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So ima thinking earth is hot and some people need to work outside so why not have liquid cooled cloths like astronauts have. What do you think would have more cooling capacity, 5lbs of watter ice melting, dry ice sublimating, or liquid nitrogen boiling?

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Or.. you can just get used to the heat. I used to think the average 101F in Arizona phoenix was bad, but now I don't even notice.

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and were you digging ditch or paving roads?

If we produce a viable product someone will buy it to improve productivity or something, perhaps after a few years osha will require it like all the other safety shit. I'm thinking if you can keep someone cool for two hours then load in fresh coolant you would have a successful product.

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Water ice melting. The heat capacity of water is insane.

Ice 38.09 J/(mol K)
Water 75.327 J/(mol K)
CO2 36.94 J/(mol K)
Nitrogen 29.12 J/(mol K)

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Imagine how difficult it would be to do manual labor in a space suit.

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Well I won't deny it'd save on having to drink so much water here to deal with sweating a ton.

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I would rage if they made me wear it. I have trouble wearing anything but pants.

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this is quite possibly the most retarded thread i have ever read. this is dumber than the stuff you find in /b/

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Derp J/(g·K) should be used because its 5lb mass. Ice wins out by more!

Ice 2.05
Water 4.1813
Carbon Dioxide 0.839
Nitrogen 1.040

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I know something dumber, starts with an R, ends with a N. Play the game.

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Specific heat capacity is not what we are after. What we need is the entropy of fusion, vaporisation and sublimations.

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dry ice 645 kJ·kg entropy of sublimation
nitrogen 200 kJ·kg entropy of vaporisation
water 333.55 kJ·kg entropy of fusion

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dry ice 645 kJ·kg
water 333.55 kJ·kg

Looks bad for water right?
Well lets say we then take the now melted ice and bring it from 0°c to 20°c that will extract 83 more kJ·kg and if the ice was -20°c we can add in another 42 kJ·kg giving us a total of 458.55 kJ·kg.

This is still lower than dry ice but it dose not have a suffocation hazard.

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Herp a Derp, guys. He is asking about Watter, not water. Whats the entropy of Watter fusibliminating?

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I estamate that someone working might burn 200 kcal per hour, this is the same as 836.8 kJ this would be about two kg of ice each hour.

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The only people who work outside are poor. Poor people can't buy space suits.

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Companies that work for the government make bank. Its called cost plus contracting, they get payed whatever they spend plus 10-20% so the more they spend the more they earn. Why not have them spend some of this my way?

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We have those. They're called coldsuits. You pretty much can't go outside without one except in the dead of winter.

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So... I'm going to make billions on this idea?

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wow, what language is that? or si that some ebonics?

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