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miss usa finalists on evolution in schools


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>not for merely fucking

captcha:Acquire oncelo

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i just need a gun, enough bullets and some time alone with each one of them in a room.

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don't forget the rope and duct tape.

thing is the winner, miss california, "believes" in evolution and that it should be taught in schools.

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Please, if you are going to kill anyone, kill some politicians and corporate executives.

Do not kill some dumb blonde women, it will not accomplish anything.

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>I'm a huge Science geek XD
>So I like to believe, in like, the Big Bang Theory

I lost. I can't watch past this.

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>killing cumdumpsters
>reducing our collective statistical chances of getting laid


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Okay, it's time. Deploy the hunter killers.

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Shit,and some sectors of the population take these girls as role models...

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ah right, like the "collective" part is includes the whole population. nigger, please. these are so far out that the ideal possible outcome does not include these poor examples of the human race.

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funny how so many of these girls go up in front of mass audiences in skimpy clothing and don't think evolution is a fact

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regina turner - thank fuck for you

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The world is full of idiots.

But it makes me more sad when they are hot...

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god decided semi-naked hot women make penises turgid, not natural selection

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Well to be fair, there's nothing wrong with teaching about religions in schools. Just not in the science rooms.

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>lasted 20 seconds

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I think a lot of them handled the question very well. Some nigger completely blew it of course, and Miss California did a great job until "like, Big Bang Theory".
She makes up for it in other areas though.

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So many taking the middle ground . In many cases it's not about who is the most hot, but who is the most liberal.

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>Keeley Pattersson, 20, Missisipi'
>Evolutions is just a theory
>A gnuess

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that was miss new your's view

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Shit after watching this, I feel less guilty for not being able to understand some mathematical concepts.

This is a kind of motivational, it's fun to compare oneself with the average joe instead of college mates.

Also, what the fuck, "an alternative, a different perspective"?
Its an accepted and sustainable theory that gains more evidence to support it every year, what the fuck?

At least I'm glad some say "YES."

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new york, obviously

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/sci/, Am I the only one who feels sad after realizing that he couldn’t possibly educate a kid with these girls?

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because you'd only do anal with them?

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Definitely and only once they get a tubal ligation, to avoid accidents

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get a vasectomy you selfish fuck.

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i feel kind of self-disgust when it slips out and accidental goes up her vagina.

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People think that evolution being real means god doesnt exist

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I used to be really depressed until I realized that being above average means that half of the population is dumber than yourself.

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You're not getting my point my altruistic friend...that or I'm being subtly insulted, which is fine.

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it means the god posited by the majority of americans doesn't exist

also, logically, as god doesn't exist everything implies god doesn't exist

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Miss Kentucky has to be the dumbest, hands down.

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>everything implies god doesn't exist


everything implies that god does exist

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Not necessarily. Being above the median means that.

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in normal distribution these are identical

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Miss Maryland wins.

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Altruism is objectively better than egoism.

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"Should Creationism be taught in schools?"

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> "We're smarter than ever these days"
> "Creatioi...tism"
> "It's all about what you believe in"

This is why no one likes you, America!

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You're right sir, and objectively there are many better ways to spent your leisure time than reading stuff on 4chan, but what you gonna do.. :D

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I don't know why they ask them these questions. Can you imagine if you got everyone on this board and asked them about makeup and being a pretty woman? We'd give out even more hilarious/stupid answers.

Those women are famous for being attractive. Good for them. Asking them stupid questions will lead to stupid answers.

A friend of my wife entered a local beauty pageant thing and is about to go for Miss England. She's not thick, but I imagine if you asked her what she thought about the creation of the universe she'd give a really stupid answer.

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Apparently it's a popular opinion to fill up schools with every sort of junk science possible regardless whether it's been determined false or hasn't been properly reviewed. All misinformation is welcome in this curriculum.

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>Asking them stupid questions

you think it's a stupid question?

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>We'd give out even more hilarious/stupid answers.
Yes, because I don't know is a fucking HILARIOUS answer.

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You're right sir, and objectively there are many better ways to spend your leisure time than reading stuff on 4chan, but what you gonna do.. :D

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In the context of beauty contests, yes. Yes, it is.

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It's like I made a friend.

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It is a stupid question to ask at a contest purely designed to find the most attractive woman in the room.

Would they ask that at the NFL draft? The end of a F1 race? To the winning team of the World Cup?

No. Why ask it to a bunch of women who's only positive thing in life is being attractive? You may as well ask a goldfish.

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So, if we asked if gravity should be taught in school or arithmetic, that'd be stupid too? Because that's pretty much the equivocal of this question.

