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In 1900, we looked back at slavery in disgust at our savagery. In 1975, we looked back at how Women and Black people were treated, and were disgusted at our savagery.
What will we look back on in disgust in 2050? What is currently regarded as acceptable, but savage in the eyes of those from the future?

Posting on /sci/ because you're smart and I like you.

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That people died of obsolete diseases like cancer and running with scissors. Hopefully, and with a lot of luck, the world will have moved out of religious fundamentalism, but that's just dreaming.

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Pain and ignorance

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I can't help but think that cancer would be seen as a very small issue compared to many others. Surely there are other medical problems we would see as worse? Tuberculosis, or malaria, for example.

You're going to have to be more specific, I think.

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"Every year six million people died in car crashes. Nowadays we would call that a war!"

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The rampant homophobia.

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What do you mean gay couples couldn't get married? What do you mean creationism was taught in school?

Oh wait, the last one was only on USA and that will probably get even worse in 2050. Enjoy your 6000 year old Earth, americans.

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This the fact that people in the past had to drive their own cars will be fucking mindblowing to the youth of the future

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Then I do a post because it's my thread and I can do what I want apparently. Sounds interesting.

I think the thing we will see as most repulsive will depend upon the course china takes with regards to Africa, and I know too little about China's foreign policy to comment. If China and India decide to aid nations in extreme poverty, such as those in Africa, then we will quickly grow to see our past actions with regards to the continent as disgustingly primitive and greedy. If they decide to not intervene, on the other hand, our attitudes will stay much the same.

2125/general future predictions are also welcome, I should say now.

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actually that made me think

it wouldn't surprise me if the thing they're disgusted at is how first world nations just let genocides happen like... all the friggin' time

I'm pretty sure there's like... more than one happening, right now, except that everyone has more or less forgotten once it stopped being news

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Quite :/

Alcohol will be controversial at the least, I think. The need for its consumption is completely gone now, and it's definitely harmful.What I would <span class="math">{like}[/spoiler] to see is laws exempting you from reception of free healthcare for twice the effective period of any drug, and for all drugs to be made legally obtainable through pharmacies along with information on their effects.

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>implying the world won't end by then

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Probably obesity, diabetes, the continent of africa being completely thrown into hell, balkan regions, the middle east especially by that time documents will be unclassified by the government n shit

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Apocalypse? in my civilisation? it could be more likely than you think.
It's possible there could be a serious meteor collision 6,12, or 18 years after 2032. Other possibilities are that nuclear war between North Korea/Iran and the west could break out, or that x number of other things happen. That's the problem with giving simple creatures really big guns.

From Zimbabwe, information has almost completely stopped as we have lost interest. The last thing I heard of the situation was that Mugabe and Nmoko were not getting on, and that Nmoko had been arrested (Nmoko was the opposition leader, who Mugabe had not let take office).

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Nigger culture

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>China and India decide to aid nations in extreme poverty

western countries give billions of dollars for nothing to afric, some african countries get more than half of their income from western donations

chinese dont give a fuck about peacyful wuvy-wuv, they are building an empire and they dont give a fuck abut genocide either

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Capitalism and exploitation of the working class.

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Africa gives back aid to the Western world, in the form of ridiculous amounts of natural resources.

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>west intervenes


>west lets niggers kill eachothers with AKs and machetes


Neo-imperialism is going to make a stylish comeback when we run out of oil.

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i think we already exaggerate every type of behavior as "unacceptable" to some degree in the west. the most savage thing might be how calculated the relationship between corporations and their people are. everything is based on shitty statistics and centered around massive unnecessary profits. some companies deserve to be empires, and its far from "all rich people are assholes," but relative to other potential issues i see it as the most overwhelming in this context (unless nothing changes in 50 years, which is hard to predict).

we've still got savagery in the middle east and parts of africa which probably won't end anytime soon, and maybe we'll look at all this pseudo-thug activity that spread through music/tv as pretty shitty, but really this question is pointless (or maybe just too complicated for what it's worth) to science and to people who enjoy looking at things through a scientific approach. this generation has accomplished enormously productive things, and the future looks even more promising.

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Its called trade. They dont HAVE to sell their resources but they CHOSE to do.

I laugh at liberals always glorifying the "FREE MARKUT MAEKS FREEDUM!!!!" and how they immediatly going fussy after seeing it in action.

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I think their leader is a hipster, he announced in parliament that he valued free speech. Gah, so ironic.

From extensive skimming of a paragraph on wikipedia I can say that China is actively trading with africa and is the Third largest trading partner after the US and France (who have former colonies to support). They export more than everyone except the US to the continent.

Another example of an unmonitored Dictatorship: Ethiopia, who are trying to get the help <span class="math">of[/spoiler] Mugabe to get rid of their leader, Mengistu.

I agree. The things we take are not necessarily those which a country needs to develop, though.

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Also, simultaneous deregulation and bailout guarantees for banks.

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democracy as moral/ethical.

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you're confusing the american definition of 'liberal' (ie socialist) with the classical definition of 'liberal' (ie libertarian, neoliberal).

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Our horrible misuse of fossil fuels.

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debauched homosexuality
alcohol and drug use
a large chunk of diseases

one can hope

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>nationalization of key companies while still promoting competition

>upholding national values

>curbing the international profiteering banker class

>trying to stop the bolshevik cancer killing socialism

>grand plans to reform the entire earth into a unified country

I cant hear you over how right nazism was. Only if they werent be the designated Snidely Whiplash cartoon evils in the media....

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plutocracy as moral/ethical

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religion, and believing that all races are no different from one another.

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>What will we look back on in disgust in 2050?

Our treatment of transexuals, pedophiles, gays and furries.

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Don't kid yourself; the nazis didn't want to stop exploitation, they were just out to kill the jews.

Look at IG Farben, worse than any of today's multinationals.

