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Is Faster-Than-Light Travel or Communication Possible?

1. Cherenkov Effect
2. Third Party Observers
3. Shadows and Light Spots
4. Rigid Bodies
5. Phase, Group, and Signal Velocities
6. Superluminal Galaxies
7. Relativistic Rocket
8. Speed of Gravity
9. EPR Paradox
10. Virtual Photons
11. Quantum Tunnelling
12. Casimir Effect
13. Expansion of the Universe
14. The moon revolves round my head faster than light!
15. What Does Faster Than Light Mean?
16. The Infinite Energy Argument
17. Quantum Field Theory
18. Grandfather Paradox
19. Tachyons
20. Worm Holes
21. Warp Drives

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>Is Faster-Than-Light Travel or Communication Possible?

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Quoted by: >>3212118

Nothing is impossible with a big enough research grant.

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Faster-than-light travel, like most things you see in science-fiction, is a lot like a religion for nerds who won't give up their dreams of being Shepard and saving the galaxy.

First there was Miguel Alcubierre with the alcubierre drive, then it turned out that it required either an already-existing 'bubble', or tracks to be laid down subluminally. Then Hawking goes off to prove that any FTL spaceship/time machine must require negative energy densities, which are quite impossible to obtain because they are instantly supressed. Consider it a loan you must repay several times over within the second of taking it.

Then there were Kip Thorne's wormholes, and, what do you guess? When a wormhole pair is inflated one mouth has to be dragged to the other end -- Subluminally. Go anywhere above 74% of c, and the difference in relativistic time dilation between the two will pop your dear balls of warped spacetime.

Then along came quantum entanglement -- And boo hoo, it can only send randomness.

The last bastion for Faster-than-light travel is Heim Theory.

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We need to find a way to utilize the 4th dimension. Until then, nope.

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>The Infinite Energy Argument

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Hopefully, physicists find some trick to communicate faster than light.

The speed limit is already making space travel a cumbersome undertaking and that's without even stepping foot outside our solar system.

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>The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition.

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Tell that to anyone who believes in a god.

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>>The last bastion for Faster-than-light travel is Heim Theory.

Yeah, you might not want to fuck around with that.

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>The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition.
><span class="math">But~human~ambition~will~be~imposed~on~the~universe~ where-ever ~possible.[/spoiler]

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You type like a faggot and your shits all retarded.

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fuckin LOL'd

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Quoted by: >>3212336

i keep forgetting, did they ever decide if gravity travelled at lightspeed?

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>Is Faster-Than-Light Travel or Communication Possible?

All evidence points to no.

>Cherenkov Effect

FTL in a medium != FTL in a vacuum.

>Rigid Bodies

Do not exist.

>Phase, Group and Signal Velocities

Do not carry information FTL.

>Superluminal Galaxies

The expansion of space-time is not the same thing as moving through space FTL.

Fuck it, most of this stuff is senseless or has nothing to do with FTL speeds.

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>Is Faster-Than-Light Travel or Communication Possible?
yes, there's no proof saying it isn't possible, only that we don't know how to do it yet.

faster than Light travel will be difficult as fuck, and I don't know enough about the science behind it to answer shit but broscience.
but the faster than light communication is certainly realistic in our lifetime. Light just happens to be fastest thing we can see, so the fastest thing we've managed to observe. Once we develop instruments that can observe that which is travelling faster than light we'll be able to communicate faster than light.

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All our experiments thus far have confirmed light speed propagation of gravity, but I don't believe any official stance has been taken.

I expect it'll stay that way for a while yet. It's a very important discovery and deserving of much more evidence & study.

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there goes our gravity morse code idea then. le sigh

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