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Well of course they're doing it because they know they'll get some entertaining answers

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Because beauty could also mean "Beauty of the mind".

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anything that casts a light on this debate is good

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If you asked it at a fucking BEAUTY CONTEST it would be.

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i would ask about vaginal size

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What debate? There is no debate. There are fuckers who want to eek their religion into schools and have a problem with fucking facts interfering with their religion. There's no debate here. It's one side screaming to push their religion, that's it.

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Connecticut, New Mexico, and Vermont were the best.

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of course there is a debate. with an ideal answer. but until that answer is realised there is, unfortunately, a debate to be won.

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>all of america
>dumbass bimbo beauty pagent contestants

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It's not a debate.

Which ever one of them suggested teaching both in seperate classes was onto a winner. That's the way it should work.

Present neither of them as fact and teach both in seperate classes. Regardless of your feelings on each, they're both still theories. I'm firmly in the evolution camp, but I really don't see a problem with teaching religion (of all kinds) in the same way any other subject is taught.

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That girl from Massachusetts (spelling? Swede here) was the only hot one.

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and there partly rational people that tolerate the crazy religionists. they run schoolboards and get elected to local assemblies. the debate is with them.

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>it's not a debate, then says there is a winner

it not being a debate in your head or mine does not mean there is not a debate to be won in the real world

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When religion is taught as something completely, 100% independent of scientific inquiry, it's harmless, and your point is valid. When it's taught as an alternative to scientific inquiry, you end up with people who believe in magic. It's rarely taught the first way outside of liberal arts colleges.

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I have a question for you muricans.
Don't you guys have a class named "Religion" or something similar that teach children about the major religions of the world?

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>Thinking that teaching gravity/evolution in schools or not, is an issue you should doubt about.

No one is asking them to talk about the endoskeleton of an Australopithecus. Some scientific literacy is necessary dammit.

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When you say someone is onto a winner it means they've got the right idea.

>debate to be won in the real world

There are still people who think Communism can work. Should we waste time debating with them? No. Just let people get on with it. Teach everything in schools, ideology cannot effect education either way.

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I took something like that as an elective in high school, but that was in the heart of New Jersey, so I can't speak for anything outside of the liberalism belt.

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>Implying evolution is a matter of beliefs and not scientific fact.

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Except I live in a country where it is taught exclusively the first way.

Unless it's Islam. But that's a different issue.


>an issue you should doubt about.

Hurr hurr duhrp

No one said that. I said it's retarded to ask that to someone at a beauty contest, which it is. Once again, it's not relevant. Why do you think it is?

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Quoted by: >>3263255

It may make the devout Chrisitans doubt the singularity (or even the existence!) of God.

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Quoted by: >>3263218

you obviously don't live in america. this idiocy is a real threat, a majority opinion, and needs to be beaten.

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>>People think that evolution being real means god doesnt exist

Mfw Christians can't see the bigger picture. It's not just evolution. It's also the big bang, abiogenesis, and neuroscience:


>>"Neuroscience shows that the 'soul' is the activity of the brain"

So the universe came into being by itself, life came into being by itself and turned into what we see today, souls don't exist and death is final.

All of this, taken together, precludes the existence of almost all gods ever invented. And nobody honestly believes in the rest. So basically you have to invent a god on the spot that is super vague in order to preserve the idea.

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That communism debate goes on all the time. have you never seen politics?

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What ever happened to poise jerry?!


Half of these women can hardly speak with any fucking coherence

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I'm still failing to see the problem.

Are there any mainstream schools in the United States of America where creationism is presented as the only fact and science isn't taught at all?

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>ideology cannot effect education either way


no, wait, you are serious. who do you think runs schools and governments?

>> No.3263220

Teaching both is fine as long as, in Wikipedian stye, it's extensive enough to encompass critiques/limitations of each.

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Would you ask it at a beauty pageant?

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Fuck science and religion, you need to go back to English class.

I said:

>ideology cannot effect education either way


>ideology does not effect education either way

You are an odd little man.

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no public schools thank god, but only because of huge amount of vigilance on the part of the enlightened elite.

read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scopes_Trial if you want some history of this battle

tl;dr teacher arrested less than a century ago for teaching evolution

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you sound mad. are you mad?

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I see nothing wrong with majority of the answers.

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if you have trouble making yourself understood to educated people, i think you should accept the fault is with you.

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It's relevant because it demonstrates people think that way and these girls are shown on national TV, as supposed role models.
How often do you see a scientist having that chance?

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the law making teaching evolution a crime remained on the books until the 60s

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Wow, that just sounds fucked up!
Here in Norway you're taught Religion pretty much from 1st-10th grade and then again in the 13th grade I think.

