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ITT: what you think the year 10,000 will be like.

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Dunno, the Zager & Evans song only went up to 9595. But they seemed cautiously optimistic.

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Pic related, except not just Mars.

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Humanity will be long dead, planet is in another ice age. You all know it's the truth.

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Well, there will be no humans left, maybe something we created to transcend our abilities tho. I doubt there will be epic wars at all, as that is a primitive enjoyment and we all know it. Nobody will ever be bored with anything again because they'll of elevated their moods to euphoria all the time. Ect. I doubt any of us could really understand that world.

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ITT: after surviving for 100 000 years we suddenly cant survive another 10 000

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Fuck yeah.

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Its not a matter of we can't, its a matter of why would we if we could become something better? We wouldn't be humans anymore physically, maybe in spirit so to speak, but otherwise no.

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After surviving 100'000 years we come up ways to wipe the entire human race off the face of the earth.

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>ITT: after surviving for 100 000 years we suddenly cant survive another 10 000

Because Muslims are only getting saner.

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>implying we won't leave

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Right, we'll transmute into pure forms of energy like in the book 2001. Pass that joint, man.

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You can't handle it.

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Mars would have been terraformed but only rich people live there.

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pic related if you don't donate for our cause, an asteroid will hit Earth.

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After surviving the 3rd World War artificial intelligence was banned as a possible weapon of massdestruction. In the end people had to use cyborgs as computers onboard interplanetary spaceships. Terraforming on Mars and Venus went on and mankind now has 3 planets to live on and explored space in a 1000 lightyear diameter.

old people volunteer to become cyborgs and live longer, working as a substitute for computers, we colonize the Galaxy

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Considering the technological advancements made in the last 50 years I find it hard to imagine where will be in 200 years time, let alone 10,000. Shit even in a few hundred years technology will seem like magic to us.

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well considering all the sci fi books, and the theory of paralell universes, string theory and the like, it could be that we may very well be able to go anywhere in our universe, as well as cross over into parallel universes, where the laws of physics are altered slightly, e.g. speed of light is slower, mass of a neutron is slightly larger. Thus we find that we have access to an infinate amount of resources which we pool in 1 universe to counteract the effects of the universe expanding and cooling asymtotically. It may very well be that pooling resources in 1 universe was what the last group of sentient beings did.

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In 10.00 years everybody living today will be dead.

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If Virgin Bigelow's manned mission to Alpha Centauri works out, I expect there'll be similar missions to more distant and promising star systems.

If the promises of harnessing voider technology for propulsion ever pan out, it could even happen in my lifetime.

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But I thought you were from the future?!?!?!?!

Lol fail.

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