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This is what I think androids in the future will look like in order to sidestep the Uncanny Valley. What does /sci/ think?

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Oh, great. Now Skynet will have the power of moe on it's side when it sets out to exterminate humanity.

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I for one welcome our animatronic anime figurine overlords.

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gb2/jp/ weaboo faggot

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That isn't sidestepping the uncanny valley, that's a giant leap that lands right in the middle.

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When you put it like that it's not so much a valley as it is an uncanny canyon.

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Where would you say it falls on this chart?

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I know I should ignore your trolling attempt, but that thing is just fucking wrong

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Just above some of the creatures from Bioshock.

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I think something like this would look better...

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I would be comfortable seeing one of those in Japan. Outside of Japan I would shoot first and ask questions later.

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a must see.... Robostarlet.


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I'd say there's absolutely no question that the japs will make a highly realistic android before long.

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I think make them look small and with a childlike way of talking would make them less scary and more adorable.

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I forgot the video...

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me want!

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I think Papero >>1920871 is the closest we have today to an anthroPC

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I don't know why, but somehow life-sized androids doesn't appeal to me as much as i thought, but strangely if it was a typical 1/6th scale size i'm fine with that

Image related

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Sumomo all the way!

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I'm actually not bothered by this.

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Dang, i think i lost my link to this youtube video, where this guy had a robot (kotoko look alike) make coffee.

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Found it. All I entered in was "robot make coffee" into the search bar and it was the first result that showed up.

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OOOh, found it with some effort
I seriously want one of these. Preferably with a gothic loli look.

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lol oops.... I actually went to translate coffee to japanese and searched コーヒー robot

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Only the cheapest hard AI MyGirlfriends look that bad.

Who would take that out in public? I mean it's a certain kind of invalid who takes a MyGirlfriend on "dates" in the first place but I figure you'd at least want one that's high grade enough for plausible deniability.

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It comes to questioning when robots have thoughts of their own and could make their own decisions; that blurs out the whole "Robot Dating" thing.

Though i do agree society will push robot-romance away, but eventually like gay rights, it'll be a highly debatable question

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what the fuck am I watching

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it's got man hands

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Sex loli cat girls please!

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robot bump

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My question is, how will we build one? Maybe we could have an elastic rubber skin manipulated by whisker-like rods around the mouth, or we could simply use an electroactive polymer for the skin with the necessary electrical charge supplied by electrically conductive metal plates underneath it. As for the skeletal structure of the face, it would probably look something like this.
Pic: 1/2

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Pic: 2/2

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Well I'll be damned if that isn't the cutest little skull I ever saw.

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Maybe make it with artificial muscles? How about make it a cyborg organism controled by a computer? We already can control rats and use animal neurons to control robots...

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Typical Robotic interior with "life like texture ;_;" external skin, hair as heat sink?
I hear a company called Hanson Robotics has some somewhat life-like robotic heads in development.

but i question: why make something to look-human-like when we just need human-like-responses to fool the brain that we're talking with a human? same idea as texting, talking on discussion boards and playing MMO's, we can't see the "person", but we (hopefully) know that the person i'm talking with is human

for androids, either make them 100% like human, from movement to facial hair to begin with, or don't bother at all

image related, my view of an android

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Robots like yours are fine but lonely people would like a huggable robot (or even a fuckable robot!) I myself would want a fuckable lolicatgirl, but I don't want just a sexdoll, I want something that I could interact and talk with.

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It's called a girlfriend with cat ears.

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I agree, I never could understand why they don't focus on AI and movement instead of looks

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The ones who do aren't popularized by the media. It's also much harder, so people flock to the subjective, five-million-approaches problem of visual appearance.

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Is it wrong that all I want out of autonomous life is battle droids?

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Sigh...soon we'll have robots as our actors and musicians.

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hmmm, walking seems to be having improvement (ever since the 4-legged-dog one atleast)

(somewhat) fluid 2-legged walking
I say another 5~10 years for a decent "walking" one?

but yet again, as >>1928719 says, more funding for THE HEART & SOUL please!

Btw, once we do achieve 100% indistinguishable human like appearances, would any government party require all androids to have a certain "identification" such that you'll know it's an android and not human? like the ears in To Heart, Chobits and Halo Rings in Time of Eve?

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>(somewhat) fluid 2-legged walking

This is quite good also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ja_UsmXVPVk&feature=channel (from the same company who made that 4-legged-dog)

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they walk the same as robots in any sci-fi film. It's scary.

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actors no, musicians.. quite possible.
It would be difficult for an android to successfully express the emotional output existing in the body language of an actor. The same can be said for some music but that doesnt mean a computer couldn't design a pattern of notes...

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this thread is old and stupid

kill it please

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You are old and stupid
Someone please kill this guy

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>This is my board. Don't post anything I don't like or I'll kick you out.

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Guess what? They already made a real android based on the appearance of Holon, the android character from Real Drive.
Personally I think that the plastic hair was a bit much. A wig styled to look similar to her hair in the show would have been better.
There are two options to making robots, either make them photorealistic or make them stylized. Photorealism is much harder to do with robots because unless we get it just right, it will slide back into the uncanny valley. If we make them more stylized, that is we make them more like caricatures of humans (ie cartoonish) then they will not seem creepy no matter how stiff or unnatural their movements are.

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If you guys have seen this, I was impressed by this move

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forgot pict

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japanese robots don't impress me. Not compared with boston dynamics stuff anyway.

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Its like they grabbed disney robots and made them completely creepy

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I wouldn't mind if androids looked like persecoms from Chobits in the future

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I forgot to mention the design of the eyes. The eyes would contain a camera with a lens the size of a pea that would serve as the pupil. The eyeball will be wrapped in electronic paper and the iris around the pupil will be an image generated by this e-paper so it can shrink or expand allowing for more diverse anime-style expressions. The eyeball will then be encased in either transparent plastic or glass to give it a natural-looking sheen. It is also important to note that making the eyes or irises too big will cause it too fall right back into the uncanny valley. In GMod they have a few anime character models. A few models that someone made of Makoto Ito and Kotonoha Katsura from School Days ended up creeping me out in that the eyes and their irises took up a good portion of the face, while the models of Sekai Saionji and the models from xenoasiam's PASKAL pack ended up looking fine as their eyes and irises were a bit smaller.

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Heck i won't mind if it was just a computer screen with a girl inside; better yet, with current AR tech development, we could eventually have a higher dimension of interaction with our waifus

main point: it should respond to me as if she was real; if making the android body was like making a cheesecake, building the "mind" will be the Manhattan project

throwing in some Rainbow Girl

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Yeah, I down't know why they make robots with creepy faces when they want a robot capable of expressing emotions instead of just use a screen with a cartoony/animeish face

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Something like this would be much more better looking than >>1929741

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>52 change to her face
>52 muscles in the human face
<--my face

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bump over the trols and homework threads

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