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Our descendants traveled back in time to change history.

This is a fact

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They WILL travel back in time.

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>This is a fact

Kindly explain, OP

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I'm from the future.

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>our descendants
>you're one of them

Unless you fucked someone in the past, you're full of shit.

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>implying this will make a difference

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Lets just say I'm your great great great great great great great great great great great great v great great great great great great great great grandfather.

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Prove it, and show more information proving not only that you are indeed from the future but also that our descendants will indeed travel back in time in order to change history. Empty claims don't really work for this, by the way.

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As it turns out, he's also your's.

Wibbly, wobbly.

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They'll welcome you there.

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'Sup /sci/. Jelly of my time machine?

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We sent information, not people. And it wasn't on purpose. We were told it wouldn't have any effect.

The jury's still out on that. You've already deviated from recorded history, but nothing seems to have changed for us. That's inconsistent with what we now know about how time works, yet here we are. Obviously we don't have all the information.

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>Obviously we don't have all the information.

Because you sent some back.

Get it together future guys.

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Holy crap, it's Future Guy. I didn't know you lurked still.

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He sticks his head in from time to time, then runs away when people start asking questions. Same old.

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Actually their stories mostly agree, except in Titor's story the savages won.

I wonder if they're the same person.

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