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I have no loyalty to any country, race, culture, sports team.

I just want everyone to get along and improve the world.

Does anyone else think things like nationality won't even matter in the next 200 years ? Just imagine travelling the world with just 1 universal passport, no visas...

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You support a growing world monoculture that is eroding the beautiful differences that have existed and developed between countries for thousands of years.

The world currently believes that dance, food, and etiquette constitute "culture", but these are merely superficialities that persist as the skeletons of culture replaced by the doctrine of the "one best way". The end result is most apparent in developed countries, and their history of change can currently be seen in the developing world.

Only when multiple "best ways" exist can humans deviate from this monoculture and begin to develop their differences again, but by then it may be too late. As for now, it is no more a shock to live with another family in your own country than with a family in another country of the developed world.

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It's better, but not perfect.

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I strongly disagree with you OP, cultures are wonderful, and I believe we must try to preserve them.
If anything, countries should do more to preserve themselves, to fight the beast that is globalism and embrace what makes them different.

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Countries and cultures will increasingly become mono unless you cut off the internet, and cut off the spread of communication and influence.

There was a time when the difference between High and Lower German was quite vast and a time before when the difference of Goths and Saxons was even greater.

There is now none. So OP, you are just a future come early.

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>implying any of what you just said is bad

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Why have cultural differences just for the sake of cultural differences ?

If you're living in a developed country, there is no shortage of culture (whatever that means). It doesn't mean that new ideas are prohibited in a monoculture.

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>Does anyone else think things like nationality won't even matter in the next 200 years ?
Tribes will always matter. Nationality is secondary, at best. People kill one another based on tribe. They always will.

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>Just imagine travelling the world with just 1 universal passport, no visas...
In my imagination, there is this, but there is also different cultures.
Think Europe, when you think of no border.

Of course, we talk here of 200 years in the future.
Eventually, there will be only one major culture on earth.
When you say culture, you will not think countries, but planets!
And when more efficient transportation/extranet is here, we will associate it no more with planets, but clusters!
And when... *FAPFAPFAP*

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>I have no loyalty to any country, race, culture, sports team.
That's impossible, OP. Your personal biases define your loyalty.

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I'll come off my high horse now. I just like to express myself that way when I write :) You know, I traveled the world for a very long time by myself. I really made an effort to take local transport, talk to people, socialize. It was depressing how "normal" China was, or Thailand, or even Laos for example. I think that I would have experienced some more differences if I went into the rural or suburban areas, but it's not easy to do when you're by yourself and don't speak the language, and quite frankly, scary too. I did spend time in the less populated areas of Europe, and I saw people paying lip service to tradition, but that's about it.

It's fun to live in a world of differences. In Thailand, for example, the sexual underworld is fascinating, the Tuk Tuk rides across town, the food cooked by car exhaust, the tribal people living in the jungle...etc. I want more of that, but at the same time, those differences are usually the result of poverty and it's not fair to wish that upon a people either.

You're right though. OP is ahead of the rest of us. I used to hate people who went place to place seeing different bars and who shopped in different cities because they weren't "doing" anything, but what do we expect?

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Unless there is a specific process in place that can tage where everyone is at all times, that won't happen.

Yeah, like I would imagine half the world population going to the bahamas or switzerland.

Yeah, not going to happen anytime soon.

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If you appreciate culture, and happen to be a social person, it is bad.

I'm very social, especially when I travel. I've given hour long lectures to groups people at hostels who come from all over the world. In China, I remember entertaining an entire train car with my views on Taiwan, and the Chinese in general. The advantage of being American, for me, is that people want to know your opinion.

I never used to be that way, bu traveling and being forced to socialize for my very survival changed me considerably. The cultures that people have created can be wonderful, and you experience why they were wonderful by talking with people. Seeing countries in the process of change, and reading history causes you to regret that differences in culture are disappearing.

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Fuck nationalism, and fuck tribalism.

It's the single biggest cause of war in history, and covers religious wars as well.

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I ain't lyin'. I honestly couldn't care less how many Olympic gold medals my country won, how bad (or awesome) it is to live here or believe my country deserves any praise or criticism.

I'm like >>3238913 . A combination of travelling/ living around the world and realizing how little these things actually matter in the grand scheme of things.

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A country can be patriotic without being nationalistic, and a people can be proud of their heritage without being aggressive in promoting it.

But I do agree with you that nationalism is at the root of many of the world's wars.

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you know that wouldn't be bad. but imagine doing something so stupid you'd think they wouldn't want you to stay but in actuality they won't let you leave..serious trust issues.

