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Current cyborg tech thread?
Current cyborg tech thread.
The two i've kept up with the most:
Luke Arm (Pic)
Bionic Eye
So /sci/, what do we think of all this?
In 30 years or so, when all of these techs have matured more, would you augment?

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I'm interested in this.

I hope I'll be able to live forever

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Only a singularian would choose a hard prosthetic.

Normal people just get a replacement grown.

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I'd get the arms, the eyes, and more, depending on what i could get.
Anyone seeing any other vids on new cool stuff like this?

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Guilty as charged.
Fuck living in a computer though, i'd want my human frame, just enhanced through science.

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I'd wait for something a little less blocky than the luke, something more like this.

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Or people who wanted improved strength, durability etc in their replacement limbs. Or people who thought it was fashionable.

People TODAY would all just want replacement limbs, but public opinion changes over time.

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will it be possible?

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In my opinion, these prosthetics will begin to become an article of fashion.
We won't be seeing Gucci Bionic Arms, but we'll probably see a kind of integration similar to that of bluetooth headsets.
Some will buy them for the cool factor, others for the practicality factor, and in the years after their release, they will begin to become more fashionable.
Take for instance the jawbone bluetooth, fashion's first true stab into tech.
Then look at this bionic arm.
More form, more style, more marketable.
These things are the next big hit.

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20 years or so down the line, we might see something like this

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But for now, all that's commercially avaliable is this.

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and these... ENERGY LEGS

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>>I WANT TO LIVE FOREVER DAMMIT. will it be possible?

No. But you won't die, either.

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no you're going to die

you were born too late to be immortal

actually, humans are going to kill themselves extinct so nobody is going to life forver hope this helps

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No thanks. I like my biological sense of touch.

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>implying that can't be replicated with robotic limbs.

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>take prosthetic limbs
>supersize them
>make adjustments for increased size
>make an entire giant body out of giant prosthetic limbs
>mount special cockpit in chest powered by voice commands and motion capture

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>Motion Capture
>Kinect Powered Mech

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