I'd say it's a pretty important class as it teaches you a lot about how different people behave and their culture.

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Religion is important as an history-literature-sociology subject, but some Americans want to use it as an alternative to science, that's the problem.

>> No.3263263

>>"Neuroscience shows that the 'soul' is the activity of the brain"

spirit =/= mind

at least catholics belive this

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We do not have Religion classes in America, little first amendment action, we are taught about religion along with other aspects of culture concurrent with historical events in history, current events, or general social science classes.

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In the U.S., at least in the public schools (in non-hick places), students are taught about religion, not religion directly. See the difference? It's part of history here - students learn about how religions influenced past and current cultures, politics, etc.

Issue is, there are places and people who still believe their religion is correct and demand it be taught parallel to, if not instead of, science. That's where the trouble is.

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I live in Florida. I constantly get into discussions with my coworkers about evolution vs. religion.

Evolution isn't really taught here in Florida; I'm from NJ. I'd say 9/10 people I talk to here in Florida are of the opinion that evolution is false and against their god. Why? I quote, 'I AIN'T COME FROM A FUCKING MONKEY'.

All the evidence in the world won't shift this view: after growing up and living with the teaching, 'YOU AIN'T DONE COME FROM A MONKEY', it's ingrained and won't be changed: any evidence will be met with, 'I don't believe that.'

Evolution needs to be fundamental. There needs to be a strong science focus in American schools; the sciences are damn near untaught in the southern US.

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Indiana - "I don't know; I think we should leave it up to the government."

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Quoted by: >>3263312


These people are allowed to vote?


Hurr-durr America is the greatest, we own the world because God wills it.

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Quoted by: >>3263328

Why can't you just teach the students a bit more about every major religion (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism), what they believe in and what their holy scriptures are about etc. That way you've basically covered your asses by teaching both about evolution and creationism.

Teaching religion INSTEAD of science is the craziest thing I've ever heard as you're basically ruining the lives of everyone who'd ever want to be something worth while. It's sort of like not teaching children how to read or what math is.

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Quoted by: >>3263458

Yeah -- as someone who's lived in several different places North/South US, I can definitely say there's a huge difference between the education.

While sciences are taught in the south, they're essentially skimmed over in the classes; evolution is barely mentioned, stellar evolution is skimmed, etc.

While you might learn things of that sort in middle/high school in the northeast, in the southeast I can ask any random student at a college campus and they won't know anything about any of those subjects.

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Quoted by: >>3263355


>>Why can't you just teach the students a bit more about every major religion

Attempts have been made, usually Hinduism and Islam. The Christian parents go apeshit.

>> No.3263355
Quoted by: >>3263386

>The Christian parents go apeshit.
You know what, this shit sounds so fucking unreal I'm not sure how a situation like this could occur in any industrialized country.

Are there few enough of them that you could be able to pass a law that makes it illegal not to teach religion in schools while still teaching about evolution and science?

If not, I see no other way around than a civil war

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>>OP Shit I don't care about.

Hahaha, OP is a cunt.

>> No.3263370

>Fuck science and religion, you need to go back to English class.
>ideology cannot effect education either way
Please learn the difference between affect and effect before criticizing someone else's English skills

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Quoted by: >>3263438


>>If not, I see no other way around than a civil war

Funny you should say that.

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The vast majority of those girls are not hot

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Quoted by: >>3263461

Why is that funny?
Has it been discussed before?

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You must have gone to a black school or something in the south. That's the thing you have to watch out for down here. In Minnesota, up until high school, there were less than 5 blacks in the entire school. Shit was awesome. We had enriched learning, class activities, all that.

Then high school in North Carolina.. first one I went to was "magnet school". That's where they have a core of advanced classes in an otherwise ghetto school, so that smart whites and asians voluntarily bus in from the suburbs to help raise the school average. But when you take a non-magnet elective class.. holy crap watch out. Negros will be the death of this country.

Second school was a regular suburban school, had a few blacks but not nearly as many. It was fine.

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Quoted by: >>3263473


I could tell you but it would be kind of a lot to absorb all at once. Sufficed to say you weren't far from the mark. Although as a result of my meddling here, I know some of you have emailed key CNPA figures, and it's no longer certain when the war will occur or if there will be one at all.

It'll be interesting to see if it really changes or if events are just pushed back.

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Quoted by: >>3263489

just stop already, you're not interesting or convincing

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Quoted by: >>3263605

>and death is final.
Woah ho ho, wait a minute motherfucker, don't jump the gun on this shit.
I think it's quite clear to see that when we can replicate human physiology and we know that everything there is to a man is mapped in his head and body, that we can simply back that up and recreate new ones. Ala Star Trek teleporter.
Should we advance far enough even death would be a temporary nuisance until resources themselves bring a greater threat.
So let's not jump the gun on death as a permanent status just yet.

