it still in development?

>> No.1808535
File: 277 KB, 250x227, 1284097663945.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw when he believes this guys shit is real

>> No.1808536


Avoid the South, if you are in either Boston or Dallas move elsewhere (as both are home to facilities containing a bioweapon released by the redshirts near the end of the war) and if you're able to do so leave the country entirely.

If you "look Muslim", you will be shot and the remains will be incinerated. Same if you are visibly effete, or a known atheist/liberal/feminist. Their big bogeyman was "secularism" and in their minds it was a catch-all conspiracy by the New World Order that included pretty much every idea they didn't care for.

>> No.1808541
Quoted by: >>1808557

It takes 30 minute to download 500 kb you need to re-size it or turn down the quality

>> No.1808542

what about homosexuals? are we killed like muslims are?

>> No.1808543

Are Catholics safe?

>> No.1808547
Quoted by: >>1808561

>same if you are visibly effete

Please explain your neologism.

>> No.1808552
Quoted by: >>1808572

If we are able to.. acquire some low level cruise missiles or ideally nuclear weapons, would a preemptive nuclear strike destroy these bases or would it CHANGE TIME BEYOND COMPARE.

>> No.1808556
Quoted by: >>1808585

Mexican here will i be alright ? live in Arizona near Tuscon ? Any big things happening here ?

>> No.1808557

the picture is of textbooks publish 2005 or earlier

them being: Precalculus, calculus, algebra 2, ap us history, ap government, government in America, Physics, the elegant universe and the essay connection.

>> No.1808559


I should mention that invalids comprise upwards of 30% of some habs and 50%+ of a few. It's a pressing social problem but not the doomsday scenario that alarmists make it out to be. Most including myself believe it's the lingering growing pains of our adaptation to autolabor. Some really only worked because they had to. I think with the new focus on an individual's purpose within society that's popular in education these days, we'll see the number of invalids gradually dwindle to zero.

>> No.1808560
Quoted by: >>1808579

What about Canadians, are we safe and relatively unaffected by the war?

>> No.1808561
File: 44 KB, 430x411, 1285456665652.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
Quoted by: >>1808580

>he thinks its a neologism

>> No.1808562
Quoted by: >>1808575

What did people do on December 21, 2012?

>> No.1808572
Quoted by: >>1808584


The facilities are owned by the state. Destroying them would be an act of terrorism. The redshirts discovered them by accident. If some chance event were to prevent that discovery it would spare more than a million lives.

>> No.1808575
Quoted by: >>1808590 >>1808612


These two are kind of tied together. C'mon future guy!

>> No.1808579


Nope, you got most of the redshirts fleeing prosecution. And many are believed to still be hiding out in what are now Canada's beautiful, temperate forests. On the plus side you come out of the rapid warming effect smelling like roses, with a lovely climate and some of the only open air cities left in the world.

>> No.1808580

googling every damn word on /sci/ which makes no sense would lead a man to take a wood chipper to his genitals.

But also, really... 'effete' was the one you had to ask about?

>> No.1808584

I am a state actor, so I'll have to let tips and alert people to HIDE THEIR SHIT, or worse case prepare for using that. I might alter your history though, if the war is prevented/our efforts are successful. We will find out in a year or so!

>> No.1808585
Quoted by: >>1808612

answer my question i need to know if i need to prepare ! the white people around me are pretty angry

>> No.1808589

Can you tell me the year that we started mass producing graphene chips?

>> No.1808590
Quoted by: >>1808831 >>1808833


Yes, microbial life was discovered on Mars and several of the moons of outer planets.

But at any given time there are several people demanding that I address their posts. I am one person. I will not be able to answer all posts. Repeating your requests is....It does not incline me to answer them. Though I do, because I don't want to be an invalid about it.

>> No.1808591

How badly does the Chridom Civil War affect Southern California?

>> No.1808593

How poisonous did the Corexit 9500 dispersant used in the Gulf oil spill turn out to be?

>> No.1808596

>a known atheist
what if I am a republican and own guns?
elaborate more on the Tea Party civil war, when does it start? How would you survive if you didn't want to leave your state or city?