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Just imagine a world with no niggers. This vision of the future looks much better than your assimilation of backward cultures and peoples.

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>Does anyone else think things like nationality won't even matter in the next 200 years ? Just imagine travelling the world with just 1 universal passport, no visas...
that sounds like some grand vision of a utopian future. unfortunately, it probably won't happen given the current state of things. humans will always be bickering and fighting with each other.

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Nonesense, most wars are caused by things like land and money, although they may be hidden behind things like nationalism, it isn't the cause.
After traveling in south America for a while I've come to admire different cultures, it's a beautiful sight.
Why throw it all out the trashcan? We can get along without being exactly the same, we can share science without destroying tradition.
Cultures are the flowers of humanity.

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Nicely put.

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Thank you, I'm glad that made sense.

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Cultures have also bound people to act certain ways against their will. With the lifting of cultural borders our arts become much freer as ideas meet.

Some examples of wars fought over nationalism (incl. religion and tribal):

-Peloponnesian wars of the greek powers
-Establishment of the kingdom of israel
-The persian empire's invasion of greece
-Rome's three wars against carthage
-Rome's wars general
-Invasion of roman empire by goths
-Establishment of the Frankish empire under Charlemagne
-Crusades and corresponding jihads
-Mongols invade everyone
-Hundred years' war
-Formation of the Holy Roman Empire
-Holy Roman Empire's invasion of italy
-Holy Roman Empire's wars with Poland
-Spanish Armada
-British invasion of Canada
-Various colonial wars in america, africa, the pacific
-Opium War
-Seven years' war
-Thirty years' war
-American war of independence
-French revolutionary wars
-Napoleonic wars
-American civil war
-Franco-Prussian war
-American invasion of cuba
-Japanese invasion of korea, manchuria, china
-USSR's invasion of finland, poland, latvia, lithuania, estonia
-Vietnam's war against france and later america
-USSR's invasion of afghanistan, mujihadeen
-Various wars in the balkans

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I support OP in no loyalty to any country, race, culture, sports team, but one can't force the idea on the unwilling.
So rather forcing it on the old and stubborn, one should educate their young and slowly change them.

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>implying belligerence isn't an innate attribute of humans

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Different cultures should be preserved and valued but not promoted with aggression. I think the only way to solve this is to have single global guiding influence as the ruler of the world.

I nominate myself or a sufficiently advanced AI.

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>Cultures have also bound people to act certain ways against their will. With the lifting of cultural borders our arts become much freer as ideas meet.

Cultures don't force people to act against their will, they define how they act.

And many of those wars would have been fought without nationalism, the American war of independence was against the british over imperialism and taxes. The American Civil war was over states rights, WW2 was about Germany getting screwed over badly and being angry about it, a country full of poor angry people with nothing to lose is a war waiting to happen, and would have happened anyways, even without nationalism, same thing with Israel, the Je.ws got screwed over, badly, and they couldn't go back to Germany.

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I am both nationalist and internationalist.

I am a nationalist because we should not ignore the fact the world is not a nice place and peace is obtained by a balance of power between political entities.

I am an internationalist because philosophically all sapient life is valuable.

Furthermore culture is not a sacred inviolable entity, people who are afraid of cultures dying out or who support multiculturalism or monoculturalism need to try thinking more. I mean, come on, who gives a shit, I don't have to pretend foot binding was a good idea to enjoy Kung Pao chicken, fuck you and your culture in advance.

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Claiming to have no proclivities with culture is absolute nonsense. The ideals you strive for a cultural.

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what about bad and intolerant cultures, such as muslim one? These needs to disappear before any unification can take place. Unreal.

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sometimes you just have to think

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here you go guys. also, check out kwame anthony appiah

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well why didn't i think of that

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I agree with you OP.
Although I'm not completely unbiased, I would like to see open boarders throughout the world

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globalist pigs...

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Replace "Fuck you sandniggers, I'm a proud American"
"Fuck you Martians, I'm a proud Earthling"

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is there really ever anyting besides it?

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>kwame anthony appiah
>believes the "the man" is evil and that this means he is an edgy rebel
>doesn't logically break it down and realize capitalism and globalization are just consequences of the spread of technology
>thinks denying technology to the 3rd world is a good thing

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give me a break

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where the cunt did you come up with this?

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>implying everyone doesn't do this

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Where does he break it down and realize it's all about technology as opposed to cultural tidbits? He has spent decades meticulously unearthing random beliefs from obscure tribes in Africa and it is all meaningless.

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Posting to dislodge religion thread from front page

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