>> No.3263489


Neither are you. :)

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Quoted by: >>3263524


>> No.3263524

I live in America. Given that we're considered a first world country, it's clear that the term pretty much means, some places have clean water, houses aren't made from mud, and people have electric light bulbs. More than that is claiming too much.

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Quoted by: >>3263551

So happy I didn't grow up in the US. Here in the UK we have Science and RE(Religious Education) classes separate. Nobody took RE seriously and we all used it as time to waste or catch up on studies.

Honestly, if I didn't go to a school that taught Evolution and favoured Religion i'd have caused a massive shit storm.

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>mfw california

u mad at the california master race?

>> No.3263551


So glad I live in America where we don't have "religious education" classes. Well I guess it'll come in handy for you guys: training in sharia, the hadith, and the finer points of Islamic law in relation to dhimmis.

>> No.3263563
Quoted by: >>3263577

So you prefer to live in ignorance of the beliefs that drive a significant fraction of the earth's population.

It's statements like these that makes other people laugh at the USA

>> No.3263574

>master race
>doesn't understand constitution
>So full of republitards that even the dems are fucking right wing there.
Oh, yeah totally jelly I can't be a blind moron.

>> No.3263575
Quoted by: >>3263640

only in america do you not like to study that which you disagree with or fear.

i understand knowledge of geography beyond your borders is also famously weak.

>> No.3263577
Quoted by: >>3263587

No it's not.
And actually that's a good thing. The less people give a shit about the 500 faiths and more about the real fucking world the better.

>> No.3263580

>american insularity

if it isn't about me, i am not interested.

no wonder america is so dumb. no curiosity.

>> No.3263587

it makes me laugh at america, and i'm american

when you guys went over the altantic you left the enlightenment behind

>> No.3263605
Quoted by: >>3263686


I think he's referring to information-theoric death, the point where all the information in your brain is irreversibly destroyed after death.

In which case, yeah, shit is final.

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>both sides of the story

>> No.3263640


I prefer studying crap like Islam on my own so that I can read unfiltered source material and not learn the watered-down, hippie bullshit version of it.

I prefer that the public lack knowledge than that they have false knowledge. Those who are interested can find out on their own. It's hard not to be exposed to it these days, what with the news and all. Hindus burning churches and raping nuns because they actually let the lower castes convert to Christianity and have a chance at a decent life where they aren't treated like dirt. Muslims throwing acid on women, blowing up marketplaces, screaming at the world about insulting cartoons... so how much of that did you cover in your religious education classes?

>> No.3263669
Quoted by: >>3263709

Sounds to me like you've been reading the news instead of reading the "unfiltered source material" taught at schools. Teaching religion is one thing, teaching how people use it is more a part of history and social studies

>> No.3263671
Quoted by: >>3263737

all of it. we basically dissected the newspapers

>> No.3263673

covered a lot of that in social studies A level (high school advanced course in UK)

>> No.3263680
Quoted by: >>3263703 >>3263717

>unfiltered source material

um, unless you see something with your own eyes, it will always have been filters by others

>> No.3263686

>the point where all the information in your brain is irreversibly destroyed after death.
Except if you map it and recreate it, that information isn't lost. Obviously, anyone who hasn't been mapped has permanent death. It's possible to still kill people due to mortality though. The degree of which you keep information throughout the process each time depends on the system constraints to do it.

>> No.3263703
Quoted by: >>3263735

Then according to your logic, pretty much everything has been "filtered by others" and it's impossible for someone like you to get a real grasp on history, religion and science as you're unable to experience most of this by yourself

>> No.3263709
Quoted by: >>3263779


Religion only exists as a construct of man. "How it's used" IS the religion.

When I learned about Islam in school, we learned garbage like the "golden age" of Islam. When I learned about terrorism in the middle east, I learned that it had nothing to do with Islam, it was a result of poverty, lack of education, lack of opportunity, etc.

The problem with teaching subjective topics with state funding is it turns into 100% propaganda. School should be about teaching useful factual knowledge like language, math, science. It should absolutely not be used to brainwash ignorant fucks to adapt to some social agenda. Some asshole with a hardon for minorities sets a policy and it gets drilled into everybody's heads... it's retarded. Why would you want a society like that?

>> No.3263716

On a related note to this thread:

The reason they ask questions like is to determine how well-rounded the individual is. Judges like for a person to be well-rounded and not just some dumb good-looking bitch. If you play sports, help people and have a little knowledge, then you can impress people a hell of a lot.