>> No.1808599


bump for this one, also not inclined to waste life

>> No.1808603

Do hospitals pretty much become robot operated, and do useless procedures like circumcision still exist in 2107, or have people come to their senses?

>> No.1808609
Quoted by: >>1808621 >>1808624

Hey guys, this future guy is probably bullshit but the idea of a conservative nationalist uprising doesn't sound that unlikely. How about we arm ourselves and form a secular militia?

>> No.1808612

>answer my question
>C'mon future guy!
>bump for this one
>Can you answer this one please
>Really gotta know this one....
>Why wont you answer my question... :(
>To restate my question,


>> No.1808615
Quoted by: >>1808657

What's the future of Nuclear, mechanical and electrical engineering?

>> No.1808621

and this for proof

He predicted duke nukem forever, FUCKING DUKE NUKEM FOREVER.

>> No.1808623

Does the PS3 have any games yet?

>> No.1808624

join the military
get clearances
become officers

become the power.

>> No.1808631

Is Europe and Scandinavia safe?

How is it that transhumanists, a part of secular humanism, exist in this world where secular people are killed?

>> No.1808642
Quoted by: >>1808651

Yo future guy, when asked if quantum computing goes anywhere, you said
>Yes and no. ;)

My question is if quantum computing isn't readily available, then what means do we use to solve horrendously complicated equations?
I'm sure we would be in trouble if we were limited by our ability to solve equations... we can't even find an anti derivative to e^(-x^2)

>> No.1808645
Quoted by: >>1808674

So futureguy, what happens to southern california over the course of the civil war? will i get shot for being a jewish half-arab?

>> No.1808646
Quoted by: >>1808674

How advanced is our human spaceflight technology

>> No.1808647


presentguys status
told [x]
not told [ ]

>> No.1808649
Quoted by: >>1808674

The fact that Glenn Beck moved up his rally is interesting, in your timeline did Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert ever hold a satirical counter rally?

>> No.1808650

I don't know if this has been asked before but, will anything ever kill wow? and Is dwarf fortress 3d yet?

>> No.1808651
Quoted by: >>1808662

hey idiot, "yes and no ;)" is obviously a joke imply that it did go somewhere

>> No.1808652
Quoted by: >>1808674

Will I get killed for being an agnostic?

>> No.1808657
Quoted by: >>1808668


Largely done, when needed, by evolutionary algorithms. What they spit out is then polished and approved for fabrication by what amount to qualified hobbyists.

Hard as it may be to believe, even when the only payment you can offer is marginally increased per-month buying power (beyond what a normal person can consume in that time) people will line up to do jobs they find interesting and fulfilling.

>> No.1808661

Will I get killed for being circumcised jewish male?

>> No.1808662
Quoted by: >>1808682

whether or not that is what he meant

Futureguy, do you use the quantum computers or some other means?

>> No.1808668

After you do coldsleep, what are you planning to do? Would you plan moving to another star system? Space travel should be a fuck lot more advanced than it already is by 2200.

>> No.1808672

If you predict something that would be very difficult to predict, it will have very interesting effects on the timeline, and that would just be cool to watch, wouldn't it?

Give me some records of sunspot activity that was not predicted by present-day astronomical science (or at a level of detail that could not be), and things will play out quite differently.

>> No.1808674
Quoted by: >>1808686


No. Please keep me updated on where this goes, political aftermath, etc. The proto-redshirts may interpret it as provocation.


Answered this in various posts throughout the thread.


If you have to ask, yes. It was not an organized war. There was an unspoken understanding, it would seem, that if the war turned out to be unwinnable the next best thing was to deal as much damage to the "NWO" as possible. To that end they wound up shooting an awful lot of people who were probably Christians too, but who for whatever reason seemed like something else. It wasn't a competent, precise war. It was a prolongued, mismanaged mass-riot that directed most of it's energies to destroying state property considered to be devoted to the advancement of "secular ideology".

>> No.1808675
Quoted by: >>1808683

Who's the latest ETP user who's contacted you in your time?