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>mfw when people still cant tell racism and culturalism apart

>mfw people dont know how western culture is assraping tribal culture in south america and africa right now

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With all due respect, that's wrong. The west has been responsible for so much damage to Africa, in terms of resource removal and of forced imperialism, that there is no way we can blame them for the situation they are in.
Perhaps if we hadn't taken 300 years worth of citizens then forced authority over them for a further 150, Africa would have less problems with dem crackaz trying to help out.
I have no words so I'll use a link.
just... No.
While I agree that the capitalism we have now will be seen as almost feudal in future, 1) I don't believe it to be in as few as 40 years, and 2) I believe capitalism will continue to function in some forms. As for the bailouts, I agree they will be seen as incredibly bad financial decisions, despite the fact they were needed.

Quite. The camp ones in starbucks who complain about how their hairdresser Stefan has bad breath are not the ones who hide their homosexuality by masturbating furiously to hand drawn images of Ayn rand.

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Prioritised, I think this is probably what I believe will be seen as simplistic

1) Lack of medical treatment in the third world (and/or the massive imbalance of wealth along borders worldwide)
2) Lack of foresight by western nations in terms of debt
3)Free market capitalism as a basis for society rather than an element of it

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The average german worker wer much better paid than the averag american or british worker during the war. Not for jewish war prisoners though.

Also, the nazis had a fuckhuge plan. if they would have suceeded by 2100 the only existing language would be german and the entire world would consist of various germanic substates of Grossdeutchland.

Even the soviets had the whole world revolution thing going on until stalin became a limp dick about it.

I just hate how wishy-washy and bleached inoffensive most current day westerners are. Dwindling population, fat, depressed and uninspired population and every white either has white guilt or a raging idiot skinhead.

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The socially accepted and encouraged lifelong mistreatment of pedosexuals

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To be quite honest, I think we'll look back on this day and age with absolute disgust. All of it.

From dumping nuclear, to vote pandering, to attacks on freedom and rights, to giving megacorporations everything they want, on and on and on.

We might be more technologically advanced than ever before in human history, but we're living in the goddamn dark ages of culture and freedoms again. I really really hope a new renaissance is coming. We need revolutions and out of this hell hole of corporatist policies and pandering to religious morons.

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The living standards under colonisation were the highest they ever were. The colonists brought civility to those monkeys.
>3)Free market capitalism as a basis for society rather than an element of it
There are very few people who actually support free market capitalism now. I hope we'll see a progression to where it is accepted.

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Capitalism, we will look back at capitalism in disgust in 2050

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I like you man. You funny.

Also, to contribute, probably global climate change. They won't soon forget the oncoming shitstorm.

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Using coal plants and hydrocarbon powered motors will be regarded as ridiculous.

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We'll probably look back at abortion (the leading cause of death of children) with disgust.

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This is the problem, the Issue of killing 9 million people in the process. If it were possible to start a new National Socialist movement like the Nazi's, without a primary angle of attack through war, or a need for the persecution of a minority group, I would fully support it. If only because the kiloton tank looked awesome.
>Dwindling population
Nope, that's a myth.
Kind-of. Blasphemy though it may be, I think Depression is just better diagnosed/more freely diagnosed than it has been in the past, rather than inexplicably more prevalent.
I wouldn't call you that, the west make all kinds of awesome stuff.
>white guilt or skinhead
That's a simplification, now, isn't it.

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zimbabweans, once the biggest food exporter in africa now is in a permament state of hunger uprisings and depends on western aid

why? because those smartass niggers burned or chased away the farmers from all farms owned and operated by white zimbabweans because they were HURR DURR WHITE EBULS and now they blame the white3s for their hunger too

you simply cant fix africa, they will ALWAYS blame the whites for EVERYTHING

just look at europe at WW2,germany, hungary, poland, ukraine, all bombed, burned, pillaged with tens of millions of dead and they rebuilt most of it and the completely destroyed infrastructure in two decades, eastern europe even done without western aid so dont say me that african countries couldnt get their shit together while billions of dollars and lot of skileld foreign contractors are being funneled into their pockets, they are simply unwilling to grow up, stop the tribal wars and stop blaming THE MAN

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I want to believe you so badly.

It'll either exist in some new horrible form or we'll all be dead.

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The vast majority of "aid" to africa consists of shit that destroy s any possibility of them creating their own economy.

Why start farming in Africa when the West ships hundreds of tons of food to you, for free? How does a farmer even compete against that kind of price?

Same deal with textiles, electronics, etc. etc.

We're making Africa worse by giving them shit.

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Gay rights, probably. Hopefully we'll look back with disgust at the burning of coal and oil to generate electricity. Work on the polywell continues quietly.

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Do you mean the mistreatment as a society, or the mistreatment medically? While I don't support legalising paedophillic relationships or lowering ages of consent below 15, I agree absolutely that Paedophiles should be treated by doctors rather than as criminals by choice. The attitudes I see today are identical to those given to homosexuals in the past, and normally justified by disgust rather than reason.

I don't really have anything of value to say in response, other than that I think I agree with most of what you say now.
>brought civility
No, they brought fear of technology followed by oppression followed by authoritarianism followed by total abandonment.
Why is it that I assume you are trolling for this and not the statement above?

Guess what happens in free markets (clue:Industrial Revolution)

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>>so dont say me that african countries couldnt get their shit together while billions of dollars and lot of skileld foreign contractors are being funneled into their pockets

into whose pockets, exactly?
pro-tip: dictators and arms-dealers

the political "structures" (if one could call them that) entrenched there will almost never let a penny of that aid going through get to anyone who needs it

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Its always easier to cry in your soiled diapers and beg for help than trying to change it for yourself and risk your hand getitng shitty.


The funny thing is, no one cares about the Wehrmacht, the Honvedseg or the Romanian Army systematically killing russians, the Soviets systematically killing ukranians, germans(especially volga germans) and middle asians or the smaller states killing the fuck out of eachother.

No, its jews and only jews because jews controlled the most of american media in during WW2 and they have successfully made it memetic(using it in the original sense of the word) enough.

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The only way to fix africa would be to completely smash the tribal africa to pieces and reform them into a proper class-based society instead of a clan based one.

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ITT: Nobody knows what Botswana is.

They're bros, guys. Botswanans are bros.

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You guys are assuming racism is over. It's still around. It's now just socially acceptable to say "I don't see race" and still go on believing preconceived notions about race, which is fucking worse than outward bigotry. Racism is still a HUGE problem and no one seems to give a shit anymore because "lolcivilrights". We are still savages, and we will still be savages in 2050.