>> No.3263717
Quoted by: >>3263735


I don't get it.. you're saying if I read the Koran, I'm getting a filtered version of Islam because Allah himself didn't manifest a voice inside my head like the epileptic prophet mohammed? wtf kind of standard is that?

>> No.3263723


>> No.3263735
Quoted by: >>3263757

yes. this is true. and that's even without considering our own filters.
the quran is very likely a work of fiction masquerading as fact, so yes heavily filtered with all that this is the word of god attached

>> No.3263737
Quoted by: >>3263762


That's interesting, what country are you in? Is it France? They are the only European country that even has remnants of balls when it comes to dealing with Islam and religion in general. Otherwise I suspect private school, or you're lying. I've seen the statements by e.g. Britain regarding Islam, and I guarantee you that a British school does not in any way imply that Islam has any connection at all to violence, unless it's "twisted" or "hijacked".

>> No.3263757
Quoted by: >>3263773


Err.. even works of fiction can be source material. I would be the last person in the world to assert that Islam has any kind of truth to it, so claiming that there's an underlying, unfiltered version of it behind the news, history, and generally agreed upon writings of Islam is complete bullshit/

>> No.3263762
Quoted by: >>3263782

uk state school, so i guess i'm lying.

and i'm guessing you get your info about the uk through distorted channels.

perhaps the daily mail or whatever the equivalent is in your country.

>> No.3263772

At least Miss California is a (self proclaimed) hot science geek.

>> No.3263773

there is no unfiltered version. everything is filtered.

the filter is only the source material. any work of fiction is a filter.

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Quoted by: >>3263788

anyone wanna join me burning qurans?

>> No.3263779
Quoted by: >>3263922

I don't get it. How it's used is NOT religion, it is history and/or social studies. When I'm reading the Talmud or the bible, I am learning about religion, but when I'm reading about the crusades and dark ages I'm learning history.

If you're not reading the source material, you won't be able to understand the beliefs of religious people and why they do what they do. It's not like you're being taught that it's "good" to be religious and that the actions of religious people are justified in some way. You're just being taught religion in an unbiased way

>> No.3263782


No, I've never been to a british school, I'm not claiming to know. But yeah I have read plenty of british papers like the daily mail. What are some hard negative facts you learned about islam that were not subverted with talk of poverty, colonialism, exploitation, etc? I'm genuinely curious. I'll admit I was wrong.

>> No.3263788
File: 287 KB, 700x1069, 1284212574699.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3263802

Miss Vermont is the only one with a brain. Maybe California too.

>> No.3263803

discussing the things you mention is not necessarily subverting other discussions. you are obviously carrying a huge distorting agenda with you anyway.

basically because everyone knew this wasn't really an academic subject we just talked/debated. so you'd have kids that repeated the daily mail lies of their dad's reading and kids that did same with the libtard position of liberal newspapers.

>> No.3263807

read http://www.mailwatch.co.uk/ for how much that paper makes shit up.

>> No.3263810
Quoted by: >>3263847

Are they actually that stupid or are they just appealing to the dumb american masses?

>> No.3263819
Quoted by: >>3263858 >>3263865

>negative fact

everyone in british state schools learns about the huge sectarian violence that muslims, hindus and sikhs did to each other after the independence/partition of india.

this is of course taught in the context of imperialism (how could independence not be), but it is not at all taught as "it was the fault of the british".

we also learn about how shitty religions have been in ireland north and south.

>> No.3263834


None. As far as the British left is concerned, Islam can do no wrong. Children only learn about how evil Britain and America have been.

The US has problems with religious nutjobs in education. Britain has the same problem with teachers who are almost exclusively left wing.

>> No.3263842
Quoted by: >>3263865 >>3263866

i'm a uk teacher, and this is a blatant lie.

i remember the assembly we had after 9/11. it was about as anti muslim extremism as it was possible to be.

>> No.3263847



>> No.3263851
Quoted by: >>3263865

lol no..

as a labour supporting school kid all i did was argue with my conservative teachers at school.

>> No.3263857

a hell of a lot of teachers in the uk are christians, and not the lefty type

>> No.3263858


Okay so conflict in the aftermath of colonialism... now how was that tied to Islamic ideology? (Or was it in fact not?) What did you learn about Pakistan? What did you learn about Jinnah? Did you learn about the murder of Rajpal over blasphemy, and how the "secular" and "liberal" Jinnah, along with Allama Iqbal the poet laureat of Pakistan defended him?

What negative things did you learn about Islam that are not tied to colonialism, oil exploitation, etc?

