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I want to help with The Manhattan Beach Project.

Which field should I concentrate on?

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radioactive decay

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this image made me curious.

what is that? and when will it be a reality?

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biotechnology seems like a good bet

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Nice 3D cock and balls in that cloud formation.

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Get a biology degree, choose for yourself. By the time you've got your undergrad and you're in a position to help, you'll be more qualified than me.

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What are the tendril things in that pic?

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Floating city, and maybe within 20-50 years? It depends on how exponential the rate of advancement is. Here's more.

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Seasteads were plentiful, but most were abandoned when algae blooming started to release hydrogen sulfide gas into the atmosphere. A few exist that are closed systems, purifying their own air, but for the most part the only people who live permanently at sea are ideological crazies who bought old seafloor resorts when the wealthy got bored with them.

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Ohhhh! I get it! You're a roleplayer! How fun!

And all this time I just thought you were insane.

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