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>there haven't been any time travelers
>mon visage when

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>yfw it's real

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The guy who did this must be really good at photoshop

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>evidence of time travel


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>mfw non colour photo.
>mfw could have been staged at a public event
>mfw could easily be shooped into photo maticulously.
>mfw you actually believe you can travel through time relative to earth.

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For what it's worth, that's a pretty common brand of AR glasses. I owned a similar pair ages ago. But time travel into the past is physically impossible so my guess is it's someone else using this service to mess with you.

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This is fun, but it's been researched extensively. All his items are from the time period - it's just evidence of the cyclical nature of fashion.

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>But time travel into the past is physically impossible
[citation needed]

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maybe you can only bring things back in time if they've already been invented??

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By our current understanding of physics, of course, though that can change.


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Now you're postulating that the universe pays attention to human culture and cares whether your Coke can is from the right time period.

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you don't fucking know the rules of time travel so don't even fucking talk like you do

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Shitty news website with a low quality web design.

Try again. Peer reviewed articles only.

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I'm just pointing out the implications of

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Causality violations would be a big deal in physics, and it doesn't look like there are any. Time travel usually strongly implies causality violations.

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>This is fun, but it's been researched extensively

Sauce? Who and where has this picture been "extensively researched"?

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A lot of people were very interested in this photo. Let me find it.

Eh, didn't find the original source that has another probable photo of the same guy, same event, from a distant and different angle. But anyway, I did find this.

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>travel back in time
>to see a bridge in Canada

such is conspiracy logic....

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>time travel apparently exists
>they havent come back to our time and told us how it works

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