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>In 1975, we looked back at how Women and Black people were treated, and were disgusted at our savagery.

That still hasn't gone away. USA is in a collective circle jerk because they finally got a black president.

By 2050 you might be able to get over thinking in terms of 'race', a concept with no real meaning to anybody with a brain.

But that's within my lifetime. Good luck.

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How many Botswanans died to bring us this information?

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Quoted by: >>3228339

The bullshit the news feeds us
How we were blinded

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The truth is, the nazis had such awesome ideas being forever politically incorrect now.

Like the Lebensborn program, taking lower class mothers into maternal homes and giving all their children extremly good education, indoctrination and health care.

Also, they were the only ones accepting that personal competition and a limited form of socialdarwinist selection happens in capitalism, which became a taboo too.

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Quoted by: >>3228337

>the need for its consumption
cause there was a need? people drink cause they want to. if anything we'll get LESS puritanical about shit like that.

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Bigotry toward homosexuals

>> No.3228287


Because its not racism but culturalism.

Poeple hate the ebonics, the garish clothing, the gangsta rap and his stance on the world in the average street thug, not the skin color. The skin color only helps to identify him(because he will too base his "nigga" culture around his skin color"

Thats why people dont mind having a white collar black co-worker but go apeshit when they see a thug in their street.

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What should be unacceptable and disgusting:

War, Starvation, Poverty

What the NWO will make unacceptable:



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We'll still do it though.

Thanks. I'm not sure if I'm trying to be funny or just being. As for climate change, my personal opinion is that its effects have been overestimated and sensationalised. Bracing for shitstorm.

ooh, this definitely.
I don't know. I think it depends a lot on what neuroscience finds about the nervous system of foetuses, luckily.
That's like arguing the holocaust was good because it designed excellent prison environments, then being surprised when people don't want to use them.
Ok, this is quickly moving from rational discourse to I BET THE JEWS DID THIS. Everyone commited war crimes, and the War was won by the allies. Nobody likes the fact the USSR did it, if only for the fact that Communism=Bad.
*all* the most successful societies were made by violent authoritarians, right? Look at Afghanistan or Vietnam, they're positively rolling in things that aren't cholera!

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Forced welfare.

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>free healthcare

There is no such thing as free healthcare. Somebody has to food the bill. Its either from your taxes and the government manages it for you, or you pay insurance to a private company but in the end its always the taxpayer footing the bill because healthcare isnt cheap. I as an european dont get the american aversion to universal free healthcare, it seems to be a much better way to spend money than starting wars then paying the healthcare of the occupied countries(lol Iraq)

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>mfw future rabbi's;

How dare you! Nowhere in the Torah or the Talmud does it say we have to circumcise our children. It was a one time thing for Abraham to seal his covenant with G-d. That some Jews continued it as a cultural practice until recently, or a few ultra-Orthodox still do, should not be used as a criticism of the religion as a whole. G-d always intended that the man becomes circumcised when he is ready to join the community as an adult, not to be forced on a baby. Even implying that we would do this to a child is worse than mistaken, it is antisemitic.

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There's a very easy way for Africans to fix that.

Rather than sitting around and fucking, they tell the West, "Please, we don't want your aid," because the West will NEVER stop shipping that shit otherwise, and force themselves to do something.

It's easy to blame the west for short-sighted actions, but you have to look at it from more than just that kind of myopic viewpoint. Just stopping shipments to Africa because it's better for them will be looked at as a sign of "giving up" and will massively influence the relationship between the Western country that does so and the African nation in question.

It goes both ways. There just isn't competent leadership in Africa.

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Quoted by: >>3228337

I know that someone, somewhere in the world believes this. And I want to strangle them.

>> No.3228326


>Ok, this is quickly moving from rational discourse to I BET THE JEWS DID THIS.

This is what I'm talking about. You cant even mention bleedingly obvious things like how the american jews lobbied and used their media power for this without encountering thought-terminating fallacies.

Also, the USSR killed more jews than the nazis, the Holodomor, gulags, etc but their public image was repainted during WW2 to "Uncle Joe" and during the cold war it was easier to play up the LHZERUSSKIE angle.

>the most successful societies were made by violent authoritarians,

All successfull countries has a long a violent past with autocratic streaks. You cant have a long-lived peacenik country.

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Schools. Let's lock kids up all day and force them through the same training program for over a decade.

Why would they do that to children? Were they fucking conscripted?

>> No.3228334

The concept of capitalism as a necessity.

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In the past, certainly, clean water was hard to come by whereas alcoholic beverages were not, and lasted far longer. Nowadays, that is not a problem.
ouch. That stings

I believe that fundamentally, no human should have to submit to any form of government. However, I also understand that is incredibly short sighted and infeasible, and support socialism as a governmental system, with regulated capitalism being legal.
I meant Tax-funded. I would expect you to have to pay for it regardless of your eligibility.
One day I will invent a machine that lets you slap people over the internet and sell it on 4chan and make a trillion trillion bitcoins, true story.
I actually agree that no government should be mandatory, though, and I assume that makes me on his side(?)

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The problem is, more and more journalists and college graduates are forgoing the trenches to pursue a different career path. Instead of reporting the news, they’re working to help manipulate it as public relations specialists. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in fact, in 1980 there were .45 PR people and .36 journalists per every 100,000 workers. As of 2008, that number had shifted radically. There are now .90 PR people per 100,000 workers and just .25 journalists. As Columbia Journalism Review reports in its May-June 2011 issue, that’s a ratio of more than three-to-one, better equipped and better financed to influence what the public sees and hears.

I think you'll find this interesting; http://www.cjr.org/feature/true_enough.php?page=all&print=true

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>How does a farmer even compete against that kind of price?

They are dying in hunger. If they burned their own farms and exiled the experienced organizers just because they were white they deserve to to die in malnutrition and recieve a collective Darwin Prize for it.

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Quoted by: >>3228370

Fucking this. I am hoping to see some major changing in the structure of the education system in the coming decades.

>> No.3228350
Quoted by: >>3228370

I think I agree with you. The current school system is far, far too simplistic.

