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You'll never live long enough to see superconducting inductions motors implants istead of our shitty muscles.

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> 2011
> Shitty muscles

I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

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Unless you got yourself some collagenopathies going on, you take that back. Muscles are fucking wondrous.

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obviously, OP does not exercise.

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I'm on wheelchair.

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Well my muscles are fucking sweet. Enjoy affirmative action Wheels.

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>on wheelchair
Apparently you're disabled grammatically too, then.

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Yes you will, provided you survive the civil war. Assuming that still happens.

And the muscles are woven from electroractive polymer gel printed into hair-thin fibers. Most people actually prefer replacements grown from their own tissue. You might find that dull, but artificial limbs are no stronger than natural ones and the sensation they deliver is distractingly different.

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People forget that superior muscles need superior connections to the bones, and superior bones.

"Hey! Lookit me! I had all my muscles replaced with superior polymers! Watch me jump off this building!"


Observer: "Well, the muscles survived, but his organs and bones still went everywhere. It was kinda cool the way his guts fountained out his chest because his stomach muscles were too strong."

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Precisely, which is why artificial limbs are deliberately made no stronger than natural ones. That, and to deter elective "upgrades".

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