>> No.1808676

What are some seminal works of art of the late 20th century? Please say one book and one movie.

>> No.1808682
Quoted by: >>1808701


Yes, in a restricted capacity. Quantum entanglement as a means of data transmission is the real game changer, however.

>> No.1808683

who has* sorry

>> No.1808685
Quoted by: >>1808699

The Riemann Hypothesis. Has it been solved, or not? Also can you tell us about new specialized fields, or developments in mathematics?

>> No.1808686
Quoted by: >>1808699

should i go to college in canada instead of here, in that case?

>> No.1808696
Quoted by: >>1808702

What are the safest places to live during the war?

>> No.1808699
Quoted by: >>1808708 >>1808710


By the sound of things, yes, and sooner rather than later


I don't know what the Riemann hypothesis is. My area of expertise is limited to the theories relevant to the voider's operational principles. I can't tell you about the alleged voider incident but I can tell you the technology itself is an application of Burkhard heim's theories regarding the relationship between gravity and electromagnetism.

>> No.1808701
Quoted by: >>1808709

Any idea how they overcame decoherence?
Because I don't see quantum entanglement working as a means of data transmission. The messages would be blurred because of decoherence.

>> No.1808702


He already said everywhere but US (particularly southern US, Boston, and Dallas).

>> No.1808704

If you can't talk about the voider, why would you even mention it's name? It's obviously a black hole generator.

>> No.1808708

Interesting, I would have thought the voider technology would have included antigravity then, considering it could be possible through that theory.

What field should I go for a Ph.D since I am currently 18 and about to look for a university.

>> No.1808709


Nope. I know the energy and size hurdles were overcome by the use of the plasma wakefield accelerator as a means to inject particles into their orbit around the micro singularity, a product of the heim field generator. There's not much more I know about it.

>> No.1808710
Quoted by: >>1808716

>By the sound of things, yes, and sooner rather than later

It might be that the proto-CNPA group hasn't gathered enough momentum or intensity yet, that they're using their aces-in-the-hole too early, and thereby sabotaging their own cause. You never know.

>> No.1808716
Quoted by: >>1808728

This might actually be true. I can see some hardcore people having some pre-beer hall type meetings, but I don't think the depth and scope of the recession has hit hard enough to really wake people up enough to take that kind of action.

>> No.1808718

How is it we're on /sci/ and no one has thought to address the fact that he's somehow allegedly communicating with us from nearly one hundred years into the future.

Over the internet.

On 4chan.

So, to our friendly neighbourhood future friend, could you kindly explain the science behind your ability to communicate into the past?

>> No.1808721
Quoted by: >>1808822

Whats become of space research, exploration and the pursuit for discovering exoplanets that could support life?

Is there any new knowledge of extraterrestrial life on any level in your time?

>> No.1808723

he won't because he's a faggot

>> No.1808724

Explained many times in previous threads; I like to treat this as a very entertaining story time. Although he did predict duke nukem release date....

>> No.1808726

hows diablo 3?

>> No.1808728


There existed a conspiracy in the prewar military committed to waging civil war in the event that the tea party candidate lost the next election.

Your history was divergent from mine even when I started posting in that an amendment which lowered the age of eligibility for office had already been passed which permitted Chelsea Clinton to run (and win) in 2012. As that's an impossibility for you I can't say who will run against Palin, if she announces her candidacy early as I believe she will. But if they are a Democrat, it will likely have the same effect.

>> No.1808738


Damn you, talking about chelsea clinton running made you finally break my suspension of disbelief.

>> No.1808744

This scenario is oddly familiar to the precursive events of the (first?) American Civil War.

>> No.1808748

First of all backwards time travel impossible

its not possible to go faster then the speed of light

>> No.1808752
Quoted by: >>1808757 >>1808782

In your time, what is respected about the people, culture and society of our time (if anything). And what would have been considered our weaker and foolish qualities?

>> No.1808754
Quoted by: >>1808782


wtf lol, you respond to my speculation but not my question. Are Catholics safe?

>> No.1808757

If you can't figure this out I hope the tea party kills you.