>> No.3228360

Putting old people in nursing homes. I cannot think of a more undignified way to end one's days.

>> No.3228365
Quoted by: >>3228374 >>3228385


Underageban detected.

Schools just need to reform and segregated(by ability, not color) small classes of 5-8 children with flexible courses instead of lumping 40 children together with the one or two retards always holding the entire class up.

Also, middle-high schools should be more university like with choosable courses and they should always train everyone in a manual job and real life skills like driving license and citizenship education.

>> No.3228370
Quoted by: >>3228380


Khan academy, yo.

This ought to destroy public schools. Parents will be able to afford communal tutors to iron out the edges of what the child cannot do by themselves.

Seriously, when you base your education system on Prussian propaganda mills, you know you're fucking up big time. Equally, when you decide to keep your kids at home in a fundamentalist pressure cooker, you're fucking up the other way.

>> No.3228374


So what you describe is a total re-working of the school system from the ground up. Which is what I was trying to imply.

>> No.3228376

Also, I'd bring back a short term conscription(4-6 months basic training) for everyone, regardless of gender after high school. Learning some actual disciple, self-control and experiencing proper teamwork would be a nice thing to everyone.

>> No.3228380
Quoted by: >>3228391


The prussian system actually works wonder IF everyone has the same level of talent in the class so no one is holding anyone.

>> No.3228385


University needs a rework too. Diplomas should be free but HARD AS FUCK to get because current diploma mills just devalue formal education and promote job nepotism.

Spending 3-5 years and amassing a pile of debt only nets people a bunch of drunken memories and a few wasted years nowadays.

>> No.3228386
Quoted by: >>3228395 >>3228401

What do you want as an alternative?

This is the best way to ensure that the majority of people learn certain skills like basic writing, math, and science before they graduate.

>> No.3228391
Quoted by: >>3228399


And you are interested in feeding an authority approved curriculum to everyone.

These platonic students do not exist. At different points, everyone will hold back everyone else. Teachers can deal with this dynamically, it is their job, after all. But when their main job is to get everyone over arbitrary hurdles by arbitrary deadlines, they can't.

>> No.3228395
Quoted by: >>3228409 >>3228410


Truly talented people do it on their own even before school and they waste their intellect gossiping and forming cliques for about a decade.

Thats why schools need to work with small, IQ-screened groups and provide approporiate education.

>> No.3228399
Quoted by: >>3228407


There will be always an authority. Stop being a raging anarchist teen and you will realize this.

>> No.3228401


The current system does not do that, and it wastes a lot of money not doing it. So it's not like saying we have a system now that at least gets everyone to a basic level.

Teachers need to help kids when they have problems. They need to have their time freed up by allowing the lecture portion of the class to be done by video. The child will be able to pause and repeat the lectures until they get it, or ask if they have to. Smart kids will go ahead without too much issue, while dumb kids can get more attention.

>> No.3228407


It need not be unresponsive, though. Stop being an apologist and learn to criticise where criticism is due.

>> No.3228409
Quoted by: >>3228443

>Truly talented people do it on their own even before school
You learnt basic science before you reached school?
Also, what you learn pre-school depends so massively on what your parents do with you that I don't think it be regarded as a valid measure of ability. e.g. My mother thought about teaching me mathematics up to a KS2 level, but decided against it as I would end up not paying attention in class, apparently.

>> No.3228410

I disagree.

You're working under the assumption that people are only as intelligent and smart as they were when they were 8, which is fundamentally wrong. Humans develop at different rates, myself being an example. While I'm not the smartest guy, I'm certainly more intelligent and capable than I was when I was 14.

If you're proposing that people be "taught differently" because some jackass decided one wasn't as smart as someone else thanks to an arbitrary exam score, and all the social entanglements and issues that would result of that kind of system, than I hope you never get into a position that can change anything.

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Quoted by: >>3228422


>> No.3228422
Quoted by: >>3228429


On the day perfect, opt-in/opt-out contraception for both sexes becomes readily available, you'll be totally right. I don't see why this is even controversial.

>> No.3228429

We might have to wait a while for the "readily available" part, but it's happening.

>> No.3228435

>What will we look back on in disgust in 2050? What is currently regarded as acceptable, but savage in the eyes of those from the future?
That we should provide all of our criminals with food and shelter free of charge, but require our law-abiding citizens to earn them. That all land should be owned, but many own none at all, so there is no place for a citizen without property or friends to legally be. The idea that each citizen must earn even his barest living, rather than be free to feed from his share of nature's bounty as even an animal in the woods may expect.

Perhaps it will be remembered as necessary, but it will also be looked on as barbaric, especially at this time, already so close to full automated provision of sustenance, when we have passed the point where human labor is the most necessary thing for production and reached a new level of being once again limited by our natural resources, which no man made.

I don't really think it will be come kind of democratic socialism, though. More like the way people put out bird feeders. At some point, the necessities of life get cheap enough that people will feed you just to see you happily eating. (to say nothing of the sexual advantages a providing man would have compared to the common mooch)

>> No.3228443


Yes, I did.

I knew literally ALL elementary school material except cursive handwriting before even enrolling.

Elementary was basically an eight year long prison of boredom to me

>> No.3228450
Quoted by: >>3228463

At this rate, we will probably see the destruction of the family system (marriage/raising kids), and the state raising any children. Our culture will also decline and rot into depravity, but o well.

>> No.3228452
Quoted by: >>3228467 >>3228468

So you knew literally everything elementary school could teach you by age five.

>> No.3228456
Quoted by: >>3228465

Homosexual? Never heard of it.

Oh, you mean people used to have a name for people who slept with members of their own gender? Were there blonde-o-sexuals as well?

Man, being that hung up on who someone was sleeping with. It's like, you should get out more, right?

>> No.3228457

Labor for income.

Selling necessities of a modern life for profit.

>> No.3228459

And did you decide to learn this independently of your parents, or with their support?
I don't doubt it's possible, but I doubt it's possible without parental help.

>> No.3228462


Haha you fucking liar. If you're telling the truth, then your school must not have taught ANYTHING.

What does an 8 year old understand about History, Science, and Algebra.

