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ok /sci what the FUCK is this??

1/3rd of the HUMAN POPULATION is infected with this virus, up to 90% in countries such as France, around 10% in the USA.

Mind altering virus, once infected it stays with you for life and is passed on to your children aswell (for women), changes the way you think.

Women become promiscuous men become anit social. Lose inhibitions and fears.

The virus was originally set to make monkeys and such lose their fears of large animals such as Lions so it could reproduce (only can do so in the felines gut). Now it causes people to get in car crashes / motorcycle accidents as they lose their fear of death.

Causes males to lose some of their self awareness and females to gain self awareness.

Causes males to be more aggressive.

This explains fucking
Africa being a bunch of dumb angry apes (most african countries have a 90%+ infection rate)
French women being promiscuous and french men being "snobs".

As of right now 30% of the human population is infected, but once infected you can never lose it, and your children are born with it aswell, so does this mean that in say 200+ years the entire human race is going to be infected with a mind altering virus? could the last "clean" humans be dying off as we speak? Could the entire species be mentally altered by a virus?

Why the hell isn't there more research in this, god damn house cats will be the end of us all.

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So it explains why the french aren't niggers and the niggers aren't the french?

Fascinating hypothesis you have there.

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My guess is that in the mid 2020's we'll see the World Health Organization succeed in making a antibody for this disease using synthetic microorganisms. I don't think we're screwed yet.

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>World Health Organization succeed in making a antibody

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Quoted by: >>1972523

>Africa being a bunch of dumb angry apes (most african countries have a 90%+ infection rate)
Actually I remember reading an article few months ago about how Africans are the way they are because of something called the MAOA gene (I think). Apparently MAOA enzymes is what causes humans to be aggressive, and it is more present in Africans than people of other races. Or something like that. The MAOA gene is also known as the "warrior gene" and it's pretty controversial stuff.

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FTA it's largely benign/latent.

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Also consider this.

The virus increases promiscuitity in women and makes them more intellectual and more outgoing, basically it increases the desirability of women.

It decreases these in men, making them more anti social, less thoughtful, and basically less desirable.

The virus can spread human to human, mainly through childbirth. Promiscuous women are more likely to birth children, infected men are more likely to be put out of the equation so uninfected men can contribute to an infected child. Which would increase the speed of a global infection rate through childbirth by a hell of a alot.

Right now it is not seem as much of a thread / deal, but I really don't like the possibilities here. When rats have this virus they become sexually attracted to cat urine and lose their fear of predators. This virus can reproduce asexually anywhere, but can only reproduce sexually in a cats gut. The rats basically become drones looking to die for the virus's sake.

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Looking at the articles, it looks like the majority of the studies were correlational; and while it's entirely possible that it affects human brain function, it might be simply because the mentally deranged are more likely to keep cats and/or maintain filthy living arrangements.

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it's not a virus.

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You know, you probably have it.

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It's all a scam to make men have to clean the cat litter when women get pregnant.

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4chan is full of antisocial males who love cats (and are occasionally furfags).


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>parasite carried by cats
>women become promiscuous
>men become anti social
>western world see cat as pets



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so this is why white people in europe arn't having babies: white men are infected and hence white women dont want them, but also white women are infected so they act like sluts and fuck brown people.

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Anti social?
Cause to act irrational?




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My hypothesis:

Some children are born infected with Toxo. Some of these children will grow up in households where there are cats. Toxoplasma gondii works on rats by making them sexually attracted to the scents of cats rather than afraid of them. If there is a similar effect in humans, it's possible that those children might begin to associate sexual feelings with felines... see where I'm going with this?

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But I like foxgirls more.

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Virii are ultimate proof you don't need intelligence to be evolutionarily superior.

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It's not a virus, it's an intracellular parasite.

Domain: Eukaryota <- see that? not a virus
Kingdom: Chromalveolata
Superphylum: Alveolata
Phylum: Apicomplexa
Class: Conoidasida
Subclass: Coccidiasina
Order: Eucoccidiorida
Family: Sarcocystidae
Genus: Toxoplasma
Species: T. gondii

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It are Protozoan parasite, not virus, mkay?
Also it are can be linked causally little bit Schizophrenia to.

My brain are hurt.

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One of my friends worked at the national serum institute. They tested for this sometimes. It's pretty harmless - a very small parasite.

It can start acting up if your immune system gets really seriously compromised, though.

He actually tested positive himself, told me.

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interesting read

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Half the people in Finland have it.

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if it's a parasite it can be killed, right?

right guys?

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Oh sure, it can be killed. Good luck though, since in the chronic infection, the parasite houses in cysts in the brain.

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Nanobots to the rescue!

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If you eat dog worming tablets (reading the weight proportions on the packet) will it go away ?

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"Thereafter, the parasite rarely causes any symptoms in otherwise healthy adults."
>I'd know about it if it meant shit.

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>Mind altering
>1/3 of human population infected

My shotgun

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Thing is OP, how do you tell if the behavior isn't just the person's regular behavior, or a function of the parasite?

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Is that why girls who like cats are more slutty than those who like dogs ?

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I am sexually attracted to cats how do I get tested and if I don't test positive am I more fucked up than people with the same attraction that are?

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Quoted by: >>1973780

Same here.
Minus the cats thing.. So wrong..