>> No.1808767
Quoted by: >>1808784 >>1808799


>>So, to our friendly neighbourhood future friend, could you kindly explain the science behind your ability to communicate into the past?

Sure. One half of an entangled pair of photons or electrons is restrained via laser at near absolute zero. The other particle is injected, via plasma wakefield accelerator, into a tight orbit around a microsingularity formed at the point of greatest gravitational stress, where two toroidal heim fields generated by a pair of superconducting magnetic rings rotating at high speed very close to one another (also at near absolute zero) intersect. This has the effect of ejecting the particle into an adjacent universe, briefly, where the speed of light is drastically greater than it is locally. It only remains there for a moment but the high velocity permits a carefully calculated trajectory to release it back into regular space at a predetermined location where it is received by a satellite capable of optical transmission/reception (if photons are used) or an attempted (less reliable) injection into copper cable if it's the 1980s-1990s internet.

Through organized manipulation and observation of the retained particles it is possible to read and write data across time.

>> No.1808782


Catholics were not targeted, that I know of.


Their contributions. Mainly artistic and intellectual as there isn't really any physical labor left to be done.

>> No.1808784

So it was either you or my mom who deleted my porn.

>> No.1808790
Quoted by: >>1808802 >>1808803

>This has the effect of ejecting the particle into an adjacent universe, briefly, where the speed of light is drastically greater than it is locally.
why does this not work for FTL?

>> No.1808792
Quoted by: >>1808816

What are some new forms of recreation that technology has opened up?

Is flying through the air on whatever the fuck you want to pretty common? Hoverboards? Just a few words on technology in sports I guess. Thanks.

>> No.1808799

sounds like a bad science fiction movie

>> No.1808802


It was tried. With a ferry scheduled for dismantling anyway.

Evidently the laws of physics in the adjacent universe are pretty different. They permit the safe passage of individual subatomic particles, but that's about it.

When the ferry returned, it did so as an intense explosion, the likes of which had never been seen up to that point. It's believed that the whole of it's mass was converted to energy.

>> No.1808803

It does, read the thread, he can't go into any further detail because FTL is voider technology.

>> No.1808804
Quoted by: >>1808824

I'm unconvinced. Would the teapartiers really try to kill all atheists? It sounds rather far-fetched in modern emasculated sterilized consumer society.

>> No.1808805

Any popular new sports in the future and what sports do they still play?

>> No.1808816
Quoted by: >>1808836 >>1808840


Hahaha, what? Where would we use hoverboards? There's nothing outside of any given hab but stinking jungle. Novelty toys fitting that description exist using a metal air battery to drive air compressors that inflate a skirt around the base, but they are not serious modes of transport. Most get around within habs using some sort of personal mobility scoot (like a small space you stand on with two gyro stabilized spherical omnidrive wheels underneath, each roughly the diameter of a grapefruit and capable of movement in any direction. The battery pack protrudes up far enough that with pads on either side you can press inward on it with your knees to help maintain balance.

It's either that or the intrahab PRT.

>> No.1808822
Quoted by: >>1808826 >>1808831



and have we made first contact?

>> No.1808824

>Would the teapartiers really try to kill all atheists?


>> No.1808826



>> No.1808828
Quoted by: >>1808842 >>1808843

Why is your English so similar to ours? You hardly use any slang or turns of phrase that are dissimilar to ours. There's a significant difference between how English is spoken/written nowadays and English circa 1910.

>> No.1808830
Quoted by: >>1808833

What happens to Glen Beck and Palin after their defeat in the civil war? Also, have we discovered signs of intelligent life elsewhere?

>> No.1808831
Quoted by: >>1808841


No dude, see: >>1808590

>> No.1808833


See: >>1808590

Just microbes

>> No.1808836
Quoted by: >>1808845

So everyone in the future lives in air tight bubbles why is being outside so dangerous ?

>> No.1808840

I use this in a futuristic way as a general insult so don't look down on me, but I asked about SPORTS FUTURE NIGGER!!

Also over jungle is a great place to fly a hoverboard or other personal recreational aircraft as I hope I will like to call them in the future!