It's fucking hilarious how retarded you are.

>> No.3228463
Quoted by: >>3228478


I guess we're living at the high point, then. The very pinnacle of human civilisation. Better than any generation who lived before us, but doomed to inevitable decline once this generation is no longer calling the shots.

>mfw every generation thinks this

>> No.3228464
Quoted by: >>3228477

Man of the future will look down upon out past slaughter and consumption of self-aware animals, while dietary alternatives and supplements were widely available.

>> No.3228465
Quoted by: >>3228475 >>3228498

Sexual-preference-based prejudice will probably hang around a little later than 2050. Oh, and don't forget what "being that hung up on who someone was sleeping with" implies about pedophilia.

>> No.3228467


And now he's on 4chan XD

>> No.3228468
Quoted by: >>3228473 >>3228497



And yes. Everything, including the basic chemisty and physics that yuropiin schools love adding to elementary curricular.

>> No.3228471
Quoted by: >>3228497

>What does an 8 year old understand about History, Science, and Algebra.
6 year old.

8 would be a little old to start elementary school.

>> No.3228473
Quoted by: >>3228483

So, since elementary school had nothing to teach you, what did you learn in those eight years of boredom?

>> No.3228475


That's true.

But the general trend has been towards acceptance of the kinds of sex that either doesn't hurt anyone, or that anyone can at least consent to; and away from the kinds of sex that hurt someone, or that someone can't consent to.

On the day that realistic, child-like sex robots become available, I have to imagine that pedophilia will be just the weirdest of the philia's, not some kind of existential threat.

>> No.3228477
Quoted by: >>3228506


>> No.3228478
Quoted by: >>3228496

*pulls out Plato quote*

>> No.3228479




>> No.3228480
Quoted by: >>3228489

What's gonna look savage? The state the world is in right now, and how's it's going to be in a decade. That's if things go the optimistic route instead of going slightly or full-on dystopic, which looks like the pessimistic and most logical route

>> No.3228482
Quoted by: >>3228489 >>3228492

>history, science, algebra
>elementary school

Someone didn't attend elementary school I see.

>> No.3228483
Quoted by: >>3228512


Kids are dicks to eachother.

Also, if you suck up to the teacher in the first two weeks you can get away reading books all day and not doing shit at all..

>> No.3228487

Everyone talking about education and university and stuff check out this thread


>> No.3228489
Quoted by: >>3228521


>replying to tripfags

Greasemonkey script, yo.


Except the world gets better and better for the common western man each decade.

>> No.3228492
Quoted by: >>3228508

Are you trolling? Can someone tell me?

Britfags get Science, History, and Basic Algebra education at Primary (11 and below) level.

>> No.3228496


If it's a good idea, it hardly matters who said it or when it was first said.

And attributing it to the earliest source we have for it would have ruined the mood of my post.

>> No.3228497
Quoted by: >>3228519

Ha even better.


I don't believe that at all. We'll just say for shits and giggles that you, at age 7, probably not tall enough to suck your dads penis (that came later, and your father came soon after that), had the capability to grasp intermediate mathematics and physics.

Even with this capability, you still have to sit down and physically study, memorize, practice, and apply. Especially in classes like history, biology, and physics where many key elements cannot be derived outside of an advanced labratory or extensive research.

Basically speaking, you don't pop out of a vagina knowing about every ancient culture and their relevance, nor knowing that the metric measurement of the acceleration of gravity is 10 m/s.

>> No.3228498
Quoted by: >>3228509

Honestly, I think that won't be much of a issue.
Gayfaggots and dykes may become a majority, although if we're optmistic we may be a society that's reached a point where such a thing is not inherently bad

>> No.3228506
Quoted by: >>3228520

>implying dolphins are the only self-aware animals

And everything including rats and crayfish

Self-awareness & ability to feel pain has been tested and detected in scientific experiments. Obviously there are varying degrees of self-awareness and pain sensitivity, with perhaps humans and other primates at the top, but our superiority doesn't diminish the self-awareness of other animals.

>> No.3228508



3 years of Physics, 2 years of Chemistry, 5 years of History, 8 years of Math with 4 years of mostly geometry and algebra shit. Most elementary schools also have atleast one mandatory foreign language course for 8 years.

>> No.3228509
Quoted by: >>3228517


It will never be a majority. I doubt that even a majority would try it.

But it will be about as big a deal as left-handedness or ambidexterity is now. Meaning, we'll know that people used to really hate it, most people barely understand why, and we'll still make wee jokes at their expense (and they at ours), but for the most part nobody will give a fuck.

>> No.3228512
Quoted by: >>3228532

I meant useful information-wise. Surely you could have exceeded highschool-level in eight years.

>> No.3228517
Quoted by: >>3228535


Nobody would give gays a fuck if not for OLOLOL GAY PRIDE U MAD SILLY BREEDERS faggotry. They are provocating people on purpose and bawwing when their pride gets overran by angry veterans(lolrussian prides)

>> No.3228519

Realistically, he probably just started and stayed ahead of most of the class material. Bright kids do that often.

...and the ones who don't amount to anything afterward often exaggerate it and talk about it too much in a sad attempt to prove their superiority.

>10 m/s.
Man, that just pisses me off on multiple levels.

>> No.3228520

I think you're confusing actual self-awareness with plain old sentience.

>> No.3228521
Quoted by: >>3228549

Can't argue with ya since I'm not the "common westerner"

But I have a feeling shit like scientology, legal inquisitions,corruption, ignorance(even if we do get "smarter") incompetence authoritarianism and bad things in general are going to
have a much higher influence in our society some time from now, lest we keep not giving a shit
But I do hope I'm like one of those faggots that thinks the earth is flat and the jews are reptiles in logic, even if that means I'm retarded

>> No.3228532


I could but I did not, always read a lot of technical books, had a lot of ideas but ultimately I ended up having a passive semester(in sociology no less) and posting on 4chan in 5:12 while drinking a can of monster while my retarded friend who couldnt finish high school works as a car mechanic and earns loadsamunnay.

>> No.3228535
Quoted by: >>3228556 >>3228565


People gave a fuck before that.