>> No.3263865
Quoted by: >>3263887


Can't say I experienced anything like that at GCSE or A Level.


You mean you aren't left wing? You all are. That isn't a conspiracy or anything, but practically every teacher is left wing.

I was in university when 9/11 happened and I honestly can't remember a single member of the academic staff even discussing 9/11, never mind being anti Islamic about it. Naturally, they all kicked off when we invaded Iraq.


You had openly conservative teachers at school? Haha. Where? If you go to that kind of school, why would you support Labour?

>> No.3263866
Quoted by: >>3263877 >>3263878


Since you're a uk teacher, your subjective definition of "anti muslim extremism" is exactly what is under discussion. Without providing solid anecdotes your statement is worthless!

So come, what exactly was said about Islam as a general religion. Or was it brushed under the rug with statements about Islam, the religion of peace, being "hijacked" and "twisted" and all that crap.

>> No.3263877

we burnt some korans in the schoolyard.

>> No.3263878


>Or was it brushed under the rug with statements about Islam, the religion of peace, being "hijacked" and "twisted" and all that crap.

I'll answer for him, since the union is probably breathing down his neck and threatening him with the sack if he speaks ill for our Peaceful Friends.

It was either flat out ignored or attributed to the fault of the west. Elephant in the room and remains so to this day.

>> No.3263887
Quoted by: >>3263907

i'm guessing you think your experience of school and maybe those of a few of your friends, is somehow universal.

many schools outside the big cities are deeply conservative, and yes openly

>> No.3263896

obviously, if you are speaking for me falsely, you are making the same error as those who claim islam is a religion of peace. bearing false witness.

why do right wingers always insist the left has greater strength than it actually does?

>> No.3263903

the guy who took the assembly was the PE teacher who we all suspect was a bit bnp.

he went as far as he could without actually saying "dirty pakis".

>> No.3263907
Quoted by: >>3263942


>many schools outside the big cities

There aren't many.

Eton, Harrow, etc might be conservative but there really isn't many other places I can think of that would be. Even a friend of mine who went to Winchester said it was full of left wingers.

Frankly, I don't care what teachers politics are but it's always the left wing ones that end up coming out with stupid shit.

>> No.3263911

there are four main teaching unions. one is very lefty, one moderate left, and two conservative

>> No.3263922


Oh, sorry I missed this. You don't get it? Well, you're talking about interpretation and I'm talking about objective fact. Interpretation of what the Koran means changes from time to time and from person to person. The fact of global jihad, the Islamic expansion in Spain and Africa, the barbaric Muslim traditions against women and religious minorities, those don't change. They are historical fact. It may change in the future but what has already happened has happened. It will take a great deal of change to erase the sins of Islam. It won't happen by some libtard reading a book and saying "Oh haha this isn't so bad actually christians are way way worse hehe." We'll never see it happen in our lives, that's for sure.

>> No.3263927

Did a single one of them give the right answer?

and YES there is a right answer..

>> No.3263942

>There aren't many.
well, confirmed retard. almost a half of the uk population lives outside the big cities. and over a third in regions deemed "rural" by the ons.

but i can see how your mind works. facts you don't like you just reject or ignore.

>> No.3263952

Okay Brits, I'm not impressed. I said I was willing to change my mind about my impressions of how Islam is handled in your schools and in your government. I asked for anecdotes, the worst you could come up with.

What I got was "We learned that Muslims and Hindus have sects that fight, but of course that has to be seen in the context of colonialism.."

and "Trust me, I'm a teacher, we said horrrrrible things, I just can't remember any... trust me it was horrrrible."

If anything this is just more evidence that your "religious studies" classes are not worth shit. I'm still glad America doesn't have this kind of crap in their schools. The less religion the better tyvm, because the only proper way to study religion is to study it critically, without lying to yourselves to suit some social harmony agenda that will end up with your country falling apart.

>> No.3263962

we care

>> No.3263975
Quoted by: >>3264017

yeah, sorry i can't recall the text of one assembly of 80 a year that happened a decade ago.

>> No.3263984
Quoted by: >>3264058 >>3264091

>We learned that Muslims and Hindus have sects that fight, but of course that has to be seen in the context of colonialism.

i see you are as adept at distortion as the news sources you use

>> No.3263991

not quite as impressive as america on evolution though

>> No.3264001
File: 18 KB, 244x320, 1304822888474.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Miss California.

