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Yo /sci/ I was just kinda curious about something. I was doing some research for a scifi story I've been working on and came across a wikipedia article on Heim Theory. But looking at the article I realized that for one thing it didn't really mention anything truly useful, only that it came under some initial controversy about not having been peer reviewed before being published, maybe I missed the part explaining what I was looking for but as far as I can tell there was nothing. From the site where I got the link it seems to be related to the idea that exotic matter with a negative or imaginary mass exists and that this would allow faster than light travel to be possible, is this right?

And on a related note, assuming that such a material exists then rather than having to create a negative mass wouldn't it only be necessary to use enough to create a neutral or zero mass? From what I remember of math class and considering that mass exponentially increases as you move closer to the speed of light wouldn't placing zero into the equation in place of the objects mass allow it to work or would the entire universe explode or something?

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I cannot into negative mass. Although something being highly non-intuitive doesn't mean it's not possible. I still cannot negative mass.

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OP here, on a similiar note, assuming that this matter does exist, where might it be and how might we interact with it?

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antimatter has negative gravitational mass, if CPT-symmetry holds in curved space-time.

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i'm not sure how negative density/mass matter would allow for faster than light travel, i noly understand it as being a component in Schwarzschild's theories on wormholes

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i just noticed my error, wormholes would allow for faster than light travel ofcause, my mistake. As i remember positive feedback loops would force close wormholes almost instantly anyway

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While my understanding is limited from what I know the reason that moving at, or faster than, the speed of light is impossible because the object in question's mass increases exponentially as it moves closer and closer to the speed of light. And matter with negative/imaginary mass, assuming it exists, should apparently be able to halt or reverse this inevitable increase in mass.

Assuming then that it does exist, and that however it applied there is enough that while the mass of the object doesn't become negative but is instead at absolute zero then it might work (please not, I'm not an astrophysicist and sucked at math in general, but last time I checked anything multiplied by 0 will always be 0...)

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Only off by 100 sigma!

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Saw that, noticed at the bottom something I could understand, the rest was unfortunately unintelligable to me...

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When put to the test, the prediction regarding reduced influence of gravity while the device was active was vindicated bu the effect proved too weak to be useful for anything.

The prediction that an intense enough field could push objects up and out of normal space into some other dimension where the speed of light is higher was vindicated, but the laws pf physics there appear to differ in other, less desirable ways. The only vessel with a heim drive ever built vanished for a split second then reappeared as a tremendously powerful explosion of heat, light, radiation and subatomic particles, suggesting the bulk of the mass was annihilated in the brief moment it spent outside of normal space, and the matter not annihilated had its strong force negated.

It isn't a 'warp drive', but it is a fantastic weapon. One we're not supposed to be actively developing, but it's an open secret that VB is working on refining it anyway, and there are widespread rumors of its use against the remnants' subterranean bunkers.

Just glad Heim wasn't alive to see it weaponized, Einstein was never that lucky.

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