Gay pride is a response to bigotry and closeting. When bigotry and closeting are in the past, gay pride will seem as stupid as freckles pride, or southpaw pride. Something to join on future facebook.

For now, though, it is a beacon to show closeted homosexuals that a large community exists, to show bigots that they can fuck off. And besides, it's a lot tamer than Mardi Gras, and lasts a far shorter time.

>> No.3228544
Quoted by: >>3230170

Can you imagine a world where every kid is a prodigy that knows enough to scare the scholars of today but is at the same time a fucking retard?

>> No.3228549
Quoted by: >>3228575



Scientology had its ass handed to itself by a group of juvenile trolls posting dick jokes. They are also getting banned soon in several european countries.

>legal inquisitions

Compare with fifties McCarthyism or fifties europe.


Compare seventies. Now a corporate mistake gets a huge uproar on the internet, not just a little footnote in a local paper.

>incompetence authoritarianism

Humans are authoritarianistic by nature and governmental power is softer than ever before.

>> No.3228555

What if we could find out life is not worth it and then off the entire race?

>> No.3228556



That means no one cares if someone wants to be a flaming drag queen but wants to avoid negative attention.

No one cares if gays are fucking eachother in a closed room or live together but they do care if they act like flaming faggots in public.

>> No.3228565
Quoted by: >>3228581

>Gay pride is a response to bigotry and closeting.

But one good look at those guys wearing g-strings with chaps presenting themselves as the face of gayness is enough to scare a whole generation back into the closet and provoke a whole new wave of bigotry.

I figure it's a self-sustaining cycle.

>> No.3228575
Quoted by: >>3228588 >>3228597

There are kids that actually managed that. The last guy was a korean born in the seventies I think, but there may be others
They're not even savants man, imagine how cool the world would be if that kind of shit could be easily replicated


Hope you're right anon, although scientology seems to still be strong

Just curious, where are you from?

>> No.3228581


Gay man:

Dresses, looks, and behaves exactly like normal men except he happens to like men.


Pink clothes, perfume, makeup, forced barbara streisand voice, acts like a 17 year old valley girl, calls heterosexuals breeders, acts flamboyantly all the time.

Guess which one is more common on prides and which one is reviled. I hate when gays try to get away with being obnoxious faggots just because they are gay.

>> No.3228588

Forgot to mention, crime in general seems to be getting stronger, but I'm from the third world

>> No.3228597



By the way, I wasnt even the only one who knew the whole curriculum already, there were several other students like that and a dozen others being years ahead. I reckon most schools are full of kids like this, bright and bored as fuck because they literally have nothing to do but daydream all day and being called lazy faggots. Just imagine getting kids like this together in special, flexible, group-based schools and give them the time and tools to self-educate.

>> No.3228617

I think I've fucked up the quotes and you're talking to the wrong anon man

I wasn't even aware of the curriculum discussion

>> No.3228624


yeah, no, its easier to pretend everything is okay with education

>> No.3228630
Quoted by: >>3228653


and they will grow into jaded, vidya playing highschoolerss and collegefags who visit 4chan and fail at life

>> No.3228653

Well, most of my friends appear to be bright inviduals, and although they sometimes play video games they're actually pretty normal, which means they're wasting their potential, whatever it is

I kind of failed to see the point in your statement, additionally.

>> No.3228702
Quoted by: >>3228708 >>3228734

>Excessive taxation
>The idea that government can solve all of the world's problems if only the "right people were in charge."
>that we banned non-coercive acts like drugs and teh gays
>that we once fought wars over national borders or pride. Possibly the fact that nations existed at all.

>> No.3228708

All that by 2050?

>> No.3228734
Quoted by: >>3228795


>that we once fought wars over national borders or pride. Possibly the fact that nations existed at all.

you are fucktarded if you think this will ever happen

>> No.3228739
Quoted by: >>3230170

Hopefully our complete lack of respect/blindness when it comes to using natural resources properly. Perhaps once we don't have fossil fuels it will sink in a little more that we are dependent on what this planet gives us for survival.

>> No.3228795
Quoted by: >>3228960

why not?

>> No.3228844

I dunno, but one day were going to have robots and then people will be fighting for robots rights.

>> No.3228859
Quoted by: >>3229152

If they ever reach sentience and are capable of feeling and don't wipe us all out of existence, I will certainly fight for robots rights.

>> No.3228870
Quoted by: >>3230170

>>OP What is currently regarded as acceptable, but savage in the eyes of those from the future?

Genital mutilation

>> No.3228880

>>3228074Enjoy your 6000 year old Earth, americans

Enjoy your Sharia law and Islamic schools Europe.

We really have to come up with different greetings for each other.

>> No.3228892

>What will we look back on in disgust in 2050?
women's rights, allowing same-sex marriage

>What is currently regarded as acceptable, but savage in the eyes of those from the future?
granting blacks freedom, pacifist foreign policy

>> No.3228937

those disgusting savages in 2011 stil criminalizes voluntary euthanasia. Sick!

>> No.3228960

If ever, certainly not in 2050. More like 2500.

>> No.3228979
Quoted by: >>3229128

Sex with other humans.

Why would anyone have sex with anything other than a physically perfect artificial lover programmed to play out your fantasies? And with something that can give you DISEASES?! Disgusting.

>> No.3228983
Quoted by: >>3230170

I honestly think the prison system will be seen as savage by 2050. This shit is too big of a problem not to tackle in the immediate future.

>> No.3229006
Quoted by: >>3229042 >>3230170

They will be disgusted by our treatment of homosexuals

>> No.3229042
Quoted by: >>3229136

...specifically, our refusal to surgically correct their crippling sexual disorders.

>> No.3229108

>What will we look back on in disgust in 2050?
That nobody really did shit about climate change
In 2050, the changes won't be all that pronounced yet, but everybody will hate our guts that we didn't more about it.

>> No.3229128

>turning bad to good

>> No.3229134

>What is currently regarded as acceptable, but savage in the eyes of those from the future?
eating meat that came from an animal other than human

>> No.3229136

>proving his point

>> No.3229152

I don't think people would actually have to fight for robot rights. We would be prepared not to do that, as in not having sentient machines. And then we would become like machines.