...maximum brofist

>> No.3264009

>If anything this is just more evidence that your "religious studies" classes are not worth shit

every school child in the uk knows this. still, it's better than science lessons that aren't worth shit, as per america

>> No.3264017
Quoted by: >>3264110


Really, you can't recall the radically anti-Muslim assembly that happened after the biggest terrorist attack in history. You can remember that the speaker did not say "Dirty Pakis" but you can't remember a single thing that WAS said.

You've obviously been caught exaggerating, but to your great credit you're not going so far as to make stuff up to prove your point.

Well you're a teacher, I'm sure you know a bit about what is taught about Islam in your school post 9/11, so please share. Forget the assembly, what are the most negative aspects of Islam highlighted by your school that are not justified by saying things like "but it was progressive for its time" or "but that is an extreme position held by only a tiny minority of otherwise peaceful and noble muslims" etc.

How about your school's treatment of modern Islam, jihad, and terrorism? How many negative facts can you name that are not blamed on "dictators propped up by the evil western oil companies" or "the poor and uneducated who are really victims, not perpetrators..".

>> No.3264025
File: 146 KB, 620x352, 1306455595258.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


"knowledged about it"

>> No.3264058


Haha, well thank you I guess.. what is the untwisted version? You said, "this is of course taught in the context of imperialism (how could independence not be), but it is not at all taught as "it was the fault of the british"."

I never said it was taught as the fault of the British, but I suspect you're understating the "context of imperialism" and its impact on the discussion. If I've misinterpreted, please explain what you meant.

>> No.3264066

I wish miss Vermont would have won :(

>> No.3264079
File: 2.78 MB, 521x250, 1307586022523.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Miss Kentucky Fried Chicken:

"I honestly believe you can never have too much knowledge on any subject"

Ok this is going good, she gets a gold star.

"But I don't think it should be taught in schools, because how do you teach it? There's so many different views on it."


>> No.3264091
Quoted by: >>3264130


Also your injection of the idea of independence is pretty strong evidence that you were taught that the conflict had nothing to do with Islam itself, but was merely a result of the chaotic conditions of a newly created country. You probably also had a healthy dose of bullshit about imperialism depleting the government of capable leadership which only worsened the post-colonial chaos. Not because the Muslims and Hindus are dumb or incompetent, but because they weren't given the opportunity to form institutions organically... right?

because pre-British India under the moghuls was so fucking well governed and fair to the Hindus

Do you have any idea what religious theory prompted the formation of Pakistan? Please tell me what theory you have purely as a result of that class. What I learned in school was markedly different than what I learned reading about it on my own, so I'm curious to hear your version.

You and I know plenty about the Nazis because it's okay to tell the facts about them in public school (they're white, they're powerful, they're not an oppressed people we can feel warm and cozy about coddling). But many of the equivalent actions and ideologies in the Islamic world are treated with kid gloves in public school.

>> No.3264110

nope, i don't remember a word. just the spirit of it. and the teacher's thunderous face. maybe as i'm a maths teacher that's the way my mind works.

in front of the children religious issues are not often brought up (though we have a christian assembly with hymn singing etc in most schools). a significant minority of state funded schools are run by the church of england (what you call episcopal), particularly primary schools.

same with political issues. most teachers suppress their views, conservative or what you call liberal, in the spirit of being professional. with a few in every school that don't and tend to be thought of as laying it on a bit thick.

religious studies tends to be bare facts and history (well myth i suppose) and is definitely a joke subject.

the muslim children i have taught, while obviously as deluded as christians, are pretty much the same as other kids. maybe they are plotting jihad, but my impression is they are saving for iphones and thinking about sex.

>> No.3264130
Quoted by: >>3264255

you pretty much work both sides of this conversation without my input.

>> No.3264170

>maybe they are plotting jihad, but my impression is they are saving for iphones and thinking about sex.

i lolled

>> No.3264180
Quoted by: >>3264198

so how can you claim science is better tught in england?

>> No.3264198

most christians in uk believe in evolution etc

>> No.3264202
Quoted by: >>3264228


Fair enough. On the balance, do you think teaching a watered down bullshit interpretation of a religion is better than just not teaching it? That's really what I was saying. Having this garbage in schools is only detrimental to society. A public that knows they are uninformed is smarter than a public that thinks it is informed but is incorrect.

As for children, children are pretty much never the problem. It's their parents and mosque leaders who cause the problems. When they say "If you have sexual need it's better to rape a western girl than a muslim because they are already used to sex" it's a societal problem. When they have sharia patrols in their neighborhoods where they enforce social rules according to islam it's a societal problem. The children are fine but they are growing up in a host society that lies to them and makes excuses on the behalf of their religion. And in their sub-society they hear the same lies repeated and modified with crap about the glorious history of islam, the horrible affront to islamic pride they go through every day, etc.