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Quoted by: >>1973713 >>1973780

The virus specifically targets rodents as its secondary host, causing them to be drawn to the smell of cat urine so that they will get eaten and infect the cat.

Studies have found weak correlations but no causative link for mental disorders in humans caused by the virus.

Since toxoplasmosis is supposed to make you attracted to the smell of cat urine, the question is: Do you like the smell of cat piss?

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>1/3rd of the HUMAN POPULATION is infected with this virus, up to 90% in countries such as France, around 10% in the USA.
>South Korea's rate is 4.3%.


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We are fucked

If you have this parasite you need to BURN YOUR BODY TO ASHES

It is the ONLY WAY we (the human race) can survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

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Oh wow, a parasitology thread on /sci/, surely this will be a stimulating read.

>This explains fucking Africa being a bunch of dumb angry apes

Stopped reading there.

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Many people may have it but it's completely symptomless as it's kept in check by the immune system. Only ever showing signs if a large enough inoculum occurs or you become immunosupressed.

The same way everyone has the virus responsible for genital warts, but it is kept under control.

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>white apologetic

Stopped reading there.

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>You don't hate them because you pity them.

Uh huh, flawless logic there.

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Makes a nasty weapon, too.

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>He only thinks he knows Latin!

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I'm a raging anti-nigger machine and even I was smart enough to read up on this shit. The rate of car accidents is over-represented in those of Rhesus negative type blood.

Prevalence of Rhesus negative blood type:
Eurofags: 35%
Niggers: 1%

I guess the niggers win the battle this time.

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>>I guess the niggers win the battle this time.

Say what you will, they know how to drive.

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>do you like the smell of cat piss?

ohhhh shit. I was moving an old computer out of my parents' garage and it got cat piss on my hand. then I had a two hour drive home with cat piss on my hand and I smelled it, I thought it was just really bad BO from one of my pubescent siblings... I thought it was just my sister giving off excess hormones until I realized it...

fuck me I'm glad this site is anonymous.

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Quoted by: >>1974668

Oh, thank [Insert Deity here]!!

My cat seems to produce urine that smells like Ammonia.
Could be just reactions with the litter though as the vet says the cat's normal...


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uh... viruses?


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"Some extremely nice work has been done by a group at Leeds in the UK, who are looking at the Toxo genome, and we're picking up on this collaboratively. Okay, Toxo, it's a protozoan parasite. Toxo and mammals had a common ancestor, and the last they did was God knows, billions of years ago. And you look in the Toxo genome, and it's got two versions of the gene called tyrosine hydroxylase. And if you were a neuro-chemistry type, you would be leaping up in shock and excitement at this point.

Tyrosine hydroxylase is the critical enzyme for making dopamine: the neurotransmitter in the brain that's all about reward and anticipation of reward. Cocaine works on the dopamine system, all sorts of other euphoriants do. Dopamine is about pleasure, attraction and anticipation. And the Toxo genome has the mammalian gene for making the stuff. It's got a little tail on the gene that targets, specifies, that when this is turned into the actual enzyme, it gets secreted out of the Toxo and into neurons. This parasite doesn't need to learn how to make neurons act as if they are pleasurably anticipatory; it takes over the brain chemistry of it all on its own."

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Wow. Just, wow.

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yeah that also got me thinking, coz i think that things that define me as anti-social individual has to do a lot of things with dopamine system ...ADHD/ADD stuff ... all about dopamin ... then being unattentive, lacking motivation to anything, not finding pleasure in food, sports as much as others ... simply not being rewarded with dopamine enough to be motivated to live this enjoyment food/sport/sex life ... being able to fight for this kind of life ... iam just not rly motivated to make effort ... also having sleep issues, also dopamine related .... and therefore, not having enough general joy .... trying to find enjoyment in alternative sources ... in my case being an "information addict" browsing trough sites like 4chan and similar like crazy ... always trying to feed myself with something, anything new, getting my little squirts of dopamine, through getting data ... this was also scientificaly proven ... information addiction is real, and rly causes dopamine squirts ... in the end ... this addiction leads to higher level of stress, even bigger ignoration of basic needs like food, sleep, socializing ... being more and more ignorant and unfocused ... also i found even some physical causes of dopamin issues in my body ... having sometimes Restless legs syndrome ... feeling annoying vibrations in legs .. caused by unhealthy levels of dopamin in body

toxoplasmosis is potentialy messing with dopamine levels ... i have it messed up, also i have cats for many years

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Might want to get yourself checked out, although unless you start doing crazy shit it's probably not too much of a problem... just avoid motorcycles.

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Ok, first of all english is not my mother language and maybe I just misunderstood it, but isn't saying the study that when you have the parasite, your brain have more tyrosine hydroxilase than normal? I mean, aggressive behaviour is correlated with abnormal cathecolamines levels like when you take cocaine...

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"Any time Toxo's picked up in the media, and this schizophrenia angle is brought in, the irresistible angle is the generic crazy cat lady, you know, living in the apartment with 43 cats and their detritus. And that's an irresistible one in terms of Toxo psychiatric status: cats. But God knows what stuff is lurking there."


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cat piss is only for rats, because they are naturally afriad of cats and fear their urine

are you naturally afraid of cats? Fuck no nigger.

But you will be enslaved by the parasite to become more reckless and it will change you / 1/3rd of the human populations thought patterns.

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More reckless? I guess I don't have it then...

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Incoming zombie apocalypse

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