>> No.3229181

No. No they won't.
The framework an AI would be based on would be fundamentally different. A robot will never tire of mindless work because it can just alter the speed at which it's "consciousness" is perceiving time and isn't subject to fatigue.

>> No.3229725
Quoted by: >>3230170

cults of personality and cults in general

>> No.3229802
File: 1.66 MB, 2500x2010, 1288082464664.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
Quoted by: >>3229823

>What will we look back on in disgust in 2050? What is currently regarded as acceptable, but savage in the eyes of those from the future?


>> No.3229823
Quoted by: >>3230492

Ugh all these paedophobes disgust me. What they do in their private lives is nobody else's business.

>> No.3229826
Quoted by: >>3230170

Wage slavery.

It will take more than 39 years for it to end though.

Maybe in 2200 they will look back in disgust at both the wage slaves and the system which utilized them.

>> No.3229896
Quoted by: >>3230170

eating meat. well, we'll still eat meat. but it will be cloned in a lab

>> No.3229897

Pop Culture

>> No.3229899
Quoted by: >>3229942 >>3230170

the population will be about 10 billion by 2050. i think it is the breeders we will hate on. and it will be too little too late

>> No.3229942
Quoted by: >>3229967

No, it's faggots like you that will be hated
your irrational kind(and that's not because you're fagsexual) with heavily ego influenced decisions

>> No.3229951
Quoted by: >>3229979

I think we'll find new social constructs to replace the existing ones.

>> No.3229967

Oh boy I wish I could come back to this thread when the future turns out to be savageshit

>> No.3229979
File: 7 KB, 177x175, disappointed_amphibian.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3229984
File: 56 KB, 800x531, namibia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
Quoted by: >>3230014

ITT: nobody knows what botswana or namibia are.

better living standards than china, if you take into account the human rights violations and lack of freedom.

>> No.3230014
Quoted by: >>3230027

They're not better because they're less shit than their neighbours. Those countries still don't measure up to western standards. The best thing would be if the corrupt countries were assigned a leader and political system from more successful countries.

>> No.3230027

It's not that simple, only the shittiest shitholes would have definite benefit from that

>> No.3230067
File: 142 KB, 331x299, ChloeMoretz-thinks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
Quoted by: >>3230170


maybe of the education based on authority and punishment.

Also this: >>3228136

>> No.3230077

People in 2050: Why did it take so long for gay marriage to be legal?

>> No.3230095
Quoted by: >>3230137

I sense some trolling

also, of the time we of today are forced to spend doing nothing

>> No.3230117

Well now I'm embarrassed about how we'll be thought of. Thanks, /sci/.

>> No.3230137

the fuck?

>> No.3230140
File: 74 KB, 450x600, 1304412717562.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
Quoted by: >>3230170

People in 2050: Why were people still practicing antiquated religious based traditions like marriage to such a degree that some excluded groups felt the desire to demand participation in the spectacle.

>their faces when

>> No.3230152

angry dawkins atheists that feel the need to push their religion on everyone

retarded political fiscal policy

>> No.3230156
Quoted by: >>3230187

>2050: You mean they used to throw people in prison for smoking this shit? Whoa man...Hey, roll another blunt.

>> No.3230170


All of these, to varying extents.

>> No.3230171
File: 76 KB, 598x598, astronaut incongruity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hopefully by 2050, people will not be as fixated on religion as today.

>> No.3230187
File: 17 KB, 331x299, ChloeMoretz-thinks2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
Quoted by: >>3230224


Also, to put people in prison for any kind of crime may be considered idiotic and useless.

>> No.3230224
Quoted by: >>3230247


>> No.3230247
Quoted by: >>3230251 >>3230265


1. it' useless and not educative
2. you have to pay for them (food, guards salary, etc.)
3. it's unfair for who committed mild crimes
4. bosses of organized crimes actually continue to give orders to their mafiamen, while you pay their food and living expenses.

>> No.3230251
Quoted by: >>3230335

I've also heard of studies reporting that jail time results in overall more violent individuals.

>> No.3230265
Quoted by: >>3230335

But what would you do with the inmates?

>> No.3230270

The blatant and widespread exploitation of the developing world for 1st world profits. The careless use of fossil fuels. The resource wars.

>> No.3230335



if they committed mild crimes (all the ones that not constitute a great damage to life, society, environment) just social labours, volunteering, civics education (all mandatory),
they'd support their living expenses in the institute with their volunteering.

if they are a dangerous criminal mainly hard labours.

btw anything but not a system based on "garbage collectors" like jails, that will only have consequences like this: >>3230251

>> No.3230339
Quoted by: >>3230344 >>3230533

That we punished murderers and rapists. In the future Rape will no longer be a crime but a sport. So will be murder.

>> No.3230340

>if they are dangerous criminals*

>> No.3230344
Quoted by: >>3230346 >>3230501

Pessimist are we?

>> No.3230346
Quoted by: >>3230513

No. Just realist.

>> No.3230492

Yes, the problem is what they do in other peoples' private lives.

>> No.3230501
Quoted by: >>3230620

Well, if only the rape part came true, I'd say optimist.

>> No.3230513

Why do you feel that to be true? There's no precedent for it, and no indication it will be so.

>> No.3230533
Quoted by: >>3231128


It would be strange for things to go backwards. The general trend has been away from using violence to settle personal disputes. Is there any reason this would change in the next fifty years?

>> No.3230620
Quoted by: >>3230724

you want to get raped?

>> No.3230724

Yes, yes I do. I want to be knocked out and gangraped by a bunch of burly black men.

>> No.3231128
Quoted by: >>3231143 >>3231211

Due to our reluctance to use violence to resolve problems, Islam is spreading. They have no such reluctance.

>> No.3231143
Quoted by: >>3231157 >>3231211

Islam's violence is a factor in its staying power in countries where it exists, but I'd hardly say that's why it's spreading.

>> No.3231157
Quoted by: >>3231211

Islam's violence isn't why it's spreading. It's why it stays in power where it manages to get set up.
Our LACK of violence is why it can spread and get set up. We embrace "multiculturalism" which in reality means "everybody worry about not pissing off Islam" until they get to vote democracy and free speech and religious freedom out.

