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How can we get the smartest minds of our generation to give a fuck about benevolence and improving the state of the world we're in? they're the only ones that can make any real difference, i think.

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You have probably in mind a re-shaped society, in which everybody once stopped and said "okay let's talk about how we could do better". This is unrealistic, unethical and completely unadapted to human nature. To achive something, a human being has to be driven by something that will benefit him. For a real few it is the well being of mankind, but for the large majority, it is their well being. That's why the developpment of society exploded when the capitalism started to rise. This is for the moment our best model. Communism is too well organized and doesn't fit with what I mentionned.

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positive difference, I meant, anyone can take a shit on the world, and most of us do, especially when we feel like its all we can do

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I just finished high-school and I'm going for a physics degree. I assure you that I will stay as far as possible and as far as I REALLY can, from politics and all types of moral stuff. People are way to good at this unconcious psycho stuff. I hope I never get to do political business.

Last time I started talking about micropartially recreating human embryos trough proper algorithms from scratch I lost all my financial support from parents for a long time. Fuck that shit. I'm staying low as fuck, probably forever. You enjoy your sociology politicians.

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please dont derail this into politics, I never mentioned those things, but you make a good point about human nature tending towards selfishness, nonetheless, how can we use that knowledge, and still encourage people to make things that help everyone?

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I live in that world. You might not like what it takes to get there.

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are you implying that ultimately, they have to be forced?

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Not at all. Those opposed to such a world segregated themselves voluntarily. But as it warmed up and the atmosphere turned to shit, some of them changed their minds and wanted back in.

The official stance is that we welcome their re-integration with open arms. But the increasingly elaborate defensive perimeters around even the smallest habs suggest otherwise.

Most like the society we've been able to build without their resistance and don't want them back. I feel for them, on some level. But the terrorist attacks don't help their case.

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Improve the state of politics

Go back to the original intent of the constitution and have the aristocracy privately elect the elite to rule the country.

Until then, the proles will continue to elect people that do their absolute best the actively fuck things over with lots and lots of money


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Everyone is motivated by self interest, but some people value their contribution to society so highly that perusing this is (in their minds) in their self interest. I'd like to think I'm one of these people, but trying to convince the worlds population to adopt such an eccentricity doesn't seam possible.

I think what we need is more funding for science and technology by government and other non-profit groups. Improving the world is frequently peripheral to making a profit, if not diametrically opposed. Organisations with the purpose of improving the world need to compete salary-wise with organisations with the purpose of making a profit. Its the only way to get talented scientists and engineers to work on explicitly world-improving projects if the vast majority of them care for nothing but their salaries.

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What don't you understand idiots? You are supposed to propose laws. Not babble stupid random b.s.

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More money into education. /thread

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By demonstrating that the benefactors of said benevolence are worthy of it when they are not even responsible enough to put in the minimal effort even small children are capable of let alone able to maintain a complex infrastructure that they could not possibly respect being that they put in no effort to create it and are not even capable of understanding its complexities.

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People are driven by instinct. Appeal to their instincts and you will succeed.

Otherwise you will fail. It's as simple as

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He is trying to appeal to the smartest minds of our generation, not religious people, so logic and reason are the way to go, not instinct and intuition, keep that shit in church.

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You don't do it for them. You do it for the idealized version of humanity close to your heart. Not for what we are, but for what we're capable of being when at our best.

And for the satisfaction of thwarting those would wish to see the world burn.

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So basically by pretending some idealized fantasy is reality and ignoring actual evidence and observation, you think you can accomplish anything in the real world. Also this stuff is all easily accomplished in the next decade, we just need the perpetual motion devices that big oil is hiding from us and the strong AI that the CIA is using to monitor all of our phone calls... amirite.

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its about pursuing the ideal world, and taking baby steps toward it, are you proposing doing nothing because someone else can do it later?

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How about we start changing the societies value system. If everyone admires CEOs for gathering money, then children aim to become rich. But if everyone starts admiring charity and talks about easy ways to do charity (not just by giving loads of money which you first would have to gather), then this could become trendy and maybe some day of benefit to the ``greater good''.

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