Modern islamic teaching dovetails nicely with the western liberal narrative. They just have slightly different desired outcomes.

>> No.3264228
Quoted by: >>3264260

except their parents are also just normal people.

seriously, while the things you speak of do exist in the uk, and are very vocal and vocalised about, moderate islam also exists and in greater numbers. okay, it could all be a front, but i think the forces of assimilation are winning here.

in a hundred years i suspect islam in the uk will be as wet and wishy washy as the church of england is.

>> No.3264255
Quoted by: >>3264278 >>3264289


Your refusal to give a straightforward response means I have to carry both sides, or just let it die. I really am wondering what negative stuff you learned about Islam itself. In other words what's the most judgmental thing you learned about Islam?

And second, now that you're older (I guess) and you watch the news and stuff, do you think that what you learned about Islam was accurate and complete?

>> No.3264260

most muslims freinds i have drink, and never go to prayers. this might be because i wouldn't know the devout ones.

>> No.3264278
Quoted by: >>3264289

i paid little attention to anything outside of maths and science classes. as in uk we specialise after aged 16 we don't need to maintain gpas in stupid subjects like history or RE.

>> No.3264289

also, i have leaned the most about muslims from being around them at uni. they seem normal except the god bothering and the girls clothes. most are dentistry students or similar for some reason. they are very keen on material success.

>> No.3264293

why are the black girls smarter than the whites

>> No.3264301
Quoted by: >>3264313

the boys are all accountancy and business studies at my university. the girls are medical and allied.

>> No.3264313


how come muslim girls go to university? isn't that banned?

>> No.3264320
Quoted by: >>3264348

there are some well fit muslim girls at my college that do not wear hijab or shit. tight jeans

>> No.3264348
File: 86 KB, 792x1188, rezai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
Quoted by: >>3264370

speaking of fit muslims, did anyone watch Wimbledon? so sad she lost

>> No.3264370
Quoted by: >>3264387

Wow that's a pretty nice outfit.
I bet not hiding her face in public incited riots wherever she's from.

>> No.3264387
Quoted by: >>3264392


iranian parents.

like many liberal muslims they got out of the stupid countries and came west.

>> No.3264392
Quoted by: >>3264408 >>3264425

america should try to support liberal muslim countries like turkey
instead of you know
funding socialist kurdish terrorists with their friends in the uk
it took them years to finally put an end to that shit

>> No.3264403
Quoted by: >>3264435

I expect Miss America contestants to be dumb...

I was actually impressed. A good portion of them were for evolution, appreciated it's value in education...

They were dumb and mostly religious, but compared against what I expected I was impressed. I'm a Canadian, our view of our southern neighbors, when it comes to education and especially evolution, is not favorable.

>> No.3264408
Quoted by: >>3264480

turkey, uk and usa are military allies. nato members.

turkey is becoming less secular lately

kurd support was an anti saddam hussain tool.

>> No.3264425
Quoted by: >>3264531

turkey killed too many armenians for the uk to ever really like them or let them into european union

>> No.3264435
Quoted by: >>3264460 >>3264481

Riot over losing at your own sport more, Canadafaggot.

>> No.3264460

Actually it was just vancouver, and a lot of people went out to volunteer for the clean up effort in the following days.
>hurr durr I'm an ignorant dullard
>3/10 for making me reply
>yes i'm a vancouverfag

>> No.3264480

it took america awhile for them to officially condemn the kurdish insurgency as terrorism

before that, the private individuals in the usa and uk funded the group quite heavily

>> No.3264481


I live in a suburb outside of Toronto.

My view of the rioters in Vancouver is even less favorable than our view of American education...

But we still view the West Coast as wacky, just like you do... Only for different reasons.

>> No.3264531

other (potentially revisionist) sources identify that there was possibly a civil war instigated by the armenians within the failing ottoman empire
it doesn't seem out of context with all the revolutions reverberating within the empire at that period of time

besides, the traditional view paints the armenian genocide as a forced migration

it's not like america did something like that in the early 1800s, right?

>> No.3264560
Quoted by: >>3264571

>you will never have a jew wife like Ms. Connecticut


>> No.3264571
Quoted by: >>3264595 >>3264599

>yfw I'm Jewish and practically have an arranged marriage at my disposal due to my family being very close friends with many others at temple

u jelly?

>> No.3264576

They is the funniest video I've seen in years. Seriously, this video has the best stereotypes of girls from certain states.

>> No.3264595

is she hot and scientifically literate?

>> No.3264599


Fuck no. I was joking.

>> No.3264741

just kill yourself washington, i raged hard

>> No.3267457

winner believe in evolution, sanity is resotred

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