>> No.3231211
Quoted by: >>3234048


Islam is a bad philosophy. Compared to enlightenment values, it's like muskets and aircraft carriers.

The second, the very second, the gloves come off, we win. No contest.

That we are chill enough to give them second chances is part of our essential nature in the modern world, and giving that up would mean we lose, even if they don't necessarily win. So we're like, play nice, act like a grown-up, and you can sit at the grown-ups table. But they're petulant tweenagers, and they act up just enough to look cool in front of their friends at the kids table, but not enough to piss off the adults and get sent back.

>> No.3234048
Quoted by: >>3234062

I am seriously ignorant of why Islam is bad
Can you please give me a summary

>> No.3234062
Quoted by: >>3234408

can't eat pork, no beer, discriminate against women, kill all non-muslims

>> No.3234080

>What will we look back on in disgust in 2050?

How Jewish people poisoned and corrupted the cultures of everyone that ever listened to them.

>> No.3234408
Quoted by: >>3235793

The only really wrong thing I see is "kill all non-muslims" and maybe "discriminate against women"

And can you prove they really advocate that?
I've heard the only people that do that are the terrorists and small sects, but maybe anon can show me the truth

>> No.3235759
File: 3 KB, 127x123, 1308202948442s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
Quoted by: >>3235769 >>3236204

>capitalism is the scourge of humanity
>enjoying products of capitalism all around you

>> No.3235769

Enjoying? No, not at all. Actually, they make me more miserable, somehow.

>> No.3235774
Quoted by: >>3235791

usa is 40 years behind england and 60 years behind the netherlands. for slavery and womens rights. Look at what is being looked at in disgust there over last 20 years, and you have your answer.

>> No.3235780


Killing animals for meat
Allowing people that cannot take care of their children to procreate

>> No.3235791
Quoted by: >>3235797 >>3235819


Actually, we're better at resisting Jewish multiculturalism. Funny how both countries you mentioned are having serious problems with Muslim citizens killing natural-born citizens.

>> No.3235793


Anon is merciful today, and will show you the truth:


Note support for extreme punishments, among other things. Thats enough to hate the muslim scum.

>> No.3235795

>this thread
>still alive
I posted it 48 hours ago, if I remember correctly.

>> No.3235797
Quoted by: >>3235811 >>3235819

then that will be 2050 for usa. muslims killing natural born citizens.

>> No.3235804

Gay marriage is the only one that comes to mind immediately.

>> No.3235811
Quoted by: >>3235819

>muslims killing natural born citizens.

Won't happen. We are evolved enough to protect each other.

>> No.3235819
Quoted by: >>3235851

You're all paranoid and being overly simplistic.

>> No.3235851

Maybe homosexual rights. that was big in europe over the last 20 years.

>> No.3236065

1) Competitive market rather than synergistic cooperation

2) Less that 80% efficient technology will be regarded as unspeakable waste of ressource

3) Spam and unwanted advertisement will be recognize as crime against humanity.
"What ! You mean that in the past it was normal to attack people's mental even though physical harm were illegal ?"
(Of course in 2100 rape will be legal as long as thanks to future pills the victim will be pleased afterward)

>> No.3236084

Global warming, the way we treat 3rd world countries, right wing governments, no gay marriage?

>> No.3236094

Economy and all the stupid things we do in its name

>> No.3236153

-social security/welfare

-non-mandatory chemical castration (sorry having a brain fart moment if thats not proper grammar)

-letting blacks be free

>> No.3236162

war on drugs


>> No.3236186
File: 28 KB, 417x300, frankfurtschool.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cultural Marxism/Political Correctness
Cultural Pessimism

>> No.3236191

Male circumcision.

Sometimes I wonder how the country will react when it's public knowledge that it's bad. Straight up denial? Mass depression?

>> No.3236193

by "we" you mean liberal retards right? especially liberal retards that suppress the fact that women always had "rights" and they played their role for best survival of the species until MEN created jobs that women could finally handle, blacks were not only the first slave owners in america but also in world history, and the list goes on.

youre uneducated and so are all the people who "look back on history with disgust"

>> No.3236203

Hunting. Industrial farming. Use of fossil fuels and nuclear power. Bans on marijuana (no, I don't smoke it). People actually smoking cigarettes.

Oh, who am I kidding? Nothing will change with those things.

>> No.3236204


not like you have a choice if you want to stay alive

>> No.3236230

Hardcore pornography.

>> No.3236238
Quoted by: >>3236338


Planning for products to break after x amount of hours use so you have to buy more. One of the great problems we have right now, more of a giant umbrella problem nurturing many more.

Eating meat, especially seeing how it takes many times the weight of the animal in grain to raise it to maturity for slaughter and 1000's of litres of water. Titanic waste of everything.

Television. Utterly pathetic. What should be no more than a trivial stepping stone in display technology for combination with a computer dominates our entire worldview. Psychological cancer.

>> No.3236272

I'd like to believe that humans are capable of learning from the mistakes of the past but I don't have that much faith now.

People in 2050 will probably look back at the start of the century in disgust because we had a chance to stop global warming before it went out of control and we didn't. Persecution of gays and atheists too, probably.

>> No.3236303
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Quoted by: >>3236305

this, that and they'll be disgusted at how short our attention spans were to things like this, we get up in our when our media reports it for a week or so, then completely forget about it and move on the next week.

We have the attention span of hamsters

>> No.3236305


>> No.3236338
Quoted by: >>3236440 >>3236442


We're going to eat crickets. More protein per gram than chicken or beef and far more economical. No one ever takes the idea seriously, but I think if you use the right spices, or provide dipping sauce, people won't find it that bad.

>> No.3236352

Homophobia probably, hopefully intellectual property.

A significant amount of time after that religion.

>> No.3236440

Why not eat irradiated cricket tissue? Find a cricket with aggressive cancer, give the tumour what it needs, and cut cube off of it like tofu. Sterilise it to prevent it from growing inside the body. Obtain food people won't find as weird if you don't tell them.

>> No.3236442


Doesn't sound too bad to me. Well in terms of drastic future survival techniques it doesn't.

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