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"NASA and DARPA have joined forces to build something called a Hundred-Year Starship, according to the director of NASA’s Ames Research Center. Simon “Pete” Worden said NASA contributed $100,000 to the project and DARPA kicked in $1 million."


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I am so going there.

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>Send starship on hundred-year voyage to Alpha Centauri
>in 2074 the Interstellar Vehicle Carl Sagan accelerates to 92% of the speed of light and outruns them
>Alpha Centauri colonized by relativistic ships before generational ship arrives

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>“(Google cofounder) Larry Page asked me a couple weeks ago how much it would cost to send people one way to Mars and I told him $10 billion, and his response was, ‘Can you get it down to 1 or 2 billion?’ So now we’re starting to get a little argument over the price,” Worden said.




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That would be the ultimate dick move.

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I'm going to do whatever it takes to get a seat on that thing.

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Would you suck a dick for each dollar the project ends up costing?

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I don't think there are even that many dicks in the world, but I'd suck every dick twice if that's all it took.

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Oh gee Google is spacing now.

Google Aerospace here I come >;3~~½

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The chances of you getting selected to be one of those who actually get sent out is practically zero. (And knowing something about you, the thing you're looking for is not out there.)

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Do you have any skills that would be useful for a colonization mission?

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I would suck 10 trillions of dicks

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I can suck dicks. Also I can be a cute trap.

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>The chances of you getting selected to be one of those who actually get sent out is practically zero

For the actual interstellar mission? Of course, it's obviously zero. But I'd love to work for Google Aerospace.

>(And knowing something about you, the thing you're looking for is not out there.)

I'd rather see interstellar space than lolgenetically-engineeredsuper-furrieslolololol. Even if furries were created and I found my perfect furry waifu I would still leave her behind in a heartbeat to go to space. No discussion. No second thoughts.

It's spacel, for fuck's sake. When you're offered to go to the Up-and-out, you don't think about your friends, family, loved ones, stuff like that. You go.

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Now I realized I have no skill to be chose for colonization.

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I'm an engineer so you wouldn't have to worry about me knocking up any females on board. I aslo have skills to bring to this mission.

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They're going to need philosophy majors. Looks like I'm in.

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If they are building a generational ship then they will need a ship's theologician.

Ron Hovind to the rescue!

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I don't get whats with the whole OMG LETS COLONIZE MARS AND THE MOON BECAUSE WE R CHILL BROS, impractical and serves no purpose, before you say, research can be done without colonizing the fucking thing.

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The human race cannot survive without leaving Earth.

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How are you going to survive on a barren rock without resources for more than x years before running out?

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No point in branching out just to the Moon or Mars. We need to get out of the Sol System.

I think we'll start small, but really kick things into gear when we master FTL travel.

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Its largely about the challenge. Its more of a hope kind of thing, gives us purpose, a reason to really push our abilities to the limit. Its about creating our own purpose.

Cause if we were to do things based on your argument. We should all just kill ourselves now because its all without purpose.

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of course it could, just not all of them

what do we need 7 billion people for again?

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Mass extinction would wipe nearly everyone out eventually.

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So we'd just send astronauts there and leave them there until they die?

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I would volunteer to do this in a heartbeat.

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So will any terraforming take place or are they planing on doing this just for shits and giggles?

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It will suck when they build a better spaceship in those 100 years.


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FUCK YOU GUYS I'm leaving and going to ...

explore the cosmos

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enjoy having to wait 40mins for a page to load..

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I also now realize that I have no skills to be chosen to board the craft and to colonize a distant planet or moon


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Well you've still got time to get the right skills.

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>trollface.jpg on dat relativistic ship.

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>without resources


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I think that guy was referring to food and water resources.

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So if it's a 100 year mission, the people leaving now wouldn't even get to see Mars, right? Wouldn't it be their children? How insane would it be to be born on a spacecraft hurtling to Mars, having never seen Earth? There would need to be a propaganda-heavy educational curriculum for those kids, because there would be no reason for them to have any attachment to our planet.

Earth and Earthlings would be like myths to them, with occasional supply drops seeming like boons from God. Fuck, I need to go over to /tg/ and round out this campaign setting.

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The good news is this eventually culminates in the first interstellar expedition. Using a nuclear driven ferry (supplied by Virgin Bigelow) to visit Alpha Centauri.

The bad news is, it's 2107 and it hasn't left yet. The project only really began in earnest back before I graduated.

Also, the heim drive is a dead end. Sort of. You can propel matter faster than local C, but when it returns to local space it does so as an incredible potent release of heat, light and radiation. The promise is that one day there'll be some means of harnessing this principle to generate power.

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>So if it's a 100 year mission, the people leaving now wouldn't even get to see Mars, right?


Do you have no concept of basic astronomy?

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Quoted by: >>1930173

They'll get to Mars! It's barely a year away. The ship itself will be capable of lasting 100 years, however.

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dat reimagined Battlestar Galactica

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It wouldn't even take that long.

You could do it in 6 months if you travelled at 100Km/h at the longest point.

If you travelled when Earth and Mars were near, you could do it in a month at 100Km/h.

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Quoted by: >>1930212

>Earth to Mars
>100 kph
>6 months
try 62.8 years you stupid fuck

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Quoted by: >>1930213 >>1930247

>huge effort
>many countries pull together
>tremendous human solidarity
>ship finished
>everything's green
>multinational crew
>huge public send-off
>"blast off in 5.."
>huge explosion
>Islamic terrorists detonated a bomb to keep the Great Satan from returning to heaven
>Mother fucker.

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Quoted by: >>1930238


>shortest point
>55 million km

55*10^6km/100kmh^-1 = 55*10^4h
55*10^4h = 22,916 days = 62.8 years

Ok, you're right.

Not entirely sure where I got 6 months from.

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lol Contact

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> 1.1 million
more like In-A-Hundred-Years-Maybe-We-Can-Make-A-Side-Door Starship.

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OK. I take back my harsh language too. Sorry.

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He thinks they will build a massive ship at the bottom of an enormous gravity well.

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Quoted by: >>1930267

lol this.
Better to launch shit into space and construct it there. Otherwise you waste a fuckton of some source of fuel just to heave that motherfucker off the face of the planet

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Quoted by: >>1930386


Space elevator for maximum efficiency.

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>implying you're not a fucking pussy ass faggot

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Well, that ideally but we'd have to start that megaproject in order to do the space vessel mega project D:

That scene fails so hard. GTFO.

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We will not colonize Mars. Ever. And that's because of Mars's weak magnetosphere and cosmic rays.

It's miracle if we we even get there.

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We might put a few colonies underground to exploit the water there. But we probably won't ever build cities on it or anything like that unless we find something massive to exploit.

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