>> No.1808841


My bad, sorry :(

>> No.1808842
Quoted by: >>1808911


Possibly because I've been posting to this period for over a decade (from my frame of reference). And I studied up on appropriate lingo beforehand so as not to aggravate. That seems to be the response that typical casual English in 2107 elicits from most of you.

>> No.1808843

Language change slows down a lot when there are no longer isolated areas. The internet homogenizing communication will ensure languages remain mostly static.

>> No.1808845
Quoted by: >>1808849


Gas storms, temperatures sufficient to cause heat stroke if a coldsuit isn't worn, reprogenetic bugs that are apparently crucial to the recovery of the North American ecology but which aren't terribly fun to find in your coldsuit when camping, etc.

>> No.1808848
Quoted by: >>1808857

Do cars still exist ?

>> No.1808849
Quoted by: >>1808857

reprogenetic bugs. Damn that sounds like yo might fall asleep and wake up with your penis a baby deer or something

>> No.1808857
Quoted by: >>1808873 >>1808892


Yes, in northern cities where there's still someplace to drive them.


Venomous centipedes as long as your arm. Bees and flies the size of your thumb. Even larger reptiles and amphibians.

The expectation was that going a little overboard was fine as it was necessary to prevent desertification. But as the jungle took over, so did the fauna. It got out of hand within about a decade and there may actually be efforts to cull some of the more threatening pests at some point.

>> No.1808873
Quoted by: >>1808901

so, no more outside? ;_;

also, what is crime and punishment like in the future?

>> No.1808879
Quoted by: >>1808902

Do you find there to be anything unethical by altering/interfering with the timeline we are on?

>> No.1808892
Quoted by: >>1808902

>Even larger reptiles and amphibians.
>implying that dinosaurs are back


>> No.1808901

>so, no more outside? ;_;

>> No.1808902
Quoted by: >>1808909

Actually he didn't say that at all.
It doesn't affect him in any way at all, he could screw us over if he wanted to. I consider myself quite humbled to be witnessing what could very well be, a timeless conversation.

>> No.1808905
File: 18 KB, 400x388, 1280905804340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
Quoted by: >>1808910

>You're going to live through the worst parts of this timeline and not even live to see all the cool future stuff

>> No.1808909
Quoted by: >>1808920


You talk to people from the future all the time, they just don't announce it usually because of crap like this: >>1808612

>> No.1808910


At least I'm not a Polish Jew in the 30s.

>> No.1808911
Quoted by: >>1808935 >>1808942

indulge us. we want to hear some futurespeak.

>> No.1808920

Fascinating, it really is, until this thread I never would have believed it to be possible. Is the future peaceful, to an extent?

>> No.1808922

What's the most efficient way to fuck up the timeline?

Also, graphene computing is going to be srs biz? In that case it's inveeeestment tiiiiime!

>> No.1808925
Quoted by: >>1808928 >>1808973

I am literally considering leaving /sci/ after seeing so many of you fucktards fall for this

>> No.1808926

What are some future memes?

>> No.1808928

>seeing people get troll'd makes him want to leave
>he hasn't left already


>> No.1808930

futureguy, when are room temperature superconductors going to be invented?

>> No.1808935

fucking this, just a few words won't screw anything up

>> No.1808942


"Im quick getting old of hex. Formies drink it to look like they are older. I cant pick them out right away since most of them are dosing to add a few inches prematurely and if they dont have their green dot yet its my dome that gets popped unless their parents are cool. Hypothetic, theres nothing I could do to clear my record after that. Probable you dont care about that sort of thing but employers do."

>> No.1808943

translation? explain the words/slang?

>> No.1808944
Quoted by: >>1808952

My god it's like I am actually hearing a retard from 1920 speak!

>> No.1808946
Quoted by: >>1808952

so it's pretty much like logans run (deducing from your lingo)

also linguistics similar to "a clockwork orange"?

>> No.1808951

Futureguy, if you are really a futureguy, why don't you engage in Homestuck-esque shenanigans like responding to yourself and responding to questions before they are asked?

