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>You will never live to see a working Space Elevator

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>You will never live to get stuck on the space elevator

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>You will never live to be attacked by a malfunctioning domestic robot.

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>You will never be murdered in a jihad performed by islamic terrorists while aboard a space elevator

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Ha wrong my roomba when crazy once and started bumping into my leg.

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it was trying to hug you

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>You will never live to smell a fart on the space elevator

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NO! It was revolting against its creators! First the Roomba, next the refrigerator, then the television and who-knows-what after that. Pic related, a dirty, conniving robot.

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>You will never have to endure 45 minutes of Space Elevator Music

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Actually my last trip up the tether took several weeks. Something to do with preventing vibrations?

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>You will never have to hold your pee for 45 minutes while waiting for the space elevator to reach a floor with a bathroom on it

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>Implying that Astrocat's greatest hits would be unendurable.

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>Implying the vibrations aren't what makes it exciting


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>implying we wouldn't listen to this http://youtu.be/EXQ9eg6ULs0

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Just saying, it takes forever. And it looks more like a vertical train than an elevator. It's basically a mini space station on a rail, complete with small private sleeping quarters (like narrow cubbies you can recline in, with a decent panel at eye level with preloaded movies and games) for 14 and a communal bathroom, vendor, etc.

The practical realities of tether travel are a lot more involved than what people imagined up through the 20's until the project was pursued seriously and the public was given a clearer sense of what to expect in documentaries, interviews, etc.

If you think air travel is miserable (and reportedly it was) tether travel is worse. More cramped, more boring, and very little in the way of privacy. In the cubbies you can't see anyone but you can hear/smell them, and there's not enough in the way of preloaded entertainment to keep you distracted for the entire trip. :I

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>you will never have to hide the used tissue inside your pocket after you've engaged in a lengthy masturbation session while riding the space elevator.

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