(Also, read Homestuck. It's good. :V)

>> No.1808952
Quoted by: >>1808962


Haven't seen it. I watched Logan's Run at someone's request. It had pretty accurate PRT, but they lived in traditional looking cities under massive domes for some reason despite all of the space that wastes. Probably raging too much, just a movie, etc.


Told you.

>> No.1808954
File: 28 KB, 701x511, a-clockwork-orange-alex[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I read it in his voice.

>> No.1808955

this reminds me of the Somni 451 parts of the book Cloud Atlas. OP are you David Mitchell?

>> No.1808962
Quoted by: >>1808967

In a clockwork orange the people of the time had adopted russian slang into english to form a anglo-russian slang i guess you could equate to afrikans (to the extreme), sounds like you just shorten everything to be more efficient though, like spelling nite instead of night but with speaking

>> No.1808967


A lot of it's because wetbots have trouble coping with the little accoutrements common in the English language. I figure people adapted their own speech so they wouldn't have as much difficulty understanding. I could ask some linguists but I'd probably get ten different answers.

>> No.1808973
Quoted by: >>1808976

>Implying this isn't a real person from the future talking to us.

>> No.1808976

>implying it is

>> No.1808978

Is there still a videogame industry? Is it good?

>> No.1808979
Quoted by: >>1808985 >>1808989

I came to /sci/ thinking it would be the smartest board on 4chan, and all I see is retards and psuedo-intellectuals

>> No.1808985
Quoted by: >>1809027


Don't let the doorknob hit your ass on the way out, friend.

>> No.1808989

Welcome to the pit of terrible creationist trolls. Fucking CNPAfags.

At least this thread is entertaining.

>> No.1809004


So do we have any new units? It seems by this that people still haven't taken up the metric system, unless inches means something different in your time.

>> No.1809027


Could you give us an outline of what happens to music from now until when you are? Also, talk about recent music in your time.

>> No.1809028

It's been 2 hours and I haven't gotten anty answers to my GUNDAM question, when will I get it?

>> No.1809061

Oh wow, the thread's still going. Of course it is. I'm an idiot.

I'm int the shower right now. Waterproof panel, one by the toilet too. Screens smaller though, pain in the ass to use, gimme a bit to finish washing up k

>> No.1809110
File: 2.24 MB, 2048x1536, 1280773651473.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
Quoted by: >>1809145

Can you tell us all major events from 2010-2050?

>> No.1809145

>dear futurebro please recite the contents of a history book spanning forty years from memory

lol wat

>> No.1809190
Quoted by: >>1809263

Important, easy to answer question:

How long does it take for things to get "de-fucked" after the civil war (safe to walk in the streets and etc)?

>> No.1809225
Quoted by: >>1809236 >>1809237

Important, easy to answer question:

How long does it take for people to realize that something is a troll?

>> No.1809236
Quoted by: >>1809245

Durr, hurr:

How is it that you don't have an imagination? Ever been in a /v/ Pressure thread? A /v/ SBurb thread?

>> No.1809237
Quoted by: >>1809245



>> No.1809245
Quoted by: >>1809288 >>1809436

there are people in this thread that are actually taking him seriously, and believing him

>> No.1809263
Quoted by: >>1809554


Back! Sorry it took so long. The showers here are bullshit "misters" to conserve onboard water. >:|

It took around twenty years total, although mainly because many weren't used to living in such close proximity with others, and a lot of petty crime resulted that was difficult to control. A sort of primitive precursor to panopticon using huge bulky cameras was the favored solution. Giving everyone access to the footage was how they resolve people's "big brother" concerns.

>> No.1809288

Not really. There are people having fun and playing along, and people raging because they thing they're serious.
Fuck off, we're having fun.

>> No.1809436
File: 115 KB, 435x435, 1272199933670.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Implying we aren't just playing along because this is enjoyable.

>> No.1809445

I'm here because I can understand anything can be possible, if he's from the future, cool then. If not, still a cool thread with interesting hypotheticals.

>> No.1809554

Was Arthur C. Clarke given credit for the concept of universal surveillance like he was for the orbital satellite?

>> No.1811028

Bumping because this thread is entertaining.

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